10 Biggest Secrets Spas Don't Want You To Know

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
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    Spas are so relaxing! But behind that decadent facade may hide a sinister underbelly of deceit! Okay, it’s not really all that bad. But just like any industry, there are a load of hidden secrets that Spa owners and employees don’t really want their customers to know!

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  • lps mlp
    lps mlp 8 months ago

    youll get fired for making fun of people

  • lps mlp
    lps mlp 8 months ago


  • love nasss
    love nasss Year ago

    Facials do work . Video full of crap

  • Joseph Long
    Joseph Long Year ago +3

    Are you kidding me ? Men shouldn't work in a message place , but women sports writers are in men's locker rooms !! ???

  • gamoragirl 123
    gamoragirl 123 Year ago

    If they dont want you to know ,where did you get the information?

  • Kosei raids area 51

    "Woman during a certain time of the month" LOL ik what u mean.

  • basha G
    basha G Year ago

    Oh this was so tame...

  • raptureknell
    raptureknell Year ago +2

    Why would masseuses not want people to know that they are people too?

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  • Isaac Wale
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    I pressed the subscribe button and it said 'are you sure you want to unsubscribe?' What should I press now?

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    DJANGO THE SLAVE Year ago +10

    Thumb nail got some cheeks on her..

    • XNovablud
      XNovablud Year ago

      Lexi the parrot, WDYM the letters? I don’t understand.

    • Woofed
      Woofed Year ago

      XNovablud /XNB did you know that you can write wrong with phone?

    • XNovablud
      XNovablud Year ago

      Lexi the parrot what’s a “tumb”

  • Ali Obaid
    Ali Obaid Year ago +4

    Damn 4 Hours still less than 2k views I feel bad

  • HT Productions
    HT Productions Year ago +3

    Rip this channel I was 854th and this was uploaded 3 hours ago
    700k subs?!

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  • James Boxall
    James Boxall Year ago +7

    How did I know that the men shouldn’t do this line of work subject come up? Oh yes, men are judged as sex monsters and cannot control themselves.
    I get so fed up of being judged because of the minority.

  • wayne nothe
    wayne nothe Year ago +2

    If you talked a little faster, you could have given us more wild secrets.

  • Aurα вírdч
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  • Kris
    Kris Year ago +5

    this... this channel is going down the drain...

  • FaZe OpS
    FaZe OpS Year ago +11

    Guess who's going to a spa next 😜

  • Jaylen McClain
    Jaylen McClain Year ago +4

    Cool video

  • Salad Shazzam
    Salad Shazzam Year ago +3

    Nice video!!!!

  • Lowkey Faze
    Lowkey Faze Year ago +6

    Be a maverick

  • Eli Camarena
    Eli Camarena Year ago +2

    Great video