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  • Published on Apr 25, 2021
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Comments • 277

  • Z A
    Z A Year ago +581

    Sid is actually so thoughtful, he seems like he always puts his woman before himself! Honestly such a beautiful thing to see!

    • Mila Mou
      Mila Mou 8 months ago

      @F Hd No bad experience alhamdulillah. Ma'assalama. 😊

    • F Hd
      F Hd 8 months ago

      @Mila Mou it must be your bitter experience. And you sound like a delightful person.

    • F Hd
      F Hd 8 months ago

      @Mila Mou don’t confuse religion with culture. You should say south East Asian or Arab, not Muslim

    • Mila Mou
      Mila Mou Year ago

      @i hate bananas I get the point.

  • Adwoa Darko
    Adwoa Darko Year ago +226

    *I love this. It’s like a part two to the dinner date they had where they just talked to each other*

  • rc27
    rc27 Year ago +169

    omg the downfall moment made me laugh so much, i love seeing you both have fun together. dina is so beautiful even when she's laughing her head off

    • rc27
      rc27 Year ago +2

      @AdamLdn alhamdulillah. ramadhan mubarak to u too!

    • AdamLdn
      AdamLdn Year ago +3

      @rc27 most definitely these guys never fail to make me die of laughter !
      Ramadan Mubarak to you to my G hope your having a rewarding one inshallah 💯💯

    • rc27
      rc27 Year ago +4

      @AdamLdn aw, inshallah their videos bring you some laughter and smiles. ramadan mubarak

    • AdamLdn
      AdamLdn Year ago +5

      Mashallah they are like a brother and sister I never had

  • sabah firdous
    sabah firdous Year ago +327

    I want a Day in the life, Sid video. I know he works and everything but why is it that I can't picture him working. He always looks so chilled out. And how is it that all over the years his weight remains so stable? I would love to see a WHAT I EAT IN A DAY by Sid as well.

    • adidja documents
      adidja documents Year ago +2

      I think he plays basketball too

    • Aiperi Subankulova
      Aiperi Subankulova Year ago +3

      Well, men have better metabolism in general 😁

    • Belinda Tabarra
      Belinda Tabarra Year ago +3

      His weight remains stable because he probably either goes to the gym or/and his metabolism has been constant

    • By Grace
      By Grace Year ago +7

      I don't think Sid works away from the home..... ?

    • Glass World
      Glass World Year ago +19

      Agree! He’s somewhat of a mystery

  • Muna mahamed
    Muna mahamed Year ago +202

    The hijab joke had me dying it was literally the first thing that came to my mind when Sid said it 🤣

  • Tabinda
    Tabinda Year ago +55

    Sid is so gentle the way he offers his Tacos 🌮 to his wife shows his care and gentle attitude

  • fatin
    fatin Year ago +13

    I'm having iftar alone these days and this video is so cute, made me feel like I'm not eating alone

  • Yakasm8
    Yakasm8 Year ago +50

    This video was actually so chill so nice to watch at the end of a long day to wind down

  • Zaara Dr
    Zaara Dr Year ago +13

    He is so sweet towards you! Bless you both with an abundance of love and happiness ❤️❤️

  • Sana A
    Sana A Year ago +20

    I just had my suhoor like an hour ago and now I'm craving Asian food! I've never had those buns but they look so good and soft 😍

    • Kari b
      Kari b Year ago +4

      Bao buns are so good u need to try it

  • Kathy O'Brien
    Kathy O'Brien Year ago +54

    Can you tell me what might be an appropriate gift to send to a family during Ramadan? I am Christian, but want to send something to our neighbours who are fasting.

    • Koltary
      Koltary Month ago

      You’re an amazing person

    • Dont be a secret wife!!!
      Dont be a secret wife!!! 10 months ago +1


    • HodaBeingExtra
      HodaBeingExtra 11 months ago +1

      Any gift honestly but lanterns are so ramadan related, also dates❤️✨

    • Mel issa
      Mel issa Year ago +3

      A hand written card & something yummy to eat would be SO thoughtful 😊😊😊😇😇😇

    • Rina L
      Rina L Year ago +3

      @Kathy O'Brien yes! Anything homemade is ideal for Ramadan tbh because that’s usually what we eat and speaking for my family, we give our other Muslim neighbours home cooked food too! A dessert may be a good call because often families make quite a bit to break their fast, whereas dessert for later on is often forgotten, it’s very sweet of you to be so considerate 🥰 x

  • Victoria Fitzjohn
    Victoria Fitzjohn Year ago +17

    Great couple, I did laugh out loud with the teasing near the end and i know, Dina was going to mention the scarf lol...lovely to see you can both laugh together ...really enjoy this video is a refreshing change to watch something ‘real’ x

  • Engy Adel
    Engy Adel Year ago +5

    sid is so caring, I love him!

  • Yashfeeka Taliep
    Yashfeeka Taliep Year ago +1

    These are the ramadan vlogs I alwys want to see lol. Love watching them eat :)

  • Just5ehar !!!
    Just5ehar !!! Year ago

    You both make me laugh in a good way...completely made for each other ❤️

  • Forever Young at Heart

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing at the end my face was covered with tears, Sid is hilarious love you both ❤️

  • raneem G
    raneem G Year ago +1

    i personally want to thank you so much for this vid .. im away from my family this ramadan as im studying in the US and they’re in a diff country.. im so glad u posted this vid, we need more of these ! ❤️makes me feel like im actually eating with u and sid in person lol❤️

  • Han na
    Han na Year ago

    AWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwww I duno why it was so moving to watch you guys panic about the kids waking up whilst you're tryna eat, but also with Sid being considerate of you. MashaAllah mannnn, makes me so excited and happy to get married soon (summer inshaAllah!!!!); I've always admired you and your family Dina

  • s m
    s m Year ago

    Love Sid and Dina chill vibes good energy ✨

  • Bilgeese Nasher
    Bilgeese Nasher Year ago

    I honestly enjoyed this video so much. You both compliment each other so well. And you both are so funny!!! Please do more of theseee

  • Fizvidz
    Fizvidz Year ago

    I was legit laughing like cray at the end bit... May Allah keep you both smiling always Ameen

  • Hannah Arbaoui
    Hannah Arbaoui Year ago

    Awwww i loved this video so much ❤️❤️ Such a beautiful couple mash’Allah ❤️❤️ bless you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Anyeka Jamal
    Anyeka Jamal Year ago +12

    Brilliant video, I love your humour, you're the best duo on youtube! Also, you look STUNNING xx

  • Aneyshx21
    Aneyshx21 Year ago +320

    Can we appreciate how beautiful she is 😍😍😍

  • CF
    CF Year ago

    You two are so cute! I want a relationship just like this 💕🤌🏼

  • Nora B
    Nora B Year ago

    You guys are amazing and so funny ❤️ lovely couple !

  • Saima Kauser
    Saima Kauser Year ago

    Love this vlog. P.s many years ago they used to do apply pie with ice cream but then just stopped doing that for reason. But definitely its the best dessert 🍨

  • YasmínFabricio
    YasmínFabricio Year ago +6

    I love watching you two just talking 🤍 I’ve been watching for years and I really enjoy listening to you too 😅❤️

  • Marta
    Marta  Year ago

    You guys are so funny and Dina I can relate to you so much with how you eat your food, I'm the same and my partner is always telling me how fast I eat. And he's also so hard to please with food :D

  • Carissa Chacón
    Carissa Chacón Year ago

    Dina! The same thing happens to me too! My nose runs every time, it doesn’t matter what I eat😂

  • Ruth L
    Ruth L Year ago

    You guys are so adorable I can watch this video a few times because I like the way you eating with hands

  • Watching Watching

    this video was so calming after a horrendous day at work lol. its the energy i need

  • Rima R
    Rima R Year ago +1

    The laughter at the end was so pure, I was laughing with you! 😂

  • Yung monét
    Yung monét Year ago +4

    My great grandma eats bread with salt🤣 whenever I ask her if she wants a snack she’s like “yeah just a slice of bread and the salt shaker”

  • Adil Musa
    Adil Musa Year ago

    the food looks amazing 👌

  • nher
    nher Year ago +2

    the moment you mentioned Gordon Ramsey- I laughed so hard just listening to your conversation lmaooo this is probably the cutest vlog yet ❤️🤣🙏🏽

  • wholelottamariah
    wholelottamariah Year ago +1

    Your hair looks SO pretty in this vlog! 💜💜

  • Nadira y
    Nadira y Year ago

    How caring is SID🥰

  • Ziah
    Ziah Year ago +30

    Now this is what we call a ramavlog 👍🏼 we want to see you & sid doing sehri/iftar and how your day goes by, rather than announcements etc

    • forifdreamsdie
      forifdreamsdie Year ago +5

      announcements are okay too, we are happy for dina

  • love love
    love love Year ago

    Mashallah May you Guys always be happy like This i really love u Guys 😍🤗

  • Zahraa_s17
    Zahraa_s17 Year ago +45

    Love dina & sid content

  • Hanan Kemal
    Hanan Kemal Year ago +39

    The ending clip was way too funny. That downfall joke had me dying

  • Sarah Buhaila
    Sarah Buhaila Year ago +13

    When I was a kid I used to love butter sandwiches 🤣🤣🤣 need to try the apple pie with a Mcflurry looks sooo good

  • YasmineJasmine
    YasmineJasmine Year ago

    Baguette with butter, salt and pepper 👍🏻👍🏻 my twins just had that too. It’s so nice

  • Harlene Kundhal
    Harlene Kundhal Year ago

    I love that you guys can laugh about the hijab thing

  • sforida
    sforida Year ago +1

    I watch for these fits of laughter u both have! Cracks me up too 😊

  • Sharon Kour
    Sharon Kour Year ago

    You guys are a sweet couple God bless you both

  • Bleach Kuchiki
    Bleach Kuchiki Year ago +3

    LMAO the end bit was hella funny. You guys have a great sense of humor.

  • A Hussain
    A Hussain Year ago

    I was creasing myself when you guys were 😂😂😂 loved this vlog 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Zee A
    Zee A Year ago +2

    Love your RamaVlogs!! Definitely love the mukbang style videos more x

  • Zen KC
    Zen KC Year ago +4

    Cutest couple....love how they make each other laugh. Hijab joke had me 2 lol

  • wazma hamidi
    wazma hamidi Year ago +2

    You guys should do more iftar mukbangs!

  • Sammy k
    Sammy k Year ago

    Love you guys pray that allah always protects you and your families xx

  • Aman Khokhar
    Aman Khokhar Year ago +6

    I have been watching you guys when you both had just got married. My most favourite people to watch because of how real you guys are! ❤️

  • Moushumi Maharaj
    Moushumi Maharaj Year ago +2

    Hope your Ramadan is going well 🥰

  • Muneebah Solomon
    Muneebah Solomon Year ago

    Love the two of you together ❤️

  • itsshaakshaak
    itsshaakshaak Year ago

    this was the most entertaining mukbang i have ever watched! so therapeutic

  • do you know who I am

    haha I’m so glad there’s someone else like me that even when you’re starving you just can’t get yourself to eat quickly!!! thank you for posting this haha but I am very easy to please and not fussy at all lol just take time

  • Kiran Ahmed
    Kiran Ahmed Year ago

    Loved this video, so relaxed and chilled out. Also the food looks yum, recipe?

  • Baboh Khan
    Baboh Khan Year ago

    Sid is hilarious 😂

  • unforgettable 1122

    Ur iftar looked amazing yum 😋

  • samx9
    samx9 Year ago +21

    when the kids started staring at you guys eating it killed me off LOOOL ''literal mad guy''

  • Khirad 27
    Khirad 27 Year ago +1

    Please could you continue to make more mukbang/eating videos they're just enjoyable to watch

  • S Ali
    S Ali Year ago +28

    That was a laugh I really needed! 😂

  • keshmesha
    keshmesha Year ago

    FINALLY ‼️‼️👏👏👏‼️‼️👏👏👏👏👏
    Now I know why I fell head over heals in love with you Dina, your kindness and joy, your empathy and love and much more reminds me of my favourite actress Athar Al-Hakim.
    آثار الحكيم. فيلم طير في السما
    I was raised by this from my mother, she used to dance for us and sing at home filled with joy ❤️🌺 You remind me of my mother and that actress. Ramadan Mubarak and may Allah bless you and family and protect you always 🙏🏼 Ameen

  • Ellie Costello
    Ellie Costello Year ago +4

    That food looks 10/10!!!. Where is it from or is it home made? Xx

  • Aicha K
    Aicha K Year ago

    Sid takes his time eating, i need to take a leaf out of his book

  • Fay Ford
    Fay Ford Year ago

    The ending has me laughing hysterically, mashallah couple

  • Love Honestly
    Love Honestly Year ago +9

    Child waking up as soon as you open your fast is so accurate 😅

  • A D
    A D Year ago +2

    They do alot. Your guyses capacity amaze me. Please share how u balance, home, work, kids, fasting, workouts ❤ such an inspiration

  • Nasreen Ballim
    Nasreen Ballim Year ago +10

    Iftar without kids, is so simple.

  • Rimi
    Rimi Year ago

    13:15 i couldn't stop laughing from here on 😂😂😂 both yall are hilarious

  • Asees Hera
    Asees Hera Year ago +6

    Dina is like me on starvation mode and Sid have you already ate ? You seem like you’re going at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and Gordon Ramsay himself is judging you eat lol 😂🤣🤣🤣.

  • The Blushing Giraffe

    This was so much fun to watch, the would you rather me at the end 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • sam12 k
    sam12 k Year ago +13

    Happy Ramadan everyone 🤲💙

    • Adha ղƒ
      Adha ղƒ Year ago +1

      Awwww 🥰 Ramadan Mubarak to you and your dear family. Asalam Walikum 😊

  • Nazneen Nazeer Aflal

    Absolutely enjoyed the blog :)

  • Haifa Ali
    Haifa Ali Year ago

    Can someone tell what did they have with their ice cream? Looks amazing 🤤

    • Haifa Ali
      Haifa Ali Year ago

      @K Zam thank you I’ll try it!

    • K Zam
      K Zam Year ago

      Macdonalds hot apple pie

  • Shanti
    Shanti Year ago +2

    Me and my two kids do the same. We enjoy our bread with only butter🍞

  • Fatma Trimeche
    Fatma Trimeche Year ago +1

    sid ist such a good husbund. Mashallah. Every girls dream

  • Moushumi Maharaj
    Moushumi Maharaj Year ago +54

    My nose leaks whenever I eat too! Even if the food isn't spicy

    • Fizvidz
      Fizvidz Year ago


    • i19988899 M
      i19988899 M Year ago

      It does to me but when I eat hot food hot in temperature not hot spicy

    • Rhea Joy
      Rhea Joy Year ago


  • Ruth L
    Ruth L Year ago

    Beautiful couple

  • Beth Hurford
    Beth Hurford Year ago

    I have the exact same issue when I eat! My nose always runs 😂

  • Tamanna _xO
    Tamanna _xO Year ago

    Loved watching this ☺

  • Sanna P
    Sanna P Year ago +42

    Last 2 mins for me 😂 jokes....non of that fake vloggy shit and genuinely made me laugh... 😜😜😜

  • cheekykitten25
    cheekykitten25 Year ago +39

    Oh god that little cry in the middle of having iftari. Every parents dread lmao.

  • Nikitha Nair
    Nikitha Nair Year ago

    love sid and dina so much!

  • Charlie Wow
    Charlie Wow Year ago +1

    15 until iftar and you've got me ordering a mcflurry

  • Deeqa
    Deeqa Year ago

    The first time that tiktok is behind the times. I’ve been doing the mcflurry and hot apple pie thing for yearssss🥰💓

  • sadia sultanah
    sadia sultanah Year ago

    I am the exact same as Sid with coffee I can never finish a whole cup I don't knw why ?!!

  • zahira akhtar
    zahira akhtar Year ago

    Ahh we need more!! Loved this

  • Pradel Elien
    Pradel Elien Year ago +2

    Ramadan Mubarak guys!

  • Tee Begum
    Tee Begum Year ago +1

    How have you never had McFlurry and apple pie before?!!! That’s the best thing ever!

  • Sofiyangg
    Sofiyangg Year ago

    My husband’s nose starts dripping when he eats more than a portion😆 no one believes us though

  • Firoza b
    Firoza b Year ago

    I have the same problem, nose always running when I eat🤭I read somewhere it's an allergic reaction to the spices, dunno if it's true🤷‍♀️

  • 🖤
    🖤 Year ago +14

    Take care of yourself, fasting and taking care of two children and a home is a lot of work. Without adding in work outs

  • Siham Nounouss
    Siham Nounouss Year ago

    Omg u guyssss u r just are the best I loveeeee uuu alot and happy ramadaan to u and all Ur faaaaam I ve been Ur fan since day one and u inspire me to start my own RU-clip channel soooooo I'd love some support tnk u tnk uuuuuuuuuu love from Morocco

  • Kanwal Ali
    Kanwal Ali Year ago

    How are people only figuring out the apple pie in the McFlurry trick now?! 😭😭

  • Cooking Corner
    Cooking Corner Year ago +1

    Bon appetite 😋💐❤

    • ise fa
      ise fa Year ago +1

      Appétit * :)


    بصحة فطوركم

  • Ramsha Khanam
    Ramsha Khanam Year ago

    Hahaha Loved this!