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  • Published on Nov 11, 2016
  • Sorry guys.. That tear is fake Trolol lol lolloollol lol lol lol
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  • zara mattt
    zara mattt 6 years ago +604

    sids mom has done a fab job in raising him. hes a good self sufficient helpful husband. salute to the mommy. xxxxx

    • Unknown Elite
      Unknown Elite 3 years ago

      WhisperSparkles ASMR Since 2010 lol

    • Manda
      Manda 4 years ago +2

      My husband is fantastic too but his mum is a bitch

    • Marina Martin TV
      Marina Martin TV 5 years ago

      zara mattt i

    • amandeep singh
      amandeep singh 6 years ago +32

      zara mattt good 😊 job of Dina mom too even do there are all different it is beautiful !

  • L
    L 6 years ago +28

    Whaaaat?! I'm German and I'm so sad hearing this... I have to say the right side/half of Germany is pretty rasist... (I live on the left side/half) But you're a wonderful RU-clipr! And I accept all religions or ethnicities and I think through you a lot of people tolerant them too 💗

    • fjellyo32
      fjellyo32 4 years ago +1

      She is saying bullshit! Racism is not only in one area of Germany! And racists are still the minority!
      Ich kann mich dem Vorredner nur anschließen, das deine Aussage selbst total diskriminierend ist!

    • TheMothIsOnFire 753
      TheMothIsOnFire 753 4 years ago +2

      Spinnst Du? Was soll dass heißen, die Ostdeutschen sind "ziemlich rassistisch". Ich habe Verwandtschaft auf beiden Seiten und ich verbitte mir solche DUMMEN Plattheiten!

    • Spidy Man
      Spidy Man 4 years ago

      Oh I don't speak German. I was a baby when I spoke it but all gone and not a single word can be spoken. Tshusss.

    • Spidy Man
      Spidy Man 4 years ago

      Is the left side former DDR ? I know the people of the former side of DDR were nice and welcoming.

  • shimmyjoon
    shimmyjoon 6 years ago

    Dear Dina, dear Sid :)
    First of all I love your Videos and your vlogs. There is something I wanted to say about this vlog and the way you said Things. Being profiled in an offensive manner is not a nice Thing and you have the right to be upset if someone weirdly asks you if you are British because obviously we live in the 21st century where there is luckily a lot of multi-cultural People as you and as me which is amazing. However, getting profiled is not being racist but being protective and for those People their duty of their Job.
    I am a German woman with middle eastern origins and get profiled very vey regularily on Airports. I never take that as a personal offence. To be honest I am always very happy when they Profile me because it Shows that our national security is being Held up. I have nothing to hide and if they Profile me and 100 others and only 1 out of those 100 is a bad Person they already did a good Job. Of Course it is sad that unfortunately due to the latest Events middle eastern People are perceived as a threat but those People are a threat to all of us no matter which ethnicity we have. Wherefore it is good to have security measures. Of Course profiles should be done more broadly because bad People can have different ethnicities and not only be middle eastern. However, whenever they ask me to Profile me I respond super Kind and confident 'Sure of coure you can' I respect them for doing their Job responsibly because this is what their Job is in the security check at Airports and they treat me respectfully by talking to me in the right manner and getting the check done smooth and easy.
    What I mean is we shouldn't take security measures personally. We all want us and our beloved ones to be safe. Imagine you were on the Airport and one of the People was afraid to ask a Person to get profiled because he would then be accused of being 'racist' and one of your beloved ones was on the Airport at that time and something happened. Wouldn't we all be angry and upset why those security People didn't do their Jobs? Wouldn't we all asking ourselves 'How could that happen with all the new Technology and measurements we have nowadays?'
    We shouldn't take it personally but treat each other with respect, when we get profiled and the People who Need to do that because it is their Job. Having mutual understanding and working together is the best Thing to work against racism, fear and terrorism. :)
    Have a good day and lots of love from Germany to the UK :)

  • 130613
    130613 6 years ago

    im literally SO THANKFUL that i've never faced direct discrimination here in germany. we went to spain this year and i was afraid that sth would happen at the airport with me after whats been going on in the world but thank God nothing happened. The people were actually pretty nice to me. For my hijab i had to go to a woman who had kinda like a sticker and just touched my hijab slightly with it and my hands and stuff. idk what it was and for what but thats the only thing that happened to me.

  • Katia Ichigo
    Katia Ichigo 6 years ago

    I hope you had a great trip and holiday ! I wanted to grab this occasion to say how much I love your videos, Dina, you're really funny, spontaneous and of course gorgeous! I like the couple you form with Sid, you're a really a unique couple, especially here on YT, and I hope you are as happy together irl as how you seem to be here on youtube. well, I wish to both of you (and your little hanaa) a long and a happy life incha'allah ♥

  • bisdakdiay
    bisdakdiay 4 years ago

    great video, thank you for sharing.
    lots of paranoia nowadays. I am glad that you kept calm, positive and compliant during the security check. It is the best attitude and it helps calm down the nerves of security people.

  • pome ru
    pome ru 6 years ago +2

    the same thing happened to me when I had a transit at Amsterdam last year and I got stopped three times in a span of 30 minutes. I was travelling with my non Muslim friend and they didnt even check her passport, just mine. but to be fair I was travelling when that airport in Berlin (I think it was) was bombed by ISIS. still pissed off though

  • A A
    A A 6 years ago +6

    My worst experience was in Spain they were so rude and ignorant! My mother got so mad and she kept saying this is the first and last time here lol! 😂

  • SentFromMyiPwn
    SentFromMyiPwn 6 years ago

    I don't even know how I ended up on this clip but I was surprised to find myself actually watch the whole thing. You're very personable and fun to watch - and your family is just gorgeous too. :)

  • Jasmeen Carter
    Jasmeen Carter 6 years ago +597

    I absolutely love that you don't show Hannah's face. You're protecting her from the world and not exploiting her to everyone. I wish more celebrities and RU-cliprs did this! You're my role model💕 Love you Dina❤️🌸

    • Jasmeen Carter
      Jasmeen Carter 6 years ago +7

      MulticultureINSPIRIT I wasn't trying to be mean or put any other youtubers down. I'm not saying anyone specifically I meant mostly celebrities! I just really like the privacy she gives her baby :) lol

    • MulticultureINSPIRIT
      MulticultureINSPIRIT 6 years ago +7

      @Fireflying lol what? I was referring to the fact that she put down other people? by saying I wish other youtubers did that. Perhaps you didn't understand my comment.

    • Zenna Harajli
      Zenna Harajli 6 years ago +3

      Such a great idea,
      Check out my videos, leave some feedback if you want

    • tiff randall
      tiff randall 6 years ago +3

      Kahlil no she didnt lol shes never shown her face

    • J MORAY
      J MORAY 6 years ago +4

      MulticultureINSPIRIT please read the whole thing she said that Dina is her role model please finish reading before making assumptions

  • Lindsey Simpson
    Lindsey Simpson 6 years ago

    You definitely have a new subscriber. I love how real you guys are !!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Lizz
    Lizz 4 years ago +1

    yall make me laugh so much, omg. You''re so fun and silly about everything

  • Louise Pentland
    Louise Pentland 6 years ago +995

    Just nipping out so saving this to watch when I get in. So excited to have a nosey round your channel Dina!

    • Fatima C
      Fatima C 5 years ago

      cute2berry lolllllll it’s a British saying

    • Zalama Malik
      Zalama Malik 5 years ago

      Dina Tokio No No problems In airport Dear !! Just You need To have correct Information This is what we check at Abu dhabi Airport!!!

    • Sara A
      Sara A 5 years ago

      Sprinkleofglitter .

    • Eli Cutler
      Eli Cutler 5 years ago +2


    • Suleiman Goox
      Suleiman Goox 5 years ago +4

      LOUISEEEE YOU WATCH HER VIDS???!!! Sorry if I'm hype, I just really love you.

  • Selina D
    Selina D 5 years ago

    As a German, I am sorry that you had to experience that at the airport 😑

  • shemustbmad
    shemustbmad 6 years ago +3

    Just found your channel, watched two videos and I already like it a lot! Also it must have been really bothersome to be treated like that. I know it's their job to do this and that but still..anyway, got a new subscriber here!

  • Thin BarbieMom
    Thin BarbieMom 5 years ago

    You are so funny. Your baby is going to be so smart having y'all giving her so many awesome experiences. Y'all get alot of one on one time and strongly bonded... Makes what family I tried to create look impossible.

  • Dionne London Life
    Dionne London Life 5 years ago +1

    Loving your channel and you have a sweet family (plus you sound like a Londoner 😀) Just to say, I get stopped at every airport I go to even with my children.....I think it happens a lot these days 💕

  • Isabel Starke
    Isabel Starke 6 years ago

    As a German it makes me sad that they treated you like that and I can agree that Lufthansa's short haul flights are bad. Their long haul flights are generally better though.

  • Nikki Lee
    Nikki Lee 6 years ago

    lol i love you guys!! especially how your able to make light of situations like that

  • rosehaven
    rosehaven 6 years ago +362

    Dina you are soo soo soo lucky that your husband irons clothes for you, carries baby around in that sling, changes her diapers and feeds her.
    My husband has never ever once done any of those things. he believes its a women job to handle such chores.

    • Dont be a secret wife!!!
      Dont be a secret wife!!! Year ago

      Saying "Men are Polygamous by Nature" is against Islam..?
      Why do almost all Scholars claim that men are polygamous by nature with no Islamic claim? This makes men think it's okay to open doors and feel for multiple women, when in the west, where everyone is treated "equally" women are equally polygamous, cheating on their husbands, for "fun" not for "love or emotional" reasons as many put it.
      This means that both sexes are vulnerable in the same way.
      I think the society allows men to behave this way or think this way, because it's a male dominated world, and they supressed women since the beginning of time, when in the end, both men and women are the same, committing the same sins. However, the world makes it okay for men to be this way, claiming its their nature. Ever wonder why Muslim parents will abandon their daughters forever if they caught them speaking to a guy but will not do anything if their son goes out and sleeps around with women? Why is that? In the Shariah, both is a sin, both are haram!
      True women may be of more fitnah towards men, because women have more awrah to cover, yet they fail to, but most men are naturally in hijab, hence the reason for lesser fitnah for women.
      The Polygamy allowed also speaks about helping widows or orphans, anyone who can clearly study the Quran can understand that. The Sahabah and Prophets mostly married older women who had children from other men who had died. If men want to follow the example of the Prophet, they should follow it in the way he practiced it. Wars were common, many women were left without homes or men to take care of them. Had Allah disapproved, we would suffer social issues.
      There are many many many men who are happy with one wife, who dare not think about other women. Even having a thought of a non-mahram while married is a huge sin, how can one approach the thought of Polygamy knowing this is wrong? We see here the clear reasons for Polygamy. Some claim their wife is too fat or too old so they want to get another wife? It's because women are too busy with children they don't have time to even think of getting another man. Though the arab world makes it look like women have no physical desires or feelings.
      The fact that society has suppressed this, is proof why they claim "Men are Polygamous by nature" I would like to see any type of proof from Islam that this is true? Men were more free to do whatever they pleased, this is the real reason, before Islam and after Islam. It's not a religious view, its a social view.
      We Muslims are taught to follow the Quran and refer to sunnah and hadeeth, if men want to remarry, then why dont they read the verse on polygamy and refer to the sunnah and hadeeth? There are clear hadeeths that our Prophet pbuh the sahabah remarried older women to help them and be noble men for the sake of allah subhanwaltala, not for sexual reasons as Scholars put it these days.
      Also when Hazrat Ali wanted to take a second wife for the reasons I put above, it made Hzt Fatima upset and Prophet pbuh forbade Hazrat Ali remarrying a second wife.
      So if anyone can show a claim from ISLAM that men are polygamous, I would like to see. Please don't bring sciencists' claims into this, because even they claim things that go against Islam.

    • gojoscrumbs
      gojoscrumbs 2 years ago


    • Josie Stoker
      Josie Stoker 2 years ago

      She’s not lucky, your husband just needs to try harder.

    • Tempayan Langau
      Tempayan Langau 4 years ago


    • Hbsb Lkk
      Hbsb Lkk 5 years ago

      That’s because it is love...Sid is just blatantly whipped.

  • SarahA
    SarahA 6 years ago

    this vlog was so beautiful! the views were breathless!

  • C B
    C B 6 years ago +2

    Please don't take their checking personally or let it ruin your trip. It's not that Germans don't like you personally, but after the refugee crisis and recent ISIS attacks here in Europe, regulations have become a lot more strict, especially with transport control.

  • Black ZovD
    Black ZovD 6 years ago

    I love your blog. I didn't have internet for past weeks. But I relate to your experience with Lufthansa and Ariport. I'm canadian, but born in Iran, and moved to Dubia when 3 months before coming to canada, so basicly I lied in canada all my life. So they literally look at me and say passport and then they say your persian, when was the last time you went there, and harassed me for good 40 min. Then we had first class seat, cause they said those where the only good seats for Lufthansa, but let me tell you economy wet air canada is better that Lufthansa first class. So when I saw you telling what happened, literally remembered my experience. Plus my mum weres a hijab so they hrassed her, and the funny thing is my sister had studs on her shoes and they asked her why she had them on.

  • Lindsay Hughes
    Lindsay Hughes 5 years ago +62

    apparently there are still people who can't understand that not all British people are necessarily white *sigh* happens to me and my family when we travel too. take heart it's sad but you just gotta carry your head up high xxx

    • Amber Fay
      Amber Fay 4 years ago +2

      k0l0t0cTheHolyOne no...all ENGLISH people are white. British people can be ethnically from anywhere but have the nationality of British

    • SpecialEllio
      SpecialEllio 4 years ago +3

      Lindsay Hughes as if this doesn't happen to Caucasian people lol

    • k0l0t0cTheHolyOne
      k0l0t0cTheHolyOne 4 years ago +3

      all british people are white

    • Джордж Болейн
      Джордж Болейн 4 years ago +9

      Lindsay Hughes native British are white stop trying to erase British peoples identity just to fit your multicult agenda.

  • polaiswrong
    polaiswrong 6 years ago +5

    this vlog is honestly so bubbly and it's giving me all sorts of warm, serene feelings to watch your happy little family together enjoying Greece. Hana is very lucky to collect so many great memories from her childhood. Dina, I am with you with your Adidas hoodie, it's a must on a trip! btw this airport guy questoning your nationality was RUDE AF. Kudos for you and Sid for being so cool about it, because I would probably throw a major temper tantrum if I were in your shoes :D

  • Mattias Strömberg
    Mattias Strömberg 4 years ago

    Always get questioned if I'm really Swedish citizen, even by the Swedish airport security. Sure, not born there, but adopted and raised in Sweden.

  • Lula Earle
    Lula Earle 4 years ago

    I am so sorry those things happened to you with so call security. You are a lovely family.

  • Helen Hendren
    Helen Hendren 5 years ago

    Relax D! I got stopped in Frankfurt airport once by Interpol who thought I was a Mexican and even when I opened my mouth and a broad kiwi accent came out, and the dude saw my NZL passport, he STILL thought I had something to hide! Lol.

  • Will Cumming
    Will Cumming 5 years ago

    While I appreciate it is not a nice experience to be stopped and asked for ID, we are living in a time of a heightened terrorist threat and a time when police are looking out for migrants travelling on false passports. I was really expecting a lot more than this - they didn't seem to say or do anything that bad and so I don't really think being upset or editing tears on the thumbnail is that appropriate tbh

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 6 years ago +1579

    The title got me thinking like if Dina ain't safe with security then there's no hope for the rest of us 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • S Y
      S Y 3 years ago

      D_money modesty should be in your speech too. Allah knows best

    • gobinda mohan
      gobinda mohan 3 years ago

      Respect the process ur no superstar

    • once you teahy_on you can't teahy_off
      once you teahy_on you can't teahy_off 4 years ago

      Mohan Raaj if people talk about stuff they actually not ignorant about the world will be much more silent as u will be

    • Manis Yaya
      Manis Yaya 4 years ago +2

      Nahh don't say that. Its want they want us to feel. So that we may compromise or drop the religion. Who cares what people think we Got Allah. Plus not everyone treats muslims that way. Let's just live our lives as travellers because soon we gonna leave it.

    • Mohammed Alameen
      Mohammed Alameen 5 years ago

      Sarah Hamid she does***

  • Le0kardia
    Le0kardia 5 years ago

    I think everybody should be thankful to security. It is a difficult job and most of them are very friendly.

  • Cristina Aparicio Linale

    I fully believe you! i was profiled in Canada cause some people say I look Lebanese or Iranian and it was awful they actually put me in a room and interrogated me. Also my british friend is constantly being profiled in Spain because she speaks spanish so theyre like you cant be british if you speak spanish.... people are so racist!!!

  • Hannah Farrar
    Hannah Farrar 6 years ago

    Hana is sooooo cute!!!! Even without seeing her face, she still looks adorable and I admire your decision to keep her identity private 😊

  • Jennifer Miranda
    Jennifer Miranda 4 years ago

    I understand the situation well here. I do get checked well and follow all the protocol from security and things go smoothly. Yes they check from inside my head scarf to check for sharp objects LOL (doesn't metal detectors suppose to check for that...anyways) but at least they bring a female go do that.

  • jeyproductions aka youcantleavethisempty

    no, noooooo Dina, we germans like you very much. :) me german obvs. muhaha, airports and staff need better edu for their proffession. everyone´s just acting weird because of terrorists attacks and trump basically.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 6 years ago

    Hope you guys enjoyed your holiday obviously not so much the travelling. I just want to say Sid you made my day, those two facial expressions you made when when bitten where priceless PMSL 😂

  • Aitanga Irish
    Aitanga Irish 4 years ago

    I watched 5 times this video just to understand her British accent. I still don’t have a clue of what’s her issue with the security of purposes asking passengers questions. That’s all don’t take it seriously tho. Chill and enjoy your journey traveling

  • Fräulein Anni
    Fräulein Anni 2 years ago +1

    Yeah, there's definitely some "you don't belong here" attitude shown by people living in the Munich area and people of color are targets to a greater extent than white people. Actually it has indeed increased in 2016 due to that immigration issues the year before. I'm sorry for you both to have experienced that.

  • Malikah E
    Malikah E 6 years ago +4

    its annoying being stopped at airports like you criminals of some sort...wow i would be peeved off for an hour , love how they always lighten the mood by joking about it

  • Josephine Witch
    Josephine Witch 4 years ago

    I find it hilarious how us English pronounce gyros 😂 when I lived in Cyprus, I was taught gear-ross; is how you say it but locals thought it was funny I said jiy-row 😂

  • It’sme
    It’sme 5 years ago +8

    My family and I went through the same situation. When we were in the market, the police men took our bags and examined them and when they did not find anything, they looked at us with a harsh gaze and left. There are many situations that make us feel bad but I am proud that I am a Muslim and one day everyone will know that Islam is the religion of peace🤝❤️

  • Jasmien Davies
    Jasmien Davies 4 years ago

    I get the same always asked if I'm really Australian and being a Muslim convert with a Maori background and look Malaysian I can see why I guess I have one of those multicultural faces but as long as your confident that really makes a huge difference in how people treat you

  • Suntat
    Suntat 4 years ago

    I am tall, blonde and I have blue eyes and I still get asked for my passport sometimes just for nothing. You dont have to think that they dont like you just because they checked you for security.

  • Diana V.
    Diana V. 6 years ago +13

    I'm German, too. Don't worry, I love you guys haha

  • niceguy60
    niceguy60 4 years ago +1

    I don't understand law enforcement idiocy , by putting 100% trust on a Peace of paper called Passport
    Someone with a Expire passport can be a good citizen and a person with a valid passport can be a children rapper , the notion all Criminals & Terrorists lack valid documentation is ridiculous

  • Sara
    Sara 6 years ago

    I always travel with Lufthansa and been on the business class and had great experience. I'm from turkey with a Norwegian passport and I've travelled with Lufthansa for 26 years. They have a great security and I always feel safe. And I've never been stopped.
    I had excellent lounge food and also excellent business class experience.
    Sorry for you're bad experience but wanted to tell my side so everyone don't think Lufthansa is shit like you said. And I've travelled on a business class flight that took 2 hours and it was so comfortable and I had great space and great service.

  • Tanya Rahman
    Tanya Rahman 5 years ago +1

    When Hanna bit Sid's hand it made me laugh somuch, his reaction literally gave me a laughing fit X

  • Sonu Arora-SanghaTV
    Sonu Arora-SanghaTV 5 years ago

    I effin love all your videos!!! You guys are awesome! ... The end of this video where little Hannah bits your hubbys hand LMOA made me laugh soooo much! love it! xoxo

  • Matty Shay
    Matty Shay 6 years ago +1

    Lmao!!! The baby bit Sid's finger! 😂😂😂 His reaction was priceless. That totally bites (no pun intended 😂) you three had a sh*t experience with the customs peeps and the lack of leg room.

  • Sumayyah
    Sumayyah 6 years ago

    Love how Hannah knows she's not allowed to be on camera and doesn't look at it so cute m'A hahha xxx

  • Mimi Mgl
    Mimi Mgl 6 years ago

    Racism is a serious issue. I feel sad you had to go through that 😢

  • Ariga
    Ariga 6 years ago +14

    airport security is more serious just because of terrorists and stuff.. don't take it personal. you shouldn't blame them.

  • Yumna
    Yumna 6 years ago +184

    As a german i can tell you, that Germany is not that bad! And they don't hate you. You are always welcome! Maybe your next Trip will be in Germany 😄
    Germans don't hate muslims, we welcomed the most refugees in Europe, even more than some arab countries.
    Like i am used to this mentality, so i wouldn't get bothered, bc that's their work. And it is better to control more people, so you can feel safe. And Lufthansas business class is really bad at Short flights. That's all experience :D
    I hope you had a great time, even the flight was bad! And sorry for my english 😅

    • Unknown Elite
      Unknown Elite 3 years ago

      I thought you said Luftwaffe my bad

    • Muqtadir Op 2.0
      Muqtadir Op 2.0 4 years ago

      i sm muslim and literally i love everyone....islam is the religion of piece

    • Seo
      Seo 4 years ago


    • Mohammed Nazrul Islam
      Mohammed Nazrul Islam 5 years ago

      Sunday E erm sorry few corrections. .Germany is the land of Hitler nazis persecution of Jews and ethnics kkk's and still has a lot of racist ppl and now they specialise in hating Muslims due to the hateful propaganda in the media. BUT yes Germany has changed slightly and trying to better their reputation and some ppl are welcoming overall still not. GERMANS have taking a lot of syrians but you haven't taken more than Muslim countries overall. .Muslims countries don't brag about it in the media they did it for the sake of God and hope the reward in the hereafter. and they didn't degrade them by calling them refugees..and also the mess in the middle east is due to foreign non Muslim s so your only trying to clear up mess caused by your own ppl

    • lover of GOD
      lover of GOD 5 years ago

      Sunday E I agree with you even though I had I bad experience literally I got harassed in txl airport berlin by german borders, I flew with AB from krk-berlin-amman. I don't wear hijab just occasionally. and that day I was wearing it.when I arrived to the border they were so impolite and mean with me even the women told me to not come back to germany (i have an eu RC as a eu spouse) and all that is because I look arabic!! I am not even arabic. and then she told me bye bye within many languages. she was so racist ...how sad I was!!? I seen how they felt strong and powerful against a young female by herself in a foreign country...

  • Rimsha Shaikh
    Rimsha Shaikh 6 years ago

    Omg hanna (I'm not sure whether I spelt that right) is just so precious!! She's sooooo cute and is lucky to have such a wonderful mum and dad!

  • Chelsea Griswold
    Chelsea Griswold 6 years ago

    I was stopped in a danish airport as I was leaving the country. The security guy looked at my passport and accused me of it being expired ... I corrected him and said it's expires next week. I had already spoken to the Danish embassy and airline before I went to Denmark about my nearly expired passport and I was given the clear. He let me go but very skeptical. I very much doubt it was racially motivated... as we were both caucasian. I think he was more concerned with me illegally staying in Denmark... but I was on the way out of the country anyway. Airports can be a nightmare. I'm sorry you guys were racially profiled... it's shitty.

  • Laura Loo
    Laura Loo 5 years ago

    They do this to my husband in Egypt every year. I am a white revert and he is a British born Pakistani. They keep him at passport control for like 15 mins saying 'you Egyptian' it's well stressful haha xxx

  • HuckleSuckle Barret
    HuckleSuckle Barret 6 years ago +1

    Hehehe that's funny. An Italian passport dude didn't believe I was British. Said I looked too German and made a big thing about it. Even asked if I was a dual national. But it can happen to anyone :)

  • iqra q
    iqra q 6 years ago +49

    Sid is the most supportive husband I've seen in my life!
    Lucky Dina!

  • Melina Georgoudi
    Melina Georgoudi 5 years ago

    Hello From Greece, I hope to enjoy your holidays!!😚

  • Scott Benitez
    Scott Benitez 4 years ago

    I believe this experience will continue for longer period of time (until concrete solution has been found) due to massive migration of people from Middle East and Africa. EU and other European Countries will do extreme measures to ensure border control are well managed. Apparently, during the process, some people that are legit like you, your husband and the baby will eventually be affected. The border control based it on features, ethnicity and colour (which I find discriminating) which is the easiest way to detect someone or group that does not belong their. We just have to embrace this fact and move on with open mind. Hoping that in the future, we will live in a world of no boundaries and people are free to move around and enjoy what the world to offer...

  • kawaii JP
    kawaii JP 4 years ago

    you can't blame them.
    anything happens for a reason.

  • Christian Ewert
    Christian Ewert 4 years ago

    I have to apologise for my fellow countryman... not all germans are like this guy. I m german and I like the brits. And I think a vast majority as well.
    And your british accent is sooo obvious. Even I as german can hear that...
    But... but... if it solace you. Some Bavarians even can not speak german 😉

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 6 years ago +51

    Don't know how Dina slays with all them outfits here's me with my hoodie and sweatpants 😂😭😭😭

    • J Ahmed
      J Ahmed 5 years ago +4

      D_love a hoodie and sweatpants are more modest then a crop top and shorts. Everyone has their own interpretation of modesty. Keep it real boo

    • D_money
      D_money 5 years ago +1

      Modesty Prevails And yet your name is modesty prevails? How ironic🤔

  • Umelkayer Yusuf
    Umelkayer Yusuf 6 years ago

    How come almost everyone that I know that has traveled to Germany got something negative to say about them (I know it's not all of them) but how people get treated when they are at the airport and how their taxi/uber drivers treat them is what they can use to judge the country, I guess 🤔😏😏

  • A Potato Traveling
    A Potato Traveling 4 years ago

    you guys are such a cute couple #LoveFromThePhilippines

  • elfsharp
    elfsharp 6 years ago

    I'm so sorry that you experienced that. Much love.

  • Merran Reillyhurst
    Merran Reillyhurst 6 years ago

    omg you make me laugh so much, please never stop making videos

  • Jessica Prado Hanson
    Jessica Prado Hanson 6 years ago +219

    Wow, I feel for you! That is so awful that they stopped you while you were in the airport! That is such blatant profiling smh. I have never been stopped in the airport for my passport to be checked.

    • Jose Espinoza
      Jose Espinoza 5 years ago +7

      Jessica Prado Hanson my husband and I got stopped inside the airport in Ecuador and they asked me who is him and I told them he is my husband , after that they started acting weird to us. Even the check in lady was overchecking my passport, like if my passport would be fake or something then the police called my husband downstairs because they wanted to open our baggage and they wanted to see what we are bringing inside. I know Ecuador still have a long way to go recognizing same sex marriage but I was just telling them the truth Jimmy is my husband and we live in USA.

    • Mahamed Farah
      Mahamed Farah 6 years ago

      I am talking about the injustice part and cooperating is a part of it, I and soo many other people go through it ..., we do have our rights and our voices should be heard, we are the victims, as a Muslim to forgive others is a part of religion, and I do agree what you said their "be better person and rise above the injustice" THANKS

    • Whatever idc
      Whatever idc 6 years ago +3

      @Mahamed Farah no one will detain you or enforce you if you cooperate. The Sunnah way is to forgive those who hurt you. I am not talking about getting rights here but giving it. A person who forgoes his or her right for the sake of peace will get a house in Jannah. I am also talking about peace of mind. Even if you're treated injustly, be the better person and rise above the injustice with a clear frame of mind that Allah is by our side. Cheers.

    • Mahamed Farah
      Mahamed Farah 6 years ago

      @Hafsa Kamal you totally don't understand or you just refusing, I might agree with you in a check point area yes, everyone go through, but not in a public area, if they don't have any proof or warranty for them to check you, if no evidence and you are in a public area, you have the right to refuse, you don't know who your dealing with, this is called racial profiling, if he/she says we have the warranty to stop you and here it's my name is ..., it's understandable but you especially just because you come under his suspicious person and you look totally different and your not anyway using aggression verbal words and your standing on your ground, defending your rights, human rights, and your not causing anyway violent nor you are threat "no knife, anything that can harm them" , you have your rights nor he can use any force to detain you.

    • Whatever idc
      Whatever idc 6 years ago +3

      @Mahamed Farah If you want to remain stressed about a situation, don't travel. Sometimes you encounter situations and things in life that don't make sense but you can either brave the storm or wallow in pity.

  • Zehra N
    Zehra N 6 years ago +4

    Hana laughing at Dina's running man was the cutest thing ever @4:14

  • Paola V Meza
    Paola V Meza 6 years ago

    I'm Mexican 🙄🙄 this happens to me every time I travel abroad ..

  • Liliane van Frankrijk
    Liliane van Frankrijk 4 years ago

    Well, with a typical British name like Dina Tokio, and your very typical British accents, I can't imagine how a customs person thought you weren't British! I don't think anyone in Switzerland would guess that you are ethnic British.

  • تصاميم الجاك - Eljack's Designs

    you've been stopped because of your look it is a normal thing you just have to accept it, I for an example i'm an american and the airport stops me cause they think I am arab, it's just the looks.

  • Princess Corvus
    Princess Corvus 4 years ago

    I am from Germany and I can just confirm that. The normal folks are not all racist, but some security people totally are. My hubby went to britain to visit some friends in London, when he came back, the security stopped him right before he was about to go outside, totally random. Even though he IS A GERMAN lol but he lets his beard grow and has a hat that looks "Muslim".

  • Michelle Seul-Ahmed
    Michelle Seul-Ahmed 6 years ago

    I am german and wear hijab. it takes them ages at security to check me. when i wasnt a hijabi it was so much quicker. theyve even been asking questions live, if i came alone and if i am married :/ like Who cares. im german, let me back into my country

  • AK Ghori
    AK Ghori 5 years ago

    Happens to me every time and I tell them where to go. :)

  • Steph Weller
    Steph Weller 6 years ago

    My other half was born in Germany and Frankfurt border control questioned him for ages once because he was born in Hannover but has a British passport as he was born in a British military hospital there. They literally asked him why he had a British passport!

  • Livi
    Livi 5 years ago

    I see many people 'complaining' about how unfair they were treated by German security at the airport so they think it's because they're racist but it's not! I'm German and I hate the Airport security cause mostly they're rude but in this case it doesn't matter if you are German, British, Chinese or something else!

  • Lilstar Bux
    Lilstar Bux 6 years ago +17

    You inspire me... You're happy, you have a husband who loves you, you have a beautiful child and oh my lord.. I truly want to strive to be more like you. so full of love.

    • xTrue2Lifex
      xTrue2Lifex 4 years ago

      Alli Say inshallah you will have that life just wait..

  • Melia
    Melia 5 years ago

    Such an OTT thumbnail. Theres no need to pretend like this experience has been so traumatising that it's literally brought you to tears inside the airport. People will watch your video regardless!

  • --
    -- 5 years ago

    I'm white and on a UK passport and I was stopped because they didn't think I was British after getting a mad dark tan, it happens to everyone its their job don't like it don't travel

  • Sultan Kunter
    Sultan Kunter 4 years ago

    I have to say it! I have never knew about you but the very first second i found out that you would not show the face of that baby I knew that you are an amazing person! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • naimo ali
    naimo ali 6 years ago

    that's a shame of the airport security and i love dina natural look !!!

  • bumiker
    bumiker 4 years ago

    You must be an inexperienced flyer if you didn't check what kind of plane you were going to be on before buying an upgraded seat. And I'm blonde hair and blue eyes and I don't bitch about getting searched at an airport. I have lots of medical hardware in my body so it's a full on pat down every.single.time. It's only those who have dark hair and eyes that are outraged. They were doing their job. Stop complaining, it's unattractive.

  • Diana Arash
    Diana Arash 5 years ago

    Same thing happened to my husband when the airport security at Belgium airport did not believe he is Canadian

  • Deep Diver
    Deep Diver 6 years ago +7

    Use AEGEAN AIRLINES next time! Leg room and lounges all over the world and also a Greek airline! It has flights from London to Athens or London to santorini without stops! They are 4 hours max! Check that out next time guys don't use a foreign airline but search for the local ones first! Shame really!

  • A'isha Raven
    A'isha Raven 6 years ago

    As-salamu alaykum
    love you guys are so funny! I watch your vlog like a show .

  • June Bug
    June Bug 5 years ago

    I always got profiled when I go to European countries. Almost at every airport. And I look like Jake Ma. Only poorer. But I never let it fazed me. Well TBH when it happened to me the first time I was a bit bummed by it. But when it happened often enough I kinda think it might be me. 😂 But I get it that they have to be extra extra careful. Nothing against me. For me, if anyone is allowed to be racist when they work it’s the immigration in the “white” countries.

  • Atawhai kaa
    Atawhai kaa 6 years ago

    I absolutely love watching your stuff!!
    You guys are funny as!!! And I LOVE your outfits ❤️❤️❤️
    Suuuux bout your experiences with the peeps and "Business" class😡😡😡 dumb dumbs

  • Sazin Mofaq
    Sazin Mofaq 6 years ago

    When we were going to Britain, we were questioned by a police in the airport just because my mom was wearing a hijab.😒

  • Muslimah
    Muslimah 6 years ago +117

    Men are so embarrassing like that. Having a domestic argument over your shopping habits in the shop, in front of the shopkeeper.

    • •Mimi •
      •Mimi • 5 years ago

      Muslimah not all men 🙄

    • mimimi queweq
      mimimi queweq 5 years ago +3

      +Muslimah because women never do things like that!
      You fuckin lemon.

    • mo man aj
      mo man aj 6 years ago

      Muslimah llll

    • rueexxi
      rueexxi 6 years ago +12

      hey I'm a woman and I do the same tbh you can't just say yes to everything your spouse (whether wife or husband) wants to buy

    • zara mattt
      zara mattt 6 years ago +14

      Muslimah my husband does that its so fuckin annoyin lol..

  • lenka penka
    lenka penka 4 years ago

    Hahaha great Videos guys.... loved it... especially the airport shenanigans! "Some Ginger Man" LOL

  • Noor al-alousi
    Noor al-alousi 6 years ago

    i sometimes have the same problem because i am half Iraqi and it's horrible. but you made me laugh so much, you are hilarious.

  • George Brown
    George Brown 4 years ago

    Welcome to the world of security at airports. BTW I'm not really sure what the foul language is for, the video would have been better without it!

  • Ammaarah
    Ammaarah 4 years ago

    Geez people in these comments are really just searching for things to complain about.
    It’s a light hearted vlog where they’re joking about stuff and relaying their experience. If you were traveling with a kid, had to do three separate flights and kept having to go through additional screening (even if it’s a good thing for security reasons) you would also be annoyed. She’s human, give her a break.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 6 years ago +5

    HAHAHA SID'S FACE, i had to re-play that several times!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chef With Halal Roux
    Chef With Halal Roux 4 years ago

    That southern accent was priceless! 👍🏾😂

  • Iωάννα Β.
    Iωάννα Β. 3 years ago

    I'm Greek myself how did you like Santorini, the island of love?

  • Sweeta Qadiri
    Sweeta Qadiri 6 years ago

    I've had that happen to me as well when I was go back home cop stopped me inside plane asking me why am visiting and how much I was carrying with me? kinda ticked me off and thank God couple guys behind me started arguing with him for asking such stupid question there's hypocrite and kind people in the world love no worries ;-)

    • Lechiffresix six
      Lechiffresix six 6 years ago

      They single out people in a way that made them look like criminals. This is some shitty predicament . You've had all the legal documents thoroughly verified and some random dunce decides , let's see who she really is in front of everyone.

  • Alexandra Elise
    Alexandra Elise 6 years ago +5

    "oh shit youre not allowed to take photos.....thug life" hahahahahah my life motto

  • Ana Irely
    Ana Irely 6 years ago

    Same thing happened to me in Frankfurt. And in Rome. They are all getting weirdly odd about Muslims now. Sucks that we all have to go through this because of a piece of fabric on our heads. SMH