LOIS END'S HER FATHER! - Try Not To Laugh Challenge Family Guy #211

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • LOIS END'S HER FATHER! - Try Not To Laugh Challenge Family Guy #211
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Comments • 304

  • BlastphamousHD TV2
    BlastphamousHD TV2  3 months ago +16

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  • Decaff
    Decaff Month ago

    He said I’m not gonna say the name what does he do
    Says the name

  • Toni Q. McAlister
    Toni Q. McAlister 2 months ago

    Church of Spaceship Beep Boop 😂

  • mopman_16 :v
    mopman_16 :v 2 months ago

    Instead of a slow clap his laugh starts out slow and picks up speed

  • dark night
    dark night 2 months ago

    What is that church

    SPOON 3 months ago

    You got it

  • Phil The Gamer
    Phil The Gamer 3 months ago

    Yung child support

  • Chikelue Onianwah
    Chikelue Onianwah 3 months ago

    The Scientology scene and reference got me big time! And yes they're corrupt and sick. Leah Remini was always right guys!!!!😆😆

  • Big Woke
    Big Woke 3 months ago

    i have that headset

  • austin gomon
    austin gomon 3 months ago

    What was that church actually called

  • Jordan Baber
    Jordan Baber 3 months ago

    I will be honest the rap was pretty good. Especially compared to previous work. I actually liked it enough to restart tge video and listen again so🖒

    • Jordan Baber
      Jordan Baber 3 months ago

      Also like your videos big fan been watching all your channels for two years. You are literally my favorite youtuber

  • RobloxAesthetic 111
    RobloxAesthetic 111 4 months ago

    BlueFace Baby!

  • Timothy Viator
    Timothy Viator 4 months ago


    KEEPER SAO 4 months ago

    Boy that was fire

  • He’s Eyaw
    He’s Eyaw 4 months ago +2

    Blastphamous i have been watching your channel for years now and you’re one of the main people that helped me through a lot and motivated me to start my own reaction channel. And i just wanted to thank you all the way from the ATL🙏🏿
    (Like so he can see👇🏿)

  • Ghost Leader1997
    Ghost Leader1997 4 months ago

    Dammmnnn blast got bars

  • Sutar Jana
    Sutar Jana 4 months ago

    What that not funny

  • Sutar Jana
    Sutar Jana 4 months ago

    Now you scared

  • Sutar Jana
    Sutar Jana 4 months ago

    That cool rap man

  • XxLil_KoolixX da boss
    XxLil_KoolixX da boss 4 months ago


  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 4 months ago

    At the beginning it was kinda fire unlike your other freestyles which sucked like dashies

  • excidental
    excidental 4 months ago +1

    For those of you who don't get the joke at 5:17, it's because Seth MacFarlene stars in it also. He used his real voice in it because he created and voice in the The Orville and Family Guy.

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross 4 months ago

    0:15 barrrrs

  • Badwolffang production
    Badwolffang production 4 months ago

    Rapped just like blueface too 😂😂😂

  • crazygowild nightmare
    crazygowild nightmare 4 months ago

    Peter is more stopid

  • Spongebob Squareponce
    Spongebob Squareponce 4 months ago

    Peters tripping..🔫😳

  • ultimate gamer
    ultimate gamer 4 months ago

    Homie need to make some mixed tapes. Fire ass song.

  • Vickey Powell
    Vickey Powell 4 months ago


  • comancheboi 1911
    comancheboi 1911 4 months ago

    React to lil dicky free style on sway in the morning

  • comancheboi 1911
    comancheboi 1911 4 months ago

    React to lil dicky free style on sway in the morning

  • Damarrien Henry
    Damarrien Henry 4 months ago

    Did anybody hear the news about Camron Boyce

  • Fred PT
    Fred PT 4 months ago +26

    "Im still gonna smash on yo momma"

    *Starts laughing*

    This is why i love BHD

  • Shadow Dub
    Shadow Dub 4 months ago


  • Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen 4 months ago

    The first 3 bars were better than the original

  • yoshi 173
    yoshi 173 4 months ago +3

    My IQ: 0
    Blastphamous: starts rapping*
    My IQ after: -1000

  • subzero_NS1
    subzero_NS1 4 months ago

    Needs to lowkey start off All his videos rapping in the beginning 😂💯🔥

  • FaZe Sebasten
    FaZe Sebasten 4 months ago


  • nightmare 89
    nightmare 89 4 months ago

    0:10 why does it sound really good do whyyy someone Tell me plz

  • underfell sans
    underfell sans 4 months ago

    That's real shit

  • Ivan Cervantes
    Ivan Cervantes 4 months ago

    Freestyle intro's????

  • SAVAGE_tyancy
    SAVAGE_tyancy 4 months ago

    Bhd content Trash af all he watch is Family Guy no more storytime and he watch the same family guy episodes and has a fake reactions for one's he's already seen his old content was WAY BETTER

  • sliehgtofhand
    sliehgtofhand 4 months ago

    You've fallen so far... You used to be edgy, profane, and funny... now you're literally a non-offensive, neutered, PC cuck to RU-clip. I miss the days of Bownsir and Yung Child Support... when you were actually funny and did things other than react to Family Guy compilations. It's a real shame. You're a real shame. But at least you can serve as a lesson... an example of what can happen to people who bend over for RU-clip when they bring the demonetization hammer around.
    I've lost all my respect for you. I hope someday you return to the real you who's in this for something other than the money and actually cares about putting out some quality, edgy content.
    Sincerely- a former subscriber.

  • kees N1
    kees N1 4 months ago

    This channel has gobe yo complete shit he literally reacted to tgis in ep203

  • STen
    STen 4 months ago

    Dope rapping

  • Slippy Rooster
    Slippy Rooster 4 months ago

    Yo Blastphamoushd, react to Asobi Asobase funny moments.

  • DryPaste
    DryPaste 4 months ago

    thotiana is a sh*t song go listen to N.W.A

  • vamrack powerhouse
    vamrack powerhouse 4 months ago

    Dammit blast stop with the family guy vids everyone wants the old blast back

  • Kj Styles
    Kj Styles 4 months ago +1

    Can you do the boondocks

  • Punisher Gaming
    Punisher Gaming 4 months ago

    Aye get it rap game on point

    FMCREPAIRARMAGH 4 months ago

    do something other than fucking family guy

  • Mia Braxton
    Mia Braxton 4 months ago +3

    You rap wayyyyyy better than Blueface🤧 when the mixtape dropping Blastphamous 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mq Donalds
    Mq Donalds 4 months ago

    That start tho god damn

  • Squashh_1
    Squashh_1 4 months ago +1

    React to starbomb ryu vs ken rap battle

  • Gil 1
    Gil 1 4 months ago +2

    Please rap in the begging of your intros from now on😂👌🔥 like if you agree

  • John Memes
    John Memes 4 months ago +1

    Tom cruz

  • chesse melon
    chesse melon 4 months ago +1

    Bars for days keep it up

  • judeluv3
    judeluv3 4 months ago

    You were spitting fire

  • O.M aka wathever
    O.M aka wathever 4 months ago +1

    Ey wsup bhd it's been a long time I didn't watch you now I'm back bro
    Please react to some hodgetwins

  • Tall Skinny games
    Tall Skinny games 4 months ago

    Pls react to it’s dangerous to go alone legend of Zelda rap song

  • DoomBringer 1221
    DoomBringer 1221 4 months ago

    tell me why he kinda go hard tho