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  • Published on May 31, 2012

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  • Stuart Sheil
    Stuart Sheil 10 hours ago

    ever noticed that the blades on the wheels of the charts would have cut the horse legs off 🤣🤣🤣

  • MrLeeCummings
    MrLeeCummings Day ago +4

    2:43.......surprised they had compressed air bottles back in Ancient Rome........

  • Troma
    Troma Day ago

    Man can you believe they are really going to try and make a sequel to this epic? What the hell is Hollywood thinking?

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D. Day ago

    Joaquin should have won an Oscar for this role.

  • Xylon
    Xylon 4 days ago

    Give me 10 good men and I'll impregnate the bitch.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 4 days ago

    I'd say the Amazon's (black chick gladiatorix) career was cut short. What too soon? BTW she had nice tits.

  • MMKKK 999
    MMKKK 999 5 days ago

    Oh look boobs are here too

  • jade pascual
    jade pascual 5 days ago

    this kind of sports is very bloody, it’s better if NBA was there before im sure Rome will beat the Raptors 😂😂

  • Manoj Rahul
    Manoj Rahul 6 days ago +3

    Anyone noticed pirates of carrabean theme in background score?

    • Charles Tison
      Charles Tison 5 days ago +1

      Actually I'm hearing Gladiator theme in the Pirates of the Caribbean theme

  • vigel Defretea
    vigel Defretea 6 days ago +1


  • vigel Defretea
    vigel Defretea 6 days ago


  • fatih Seyret
    fatih Seyret 7 days ago

    Sayfama destek olurmusunuz rica etsem yeniyim daha FAZLASI İÇİN abone olalim lutfen

  • raimundo felix
    raimundo felix 7 days ago

    Bota em Português.

  • 14 K
    14 K 7 days ago

    Please qui peut nous dire ou se trouve l'île de bona

  • Arngeir
    Arngeir 7 days ago

    4:29 & 4:30, the sword changed hands.

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 8 days ago

    2.43 nice gas canister thing on that chariot ya got there

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 9 days ago

    european history is so badass

  • Sean B
    Sean B 9 days ago +1

    A Roman General said "I do not fear an army of lions led by a sheep, but I fear an army of sheep led by a lion"

  • wtw5002
    wtw5002 11 days ago

    4:44 It's that guy from that other movie!

  • jhonex
    jhonex 11 days ago +1

    anyone notice the oxygen tank @2:43 underneath the chariot XD

  • Filip Pančík
    Filip Pančík 11 days ago +4

    Maximus - that one kid in online game who is having mic.

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi 12 days ago

    Is this one of the olden version of NFL or NHL games? I can't figure out

  • Donna Heard
    Donna Heard 12 days ago +1

    I live the heading here...strength of teamwork ✌️❤️

  • Bodhi
    Bodhi 12 days ago

    I'm probably the only cunt who thought this movie was shit.

  • leonardo
    leonardo 12 days ago

    Those who died first they deserved to die.

  • Tatsujiro Kurogane
    Tatsujiro Kurogane 12 days ago

    Did that offscreen voice really say "I served with you at Vindaloo"??? What's next, Cindy Lou Who, Who is No More Than 2??????

  • IPlayClawHD _
    IPlayClawHD _ 12 days ago


  • Timeoftroubles
    Timeoftroubles 12 days ago

    We mortals are but shadows and dust... Shadows and Dust!!!

  • PollieBear
    PollieBear 12 days ago

    Sciipio Africanus!!!!!!

  • Adam Behan
    Adam Behan 13 days ago

    At 2:30 i just noticed another mistake in the editing, the female warrior is moving on her chariot with the reigns in her hands and then the very next cut she's on her knees about to be sliced by those wheels. DAFAQ????

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 6 days ago

      @Adam Behan Your point confused me until I watched it again, so yeah, a good eye, but not what it appeared to be :)

    • Adam Behan
      Adam Behan 6 days ago +1

      @Tatsujiro Kurogane Ah yeh I see that now

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 12 days ago

      If I remember there were 2 Nubian She Warriors driving chariots. I think that is one Nubian She Warrior driving her chariot and the other Nubian She Warrior driver that has been thrown off her own chariot being sliced by it, before the seated driver piles through the gate and crashes. Either way it's a terrible waste of hot, tough chicks.

  • Fascist Barbie
    Fascist Barbie 13 days ago

    3:47 Such a joker.

  • docsmithdc
    docsmithdc 13 days ago

    Who were the women in the chariots ?

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 4 days ago

      @Yahul Wagoni They'd be popular in Vancouver if they look like that. Hubba Hubba!!!

    • Yahul Wagoni
      Yahul Wagoni 4 days ago

      They were popular in Rome as novelties. In the Area they were given tridents and nets, alluding to their worship of Poesiden, which Herodotus had already noted in his famous history. @Tatsujiro Kurogane

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 12 days ago +1

      Snacky and Yummy. Seriously, though, Nubians?

  • Nils Moberg
    Nils Moberg 14 days ago

    Girls' locker room: omg Becky is such a hoe
    Boys' locker room:

  • carlos reyes
    carlos reyes 14 days ago

    Theres always a badass.... And always a rich pussyboy that cheats & ends up getting killed at the end...

  • Villain 99
    Villain 99 14 days ago

    Teamwork makes Dreamwork :)

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler 14 days ago

    I didn't know MF Doom was in this movie

  • Zam
    Zam 14 days ago +1

    Back when where men in movies were allowed to be men without some sjw feminist bullshit agenda being forced onto every scene

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 12 days ago

      You sound like a proper crybaby snowflake. Just admit you want cock in your bum.

  • Einstein of Meme
    Einstein of Meme 15 days ago +1

    *I wish all of my teammates were like this :((*

  • EdgarBelmont
    EdgarBelmont 15 days ago

    370 citizens were not entertained.

  • Roy Chan
    Roy Chan 15 days ago +31

    2:43 you can see that gas canister at the back of the chariot lolx

    • Ryan Knowles
      Ryan Knowles 9 days ago

      @Timeoftroubles naw this was ancient times so they ran on leaded fuel

    • Mund 465
      Mund 465 11 days ago

      wtf xD

    • Timeoftroubles
      Timeoftroubles 12 days ago +1

      Roy Chan All of the best chariots ran on premium unleaded.

  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart 15 days ago

    bruh that sword on the wheel fucking cut that person in half holy begeesus

    BE THE BEST 15 days ago

    I know damn well their was no black women in history that they participated in gladiator games!

    • Hoosier Jr.
      Hoosier Jr. 14 days ago

      I know damn well you're a dumbass.

  • Jungse Choi
    Jungse Choi 15 days ago +10

    2:43 technology of Rome at that time

    Gas tank xD

    • Tatsujiro Kurogane
      Tatsujiro Kurogane 12 days ago

      Jungse Choi Dood. That's extra horsepower!

    • Ervane Med
      Ervane Med 14 days ago

      plot twist: some of them were a time traveler

  • Eli Morrey
    Eli Morrey 16 days ago

    3:47 You when you get killed in a Battle Royale game and your killer emotes.

  • 경 지진
    경 지진 16 days ago

    로마군의 보병전술 시스템은
    저당시.전차는 작은 턱도 못넘었다고합니다

  • Ji Guo
    Ji Guo 16 days ago

    Why is that Roman emperor Joking around like that ?

    • Cody
      Cody 16 days ago

      Ji Guo The emperor is Commodus, a emperor that actually existed. He was kind of a mentally unstable guy. He chose to fight in the arena as a gladiator, because he enjoyed killing, instead of trying to rule Rome effectively.

  • p-y
    p-y 17 days ago +1


    • p-y
      p-y 16 days ago


    • Icksnuck
      Icksnuck 16 days ago

      p-y lmao the doom mask is based off the movie

  • The Harlequin
    The Harlequin 17 days ago +2

    3:45 Sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme for a moment.

    • Harry Walsh
      Harry Walsh 16 days ago

      Music is by Hans Zimmer, who also did the pirates of the Caribbean. If you go listen to some of the other film music he has made they all have a certain sound similar to that in PotC

  • Voodoo2066
    Voodoo2066 17 days ago

    I never ralized the Pirates of the Caribbean song is in this movie in a differnt key, but its the same song.

  • Constantin N
    Constantin N 17 days ago

    it's not teamwork,it's a Hollywood

  • zhang yilong
    zhang yilong 18 days ago

    People laughed after blood spit out.

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D. 18 days ago

    Joaquins acting was brilliant

  • Yatanveer Singh
    Yatanveer Singh 19 days ago +4

    That king was looking like Rahul Gandhi.

  • ffarkasm
    ffarkasm 19 days ago

    3:47 nuff said

  • Mike Dabig
    Mike Dabig 19 days ago +7

    thefuck was up with that dr Doom helmet anyways

  • The aussie patriot
    The aussie patriot 20 days ago

    They dont make movie's like this anymore

  • FaZBear 79
    FaZBear 79 20 days ago

    2:30 best death

  • Temstxr
    Temstxr 20 days ago +5

    4:27 didn't know they had self cleansing swords back then

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian 21 day ago

    If there is any movie which is must watch in theatre then it gladiator. It is almost sitting in colossium with tat great sound

  • Anjelus
    Anjelus 21 day ago

    So much BS revisionism in these comments. People who say "Most gladiator fights were not to the death" -- as though this were an innovative discovery only revealed in whatever book (or probably blog post, or probably RU-clip video) they read it in -- fail to realize that's only true because the Romans habitually killed wild animals, criminals, slaves in the games, and saved their favorite gladiators for special occasions when the expense of dead gladiators was "worth it." See actual primary sources. Take 15 seconds to find Seneca's account of the time he went to the games during "quiet hours when there was hardly any crowd" as one tiny example.

    SEALTEAM 69 21 day ago

    this dude is already before the game started @ 1:27

  • Mother of Moses
    Mother of Moses 22 days ago

    all this for george? forget it

  • morgan chang
    morgan chang 22 days ago +48

    2:40 that was a very detailed ancient hydrogen tank you had there, perfect Roman manufacturing:)

    • shane clyde
      shane clyde 4 days ago

      @Ademir Segura just looked it up thats incredible lol

    • shane clyde
      shane clyde 4 days ago

      @Ademir Segura ok no worries thanks mate

    • Ademir Segura
      Ademir Segura 4 days ago

      shane clyde it was on game of thrones

    • shane clyde
      shane clyde 4 days ago

      @Ademir Segura whats this about a starbucks cup mishap? I wanna look it up

    • Ademir Segura
      Ademir Segura 5 days ago

      Still greatest movie mishap next to the Starbucks cup

  • Mert Arican
    Mert Arican 22 days ago

    There is at least one smart ass on every comment. Weird

  • makerstudios
    makerstudios 23 days ago

    This wasn’t the strength of teamwork. It was the strength of true leadership.

  • koondoog
    koondoog 23 days ago +2

    thats got to be the best pirate i've ever seen lol 3:45

  • MrLeeCummings
    MrLeeCummings 24 days ago

    2:43......compressed air bottle used for flipping the chariot is HIGHLY visible.......surprised they had that kind of technology back then

  • The Republic Of Bananas


  • enigma4430
    enigma4430 26 days ago +6

    When you try to formulate a plan to a public server...

  • TraustiGeir
    TraustiGeir 26 days ago +1

    Absolute badassery.

    *JAGUAR SOUTHPAW* 28 days ago


  • hithere!
    hithere! 28 days ago +2

    3:10 when your hastati upgraded to heavy cavalry general

  • Andre Brandao
    Andre Brandao 29 days ago +81

    2:58 sounds exactly like Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming get out there

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Boseus cilleseus

  • blekfut
    blekfut Month ago

    3:45 - part of the "He's a Pirate" theme...

  • Hop Louie
    Hop Louie Month ago +2

    love the mf doom cameo in the beginning

  • satya kishore
    satya kishore Month ago

    No more words

  • tempting Baguio
    tempting Baguio Month ago +5

    2:43 did i see something in there? Hahahaha

  • Longs81
    Longs81 Month ago

    I'd pay to watch this for real on PPV

    RONALD DIBERTO Month ago +3

    I always love seeing the air compression tank in this scene.
    Best worst blooper in the movie.

  • Gonken88
    Gonken88 Month ago

    We are being ruled in the same way today.

  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar Month ago +1

    What did he said after saying "hold"?

    GABOS Month ago +1

    they should bring this back, but instead of slaves, use child molesters and rapist.

  • nietzscheposterchild

    Romans - the original Nazis

  • Maybe I am yumek0
    Maybe I am yumek0 Month ago +2

    Mythical creature
    Good teammate in game

  • J3AN P3T3R
    J3AN P3T3R Month ago

    They would have taken down those chariots easy if it wasn't for some of them upgraded and driven with LPG gas tanks.

  • Petr Ustinov
    Petr Ustinov Month ago +25

    Gladiator: Dies a painful death
    Crowd: 'Laughs'

  • The Night King
    The Night King Month ago

    is it just me or do ya folks hear the POTC theme at 3:49

  • The Rocks
    The Rocks Month ago

    2:42 😆

  • Cesar U
    Cesar U Month ago +7

    4:08 oscar-worthy performance

  • Bill 123
    Bill 123 Month ago

    Most gladiators were either slaves or captives from war.

    There is nothing glorious in their arena fights. To the audience, their lives don't matter. It is just sad.

    • Bill 123
      Bill 123 Month ago

      @rent a shill yep there are also criminals, but they are a different story.

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill Month ago

      criminal punishments were usually to throw you into arena

  • M- Series
    M- Series Month ago +1

    He have only one video in his channel and it's monitized

  • Larry Humphreys
    Larry Humphreys Month ago

    One of the Great Scenes of many. The best performance of Joaquin Phoenix in a movie. That is until the Joker comes out this October

  • Poyraz Lodosta
    Poyraz Lodosta Month ago

    Bruh thats MF Doom

  • Hannibal
    Hannibal Month ago

  • Kaneki
    Kaneki Month ago +2

    One of the best film ever

  • SwornReaper
    SwornReaper Month ago

    lol Joaquin Phoenix 3:47, I hope that he'll do great in JOKER.

  • Helen Ivanic
    Helen Ivanic Month ago +2

    And this is the movie that Russell Crowe won his Oscar for best actor in the leading role. Well deserved. 😁

  • MrCody95123
    MrCody95123 Month ago +2

    Makin' movies, makin' music, and fight'n round the world!