Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • There are many different ways to play through Skyrim: Archery, Stealth, Magic, Swords, Hammers, the list goes on and on. Of course, when you consider the fact that you’re playing as a legendary hero who battles an almost primordial evil, there’s one weapon that doesn’t really fit in with all the rest. Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?
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    Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fork?? (in text form)
    The first part of any Skyrim playthrough is waking up and realizing that you’re riding towards your death. This is where things took a strange turn. There was something off. I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was. You might consider this bad, but I think otherwise. How often you do you get to do barrel rolls in a wooden cart being pulled by a horse?
    Things settled down, we arrived in Helgen, and it was time to create my character. This doesn’t matter all that much. I chose an Orc as my race because they’re my preferred race. Yeah, that’s right, I’m an orc-supremacist. Don’t like it? Tough cookies. Also they’ve got Berserker Rage which will come in handy later. The dragon arrived, I escaped to Helgen Keep, got my hands cut, and the game begins. Believe it or not, there are 2 kinds of Forks in Skyrim. Utensils and Weapons. The utensil forks are relatively common. The weapon forks are not. And there’s no way to know which is which until you pick it up and look in your inventory. But that’s okay because more important than forks is the bucket on the table. It will make a fine addition to my collection.
    Alright, let’s real quickly go over a few things about this run. This is a Fork Only Playthrough, which means I can only attack enemies with a fork, that doesn’t mean I can’t wear armor, use shield to block attacks, or use spells to heal myself. An enemy must only be damaged by a fork. The only other way is if they set off traps and damage themselves. But that’s akin to an NPC running off a cliff, it’s not really something I have any control over.
    Back to the game, avoiding the enemies in Helgen Keep wasn’t all that difficult. I looted stuff, found another bucket, taunted the bear, realized bears are shockingly quick, escaped the cave, activated a Stone, swam with the fishies, and was off to Riverwood. There I sold most of my stuff to the Riverwood Trader, obviously kept my 5 buckets, and the search for a fork begins. According to the Wiki, there are only a handful of weapon forks in the entire game, including DLCs. One of which is near High Hrothgar, so that’s where I was going.
    Normally you would take the 17 steps up there, but I’m stubborn and refuse to adhere to social norms, so I’m not going to take the steps. I’m going on a mountain climbing adventure! The initial journey to the base of the mountain was pretty easy. A little ways up the mountain it started to rain, and nothing makes climbing a snowy mountain easier than freezing rain and lightning. I continued climbing. Then I climbed some more. After successfully climbing for a few minutes, I rewarded myself with more climbing. About 10 minutes later I arrived at High Hrothgar.
    The fork is located beyond the courtyard, and the front door is locked. Unfortunate. Luckily, I just thinking about how cool it would be to go mountain climbing, so I took the easy path to the courtyard by going around the temple. Master Ernie didn’t have much to say to me. But the fork was now closer to my possession than ever before. I watched a tutorial and discovered that it would be harder than I previously thought to get aforkmentioned utensil. I must pass the chilly breeze of mild discomfort after which I would find my treasure beneath a wooden bridge.
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  • Mitten Squad
    Mitten Squad  6 months ago +1527

    To all the people who are asking why the thumbnail says "Without Only A Fork", it doesn't, at least not on my end ( The first thumbnail I uploaded did say "Without Only A Fork", but I fixed it within 20 minutes of when the video was released. RU-clip is just being a gigantic cunt, as usual, and seems to not want to update it for anyone besides me.

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    Dummy Thiqq 2 hours ago

    Home stuck is not proud of his bucket obsession

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    God bless heal and save you

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    Climb then climb then climb some more this challenge in a nutshell

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    8:30 fuccin moon

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    I came in my pants at the poster worthy last scene. So beautiful.

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    8:50 OMG, that guy..., will literally do anything for money and then complain he's getting no add money from youtube. I'm laughing and crying.

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    Farouk The_Beast 4 days ago

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    Ghost Riser 6 days ago +1

    Dragons coming back,vampires and Giants riding dragons 11:08.It's the end of the world I tell you.

  • Donnie Jefferson
    Donnie Jefferson 6 days ago

    Should've bought the house in riften after you got the first fork. Could've gotten the dual wield forks you wanted

  • Donnie Jefferson
    Donnie Jefferson 6 days ago

    This is easy. Just chop wood for 12 days straight to earn enough money to level enchanting to 100, super power the fork and you have the strongest weapon in the game

  • Zocker13 LP
    Zocker13 LP 6 days ago

    It's kinda ironic that playing with only unarmed is more easy than with a fork. Simply take a khajit and get the unarmed boosting gloves from the riften ratway. Deals A LOT more damage than a dwarven dagger

  • The ESSK Guy
    The ESSK Guy 6 days ago

    I’ll admit it, your humour was at its best today imo.

  • BLOODY981
    BLOODY981 6 days ago

    The fork should be the girl and the knife should be the player. Because the fork looks like a V and the knife looks like I so if you get what I mean right? Lol!

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    Very little makes me laugh nowadays but this shit is priceless

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    KarlLovellMusic 7 days ago

    Blocking with a shield damages the npcs confidence, which in turn damages their mental health which is Indeed a form of health being damaged by something other than a fork.....


  • James Belza
    James Belza 7 days ago

    Nice one but can you finish Skyrim 100% stealth?

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    Bilbo Swaggins 7 days ago

    No shield
    O N L Y F O R K

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    Forking hell, this video was great

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    So it's true

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    I dont mean to be the asshole here, but speeding up the game is not a question of enough, just a question of how fast... So if i wont work at all on 3X, it wont work on 15 either :D Keep up the awesome content mate

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    AnD pEgGy

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    ME: "Teach me master in the ways of heavy defense".
    MASTER: (hands fork)...

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    Do with telekinesis only

    • Jay Es
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    For me, it was Tuesday.

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