I wrote a song using only hate comments 3!

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • I wrote a song using only hate comments that i have received. truly art.
    1st video of hate comments song: ru-clip.com/video/_90jqATJJaI/video.html
    2nd video of hate comments song: ru-clip.com/video/2ob5nnllMuQ/video.html
    ukulele i play in this video: amzn.to/2RXauQ9
    inspired by:
    Colleen Ballinger ru-clip.com/video/tKAWkcBsqO0/video.html
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  • Hannah Thornton
    Hannah Thornton 6 minutes ago

    to be honest I dont know how anyone hates you..........you are the best person ever

  • Ari G
    Ari G 7 minutes ago

    All these people that said that she is ugly and did hate comments I have to tell you something every time I look at you you look like a burnt potato but if you where a potato you just gay and no I am not talking about this gir with the guitar she’s just has talent and all the people that did hate comments are hatters

  • Lizard Mania
    Lizard Mania 11 minutes ago

    Btw your none of those

  • Princess Rhianne Hicaro
    Princess Rhianne Hicaro 12 minutes ago

    I wish I can search your song in mp3 downloader😟

  • BTS x ARMY
    BTS x ARMY 14 minutes ago

    Me- *sings this song to big bro*

  • LisaPlayz103 Kawaii
    LisaPlayz103 Kawaii 16 minutes ago

    *Remember to comment politely and well, youtube is not a place to bully*

  • Gacha Stories Not main channel

    t'was funny but good

  • Paulene Rimando
    Paulene Rimando 28 minutes ago

    Y do they have to be so rude??!

  • Paulene Rimando
    Paulene Rimando 28 minutes ago

    Haters are haters ....those stupid bashers .....

  • Roko kc
    Roko kc 34 minutes ago

    Not hate but you always miss d dur

  • Ghoul101 Karma’sBrother
    Ghoul101 Karma’sBrother 36 minutes ago

    YoUr StUpiD cHaNnIL sOcKs WhY yOu AlIvE?

    JuSt Go To SaTeN wOrLd!

  • Willem Ebersohn
    Willem Ebersohn 38 minutes ago

    So fanny

  • Gracelyn Stevens
    Gracelyn Stevens 44 minutes ago

    U- unique
    G- grateful
    L- lovely
    Y- Yourself

  • XxDrama PotatoXx
    XxDrama PotatoXx 44 minutes ago

    *No OfFeNcE mE nO lIkE yOu*

  • Taketo
    Taketo 46 minutes ago

    Not sure how shes fat but ok

  • Shipra Chakraborty
    Shipra Chakraborty 46 minutes ago

    I am also a RU-clipr i can fill. They just write and they don't fell we also have a heart. Everyday when ever I think to post a video I first think about the comments which I will get. I have to face them. They say me ulgy, dum, #####, #####, #####, #####, can't pronounce that word why do they have to troll us. If you don't like the video unlike it if you don't like my channel unsubscribe it if you don't like me block my channel but please don't leave bad comments. When my mom see this comment. She tall me to all this she just cry if you're daughter is getting trouble by makes people happy. So no one can be happy now. You are too good don't listen to that comment.

  • OnceASapphireEGGSOELL Alien

    Thank the haters they gave you the lyrics for this 👍

  • The two super sisters. And the super cute girls.

    Your singing and looks are awesome

  • Squishy life unicorn
    Squishy life unicorn 54 minutes ago

    Your are beautifull,no one people is perfect but god is the only one perfect

  • Kim Baldridge
    Kim Baldridge 56 minutes ago

    I spilled ravioli

  • Harsh Parmar
    Harsh Parmar 57 minutes ago

    She is very good singer & very cute💛💛💛💛

  • ikan asin
    ikan asin 59 minutes ago

    I think you are enough cute,what's wrong? And you so talented

  • eh
    eh Hour ago

    1 like 64738382992938457747383939485854373727828394847363637383849548373663634647485858473736637384859697655555544467748 slaps for the haters

  • Shipra Chakraborty

    No one can tell you ulgy you are very beautiful. 👧🙂

  • Hafsa Jan
    Hafsa Jan Hour ago

    This is quietly underrated

  • SF Nevermore
    SF Nevermore Hour ago

    My head is literally bigger than yours

  • galaxy_girl kitten

    Guys stop saying she has a big nose. I like her as squid ward

  • Monica REi E. Joven

    if they have a chanell i will thumbs down for them in my opinoin this what they get.(for the haters)

  • galaxy_girl kitten
    galaxy_girl kitten Hour ago +1

    I had captions on and when u said so ugly I could barf it decided to day *so ugly I could borrow* thanks captions!

  • Jamilla Mendoza
    Jamilla Mendoza Hour ago

    Pls dont bash her she is not bad or anything she is good like god who is bashing all that you say to her thats you not her stop bashing


    no...you're not ugly!I like ur hair!:)

  • I long Wong
    I long Wong Hour ago

    What did you do for them to hate u?

  • paula ramirez
    paula ramirez Hour ago +1

    I disliked this cause all the comments weren't ment to be there and it is just sad for you to make a song of hate comments! :c

  • Miss Floof
    Miss Floof Hour ago

    1:47 my sis wrote this

  • The Doggo Lover
    The Doggo Lover Hour ago +1

    What’s it with these haters and being really bad at grammar...

  • Avatar162 Killer
    Avatar162 Killer Hour ago

    you so cool keep doing your great vids

  • Ashley Jorge jimenez

    I love how positive she is this shows she is srong

  • Fires Flame
    Fires Flame Hour ago

    Just don’t read the comments :3

  • Itz Gamergalaxy :3

    Send to friend that hates you (not real btw)
    Friend* oh it’s a hate comment song from her
    Friend*why did you send me this I feel really guilty now T^T

  • Rna. meh
    Rna. meh Hour ago

    This is very catchyy

  • Jovie Montoya
    Jovie Montoya Hour ago +1

    Add a like of she sings good

  • Kandice Wells
    Kandice Wells Hour ago

    I Think You Are Very Pretty And Cool I Love Your Merch And Your Hair Is My Favorite Color Blue just remember people who really have a heart would know how to love others even if you don't like them

  • Ingrid Caldera
    Ingrid Caldera Hour ago

    Honestly your sp inspiring its like your invinsable to all the hate comments you inspire me. 😄💗

  • rasha ally
    rasha ally Hour ago

    You so creative😘😘

  • Autumn Holmes
    Autumn Holmes Hour ago

    I dont realy get why ppl in this world don't have such a heart and hate on her for no reason your not ugly or fat those are just haters your so pretty keep up the good work haters are trying so hard to get u off yt but you are such a strong girl keep it up ilysm❤❤

  • Lacey Schreiner
    Lacey Schreiner Hour ago

    This was...awesome

  • Erica Woodson
    Erica Woodson Hour ago

    You are not fat yap (stands for you are pretty

  • Multiple King
    Multiple King Hour ago

    I like how HATERS don't know how to spell Hehe great video you are great at music and don't listen to those haters because they dont know how music sounds like

  • Seanna Liburd
    Seanna Liburd 2 hours ago

    I think you are Beautiful......I love your hair!!😋

  • Mary Christoforidis
    Mary Christoforidis 2 hours ago

    Your amazing 😉 and beautiful, and your so talented! Love your videos 🌸🌼❤️

  • Ryland Hunter
    Ryland Hunter 2 hours ago +1

    the people that hate her are just jelly about her bc she is talented and they are not and they are worthless

  • Kennedy Zank
    Kennedy Zank 2 hours ago

    I love this

  • KiraTheKiller Official

    Wow so talented!

  • new name
    new name 2 hours ago

    Tha haters are ulgy they are oomploopa looking they smell you smell good

  • Miz shi
    Miz shi 2 hours ago

    Honestly.....your head is pretty slight large.......no hate but in my opinion.
    Great talent but I think you shouldn't make songs about hates just don't read them

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 2 hours ago

    Lol ur not ugly

  • Savannah delreal
    Savannah delreal 2 hours ago

    You are an amazing person and I love how you take these mean comments and tern them into a song

  • Savannah delreal
    Savannah delreal 2 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU ❤️😘💕

    AJ BEATBOX CHANNEL 2 hours ago


  • Cat lover gaming Eevee

    Random comment:
    Taco Bell here booth
    Mean comment:
    Nice comment:
    Ur hair looks beautiful

  • Lisa Maria
    Lisa Maria 2 hours ago

    Did u forget to block the names

  • Karina Eclair
    Karina Eclair 2 hours ago

    i love the song im so srry this happend to you

  • Lana Tartaglio
    Lana Tartaglio 2 hours ago

    I think you turned me gay

  • Lana Tartaglio
    Lana Tartaglio 2 hours ago

    Bruh I dont see why people hate you. Your beautiful inside and out

  • akshay tiwari
    akshay tiwari 2 hours ago

    That is awesome!!

  • Girly roblox
    Girly roblox 2 hours ago +1

    New sub!

  • Sans Epicc
    Sans Epicc 2 hours ago +1

    No effense but you're channel is goom

  • Maliyah Pagan
    Maliyah Pagan 2 hours ago

    Good thing is you have to dig VERY VERY VERY deep to find the hate comments.

  • Leslie Ayón
    Leslie Ayón 2 hours ago


    What is prego

  • rovic gaming
    rovic gaming 3 hours ago

    You know what your not ugly god not made ppl to be ugly we are all beutiful and handsome

  • Sony Bith
    Sony Bith 3 hours ago

    No offence but i dont like ur big head

    I only said this to get featured i love ur vids

  • Braden Hedley
    Braden Hedley 3 hours ago

    good job i mean this is so amazing!!!

  • Gowthami V
    Gowthami V 3 hours ago

    Great job 😍❤️😘😘

  • Olivia Dolph
    Olivia Dolph 3 hours ago

    You are beautiful and you are NOT fat

  • Daryl Neal
    Daryl Neal 3 hours ago

    Your beautiful don’t listen to those haters😀

  • A User
    A User 3 hours ago +2

    *Haters: Wow my comment being shouted-out in this MV!*
    _(Also the username)_ 😲

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 3 hours ago

    This is for the hate commets

    Get a life keep it to youself but i think she is beautiful from inside and outside and keep doing this i fell like god is disappointed in you

  • Eyka Wakaka
    Eyka Wakaka 3 hours ago

    oooowwwww mannn, you looks so perfect, i like it 🙈💞

  • Brooke Collins
    Brooke Collins 3 hours ago

    I am so happy and mas. Mad at haters. Happy because your my hero!

  • Gacha _ Ali
    Gacha _ Ali 3 hours ago

    don't listen to those haters, your beautiful just the way you are!

  • Gracie Wade
    Gracie Wade 3 hours ago +1

    Your so pretty! Don’t listen to what the haters say! Your voice is awesome! I love your vids when I started watching! Which is like 2 seconds before I wrote this :l :)

  • Shaylo Fan
    Shaylo Fan 3 hours ago

    She’s beautifully just the way she is all the things y’all said about her it’s all about you and u sing awsome girl keep doing what you be doing girl

  • The Phynix
    The Phynix 3 hours ago

    Haters will hate like if u agree

  • T-bone Kid
    T-bone Kid 3 hours ago

    This is actually really amazing and catchy

  • Sally Skellington
    Sally Skellington 3 hours ago +1

    I think you fit with the good people in this world perfectly

  • Deanne Richter
    Deanne Richter 3 hours ago +1

    Don’t listen to those people. they don’t know what there talking about your perfect.

  • Gabe Ladigo
    Gabe Ladigo 3 hours ago

    You perfect the way you are

  • Isabella Melero
    Isabella Melero 3 hours ago +1

    You are cool and pretty don't let them haters get you down cause everyone loves you😄😊

  • Jaidyn Sims
    Jaidyn Sims 4 hours ago


    S uper
    U neque
    R ad
    G orgeous
    U nited
    R adical
    E xcellent
    Y onanimus

  • Piper VanGundy
    Piper VanGundy 4 hours ago

    You are a good singer and I will clap very own how hats you

  • Addyson Grant
    Addyson Grant 4 hours ago

    I need this on pandora or Spotify and I will play it all day long

  • Suesykora
    Suesykora 4 hours ago

    Stop making hate things about her she is the best she makes us smile all the time your saying that so you can here and hate here to plea stop doing that thx you 😔😔😔😔

  • Ivy Blue
    Ivy Blue 4 hours ago

    I just subbed and you are a beautiful being. Don't listen to those haters!

  • Bob Hansen
    Bob Hansen 4 hours ago

    *Hey I got a song, It’s called..*


  • Bella Vanderwalker
    Bella Vanderwalker 4 hours ago

    DON'T listen to them😟. be yourself😄

  • Fluffy puppy
    Fluffy puppy 4 hours ago

    yo yur ogaly

    Not really

  • Lunar's Dawning Moon
    Lunar's Dawning Moon 4 hours ago

    Some weren’t really hate comments more like a suggestion

  • Green Dragon
    Green Dragon 4 hours ago

    This is good song👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Stormy 101
    Stormy 101 4 hours ago

    If anyone ever calls you fat. Their just jealous. You're skinny.

  • Syafeeq10 Syed
    Syafeeq10 Syed 4 hours ago

    I like your voice and you're good at music and gutiar