Western Style LOBSTER VS. Chinese Style LOBSTER: BOSTON Lobster Tour

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • I love lobster, and Boston is one of the best places to have it. Here I ate different styles of lobsters, including the classic western lobster roll as well as the Italian style and Chinese Style. Are you ready for it? Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: bit.ly/2IVM2ts
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    Marry her...

  • shadow Crawler4
    shadow Crawler4 21 hour ago

    I don’t like crab or lobster or anything like that but my family does so I want to start likeing it does anyone have tips to help me stomach it

  • John Tupas
    John Tupas Day ago

    "Wanna eat straight out of the pan?" practically translates to "Marry me."

    • John Tupas
      John Tupas Day ago

      and then he just calls her his best friend DAMMIT MIKE YOU ARE RUTHLESS HAHAHAHA

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk 5 days ago

    I think he fell in love when she said she had chili oil in her purse. Is the the Chinese version of I got hot sauce in my bag

  • ALX C
    ALX C 5 days ago +1

    Dang I shiped him with I insider

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    Jean is divine! I love her. 😍🥰

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    Only an Asian would carry chili oil in their purse! That's what makes her hot. LMAO!

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    That girl would have made me happier than the lobster

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    Bro. Lock that down! Be it friend or fiancé.

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    Come to Maine! I'll show you all the best places for any foodie

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  • Jeff Rosenberg
    Jeff Rosenberg 22 days ago

    Thank you for such a great video. I grew up in Boston and now I am craving lobster.

  • william hines
    william hines 23 days ago +1

    Im here like a year and so later, are you guys married yet!?!?

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    Xiao 24 days ago

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    Mark Banks 26 days ago

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    Notice, she had hot chili oil I her purse, and hes like lemme serve your food lmao

  • Blessed Beauty
    Blessed Beauty 28 days ago

    - I live in Connecticut. We're neighbors. I go to Boston almost every year for the St. Patty's Day parade! 💯😬

  • Conspirasableye
    Conspirasableye Month ago

    Best friend goals 🙏🏻😂

  • Madera Meraluna
    Madera Meraluna Month ago

    I get jealous oh no.. hahahahahah

  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa Month ago

    Everything looked great. Boston’s on my bucket list.

  • bushwhack12
    bushwhack12 Month ago

    That girl is smart, adorable and full of surprises.

  • alan bang
    alan bang Month ago +1

    Spot on Mike I really love your animation 🤣😂🤭. I love the Asian lobster tens time better the flavor much more intense then just butter butter butter 🤣😂🤭....

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    Mike why have you not wifed this girl up yet??? Hot oil in her purse?? Soulmate! Haha

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    OHHHHHHHHHHHH - screen shakes- @.@ was this a date? He said date he said date. Did I miss the part He confirmed it was a date.
    Annnnnnd why do I like watching this dude eat!
    “ I hope you don’t plan on kissing someone later” >.> hint hint 😌 you are out the friend zone.
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    What a tasty,mouth-watering chick...I mean the lobster. I guess the chilli in her bag was supposedly from her pepper spray. Oh, how I pity the cameraman who only takes video and doesn't mingle with Jin on camera.

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    'It's Hot" " I don't care, Burn me" lol.

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    8:35 Man I almost spit my drink all over my laptop. What kind of genius carries chili oil in their purse?!

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    Bring her along in at least 1/4 of your videos dude

    JOJI KIM Month ago


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    Honestly, I think you are funnier Solo.

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