We had to shoot this HUGE fish for our safety (100 Pounder!)

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Last day in Alaska. Got the chance of a lifetime to target some of the most massive fish on the West Coast. Had a 40 Caliber Glock on board in case we came across a "barndoor" Halibut. If these massive fish flop around on deck they can easily break a leg or cause a serious injury. The goal was to incapacitate the fish so it would flop around with 5 people on board. Their slime makes everything slippery and very dangerous if flopping around on board especially out at sea. What an amazing trip. Will try to visit again next season!
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  • Fisherman's Life
    Fisherman's Life  10 months ago +4979

    If these massive fish flop around on deck they can easily break a leg or cause a serious injury. The goal was to incapacitate the fish so it would flop around with 5 people on board. Their slime makes everything slippery and very dangerous if flopping around on board especially out at sea.
    Anyway, back home now. Butter Boat 2.0 is almost ready for show! 3 Day Camping Fly Fishing episode coming up real soon too! Turn on them notifications if you haven't already. Thanks for the support. Y'all the best!

    • Yakub Mustafa
      Yakub Mustafa 3 hours ago


    • hass13
      hass13 8 days ago

      Fisherman's Life you didn’t have to shot it you could have cut the line stupid

    • hass13
      hass13 8 days ago

      Fisherman's Life ur ass

    • håkon Johansen
      håkon Johansen 16 days ago

      lol in norway we catch halibut in small tree boats americans are so dramatic.

    • 1 leg
      1 leg 18 days ago

      U didnt have to bring it on deck :(

  • Bsteg Media
    Bsteg Media 2 hours ago

    I caught a 195lb lmao

  • jtw2006
    jtw2006 3 hours ago +1

    Is it hard fishing? I’m starting too, all I’m concerned about is reeling and if I drop a rod while I have a fish lol

  • Niclas D.
    Niclas D. 5 hours ago

    Why did you release this fisch its eyes were already popped out wtf

  • Adam Gerard Cranny
    Adam Gerard Cranny 7 hours ago

    12:33 what you came here for.

  • Knarf Knarf
    Knarf Knarf 8 hours ago


  • Knarf Knarf
    Knarf Knarf 9 hours ago

    u know why fish in the northern west coast are bigger? most animals in the northern climates are bigger than their southern and warmer equivalents. Its a survival evolutionary thing for storing heat.

  • first last2
    first last2 9 hours ago

    Fins up dont shoot. Fish lives matter.

  • W. Pat Peters
    W. Pat Peters 9 hours ago +1

    Back in the late 50s my uncle DD speared a 62.5 lb ling in Washington state. He smoked it. So delicious.
    I have a pic of him with the fish.

  • Once a sister always a sister! James Charles

    Gawd all the fish did was try to get some food. You’re the one you fished him up. Don’t kill it, cut the flippin line

  • Crem Y
    Crem Y Day ago

    You didn’t have to shoot it meanie

  • Hayden Philbert
    Hayden Philbert Day ago

    That fish does not attack so what are you saying about your safety?

    • EveryDayIsPain
      EveryDayIsPain 11 hours ago


  • Shadow Boy
    Shadow Boy Day ago

    12:27 thank me later

  • Buz React
    Buz React Day ago +4

    "For our safety" lol like the fish had an RPG

  • darklordojeda
    darklordojeda Day ago

    Brings gun on a fishing trip, claims he shot the fish for his own safety while the fish was on a hook and a line. What are you a cop?

    • mcyg123
      mcyg123 5 hours ago

      @Jsjsjjdjd Souljsjsjsjejjd it's not even worth explaining to that idiot. I can guarantee he's never caught his own food.

    • Jsjsjjdjd Souljsjsjsjejjd
      Jsjsjjdjd Souljsjsjsjejjd 21 hour ago

      darklordojeda the size of that fish can cut you with its fin by flipping around would u rather pay a few dollars for a 9mm round or thousnds on medical bills?

  • adam levitt
    adam levitt Day ago


  • -trash-
    -trash- Day ago

    Imagine having to shoot a 100 pound fucking fish 😂😂😂

  • Too Shmart
    Too Shmart 2 days ago

    If GTA 5 had a fishing mission.

  • HUSSEIN saleh
    HUSSEIN saleh 2 days ago +1

    Disclaimer : no fishes were harmed during this videio

  • Slice’N’Dice
    Slice’N’Dice 2 days ago

    12:23. That’s where he shoots the fish. Ur welcome

  • zilverster11
    zilverster11 2 days ago +1

    "Shoot it for our safety" Yes, because that fish is so dangerous and life threatening in the water.. it almost killed you xD

  • Edward Dergosits
    Edward Dergosits 2 days ago

    Nice fish!! The best way to bleed a halibut is to immediately use a saw and cut through the spine near the tail. Then use the washdown hose to supply the gills with fresh sea water that will keep the heart pumping. It may sound strange but it is something I have done many times and the results are clear. If you bleed a halibut this way there will be no blood in the fillets.

  • legendary Pikachu
    legendary Pikachu 2 days ago

    Just imagine being this fish you find some tasty food you've decided to eat it can you get pulled up a few minutes later you get killed, FOR EATING

    • mcyg123
      mcyg123 5 hours ago

      Life's a bitch isn't it.

  • Niklas Gerard
    Niklas Gerard 3 days ago

    That was not at all for ur safety u just wanted to keep the fish

    • Alexander Orr
      Alexander Orr 2 days ago

      If you pull a fish that size onto your boat it can easily damage the boat or seriously injure someone with how heavy/strong they are. Do some research or experience something in real life before you throw in your unwarranted 2 cents.........

  • musicluv80
    musicluv80 3 days ago

    It’s pretty common method to shoot big fish by fishermen for safety reasons.

  • Joey Detrick
    Joey Detrick 3 days ago

    Takes fish out of environment then shots him so it doesn’t hurt them ... America

    • Alexander Orr
      Alexander Orr 2 days ago

      If everyone only ate the meat they raised, hunted or caught we would have absolutely no problems with sustainability, it's the factory farmed meat you buy from the store that is messing up our ecosystem.

  • Yeraldy Ramos
    Yeraldy Ramos 3 days ago

    Yall some bitchis

  • Donavin Tyler
    Donavin Tyler 3 days ago

    Damn someone got a bigger fish than my spearfish😭

  • Brian Torrijos
    Brian Torrijos 3 days ago

    Weak ass niggas😂😂

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 4 days ago

    12:22 is the part ur looking for

  • High suspension
    High suspension 4 days ago

    Wtf you didn’t need to shoot that! People catch sharks that weigh 400 pounds and don’t shoot them and they get them in the boat ur fucking retarded

  • Pro gaming
    Pro gaming 4 days ago

    At 12 29 is when he shoots

  • Flankz S1amz
    Flankz S1amz 4 days ago

    Well it wasnt click bait

  • BassBro
    BassBro 4 days ago

    If anyone is wandering why he has that patch behind his ear it is for sea sickness

  • J02Sargent Slayer
    J02Sargent Slayer 4 days ago

    you did not have to kill it you could of just let it go

  • Jakob Meyer
    Jakob Meyer 4 days ago

    why they had to shoot him he didn't do anything haha dumb

  • redline619
    redline619 4 days ago

    Alot of good hallie meat

  • flame phoenix
    flame phoenix 5 days ago

    oh shit that fish is huge

  • Isaac Rivera
    Isaac Rivera 5 days ago

    poor fish

  • Garfields lasaga Quest

    Lmao what do you mean for your safety?! Is it going to eat you?

  • gloria dejesus
    gloria dejesus 5 days ago

    You didn't have to shoot him you child have let the go

  • Yanni Anninos
    Yanni Anninos 5 days ago

    What’s on your neck

  • User Name
    User Name 5 days ago +9

    Yooo the underwater angle of the shot in slow mo... 10/10

  • Black Knight1205
    Black Knight1205 5 days ago

    Why did you shot it

  • Frolijanac
    Frolijanac 5 days ago

    No fisherman.

  • The шляпа кабана

    Are you feeling it now Mr.crabs 12:34

  • mujari
    mujari 6 days ago

    lol "nah not a barn door" 3 minutes later "ya that's a barn door" lolol

    LIL BRUH FELIPE 6 days ago


  • BEATZ4DAZ Global
    BEATZ4DAZ Global 6 days ago

    Scary cat you could had butcher the fish. Shooting to easy

  • FreddyVegas 37
    FreddyVegas 37 6 days ago

    It’s a flat fish it’s a flounder

  • FreddyVegas 37
    FreddyVegas 37 6 days ago

    Psst what girls didn’t need to shoot it just handle it

  • FreddyVegas 37
    FreddyVegas 37 6 days ago

    Lmfao proffesionals use just let it go oh well why am I wasting time on some let downs

  • Bricks
    Bricks 6 days ago

    FOR OUR SAFETY you just shot it in the water according to the thumbnail could’ve rica shaded and that’s not safe

  • Zoha Ali
    Zoha Ali 6 days ago

    Excellent job 👍🏼 Bravo

  • Sicko Kannon
    Sicko Kannon 7 days ago

    He gon get eaten anyway humane

  • jcris sumalinog
    jcris sumalinog 7 days ago

    Poor fishing skills.you need to shot a fish just to get it calm. Unsubscribe this channel. Try to check youngbloods channel an aussie diver and fisher that man has 100% love for the fishes

    • Ryan Bogomolny
      Ryan Bogomolny 5 days ago

      I'm sure you unsubscribing will have a significant impact on his following... lol

  • Trent Elliott
    Trent Elliott 7 days ago


  • William Jones
    William Jones 7 days ago

    No fish were wrongfully shot making this video ..

  • Noemy Vallejo
    Noemy Vallejo 7 days ago

    Fuck this guys channel and the people

  • lifeissortafun lifeisnotsortafun

    Your worried about a flounder.

  • isac sjoblom
    isac sjoblom 7 days ago

    WHAT ? What am i missing ? shoot if for safety ? it's not even that big... was the boat made of sugar, or what am i missing ?

  • Lion Of Judah
    Lion Of Judah 7 days ago

    12:49 this guy with the gun just had 3 people downrange from his pistol... ALWAYS keep your weapon pointed DOWN RANGE NEVER LINED UP WITH ANYBODY. The dumbass turned around with it pointing at everybody

  • Curley Bessard
    Curley Bessard 7 days ago +4

    Not a real fishermen, you could had spear the fish.

  • rob
    rob 7 days ago

    # Get The Strap !

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 8 days ago +1

    I went to Alaska once and had the chance to fish in the ocean I caught a 25lb halabit and a skate our barn door it was amazing

  • Jynxy Boi
    Jynxy Boi 8 days ago

    Had to shoot it for your safety? It didn't do nothing 😂

    • Nick Eddy
      Nick Eddy 6 days ago

      Jynxy Boi Fish like that at that size become extremely dangerous and they are known for breaking bones.

  • Welo 81
    Welo 81 8 days ago

    You are pussy not Fisherman . Not greetings from Poland.

  • nopack
    nopack 8 days ago

    You have better ate it

  • HellSTORM_Empire
    HellSTORM_Empire 8 days ago

    They didn’t need to shoot that fish that was just stupid.

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 8 days ago

    The only thing that can stop a fisherman with a gun is a fish with a gun. The second amendment wins again

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris 8 days ago

    Why are they laughing at shooting a fish cause they screwed up!

  • H4xGaming
    H4xGaming 8 days ago

    You all such pussys i hope you get shot in the head🙊

  • Sil3nt_W0lf
    Sil3nt_W0lf 8 days ago +3

    Rose's are red violets are blue he shoots the fish in the head at 12:32

    • Wub Wub
      Wub Wub 8 days ago +1

      Sil3nt_W0lf DONT be stealing comments

  • Hauchie
    Hauchie 9 days ago

    The underwater cameraman got scared

  • WetMoose
    WetMoose 9 days ago +2

    Think that’s big ? Come fish the waters around Newfoundland Canada. You can sometimes get 200+ pounders here.

    • ELITE Assault
      ELITE Assault 7 days ago

      i agree my i live in usa but my grandmother has a place down there

    • WetMoose
      WetMoose 7 days ago

      Hunter Rowan you live in Newfoundland ?

    • Hunter Rowan
      Hunter Rowan 7 days ago

      WetMoose no you can’t

  • Gage Jackson
    Gage Jackson 9 days ago

    #tom the pro

  • Its Raahim BTW
    Its Raahim BTW 9 days ago

    15:20 r u eating the fish ? If not
    F U

  • Its Raahim BTW
    Its Raahim BTW 9 days ago

    I understand shooting the fish
    But if you cant handle it then dont shoot it if your eating the fish I understand

  • Scene Saucers
    Scene Saucers 10 days ago

    I used to work at a restaurant where I prepped "fish stock",.with the carcass of that same fish,. interesting..great catch,. awesome slow no on the existing round..🤙

  • Liz Foster
    Liz Foster 10 days ago

    Honestly you didn't need to bring it on the deck

  • Slim jim :
    Slim jim : 10 days ago +1

    Sponge bob dont got to worry noww

  • Call me Sloth
    Call me Sloth 10 days ago +43

    The fish: *MY LEEEG*

  • ChattyEvieVlogs
    ChattyEvieVlogs 10 days ago

    I’m confused why could they not just cut it free

    • Andrew king
      Andrew king 10 days ago

      ChattyEvieVlogs so they can eat it are you stupid

  • Henry Panozzo
    Henry Panozzo 11 days ago

    12:17 bro says it’s not a monster

  • Lioness006
    Lioness006 11 days ago

    My grandpa caught a 40 lb lingcod off the BC coast near Hakai. Up in Homer, AK, he's caught even bigger (some HUGE barn-door halibut). We have a few big halibut stories. lol
    We caught our first big halibut and it was about 99 lbs. But outside of Sullivan Bay in BC, we were rock fishing in maybe 60 ft of water and I thought I snagged the bottom. I was on a 40 lb test salmon spinning rod with a little squiggly lure, no bait! I gave the rod to my grandpa and boy was that damn fish huge! I can't remember if it was 125 or 225, but in any case, it was over 5' long. He'd get it up to the surface and the damn thing would shoot straight down to the bottom and we'd have to start all over again. I had to hold the pole while my grandpa got the gaff to bring it into the boat. Then he had to beat the shit out of it with his mallet because we had no gun. My grandpa didn't think we'd need it for just some rock fishing. They fight something fierce. We weren't expecting any halibut. lol Two days later, we went back out. I told my grandpa to bring the gun, just in case, and he was like, there's no way we're going to need it. We went to a different spot and lost a ton of line due to a snag (we were fishing over a deep hole and it snagged on the side). We went back to where we caught the halibut, not expecting much, and half of Sullivan Bay was out there and all they were catching was dogfish. We dropped our lines, this time at least on a halibut pole, and within 20 minutes, we had another one. Now, this damn thing did some of the strangest things I've ever seen a halibut do. That thing breached out of the water like a frickin salmon or dolphin! Remember how I said we lost a lot of fishing line? Well, this thing nearly took the entire spool. I had to follow the fish backward in the boat so it didn't empty the reel. It took forever to get it in. As soon as the head would break the surface, it would dive, just like the other one. We had to bleed the gills and tow it back to the bay bc it was too big to bring into the 14' boat. Took over an hour for a 10-minute drive. We opened the stomach back at the cleaning station and they were full of small red rock crabs. Usually, they say halibut live over pebbly or sandy bottoms, but the 2 we caught during that trip were over a rocky bottom on the edge of a kelp bed. They were VERY dark brown. The second one almost looked smaller, in surface area, but it was WAY thicker from top to bottom. It was 25 lbs more than the first one! We found out why everyone else was catching dogfish. Remember how I said we were fishing with lures and no bait? Everyone else was using bait, so they were bringing in dogfish instead of rockfish or halibut!

  • Jack Wiseman
    Jack Wiseman 11 days ago

    You retards you did not have to shoot it I hate all of you guys

  • fudgeballs87
    fudgeballs87 11 days ago

    He won't be bullying spongebob no more

  • rackz_d4rk
    rackz_d4rk 11 days ago

    It looked like a founder 😂

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong 11 days ago

    Can u guys imagine being hunted like this my pple was being hunted like this the stick a pole through your asshole through your mouth and take pics of it while smiling iono man this shit isn’t as exciting lol fuckkkk

  • indiana146
    indiana146 11 days ago

    A few quid there its more exspensive than steak

  • Sophie Lowe
    Sophie Lowe 11 days ago

    MONSTER i understand if it made the deck slippery but shock horror there is this thing callled DONT PUT IT ON THE DECK AND THE DECK WONT BE SLIPPERY!!!! god i hate people sometimes

  • GearrahHereMan
    GearrahHereMan 11 days ago

    Whoaa!! 😱😱🐟

  • Joshua Wheeler
    Joshua Wheeler 11 days ago +1

    Don’t think you’re allowed to show you killing Animals

    • Simpli
      Simpli 11 days ago

      Umm i think you can

  • RedFox
    RedFox 12 days ago

    Your the worst fishing channel

  • brogan thomas
    brogan thomas 12 days ago

    typical american pussy's need to shoot a fish to land it for "Saftey". in australia we land live sharks bigger than that for fun.

  • Trenton Blom
    Trenton Blom 12 days ago

    Since when do you shoot a fish at all!? This video is awful omega lul dood

  • Ken Wong
    Ken Wong 12 days ago


  • Joseph Rickard
    Joseph Rickard 12 days ago

    The size of that flounder

  • MaxKifner _
    MaxKifner _ 12 days ago

    They had to shoot the fish why?

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 12 days ago

    Marlins lose color that fast too