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The State of Overwatch 2

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022
  • Overwatch 2 may have stellar gameplay, but it's not what was promised. I'll probably log on everyday anyway.
    Edited by: Im_Cuber
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  • TheAbstract
    TheAbstract Month ago +5803

    Man this was so well written, edited, and recorded. Top tier.

    • Yusuke Godai
      Yusuke Godai 3 days ago

      @sno W

    • Yusuke Godai
      Yusuke Godai 3 days ago

      Yeah, but the main fatal flaw about this video. Is that you all are crying over an unfinished game and DEMO.

    • sno
      sno 21 day ago +2

      nope he just read some articles and never really got into the real fucking game

    • Aerialdrone
      Aerialdrone 25 days ago +1

      @I AM IRONCLAW! 🤓

    • C L
      C L Month ago

      it's ok

  • Tankerrex3
    Tankerrex3 Month ago +1649

    This feel like a eulogy for something that could have existed

    • Roarbert Bearatheon
      Roarbert Bearatheon Month ago

      No wanted it

    • alecapiani
      alecapiani Month ago

      fuck big companies, they have talented men working, but the direction is profit.

    • Medio2507
      Medio2507 Month ago +23

      Every Blizzard game for the last 10 years or so is a eulogy for something that could have existed.

    • Drew Willcox
      Drew Willcox Month ago +5

      I mean, they're still doing it. 🤷 We're all just disappointed at the lack of content at the outset.

    • Too Few Secrets
      Too Few Secrets Month ago +24

      Biggest feeling I get when playing OW is "what if"?

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine Month ago +924

    I've been wanting a proper story mode since the launch of the first Overwatch. The amount of talent on display in those shorts was absolutely stunning, especially for ones like "Dragons" where you'd want to rewatch it over and over again.

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine 27 days ago +2

      ​@Kassandra of Odyssey I feel bad for the development teams at these game companies. They generally have a lot of passion for their work but they aren't allowed to do their job. Greedy corporate executives are willing to ruin the reputation of a company as long as it makes them money. Dev teams are rushed, forced to work ungodly hours, made to implement ridiculously greedy micro-transactions, put out unfinished work, etc. and at the end of the day, the people who actually matter get almost zero recognition. It puts many people, including myself, into a weird position because on one hand I don't want to support the greedy assholes heading Activision/Blizzard and on the other, I want to support the people who put a lot of time and effort into making a genuinely fun experience.
      Edit: Overall my experience with the game has been pretty good. I haven't run into too many technical issues or game-breaking bugs, aside from the rampant crashing and kicking from the game that everyone's been dealing with.

    • Kassandra of Odyssey
      Kassandra of Odyssey 28 days ago

      Blizzard is capable of making great stories. But holy hell are they really bad at making games function these days! After OW2 campaign they should NEVER step foot into making FPS games ever again.

    • valti
      valti Month ago +2

      @Nyachi the new kiriko one was a torture but the previous ones were good

    • Eric Lundy
      Eric Lundy Month ago

      Your a nerd Lmfao this a FPS not an anime

    • Sheev Palpatine
      Sheev Palpatine Month ago +17

      @Nyachi To each their own, maybe I just like cheesy Disney garbage idk lol

  • Alexej Rascelujev
    Alexej Rascelujev Month ago +1325

    The sentence "It's truly absurd and I respect it" is so funny to me, I love it. Great video, Seagull.

  • not a Troll
    not a Troll Month ago +654

    it's nice to see a big creator not just ball wash the game I personally love OW2 but I am so tired of the creators who are so clearly scared or stubborn to make any criticism of the game public no matter what

    • SamuraiHageshi
      SamuraiHageshi 15 days ago

      @Ethereal they just made a comment that would get them a lot of likes. It's similar to how news articles make headlines of untrue events: "everyone hates Keanu Reeves" and then their source is a single tweet with 1 like and 1 comment. It's meant to garner attention

    • Dethbed Smolz when T.T
      Dethbed Smolz when T.T 19 days ago

      @joseph Yeah 5v5 is just Hollow compared to 6v6.
      The nay sayers or just sweatlords who hate that some.guy just got lucky in a match.

    • Women should cook And clean unprompted
      Women should cook And clean unprompted 28 days ago

      The games free......

    • Mikfinity
      Mikfinity Month ago

      @joseph doom was op bro get some skill and get over it

    • Ethereal
      Ethereal Month ago +2

      What are you talking about? Everywhere I go I see nothing but hate and criticism for the game. A lot of big creators are jumping on the "OW bad" bandwagon without really playing the game. YongYea, Dunkey, etc. Game is far from an untouchable golden child

  • JimmyC23
    JimmyC23 Month ago +1013

    I honestly hope the PvE turns into a packaged title. I don’t see seasonal stories and hero missions doing the trick.

    • Douch Mush
      Douch Mush 2 days ago

      You actually believe they will make PvE 😂

    • espada9000
      espada9000 Month ago +3

      They should just add all the PVE story content into one big update instead.

    • SalokinOolacile
      SalokinOolacile Month ago +2

      @Repaired it made perfect sense and wasnt hard to understand at all. Not even slightly hard to comprehend.

    • d x
      d x Month ago +4

      @Repaired I think they mean that Blizz games seem to all try to get you to do just do busywork thru addictive mechanics -- logging in everyday just to do your little tasks

    • Repaired
      Repaired Month ago

      @Connor Gillispie I’m not, he’s comment makes no sense. I do support team 4 though

  • Jacob Mitchell
    Jacob Mitchell Month ago +190

    The whole PvE vs Ranked thing is common for SC2 too as well. There is a HUGE percentage of Starcraft players who play campaigns, a little bit of arcade and coop, and ZERO ranked. I hope they can figure it out this time, because it's a awesome base for a game and an incredible story.

    • Sean Moise
      Sean Moise Month ago +3

      Given their history over the past decade... I don't think you should hope much.
      Blizzard is just not who it used to be.

    • deth
      deth Month ago +5

      @The Jade this is what it all comes down to, money
      making a pvp game is MUCH cheaper and easier because you don't need to design competent AI.

    • The Jade
      The Jade Month ago

      But money bro, money..

    • RuffledFox
      RuffledFox Month ago +7

      I know I am much more excited for PvE in Overwatch for this exact reason, I am that type of players, I can play thousands of hours of gameplay on PvE games if the endgame is good while I get bored very easily of competitive games as I am not a competitive person at all.

  • Snarb
    Snarb Month ago +240

    I was one of those players that was looking for a PvE experience. I was really excited for PvE. For context, my friends and I routinely made the leaderboards for Overwatch 1's archives and Junkenstein missions. Every year we would wait in anticipation for the PvE content to drop, then play for hours every day. We'd set timers and stopwatches at key points to get max score bonuses. We loved PvE. It's a different kind of fun to PvP. It was disheartening to see that we weren't getting PvE at all on launch. But I really do think Overwatch 2 has enormous potential to be a great PvE platform, and am hopeful that they'll nail it. Though I am also somewhat pessimistic about how it will be monetized. We'll see.

    • Gur
      Gur Month ago

      @yer Destiny 2

    • Snarb
      Snarb Month ago

      @Mattspiece_ Sure but there were three archives missions to do so I'd just rotate between them while they were up. Same thing with Junkenstein challenges, just rotate through them. And when I got bored of PvE there was always PvP.

    • Mattspiece_
      Mattspiece_ Month ago

      You never got bored of the same recycled PvE content every year?

    • Typhoon Lex
      Typhoon Lex Month ago

      It won't be. Be changing the way they worked on the game, PVE will now be ruined over time. Mark my words.

    • JoshTheTokuFan
      JoshTheTokuFan Month ago

      I am 100% in the exact same camp.

  • NinthFriend
    NinthFriend Month ago +88

    2:35 If I can recall correctly, Tracy Kennedy made a tweet about Bobby Kotick how he wasted the team so much time by giving them projects only to be scrapped. Which led to the game taking too long. So they had to get the game out at least on the PvP side. Bobby is to be blamed there mostly and given his track record recently, it doesn't surprise me.

  • MegaNinjaRyan 6731
    MegaNinjaRyan 6731 Month ago +29

    I really want an Overwatch PvE to play for years. I loved all the PvE missions we got in events and you can tell Blizzard excels in storytelling. Plus boss fights will be fun.

  • Andrewjrt
    Andrewjrt Month ago +3054

    Well made video Seagull. It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what overwatch 2 was meant to be. Ow2 is Ow1 if they had continued to update it the past 2-3 years. Right now it feels like a big update rather than a sequel. And that’s not a bad thing. The pvp is superior and I’m excited for that. We’ll just have to wait for the other features. Pve/story ect)

    • Fillet mignon
      Fillet mignon Month ago +1

      @GraveyardzGuy when you consider that ow was completely replaced by ow2 I wouldn’t call it a different game at all

    • loxandbagels
      loxandbagels Month ago

      The PvP is trash.

    • Chris Woollard
      Chris Woollard Month ago

      It was always an update lol

    • D Mar
      D Mar Month ago

      @Captain Peanut they reversed the decision to a degree as of Friday due to backlash.

    • DBD Pro
      DBD Pro Month ago +2

      @Gowly same i loved ow1, i hate 5v5 it feels like you cannot win at all if one person dies. and all the items cost so much now. skins from ow1 cost £16 because of the stupid 1900 credits cost wtffffff!!!! i miss old overwatch the skins were free

  • Misplays_IRL
    Misplays_IRL 27 days ago +3

    seagull, i havent paid any attention to overwatch in years, but its great to hear your voice tell a coherent narrative on the state of ow2. also, shoutout to that time i played tf2 tourney with you

  • Izzy May IS ready
    Izzy May IS ready  Month ago

    Thank you Seagull for giving us this perspective that we haven't heard from other creators. Its so easy for us PVP players to overlook the original vision for OW2 and be happy to be catered to, but for a large group of people, this launch is not what they were expecting. I hope Team 4 knows what they are doing and they can make both the PVP and PVE sides of the game flourish for years to come.

  • Father Taira
    Father Taira Month ago +17

    I enjoy overwatch 1.2 thoroughly! Tbh the higher focus on character mastery and your ability to play characters you enjoy really well rather than having to switch for the sake of a counter or a team composition is really nice w the 5v5 format. There’s still some really bad picks sometimes but most of the time, as long as you’re playing the character you chose really well, you can do really well.

  • Matt Cler
    Matt Cler Month ago +33

    I always imagined the “PvE” Overwatch to basically be Destiny/ Borderlands but in an Overwatch Universe. Maybe even like a Dungeon/ Instance/Raid (WoW) where you instead of open world you’re in a “City” (kind of like how DB Fighter Z & similar games have Lobbies) then you can que into instances with your party for Dungeons/ Raids but it’s Overwatch

  • Vo1dStarr
    Vo1dStarr Month ago +3938

    Thank you Seagull for giving us this perspective that we haven't heard from other creators. Its so easy for us PVP players to overlook the original vision for OW2 and be happy to be catered to, but for a large group of people, this launch is not what they were expecting. I hope Team 4 knows what they are doing and they can make both the PVP and PVE sides of the game flourish for years to come.

    • valti
      valti Month ago

      @Joshua Gravois cause its not in the game bruh

    • Akaru Vailen
      Akaru Vailen Month ago

      @C D its not a "point of view". blizz said ow2 was gonna be pve, while they would maintain and update ow1 for pvp. so launching ow2 as pvp with no news, and realistically at this point, probably no plans for pve is whats upsetting people. pvp was never at risk of going away; however, pve was a promise made and broken

    • CajunKing
      CajunKing Month ago

      @C D what point of view?

    • C D
      C D Month ago

      @CajunKing I will never understand this point of view when OW has ALWAYS been about PvP in the first place.

    • Diệp Triệu
      Diệp Triệu Month ago

      @CajunKing It seem you are too blinded in your own belief to accept the truth, lol. The world doesn't revolve around you so wake up and take a look at fact

  • Peter Badger
    Peter Badger Month ago +3

    Man, that PvE mode sounds so damn good! I really hope it does actually come out. I'm one of those people who loves the world, the characters and the gameplay of Overwatch, but I absolutely hate competitive PvP. I was genuinely looking forward to this sequel because of the promise of PvE, but I'm so disappointed. PvE is not there. It's literally just Overwatch 1, but with WORSE monetization.

  • kpez
    kpez Month ago +78

    Extremely well-written video. I would expect this out of a professional journalist, not a random streamer. Great work!

    • Julianna Marie
      Julianna Marie Month ago

      @Kombuchas right? boy needs to put some respect on his name.

    • Kombuchas
      Kombuchas Month ago +9

      Random streamer? This guy was hugely popular pro OWL player 😭

    • StrOut
      StrOut Month ago +1

      Most journalists are not gamers, just as every streamer is not a gamer who understands what they are playing.

    • Abyss’ #1 dad
      Abyss’ #1 dad Month ago +1

      I disagree, most professional game journalists put hot garbage on their reviews. Give this man more respect.

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago

    Great video and great perspective. I was personally pretty disappointed by Overwatch 2 and all the videos online are currently either hate or ridicule, it's great to see there's hope

  • ZincoDrone
    ZincoDrone Month ago +8

    I feel like giving us access to a PVE side to OW2 would be so fun. I love the universe and want to become more in depth into it’s lore.

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel Month ago +2533

    "Overwatch 2 was built for those who love Overwatch but didn't want play a competitive FPS game" It's shocking how accurate that describes me and so many people I know. I loved Overwatch for so many years but eventually competitive burned me out so much I quit the whole game. It's crazy to think that OW2 was originally made to accommodate people like me and it's now being release as the complete opposite of that.

    • Rez 9
      Rez 9 14 days ago

      @Phantom Striker i left Tf2 for that reason.. and its having too many players lol

    • Phantom Striker
      Phantom Striker 14 days ago +1

      @average tf2 enjoyer EYYYYYY

    • Phantom Striker
      Phantom Striker 14 days ago

      If they wanted a less competitive version of overwatch they should've made a 12v12 gamemode, this would make it so that 1 person leaving the game wouldn't be the end of the game.
      Think about it. If it's 5v5 and a person leaves you lost 20% of your tea.
      But if it's a 12v12 you'll only lose less than 10%. You could go goofing around doing whatever and it wouldn't cost you the game. This would make it have a casual feeling.

    • DASH64
      DASH64 29 days ago

      @Joshua M a complete pve release is so much better than friggin piece meal pve thats garbage. quite sad to see

    • Rez 9
      Rez 9 Month ago +1

      @PeggymoeXD I actually think the lore itself is overlooked. But Blizzard was never known for PvE. Comp has always been very popular especially if its coming from a big company. Anyway PvE content is coming. With that being said, Blizzard has done an amazing job showcasing OW lore through the medium of pvp. In fact I would say they've put more effort on details more than anything...

  • Cloud
    Cloud 25 days ago +1

    Maybe I'll have to wait about 2 more years before looking at the game again. I got Covid, and towards the end of my recovery, I gave Overwatch (2) a shot. The game had been in the back of my mind for years, and I'd only ever tried it a few times at friends' places. Now I finally had the means to play it myself seriously.
    The core gameplay is insanely fun. Though sometimes you just get bad matchups, bad/toxic teammates. That's inevitable. I played dozens of hours and relatively soon I was getting a good winrate and high kills even as support.
    What got me to stop though was the Halloween event bringing an influx of more of those toxic players into quickplay. Also, as I went, I realised that the rewards were way too stingy. I had no hope of ever getting any meaningful rewards in a realistic amount of time, and would just be pressing play over and over as my stats changed. Same problem I had when I tried Fortnite back when it first launched - before seasons even existed, back when everyone was using voice chat, before kids flooded in, when you had really skilled opponents - barely anything to earn unless you pay!
    Plus, it's such a massive shame that they didn't release with all that PvE stuff they talked about, which I would've loved to try. Like how I had eyes waiting on Fortnite's PvE mode. I may even like it more than the competitive aspect; they're right. The lore/universe is very appealing.

  • I3lackShadows
    I3lackShadows 27 days ago +1

    I feel like this is a professionally well written dissertation on what OW2 could be, would be, should be, and will be all the while overlayed on top of Seagull absolutely shitting on Flats lol

  • Taalib M
    Taalib M Month ago +5

    This is a damn good video for this game. I can see the work put into it. Keep it coming.

  • sirsiver
    sirsiver Month ago +10

    I just remembered about you after years and years that i forgot, it was 2016 when i watched your videos to improve my genji and man, nostalgia hit me hard when i watch those videos today.
    Ow was one of the funniest games for me back in the days and hooked me for thousands of hours, i dropped it around in 2018 because i wasn't having fun anymore, but i decided to give it a shot again and unfortunatly i didn't got reinvested like i was the first time i played it back in 2016.
    Maybe it's just because i'm older and now my tastes are different from when i was just 18yo, but i fell like the magic that made me love this game so much vanished.
    It's an insult to call this a sequel, i would call it more like a "massive update", that the devs made to relaunch this nearly dead brand with the least efford possible.
    They could do everything but they just chosed the safest way and i personally don't want to invest my time in a game that even its devs don't care about it.
    Blizzard is no more the same and this is just one of the many examples that shows that the gold days of this company are ended and they are just trying to sell the last scraps of what remains of their once legendary games.

    • Raphu
      Raphu 27 days ago


  • Spicycannibal
    Spicycannibal Month ago

    Interesting essay. It's good to know that the PvE is still something we may see in the future and trying to appeal to non-competitive players is a respectable decision. It's sad that they tried to compete with free to play shooters by copying their most criticized aspects, it'll definitely impact their reputation.
    To be honest, with everything that is locked behind the battle pass, the long queue time and silly achievements, I could not help but feel like I downgraded OW when I updated the game despite the new contents and, if they would stick to PvP only, the future updates would just feel like it'd try to catch up on the first one. Also, it didn't help that the devs kept saying that OW2 was not OW1 with a few content updates and, despite all of this, we were greeted with exactly that as our first taste of OW2.
    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like they haven't put enough emphasis on the fact that what has been published is just a fraction of what OW2 actually is and not representative to what a whole season would look like.


    I was so excited for the PVE, I’m so freaking sad they pretty much cancelled it and will not just be seasonal like archives missions. Such a freaking shame. Blizzard is such a joke

    • Adanu191
      Adanu191 Month ago

      When did they say they cancelled the PVE?

  • Patryk Ociepka
    Patryk Ociepka Month ago +51

    seeing the kiriko animated short yoday reminded me how good overwatch can be at its best and i hope that there will be more of thst when pve launches

  • AmishTechWizard
    AmishTechWizard 26 days ago

    I guess I’m an outlier here but I just really love Overwatch. I know they’re doing a pretty ass job with the game but I just love the gameplay loop and the general polished feel when compared to other games in this category.

  • AverageJonas
    AverageJonas Month ago +47

    A Seagull video? We have been blessed

    • That Guy
      That Guy Month ago

      “So, your friends over there tell me you’ve got a really big Jonas…is that true? ;}”
      “Oh…..uh……..it’s….it’s really only average.”

    • Gustavo Correa
      Gustavo Correa Month ago

      Agreed lol

  • kpez
    kpez Month ago

    Extremely well-written video. I would expect this out of a professional journalist, not a random streamer. Great work!

  • Lackofthought
    Lackofthought Month ago +1

    I loved OW1. Before they nerfed my main girl Mei and stopped her from freezing, I played thousands of hours. I stopped playing when I was just feeling pressured with seasonal events and never getting lucky with the loot box drops and missing out on the cool skins (never spent a dime on boxes I didn't earn). But just logging into OW 1.5 for the first time today, I feel disgusted just seeing their forced hand into making you get the premium battle pass. Not to mention a time limit on earning the top tiered items, so you potentially miss out on them even if you buy into it. On top if that after my account migration, i have to rebuy the skins i earned in the first one. F!@# Blizzard and the free to play structure. Give me back my control maps and OW1 you greedy a$$%!@^$.

  • Ishtar's Donut
    Ishtar's Donut Month ago +4

    This video is so insanely well researched and presented. When I watch a RU-clip video, rarely do you expect professional journalist quality, but this is an unbiased (at least in the presentation of the information), in depth look at the progression of the development of the game.

  • Elkaos
    Elkaos Month ago

    Great video. I wish I could see more of your content on RU-clip, Seagull, you're my favorite Overwatch content creator.

  • devansh mishra
    devansh mishra Month ago

    As a new player on overwatch I can't help but feel that this game is awesome sure it has lacks on the thing u guys wanted but for me it's just a new experience the only sad part for me was the fact that there is so less solo carry potential in the game as support but this game is so fricking polished that I was overwhelming I have been playing other ftp fps game and man I have had every problem imaginable which at some point feeling dumb to even be there and as a lauch of its own this feels like a breath of fresh and purified air that those valorant apex warzone halo we not able to provide even now they face more issue than less and Blizzard fixed the only problem I had actually issues with these other games network

  • Rodafowa
    Rodafowa Month ago

    I used to play the hell out of Overwatch early days. Loved it. When they started messing with comp and making it "to the specs the pros wanted," I was done with that. When they did the same thing with arcade, plus the insanity of completely redoing so many characters, I was done with the game totally. The PvE aspect of Overwatch 2 sounded really appealing to me. I definitely would've comeback to try it. I would've even paid for it, provided it was all there at the start. I hate live services, and I have no interest in a piecemeal experience that leaves you wanting more, but you never know if you'll get it.

  • Highlaw
    Highlaw Month ago +3

    Blizzard's "experience" is a meme at this point.
    Senior staff go through legal action or quit after multiple development hells. Experience down the toilet.
    Middlemen and grunts are in a constant revolving door, pretty much like 343i where you get 6months/year long contract work and that's that. Experience down the toilet.
    Ironically, the only ones NOT going down the figurative toilet are the Janitors over Blizz, they probably have the most stable job positions and are well experienced with Blizzard's (bull)shit.

  • blinkfilms1
    blinkfilms1 Month ago

    I want a pvE version of overwatch SO BADLY!!!! they are absolutely right about the untapped potential of storyline invested players. The idea of levelling up and customizing champions is so appealing, as is just the enticement of a plot. I love the story of overwatch. I love the characters. I want to love the game just as much.

  • David Gabel
    David Gabel Month ago +968

    PvE was what excited me the most about OW2. The prospect of finally getting to know these characters in a story that’s told through animation, voice acting, drama and fun, and complete with a lax playground to run around with my friends in, was so enticing. I’m really bummed we’re stuck with the seasonal model for the PvE. It’s such a disappointment.

    • ElJefe950
      ElJefe950 26 days ago

      PvE is the only reason I was interested in OW2
      Whenever PvE comes out I most likely will not be playing it since I probably will have moved on to other games by then.

    • D U
      D U Month ago

      You could always tell that Overwatch was supposed to have a deep story behind it, from its launch it attempted to paint a deep lore and story that needed to be addressed. But they waited too long cause I no longer care about the story that they originally had me interested in lol.

    • steelas481
      steelas481 Month ago

      @WeaponNine Well idk pvp is difficult for me i peekd at like 2800...dnt get me wrong im lookin forward to the pve alot and you do make some valid points when ow came out it was so unique and fun and new and now ow2 is here and it doesnt feel much different. Cheers mate

    • WeaponNine
      WeaponNine Month ago +1

      @steelas481 It's not a difficulty issue. It's the lack of a unique experience that can captivate me. Overwatch 2 feels barely different from any other FPS game on the market, why should I pick it over another? My draw to Overwatch was strategic gameplay and the world. They're working on removing the strategic component and there's no word on the PvE which lets me explore the world.

    • steelas481
      steelas481 Month ago

      @WeaponNine yes pvp is very hard

  • Seth Taccola
    Seth Taccola Month ago

    It's so interesting to me, you could see they had a vision of an RPG style game with deep character backgrounds just from the complexity of opening cinematics in the original overwatch. But then you play a 6v6 fps that's essentially a moderately complicated arena shooter or a dumbed down MOBA. I loved OW for a time but it always felt they had the architecture to do something completely different and that just doesn't bring profit anymore so it gets abandoned continuously

  • Arkaye Ch.
    Arkaye Ch. Month ago

    It would have been really interesting to see a Vermintide Overwatch. It really sounds like a game that Blizzard's portfolio is more compatible with (RTS horde modes and campaigns).
    Nothing will ever recover the amount of BS the company has inflicted on its developers and playerbase tho. It also looks like management still wants to drink on that esports koolaid.

  • SnoozeCruise
    SnoozeCruise Month ago

    This video helped me put into words why I haven’t felt as excited for Overwatch 2 as I feel like I should’ve been, considering Overwatch is one of my favorite games of all time. I’ll wait with muted optimism for news on the PvE side of things.

  • dennis de vulder
    dennis de vulder Month ago

    I was so excited when I found out OW2 released a few days ago as I have spent countless hours on overwatch already, but after seeing the critique and once again a complete miss by Blizzard. I remember watching amazing trailers and hyped screenshots only to receive 3 new characters and a few maps.
    I have never refused a game before but out of sheer frustration I will simply not play OW2, they've been feeding us horseshit for way too long.

  • about 99 ninjas
    about 99 ninjas Month ago

    I miss two point maps. I truly feel they should have been expanded to assaulting 3 points and doing objectives (hitting 2 switches or hacking a terminal) to unlock the next area to fight in. This could simulate campaign missions and you can add in the expanded abilities to spice things up. This release has been such a disappointment.

  • Skel
    Skel Month ago +1

    this is a well made video that addresses the focus of the development team, but why is no one talking about the monetization? i literally uninstalled ow2 because i don’t want to be tempted to play and support a game that is this greedy with its monetization. maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they didnt set a precedent of being able to unlock so much cosmetics regularly in ow1 when you now have to pay $12,000 for them. this is the most disgusting aspect of this game for me

  • Bruno Fernandes
    Bruno Fernandes Month ago

    Great video! What I take is is that Blizzard wanted to do a shooter mmo (titan), but failed and reused that work to create Overwatch, a competitive team based hero shooter, which was a huge success. They then go back to creating Titan, I mean, Overwatch 2 PvE as a shooter MMO, fail again and release a PvP sequel, which is basically the first game with 3 more characters, a new game mode and a couple new maps. So, I'm kinda forced to conclude that they really do not care about having a PvP game and instead of appreciating the audience and IP that they do have, they just want to create a shooter MMO and capture the PvE gamers.

  • Gegaia
    Gegaia Month ago +12

    This really cemented my feelings on this game. I have no interest in another live service. I'll be taking both my money an time to other games.

    • Drunk Husband
      Drunk Husband 28 days ago

      @Gegaia Apex legends, like every other BR game is horrible

    • Gegaia
      Gegaia 28 days ago

      @Drunk Husband I said both money and time. Why play this free game when I have other games to choose from? Path of exile and apex legends great examples of free games I would rather play.

    • Drunk Husband
      Drunk Husband 29 days ago

      @drukenhobo Game is literally free, and you still cry.....I'll gladly support a free game that is funner than a lot of AAA shooters

    • drukenhobo
      drukenhobo 29 days ago +1

      ​ @Drunk Husband ya i am, and the reward paths or lack there of. its only free because they have monetized it out the ass.
      there is also the issue of the lack of content after 3 years of teasing, no pve, and a remake of an old game mode. why support a company when every thing they have said has turned out to be a lie.

    • Drunk Husband
      Drunk Husband 29 days ago

      It's a free game lol "take my money to another game" look how mad you are over cosmetics....sad.

  • John Willard Sörensen
    John Willard Sörensen Month ago +883

    Seagull pulls up once a year on YT and still makes a more well put together video than half of OW-RU-cliprs combined has brought in that same year

    • LoneOne
      LoneOne Month ago

      @Frank Morris but he's not wrong, flats makes bad content.

    • Help Me
      Help Me Month ago +1

      Makes sense, since he has an infinite amount of time to make one video, and other creators have to upload consistently and often. Use your brain.

    • Frank Morris
      Frank Morris Month ago

      @ifhy Mmmm not really mad idk who flats even is simple fact that you carry that much negativity with you clearly says your ass needs help. Keep that misery to yourself

    • ifhy
      ifhy Month ago

      @Frank Morris ur mad, flats is fat get over it

    • sun sun
      sun sun Month ago

      ​@AKSHAY akshay

  • HypetheKomodo
    HypetheKomodo Month ago +1

    I fully agree with all points here: It's really just Overwatch except...worse, and over half the roster is initially locked, and the worst battle pass I have ever seen in any game containing one.
    That's considering you can even play the thing.
    It's still inherently fun, but so was Overwatch 1. I really hope the PvE mode has what was shown off, because that sounds like it'd be a whole lot of fun to mess with.

  • HiddenArsenal77
    HiddenArsenal77 Month ago

    This was so informative and actually made me less critical of what Overwatch 2 currently is. I hope they fulfill their original vision and get the PVE side launched!

  • Fact Ficcion
    Fact Ficcion Month ago

    “It’s truly absurd and I respect it” the entire community summed in a shellnut… but man I really hope we get payday with WoW quality
    Love the video and hope they keep eyes on pvp while instituting the pve slowly

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Shoutout seagull man. Just the realest dude I’ve listened to talk about something he cares about clearly. I don’t think I’ll ever have the connection I had with original early overwatch but it makes me happy to see it back and hyped up. I’ve been mostly enjoying my time on the game. And I hope the story mode does well.

  • Rocco DeStefanis
    Rocco DeStefanis Month ago +525

    The way Seagull breaks down things is like no other. This, his game play, his chat engagement and his sense of humor are what make him a phenomenal streamer.

    • Mattspiece_
      Mattspiece_ Month ago

      @LorcaLoca Im sure he has all their twitch names written down for you...

    • LorcaLoca
      LorcaLoca Month ago +4

      @Fultonian For example?

    • Fultonian
      Fultonian Month ago +9

      His sense of humor is often condescending toward people. Especially people who criticize Blizzard, I've seen him mock people with valid criticisms too many times that he often just looks like a Blizz shill. Even this video, he is intelligently shilling for Blizz.

    • Video Toys Tv
      Video Toys Tv Month ago

      I need healing

    • zSTALKn Gaming
      zSTALKn Gaming Month ago +11

      Casually bullying flats

  • Fabio Esteves
    Fabio Esteves Month ago

    Amazing video. Imagine how sad it would have ended if this disastrous launch were included in it. OW2 doesnt exist and they handed us a broken PVP replacement.

  • Fun Box
    Fun Box Month ago +1

    The video game industry has fully embraced laziness and overcharging for incomplete products while charging extra to complete said incomplete game.
    I'm unsure how many people can relate to this comparison, but Resistance 2 on the PlayStation 3 had literally everything that Blizzard is promising for Overwatch 2, and that game was released almost 15 years ago in a fully complete state. A fantastic campaign that could be played co-op; a fun, balanced multiplayer, and a PvE "character progression" mode that could be played with friends or through online matchmaking.
    I miss how games used to be made.

  • Cittycat
    Cittycat Month ago

    If the PvE really was three years in fully scaled up production, I will expect a lot from that. 3 years in production (without pre and post) is a reasonable and standard time for a full AAA game release

  • Barnabás Molnár
    Barnabás Molnár Month ago

    I really hope they will deliver a good PvE down the road. I left OW1 because I SUCK big time in competitive FPS games. As much I loved the characters, the setting and the world I couldn't enjoy it because of the competitive PvP aspect. The new PvE mode would have been everything I wanted all this time.

  • TheRealZahyra
    TheRealZahyra Month ago +872

    I wholeheartedly agree. I think they soccumbed to the pressure. I want the PvE to be at my own pace. If I want to binge play it all the way to the end, I should be able to. Having it tied to the PvP seasons will just kill it for me. I was really looking forward to this story based RPG, I've been part of the playerbase asking for an RPG since I got my hands on OW and found the animations of the lore absolutely stunning. It's disappointing to think they gave up on making a complete, immersive triple A game and decided instead to publish it in pieces with the PvP seasons... they shouldn't have anything to do with one another except for voiceline references to the PvE and hero design. That was the original vision, that is how it should have stayed

    • Shane Erickson
      Shane Erickson Month ago

      Not a shooter but give ff14 a chance if you haven't great story lore and world, game moves me like none other, and the community is really great for the most part, I've made plenty of friends on there.

    • Gabriel Chaney
      Gabriel Chaney Month ago +2

      @NikeonNK I hope PvE comes out next year so more peeps can enjoy OW.
      Thanks for the chill internet convo. 👍

    • NikeonNK
      NikeonNK Month ago +1

      @Gabriel Chaney Fair. I love PvP and will still play it but i really had big hopes for pve personally. ironically i dont know anyone in my circle interested in pve anyway. I'd still play a shit ton of it if it dropped as it was envisonned

    • Gabriel Chaney
      Gabriel Chaney Month ago +1

      @NikeonNK fair enough. This is a subjective position. Anecdotally i don't know anyone who wants PvE. I surely don't care about it.

    • NikeonNK
      NikeonNK Month ago

      @wolflover968 AlphaMale 100% agreed

  • Mcjlt296
    Mcjlt296 28 days ago +1

    Video was very well written and quite revealing to some lesser discussed sides of the situation with the OW2 situation.

  • Rahat Aayaz
    Rahat Aayaz Month ago

    As a new player, I think it's a great game as of now. Coming from counter strike, valorant FPS genre games overwatch 2 feels refreshing. I understand the frustration of the older overwatch 1 players that the game could've been better, but I think blizzard still has chance shift things to a further polished and better game. ✌️

  • Darksting
    Darksting Month ago

    I agree with you, that original vision for Overwatch 2 would've been amazing. Its the reason i was excited for OW2, still a good game, but its just more of the same.

  • ChipGod_X
    ChipGod_X Month ago

    I honestly do love the pvp side of the game, and fighting other players. But pve just catches my eye so much more as they developed an amazing lore but they never made a campaign and that's mainly what I wanted along with hero missions, and character builds that are much more unique. I'll wait forever for this honestly I'll be patient cause I'm just that hyped for it in the mean time I'll play the pvp side until the pve comes out. The final answer is I'm just dissapointed in what they could of done but didn't succeed it. I'll still say they have the chance to redeem themselves if they try.

  • GonnSolo
    GonnSolo Month ago +754

    I wasn't expecting such a well written video just hours before the game drops. Seagull you legend

    • StaySolidShades
      StaySolidShades Month ago

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.dd

  • Silas The Matchmaker

    Very well made video, and I agree. I've been one of those that have also said the game is disappointing, in part because of how different it is from the game we were promised so long ago. And the thing that really kills it for me is how they really let OW1 out to rust to work on OW2, and it doesn't show. Imho the only way they could have fixed this is from... well, working on OW1. Releasing more new content and letting another team handle PvE.
    (I will also say too, the shift to the Battle Pass is awful and no one can take that from me.)

  • Eduardo Rodrigues
    Eduardo Rodrigues Month ago

    Awsome take, but I kinda loved how it just looks like a patched version of the first game. Removing 1 tank made de game playable again and I've got a lota of friends into the game since its become free to play. Actually enjoying this game again

  • Raxy01
    Raxy01 Month ago

    Well done man, great video. As a studying game dev and long time Blizzard and Overwatch fan, Overwatch 2 hasn't been a fun journey. To some extent I even think the game deserves to flop at this point, but what you said is true, it would have been amazing to play the overwatch PvE and I wish they had released a finished product. But I can't forgive them for basically abandoning overwatch 1 to work on a PvE game, like you said, the devs were working overtime and I wish they had had more resources to work on Overwatch 2 while keeping Overwatch 1 alive, but to me focusing so much effort into the PvE release killed Overwatch 1 and most of the hastely changes for Overwatch 2 PvP hurt the game I loved.

  • Tim Ogul
    Tim Ogul Month ago

    I was looking forward to the PvE version, it was exactly what I wanted since Overwartch was announced, but I have no interest in it being drip-fed or some sort of "reward" for playing the PvP game. I don't mind them putting the PvP game out first, because the OW1 PvP scene would die if it was left untended for too long and they didn't have time to work on both at once, but when the OW2 PvE mode comes out, they need to forget everything about the PvP mode in how it releases.

  • Thomas Parkes
    Thomas Parkes Month ago +215

    PVE was what excited me most about Overwatch 2, making it 5v5 doesnt take away from the fact that Im tired of Overwatch 1. They left us in a content drought for too long and adding a couple maps and taking away a tank isnt going to cut it to get me hyped for it. I was pumped for the campaign and PVE modes but if they are going to release it how you described I think I'll even give that a miss unless it proves to me amazing.

    • Artur Cirilo
      Artur Cirilo Month ago +2

      Yeah for sure, like they didn't even gave us a second map for the halloween event for 6 effin years. How refresh would be to do the same thing but in other map? Something different. The first pve event as well, another map to take the payload and kill orisas...

  • Janwip
    Janwip Month ago

    I had a lot of fun when I started playing OW1 back in 2017, however I was never really good at it and improving felt incredibly hard, I rarely played competitive due to that, so I quit around 2019/2020, now that OW2 is released, I started playing again and it's a lot of fun since it's still the early and casual stage of the game. I hope the PvE mode will cause the game to stay more casual in general or I'm afraid a lot of people are gonna quit in after a few months/years

  • Torin Smith
    Torin Smith Month ago

    So well put together. I love co-op shooters and an actual overwatch 2 would be amazing, but now I don't think that it will ever be released. This little update alongside the PVE has become the primary focus and I don't ever see that changing. Blizzard, or more properly, Activision, cares only about short-term cash and not long-term art. I hope to see it one day, but if I'm honest with myself I know it's never going to happen.

  • TerraBolt
    TerraBolt Month ago +1

    Seagull back with the real talk.
    You speak me out of the heart just like back then. Thus nice to see that you still stick around.

  • Firefly Arc
    Firefly Arc 5 days ago

    Thank you for making sure people know it'd early access. People don't advertise it

  • Holesale00
    Holesale00 Month ago +346

    I love that this man hasn't used this channel in like a year and we get this well produced well edited informative video out of no where.

    • setamakoto
      setamakoto Month ago

      @StaySolidShades god can suck my dick

    • StaySolidShades
      StaySolidShades Month ago

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.dd

    • chocomilo
      chocomilo Month ago

      Unlike your overwatch lol

    • setamakoto
      setamakoto Month ago +3

      Yes. Top 10 trending. In general, not even in gaming

  • Theo Leuterio
    Theo Leuterio Month ago +1

    This is reminding me of how Fortnite turned out. I was hyped for the Save the World gamemode when they announced it. A PvE world where you defend survivors from zombies. But as the game launched PvE became locked by a paywall and later abandoned entirely. I really wanted to play PvE in Overwatch cuz every time Junkenstein or the archive events came around I hopped back on. I feel like PvE doesn’t make you feel entirely shit on bc your team usually has a better grasp of how to get shit done.

  • Ashborne
    Ashborne Month ago

    I think the word FPS should be used very lightly with Overwatch as it's shooting mechanics are very 'inclusive' for lack of a better word. The game is designed to allow anyone of all skills levels to play different characters with similar output.

  • Earth Mother
    Earth Mother Month ago

    Man, if Overwatch (2) was given the Destiny treatment; Hubs and overworld, different open area regions with side missions, main story missions, unique items/weapons (PvE only), "dungeons", and raids. That would have been a real treat.

  • Abundy
    Abundy Month ago

    This was a great and fair video. Due to the thumbnail I expected just a onedimensional salt fest, probably not as clickbaity as "disappointing" but the vibe of this video seems more like "what could have been".

  • Tatu Varvemaa
    Tatu Varvemaa Month ago +456

    You dont even know how long I’ve been waiting a youtube video from you. I dont like live streams, so twitch doesent suit me. But you are great so I ofcourse want to watch you play. I hope that you make more youtube content.

    • Dr. Rave
      Dr. Rave Month ago +9

      Peak writing, serious thoughts, credible source.
      Love it.

  • Gollum1905
    Gollum1905 Month ago +1

    To this day I won't understand this. Every single event mode, be it Frankenstein or Lucio Ball, they were huge hits. The PVE aspect of OW has been mega popular since the very first game mode. It's beyond me why they haven't doubled down on the PVE for years now.

  • Nahele Duskwalker
    Nahele Duskwalker Month ago

    it honestly breaks my heart to call myself an Ex blizzard fan....... to see where the company had fallen both with their sickening work place culture to the decline of their ideals in how they develop their games... it is just sad.

  • Spnked
    Spnked Month ago

    There are few things a developer can do or say that scream "I don't respect you or your time" louder than games-as-service and battlepasses. They are the dev ripping away the consumer's control of the end product and replacing it with cheap psychological tricks meant to spur addictive behaviours and spending.

  • Butter_NUT
    Butter_NUT Month ago

    I hope they make it so that pve and pvp are separate or at least give the option to only install pvp. Personally, I'd rather not have the massive spacer requirement in both...

  • Igor Corrêa
    Igor Corrêa Month ago +233

    I really don't have a problem with PVP being out earlier with less content, I'm just scared for PVE, they can butcher it depending on how it's released and monetized, but we'll see next year

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago +1

      @blueone I fully understand that. I'm annoyed about how people are complaining about the free to play model. If the community was more supportive at the initial reveal I'm ok paying a $40 package just like the original with a PVE campaign. B/C how the shooter market is and the negative response from fans we are getting the F2P model now. I'm positive they will be fine and whiney fans will still continue to play this game.

    • blueone
      blueone Month ago +3

      @Brian It's not about that, Brian. Blizzard cannot have a profitable IP by releasing a $40 game and then just releasing mostly free content forever. Battle passes give them much higher revenue potential, and therefore bigger teams and in turn more content for us, which again lines their pockets, then the cycle repeats. Without it, the team wouldn't have really grown, and the same issue that caused OW1 to die out would have repeated. You have to think big picture to understand the direction.

    • UltraRanger
      UltraRanger Month ago +1

      According to Jeff's original plan that game might not come out until another half a decade.

    • Kyle Smith
      Kyle Smith Month ago +17

      @Brian I don't think most of us were ever asking for a live service game. I think it was more what was expected after the first year of OW with the constant hero releases since they ended up treating the game like a live service game. If anything the current game market is starting to push back against live service games as it has very much corrupted the gaming space over the last decade.
      The biggest criticisms around OW2 have been due to it being a live service game with live service monetization that steps into the realm of greedy as happens with most live service games.

    • Wav3zEQ
      Wav3zEQ Month ago

      It reminds me of halo it’s a totally different game but they released PvP early

  • JayCGaming
    JayCGaming Month ago

    Seagull has a lot of strong arguments and I love that for him, but me personally, “sequel” or not, I’m happy for new change. My opinion may change overtime, but I’m willing to give this new 5v5 system a try

  • Evan Search
    Evan Search Month ago +1

    Let’s be absolutely honest: Overwatch 2 was going to be, you know, an actual full game, then shit hit the fan at Activision-Blizzard, and they had to push the game out in its “release” state in order to have something to turn a profit.

    • Haruharu
      Haruharu Month ago

      I thought that too. Wish the assholes at the company got caught waaaaay earlier so they could have already been making better products for years

  • For the Omnissiah
    For the Omnissiah Month ago

    That's cool and all, but having only 15 hours in OW1 and playing the hell out of OW2, I'm having an absolute blast. As long as PvE co-op campaign-type content is in the future, I'm hooked. It's a fantastic game.

  • August Day
    August Day Month ago

    Very well put. The Overwatch 2 we got feels like a sad shadow of the original ambitious vision that they had for this game. I quit OW years ago and I don't think I'll be returning for OW2.

  • DreHeyHer
    DreHeyHer Month ago +8

    More videos like this please. Well written, well spoken, great insight to the whole situation.

  • Ajfadeaway99
    Ajfadeaway99 Month ago

    I personally like the game as is. To me the pve concept could hurt the core game imo. I'm liking the new battle pass system and especially like the fact that characters and nothing of major importance is behind a pay wall. Keep up the good work Blizzard and don't worry about PVE unless it's a full on separate game that's not overwatch 2

  • Victor JOZEK
    Victor JOZEK Month ago

    Making Overwatch a free live service game is very optimistic, as it considers Overwatch as an unique concept with a never ending evolution. The true challenge seems to rely around the continuity of the OW universe and story, if they decide to open up a new chapter, they'll have to find a way to keep the existing characters working along a whole new landscape and set of characters. But there's the dilemma, keeping the OG maps and characters and risking a repetitive and never changing experience, or sacrificing iconic characters and locations to allow the game to reach new horizons.

  • Erik McCormick
    Erik McCormick Month ago

    I'm glad this was a lot more insightful and respectful than the garbage rants you see on Reddit daily. What a great perspective of critique and understanding, instead of just shitting all over Blizz.
    It's important to tell the developers' side of the story and understand why certain things don't line up the way that the public eye perceives or wishes them to.
    I really do feel like Overwatch 2 is a sequel. I think that a lot of people aren't viewing it that way since they only have multiplayer to experience and haven't paid much attention to how much Blizz is stressing that the PvE experience is the primary focus of this game. I didn't want a massive mutliplayer overhaul, and I'm pleased to see that the game was refined as opposed to entirely reworked. Heroes were rebalanced and some of them got new kits. That's awesome. I didn't want much else save for some new maps and heroes and that's what we're getting, even if it's not as much immediate value as we would have liked.

  • ThunderTRP's
    ThunderTRP's Month ago +568

    I agree on the quote at 3:04. I'm a casual playing for fun - I'm not good neither bad and I like some challenge for sure but I just don't like it when a game is too competitive. I loved OW until people started leaving and it transformed into that competitive thing, and I stopped playing. Hopped back on the 2 and right now I'm having the same casual fun as the first days of OW, and it feels amazing.

    • IzanamiLieh
      IzanamiLieh Month ago

      Quickplay became more sweaty than comp was and it was stupid as shit. Comptards are just searching for some validation in their unfulfilling lives. I just want to play with my friends, not get stomped by lifeless husks pressing buttons like a machine.

    • Adam Trosko
      Adam Trosko Month ago

      I never played a single game of OW 1, picked up 2 to try it out, and i'm in the same boat. It can be frustrating for sure, but I get that you need to take some time to learn the characters and play tactically, so far i'm enjoying it. Can't say I was surprised to see people have very strong opinions on it, but for my lifestyle being able to hop on and run a few unranked games is fine by me.

    • Timothy Moore
      Timothy Moore Month ago

      Well the first week of the game sbmm was not working properly so that explains why ppl were having “fun”. So I decided to not merge my account and play the 50 games to get the true experience. I won my 50 and then merged my account. This game is in shambles. The casual experience is god awful. Its not even casual. The games I played were never competitive it was either you steam roll or you get rolled. There is no in between in the casual experience. We’re never going to get 6 mans back or no role que but the game is seriously suffering because of these changes. You have 1 bad teammate on your team it ruins the experience

    • ironminer93
      ironminer93 Month ago +4

      this comment pretty much summerized what i was going to type, casuals just wanna have a fun game where you can have a laugh with your friends. a competitive game can still be fun but its not as fun as doing meme strats or just plain having fun with whatever your doing, i've never tried out overwatch normally until overwatch 2 became free, and when i tried with a bunch of friends, i had a blast, its a extremely fun game to just have a laugh in. games that i have noticed recently either ONLY follow the pro scene/competitive scene, ignoring casuals and making it casual unfriendly, or too spread out on the playerbase that it becomes stale for competitive players and only fun for casuals. i'd prefer the latter but i imagine a lot of players play overwatch competitively constantly and wouldn't want a already competitive game become a casual game. having a challenge in casual is fun, but getting into a game with a 5 stack with players who can perfectly do everything will get old fast. some of the players here probably reading this probably have a very boring life, primaily doing their jobs for money and come home, just to play overwatch to have a blast. but i do understand that no game really survives without a pro scene.

    • jinratgeist
      jinratgeist Month ago +3

      @be an Right?! I mean if you're a casual, then stay the hell away from ranked mode.

  • Joel Mendes
    Joel Mendes Month ago +2

    Honestly I respect the vision I just hope they are able to create it

  • Konrad Żukowski
    Konrad Żukowski Month ago

    Haven't played OW in over a year since I've sold it. When the game shifted into the shield meta where playing anything but a select few heroes meant defeat on the spot. Especially when those few heroes weren't those you liked. The freedom that it first gave me when I played my very first match disappeared and each subsequent update made it worse.
    Now when I look at all the footage of OW2... all of this looks more like a glorified update than a new game. Of course it looks better in every aspect and change from 6v6 to 5v5, but that's it really. Considering lack of promised PvE part of the game, the amount of bad press it received, even more bad press on Blizzard and Activision through out past few years, terrible monetization, the phone number requirement fiasco and closing of OW1 servers...
    This could have been so much better and yet for me, the magic is gone. The game that was claimed by many to be a "Team Fortress 2 killer" died in my eyes before TF2 which works fine despite all the bots.

  • Zeter Zero
    Zeter Zero Month ago

    Given the last few years, Blizzard really had to get the game out and start getting some revenue in, not just from the consumer but from their investors. The second you say "live service game" investors start chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action. That's my take anyway.

  • Rhidian D
    Rhidian D Month ago

    I'm enjoying the PvP changes (as small as they are), but I find myself getting burnt out pretty quickly and some of that toxicity from OW1 is creeping in already... it's great playing competitive games when they're close but when you have a genji that jumps into the enemy team, dies immediately, and then complains that they didn't get any heals, then it's really hard not to get tilted. I was really excited for a real PvE mode in OW2 because it provides an escape from the grind of PvP so was really disappointed to realise we were just getting a slightly updated, money grabbing version of OW1. I still think it's insane that the PvE content that already exists was/is only brought out for seasonal events... just give us the existing PvE content while you work on new stuff!!!

  • Facetank
    Facetank Month ago +179

    Perfectly summarized my feelings on the whole situation. All we can really do is wait until they do start to trickle out the PvE, but I just don't see how that's going to work successfully, and I really question at this point if it's worth waiting for. The ironic part is that I would've happily waited for all at once, but since so much has been noticably rushed, I can't help but feel like the PvE will be the same

    • DBD Pro
      DBD Pro Month ago

      @J Eugene is this the only comeback? I'm bored

    • J Eugene
      J Eugene Month ago

      @DBD Pro Poor bait from a poor personality

    • DBD Pro
      DBD Pro Month ago

      @J Eugene cry more it makes me happy

    • J Eugene
      J Eugene Month ago

      @DBD Pro Poor excuse for poor management

    • Daniel Filipe
      Daniel Filipe Month ago +1

      I hope the PvE content is worth 20 hours+ for a single run, with well made animated scenes to tell the story, interesting characters as enemies (Not only generic robots), and nice objectives besides "Go from point A to B, killing the robots in the way and hear the radio talk between them". Otherwise, I will just stick with the base game and maybe buy the Battlepass if I'm having fun.

  • Alex McD
    Alex McD Month ago

    I'm glad to see others remember the PvE discussion. The way it disappeared, I was wondering if I imagined it

  • Unrelated Clean Princess

    Imagine if they’d just looked after the first one, that first year or so was so fun

  • EthanG298
    EthanG298 Month ago +1

    Even though it's not a sequel, and calling it Overwatch 2 is purely just a marketing decision to get people talking about Overwatch again... I gotta say this update (which is what it really only is) did make me install the game again and man did I forget how good/fun Overwatch is. It's not going to keep me hooked like an actual sequel would but I am definitely enjoying Overwatch again.