2019 Pokémon North America International Championships: Pokémon TCG Masters Division Finals

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Watch Stéphane Ivanoff battle Emery Taylor in the finals of the 2019 Pokémon TCG North America International Championships! 🏆
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  • random videos
    random videos Day ago

    I have the deny in the thumbnail

  • Howard Kang
    Howard Kang 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else dont understand anything?

  • Ivano Divano
    Ivano Divano 23 days ago

    if you want some idea for deck you can watch my two favorite deck, thanks ☺😀

  • Deathwind233
    Deathwind233 Month ago +1

    so that guy with the curly hair has sweaty armpits wth

  • Da Boi
    Da Boi Month ago

    Me:completed every pokemon game except red blue yellow X and ruby

    Also mr:Are you supposed to say uno?

  • krystalfan
    krystalfan Month ago +6

    that guy in the gray pixel pika shirt looks like he isn't allowed to be within 500 feet of schools and public parks

    • America
      America 25 days ago

      i was thinking this about the 2 of em lol

  • Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
    Jiu Jitsu Dweeb Month ago


  • Jeremy Pankey
    Jeremy Pankey Month ago

    Wow so you can actually play with the cards. I thought they were just for flexing your dick in the other kids face at recess.

  • izeaMC
    izeaMC 2 months ago

    Pokèmon TCG

  • Rosendo Cuevas
    Rosendo Cuevas 2 months ago


  • Addy C:
    Addy C: 3 months ago +7

    I had a dream the other night that I was at a TCG tournament and my mother lost my deck.

  • Safi Safirulla
    Safi Safirulla 3 months ago


  • Safi Safirulla
    Safi Safirulla 3 months ago


  • poki sensei
    poki sensei 3 months ago

    stephane et l antitranspiration putain !! gg mec

  • Kheejhay Cyryll
    Kheejhay Cyryll 3 months ago

    Just here to say
    Yu gi oh is the best!!

  • Breezax
    Breezax 3 months ago

    Can anyone explain me why they shuffle their cards in a strange way?? Is this a Champions rule or just weird shuffle skills?? And they shuffle a lot

  • Julio Figueroa
    Julio Figueroa 3 months ago

    Cause you play VG

  • Mr, Hyrule
    Mr, Hyrule 4 months ago +1

    I'm confused about this game

  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris 4 months ago

    Mtg way better

  • Mark Kong
    Mark Kong 4 months ago +3

    I have no idea how to play this game!

    • Jade Rangel
      Jade Rangel 3 months ago +2

      It's supe easy when u create ur deck just strategize what moves you will make it's about fate because ur never sure what u will draw unless ur helper cards allow you to look and choose but it's about taking out ur opponents Pokemon with ur Pokemons ability some instantly if it's powers up for strong hits some hits are weaker if you don't have enoph energy to enable ur strongest ability (: then boom lol

  • Allen Renshaw
    Allen Renshaw 4 months ago +1

    Can someone tell me what the headphones they're wearing is for?

    • LTK_Spray
      LTK_Spray 2 months ago +1

      Allen Renshaw so when they are playing they can’t here the comintators

    • Wat Denkkksst
      Wat Denkkksst 3 months ago +1

      mostly porn

    • Ace1020
      Ace1020 4 months ago +1

      People say that they listen to porn or music

  • Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu 4 months ago

    Should the energy you put in a deck fit for all of the pokemon in your deck? Please tell me. Thank you.

    • Baha Baha
      Baha Baha 4 months ago

      No, you can use energies that don‘t fit every pokemon in the deck :)

  • Detective Pikachu
    Detective Pikachu 4 months ago +10

    I'm watching this to know how to build my own deck

  • reid ob
    reid ob 4 months ago +2

    how do they stay single ? ...

  • Snowplosion
    Snowplosion 4 months ago +52

    When the guy with the headband came on I thought he looks cooler then the other guy then I saw his socks

  • YellowHot FattishChips
    YellowHot FattishChips 4 months ago +1

    Bravo stéphane t'as bien représenté la France :)

  • slipknotSIDwillson 666
    slipknotSIDwillson 666 4 months ago +1

    what why am i watching this i dnt play pokemon i play yu gi oh

  • M H
    M H 4 months ago +1

    Awkward nerds level 100

  • Seth D
    Seth D 4 months ago +1


  • Indiana John
    Indiana John 5 months ago +6

    It was cool to see him run off the stage to his friends. That was a great moment 👍

  • Dxublee
    Dxublee 5 months ago

    Why did I get
    Bored and look up this cancer

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 5 months ago +1

    My favorite pokemon gx charzard ex

  • Raycapone The Art Designer

    I’m not a fan of tag team gx

  • Hunter
    Hunter 5 months ago

    This is real?

  • Crypto Villain Thoughts
    Crypto Villain Thoughts 5 months ago +1

    I’m not a Pokémon fan but it was pretty cool watching this 👍

  • PriusTurtle27
    PriusTurtle27 5 months ago +4

    Commentator: "Guzma. It's ya boy"
    You did it. You crazy son of a female Stoutland, you did it.

  • general tony
    general tony 5 months ago +45

    Me: Look mom I'am on TV
    Mom: You are still a disgrace

  • Tyler Weatherbee
    Tyler Weatherbee 5 months ago +7

    Why am I watching this.

  • SilentCar
    SilentCar 5 months ago +110

    Me, a Pokémon Videogame player is so confused

    • Rocket hamster
      Rocket hamster Month ago

      @Chad Latta its Really Hard

    • Chad Latta
      Chad Latta 3 months ago

      i'm trying to learn the card game! and it's going weeelllllllllllLLLLLL. . . . ?:)

    • Jackson Bayley
      Jackson Bayley 3 months ago

      SilentCar I agree👍🏻👍🏻

  • XX TigerCub
    XX TigerCub 5 months ago +2

    Any good duelist who plays Yugioh knows that 40 cards in a deck is much better than 60. Since pokemon requires to have a minimum of 60 cards, it’s only reasonable that a deck that allows you to burn through it fast is OP.

    • EpicallyEvil
      EpicallyEvil 4 months ago

      @Dion Haff Card advantage is arguably the most important thing in magic, gives you the tempo and the extra cards/advantage to make plays/reactions to opponents plays.

    • Dion Haff
      Dion Haff 5 months ago +1

      XX TigerCub I don’t play yugioh or pokemon, But play magic and even in magic, burning through your deck is almost a guaranteed win. Card advantage is godly.

  • Joebro 3443
    Joebro 3443 5 months ago +2

    I can't believe I used to take this game seriously

  • Cat Eating Chez Burger
    Cat Eating Chez Burger 5 months ago +4

    this game has ruled from 5 difrent games combined to one.

  • Cat Eating Chez Burger
    Cat Eating Chez Burger 5 months ago +3

    6 minutes of shuffle. what just happend!!!!?

  • Colm Gallagher
    Colm Gallagher 5 months ago

    where’s there a torraterra tickle deck

  • SSShotGun Playz
    SSShotGun Playz 6 months ago

    wanna be ninja

  • Sean Adam
    Sean Adam 6 months ago +9

    The misplay of not Nest Balling for the Tapu Koko Prism is what lost Emery Game 1. I guess the heat of the moment got him and he wanted to yeet rather than prepare himself for the future. Normally you might hesitate, but in that situation, with an energy switch or two in hand, he could have easily just koko'd onto Zeraora and Zekrom, then manually attach for the KO on Zorua.

  • Alex Darnall
    Alex Darnall 6 months ago

    I played against emery once in a tournament. Total douche

  • sarcon2009
    sarcon2009 6 months ago

    Guy on the lefr cheats at 4:47 into the video switches cards positions within his deck...

    • Hwaiteu
      Hwaiteu 6 months ago +4

      that's the card he was going to pick, come on don't tell someone is cheating when you don't know anything about the game

  • Danny De La Cruz
    Danny De La Cruz 6 months ago +3

    I can smell the sweat and axe from here

  • iliya193
    iliya193 6 months ago +1

    Is the female caster's name Cora? The Cora that casts Hearthstone games?

  • cocaine cola
    cocaine cola 6 months ago +13

    sweaty french man vs ninja nerd child

  • Naked Sloth
    Naked Sloth 6 months ago +4

    Wow your opponent gets the last cut when shuffling his deck? Yeah totally can't cheat at all.

    • Zach Zavelsky
      Zach Zavelsky 6 months ago +1

      Yeah you can’t, if that cut is not there, your opponent can counter stack their deck. The player wasn’t the one shuffling, so they can’t see what cards they are cutting, keeping it random. Unless of course there were marked cards, but by now judges would have caught it if it was there

  • Josh Brz
    Josh Brz 6 months ago

    wow kid got wrecked

  • Rey Ramses ll
    Rey Ramses ll 6 months ago +3

    Emery could win this one, but he din't play very well his deck in the second match... in min 38:40 he could put down the Pikarom on bench use the electric stadium so he can use attacks on dedene, put the electric energy on the dedenne, use GX attack, hit and paralysis, sthepane CANT kill one hit on Pikarom, so next turn Emery put dedenne down and throw the horrible hand he has, and get a fresh new hand and possible win from there... oh well... the miss plays... i was screaming to the screen use dedenne GX !!! when he get the electric energy hahaha, but, oh well.

  • Emirhan Pempe Yaşar
    Emirhan Pempe Yaşar 6 months ago


  • isaacearlg2
    isaacearlg2 6 months ago +7

    half this videos is just straight shuffling

  • ElGiganto17
    ElGiganto17 6 months ago +7

    That's what you get for playing Marshadow turn one. Glad that card will be gone soon.

  • Julian Dirisio
    Julian Dirisio 6 months ago +5

    29:34 isn't zoroark gx hitting for 80 damage? and pikarom has 100 hp still

    • zigzag
      zigzag 6 months ago +2

      Julian Dirisio no pikarom had 160

  • Carl Watson
    Carl Watson 6 months ago +4

    The best part of the match was @ the end when He believed in Zoro ark GX and Zoro ark believed in him! lol

  • alltoowell.
    alltoowell. 6 months ago +4

    32:57 why didn’t Emery play radar below playing marshadow?