Comedian Norm Macdonald talks Trump, PM Trudeau

  • Published on Mar 18, 2018
  • Comedian Norm Macdonald discusses comedy in the Trump era and if PM Trudeau inherited the intellect and humour of his father.
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Comments • 1 979

  • Spin Apex
    Spin Apex 8 days ago +1

    Forget you.
    Fix me up on a date with Joyce.
    What an ever lovin' peach!

  • AliAlex R Gholizadeh
    AliAlex R Gholizadeh 23 days ago

    Trump2020!! I'm canada please vote Trump!

  • Super Bird
    Super Bird 25 days ago

    7:58. _I gotta call you back I'm on the TV man. Yeah... I'M ON THE TV RIGHT NOW!_ 😂😂

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock Month ago +1

    Seth Meyers never makes me laugh. I don’t find him funny at all. I watched his show once and he did a quick segment where he ran through a bunch of news story’s. Almost every story had great potential to be funny but they were all followed by really stale unfunny punchlines.

  • Alexander the Ordinary

    Really sweet to see the love they have for each other when they say goodbye.

  • Carol Bolt
    Carol Bolt Month ago

    I never knew he was your BIL. I loved him on Saturday night live. What a droll comedian he was. I miss him. Love Donald Trump but Trudeau has to go next election.

  • FairwayJack
    FairwayJack Month ago +1

    That interviewer was charming her smile !!

  • Aindrias Hirt
    Aindrias Hirt Month ago

    'Quite the thoughtful, intelligent position. I never thought of this viewpoint before. Trump is sarcastic? I need to keep my eyes peeled in the future...

  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam Month ago

    Norm looks off camera... "please don't shoot me"...

  • Zone4Gardener
    Zone4Gardener 2 months ago

    😍 I wish he was my brother in law! What a sweetie!

  • Killerwolfd777
    Killerwolfd777 2 months ago

    Have to love that Norm is trolling The View years later with the cellphone bit. s they say, Norm is playing 4D chess when everyone else is playing checkers.

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller 2 months ago

    Behind this man's eyes he is always laughing. Inwardly he seems to be laughing even when he is not joking. I think it's a lovely quality. And it is not cynical. He's like the Buddha or the Hindu god of laughter, or something.

  • Stoned Prophet
    Stoned Prophet 2 months ago

    Justin Trudeau - Real Jerk!

  • Roger Stone
    Roger Stone 2 months ago

    Trump is the epitome of the American dream. Change my mind.

  • elijah garza
    elijah garza 2 months ago

    Norm is God we will all bow down

  • Ken Lompart
    Ken Lompart 2 months ago

    I had no idea Joyce Napier was related to Norm Macdonald till today.

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    As long as u love me

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    I'm into native stuff

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    We all aspire

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    Yeah Yeah hope good

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    Go ahead rehydrate

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago


  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    Green room

  • Isaac Chay
    Isaac Chay 3 months ago

    I like this News anchor she seems cool

  • SaveTheWorldRadio
    SaveTheWorldRadio 3 months ago

    Did he ever apologize for pretending bush wasn’t a murderer?

  • For your health
    For your health 4 months ago

    "Nothing looks dumber than parodying self parody." @every single late night show

  • 564markis
    564markis 4 months ago

    Does norm have a columbian cold here ?

  • Fryguysun
    Fryguysun 4 months ago

    The sexual tension between these two was intense.

  • Troy Adler
    Troy Adler 4 months ago

    why does norm look around a lot

  • Casen Connell
    Casen Connell 4 months ago

    Orange Man bad

  • What's good?
    What's good? 5 months ago

    So all the OJ jokes when Norm was doing weekend update on SNL was also feeding on low hanging fruit as well.

  • vubhuhjkbhubohjb
    vubhuhjkbhubohjb 5 months ago

    He's trolling them with the mobile phone see "The view" Norm MacDonald for more.
    Good old Norm

  • Aidan Woodford
    Aidan Woodford 5 months ago

    He looks like he hasn't rested for weeks.

  • jjmcgo
    jjmcgo 5 months ago

    Obama is certainly not a brain surgeon ... but President Trump’s HHS cabinet secretary Dr. Ben Carson is!
    Obama never had a person in his administration as smart as several of Trump’s advisors.

  • Leo Nards Bro
    Leo Nards Bro 5 months ago +1

    It's a lot easier for bad comedians... i.e. all late night hosts.

  • farmers daughter
    farmers daughter 6 months ago

    What in the world is he looking at?

  • Rob Figaro
    Rob Figaro 6 months ago

    Hes screwing with his sister in law. He had that phone gag planned for The View.

  • Deon Van der Westhuizen
    Deon Van der Westhuizen 6 months ago +1

    Norm did not follow her lead.

  • Butt Quack
    Butt Quack 6 months ago

    I'm relatively liberal, but I fricken love Norm Macdonald and most conservative comedians. Norm always looks like he doesn't know how he got where he is, but he always looks pleasantly surprised, like he just woke up in his favorite location.

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 7 months ago

    It's cute how Trump's apologists get credit for being "edgy", as if it's somehow honorable to act as though having a white nationalist in the White House is somehow remotely normal. Trump is an abomination. Anyone who makes excuses for him is excusing something abominable.

  • farmers daughter
    farmers daughter 7 months ago +1

    Seth sucks

  • Cayrick Pan
    Cayrick Pan 7 months ago +5

    Joyce has such a beautiful and engaging smile. I could watch her all day.

  • EZ RC
    EZ RC 7 months ago +1

    who is this propaganda pimp - Trump is behind the scenes the most hardworking decent president of our life times. They focus on trash , because they are the trash

  • life long
    life long 7 months ago

    REAL...unlike America today

  • BolasDaGrk
    BolasDaGrk 7 months ago

    @11:36 Norm Macdonald had to end it the way he always does...

  • Elon Lope
    Elon Lope 7 months ago +2

    Living legend right here!!

  • Todd Lavigne
    Todd Lavigne 7 months ago

    both leaders are idiots

  • viraj dobriyal
    viraj dobriyal 7 months ago

    I am on TV man!

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 7 months ago +3

    "Nobody'd wanna have a beer with Hillary Clinton!" LOL! Comic gold!!! Truer words were never spoken!

  • Chris McMahon
    Chris McMahon 8 months ago

    What is this, National Paraguay TV? How cheesey and unprofessional. Interviewing her brother in-law and he answers the phone???!!! Or was it staged? Then the whole interview would be a sham. Either way, my high school media class could have done better.

    • Super Bird
      Super Bird 25 days ago

      Chris McMahon - I thought the phone bloopers is what made the video genuine. Norm is unintentionally funny. 😆

  • sanctuarywoods77
    sanctuarywoods77 8 months ago +1

    They try so hard to make Trump look bad..but they fail every time.

  • Ragnar Danneskjöld
    Ragnar Danneskjöld 8 months ago

    I hope Norm is a better comedian than he is at analysing Trump.

  • Simon Legree
    Simon Legree 8 months ago

    Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel, Norm. Please feel free to "Amy Schumer" his kind of humour. That's humour with a u.

  • Mike Watkins
    Mike Watkins 8 months ago +1

    The dude is next level. The bit about him not wanting to play Donald Trump in part because he thinks Trump often is doing a self parody - and there's nothing worse than getting caught imitating that.... It is SO smart and full on insight. Wish this was the template for american interviews.

  • Tasha Komaroff
    Tasha Komaroff 8 months ago

    Aw, I love you Joyce! Very sweet. I think Norm is a class act.

  • Leonard Chornomaz
    Leonard Chornomaz 8 months ago

    Norm seemed to be very cautious about choosing his words.

  • gutenbird
    gutenbird 8 months ago +1

    Can’t parody self parody. That’s pretty deep.

  • 3101010
    3101010 8 months ago

    Norm Macdonald isn't relevant since 20 years ago.

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale 8 months ago +1

    Hey Seth... where’s the collusion?! You are the joke.

  • Paul Linklater
    Paul Linklater 8 months ago

    probably adam eget calling

  • milkyway
    milkyway 8 months ago +1

    thank you fuckers....bye

  • milkyway
    milkyway 8 months ago +1

    Retards here..very sad...duhh.....

  • Harry Mathew
    Harry Mathew 9 months ago

    Norm is the slowest talking smart guy ever.

  • TradPolitics Show
    TradPolitics Show 9 months ago +1

    Seth Meyers was never funny, complete sellout.

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet 9 months ago

    Norm seems a little twitchy.

  • Jay Griffiths
    Jay Griffiths 9 months ago +3

    I love Norm.

  • William123
    William123 9 months ago +1

    Who knew Norm McDonald was a fool for Trump?

    • William123
      William123 9 months ago

      Who knew Norm McDonald was a fascist numbnuts?

  • disparityband
    disparityband 9 months ago

    The thing is that not all comedians "going after" Trump are bad comedians or otherwise simpletons. A majority , yeah, and is it a totally passe and easy thing to do, yeah, but these hacks and their lack of talent and intellect would be easy to spot with or without the existence of Donald Trump. In the 80's Berkley Breathed's Bloom County strip had months of storyline making fun of Donald Trump and Ivanka and Ivanna and his political life etc. Conan O'Brien used to do a trump impression regularly in his monologues that was pretty stellar. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert can make all the Trump jokes they want since POLITICS and CRITICISM OF THE PRESIDENT have ALWAYS been in their wheel-house.... Letterman used to do "Great Moments in Presidential History" criticizing George Bush and before that was relentless Clinton mockery; now he's replaced by Stephen Colbert- former host of the Colbert Report (where BTW Donald Trump was the focus and interview in a segment called Difference Makers) who has a decade of experience making political comedy about the President and Republicans in general. If Norm or his interviewer are alluding to Colbert in this piece, they are obviously mistaken.

  • Tony Lang
    Tony Lang 9 months ago


  • LBboarding b
    LBboarding b 9 months ago +3

    One of the best Canadians walking

  • Aa I
    Aa I 9 months ago +20

    Norm, former lumberjack and now comedy legend, being interviewed on Canadian television by his sister-in-law while wearing a Habs cap and answering his cell phone and it's all good fun. why I love this country!!!

    • Seneca’s Adoptive Son
      Seneca’s Adoptive Son Month ago

      hayk3000 he’s a Canadian man...he wasn’t a Mountie, so by deduction, he must have been a lumberjack. Simple logic.

    • hayk3000
      hayk3000 7 months ago

      How do you know he was a lumberjack?

  • Richard the Goatfucker
    Richard the Goatfucker 9 months ago

    "All that sh- all those shows..."

  • szs voc
    szs voc 9 months ago +2


  • smithwez1101
    smithwez1101 10 months ago

    Norm McDonald sex game. Grab your stuff or rub your bean Everytime Norm says eh, uh, or hesitates. Arousing for some reason

  • Graham Wood
    Graham Wood 10 months ago

    It's like every washed up comedian Oz the courier to Trump carnt think of anything funny just say Trume and all the brainless will laugh

  • Douglas Lewis
    Douglas Lewis 10 months ago +2

    SNL is crap.

  • Htims Senoj Ominona
    Htims Senoj Ominona 10 months ago


  • David Hickey
    David Hickey 10 months ago +1

    Latenite weasels.. Boycott all of them

  • Duck Manson
    Duck Manson 10 months ago +2

    Norm is awesome. Period.

  • DucksDeLucks
    DucksDeLucks 10 months ago +3

    Brilliant analogy between Trump and a WWE wrestler. Trump is unabashedly full of himself like a wrestler.

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst 10 months ago +5

    Norm looks fantastic for 58.. Easily can pass for 45 when he is clean shaven.

  • stooby d
    stooby d 11 months ago +2

    That quote about how it's easy for bad comedians was amazing. I instantly thought of all those god awful leftist comedians and Jimmy Kimmel instanly came to mind.

  • b0ss Beer Reviews
    b0ss Beer Reviews 11 months ago +2

    I can`t take anyone seriously who started hating Trump after 2015 when he announced his candidacy. They hate him strictly cause they`re told to hate him. Sheep. Brain dead slaves to the Leftist fake news media.

  • ShinDig
    ShinDig 11 months ago +1

    great observation on Trump....all those late night fools can learn something for watching this interview...

  • David G
    David G 11 months ago

    Love Norm! Also proud he’s apart of the poker community! Cheers Norm!

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 11 months ago +7

    Joyce is great. How many other journalists for big stations would react to Norm like this? She was genuinely laughing and having fun. Also, it goes without saying that Norm is awesome.

  • TransparentLabyrinth
    TransparentLabyrinth 11 months ago

    I disagree with the assessment that Trump is self-parodying. At least, insofar as what self-parodying means to the average person. It's possible that Trump does something like self-parodying sometimes, but it means something different to him. In other words, if the average person makes fun of themself, they probably mean it in a self-deprecating manner with some real meaning behind it; as in, they believe there is some truth to the mocking of who they are and it helps them take themself less seriously because of it.
    For a narcissist like Trump, if he self-parodies, he probably doesn't see it as actual deprecation of himself. It's just a mode of crowd-pleasing and he doesn't take himself any less seriously, ultimately.
    So no, I don't agree with the conclusion. People are often poking fun at how bloated Trump is about himself at the core of his sense of self, not just the surface things he says. If it was just the things he says on the surface, it wouldn't be as serious of a concern. His personality from the ground up is a grandiose sense of self and it oozes into the things he says and the ways that he acts.

  • Armedlegally
    Armedlegally 11 months ago

    Thank God, Norm lost all that weight!!

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark 11 months ago +1

    The intellect, self-awareness, and insight. Took me a long time to get Norm (as much as one could from a distance). Such a fan now

  • Titan12
    Titan12 11 months ago +3

    "Nobody want to have a beer with Hillary Clinton..."🤣

  • w wallace
    w wallace 11 months ago +1

    Trudeau is a moron if you can’t see that, then you too are an idiot.

  • Cristopher Wescott
    Cristopher Wescott 11 months ago

    The most stupit program ever.

  • 01lexus
    01lexus 11 months ago +4

    I love how they included the awful, snotty, whiney, totally unfunny Seth Meyers as a example of unfunny comedians/talk show hosts. He is unwatchable, whose brainstorm was it to give him a talk show, the only reason he was chosen was that he is a preachy young liberal, that is pretty much it.

  • pinkmist
    pinkmist 11 months ago +1

    Lov Norm

  • Michael Heins
    Michael Heins 11 months ago +3

    Might just be the most insightful look at 45 that I've read. Nice one Norm.

  • dreastyork
    dreastyork 11 months ago +1

    Seth Meyers is not funny and it’s shows how bad late night shows have become.

  • William Wagner
    William Wagner 11 months ago +3

    This is an extremely sharp man.

  • krazy bzs
    krazy bzs 11 months ago +2

    I love Trump and Norm is old school classy guy . Luv it !

  • Jerry Craig
    Jerry Craig Year ago +4

    You gotta like an honest guy, Norm is an honest and real human, Good for Norm

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago +2

    canada sucks..and always has sucked...i don't even want to help them...theyre too brainwashed....norm got out ..good on him