Mariah Carey Doesn’t Have Time for Cheap Christmas Decorations | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Lambs, this one’s for you! Mariah Carey, the queen of Christmas, stopped by our very special holiday edition of Expensive Taste Test to show off her fancy skills, and ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ gift wrap. 😅 🎁 Normally, we present our contestants with two products and ask them to choose which one is most expensive. Well, forget what you know about the rules of this game-because in this episode, Mimi’s choosing which products SHE likes best (which, ya know, happen to be the more expensive ones…so it works)! So, pour yourself some peppermint hot chocolate and enjoy this very merry episode.
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Comments • 741

  • Gemma Niye
    Gemma Niye 6 days ago

    She didn't play the game right, sounded stuck up as hell with all her answers, and just plugged her own shit the whole time. I really used to like her but fame & wealth has made her annoying af!

  • Siena McCleery
    Siena McCleery 7 days ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Mariah creates her own set of rules and still manages to absolutely slay the game

  • Siena McCleery
    Siena McCleery 7 days ago

    We love how she made up her own set of rules entirely yet she still won the whole thing

  • Parth Gupta
    Parth Gupta 9 days ago

    Hey I'm Mariah Carey
    Me - Duh!!

  • Kenara Arief fadillah
    Kenara Arief fadillah 10 days ago

    Instantly I feel " So poor " hahahahhhhhahaha thank to god its 5 minutes duration only ..,

  • Mohammad Arif
    Mohammad Arif 12 days ago

    Yea Maria.

  • Emily Coco
    Emily Coco 12 days ago

    Was she confused about what this game is 😂

  • Andrea C
    Andrea C 12 days ago +1

    She is so annoying...

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit 13 days ago

    She loves her things

  • Patrik Petrovic
    Patrik Petrovic 14 days ago +1

    0:08 the woman with glasses in their intro is literally Mariah like I can't 😂😂

  • jan
    jan 14 days ago

    i feel like she’s selling me the products 😂

  • tere llamas
    tere llamas 14 days ago

    Why did I even bother to click on this video. And think she was human

  • Samantha Graszler
    Samantha Graszler 15 days ago

    She’s so cringy😂😂😂

  • Violet Rain
    Violet Rain 15 days ago +1

    She is such a beyatch. I would never invite her to my house. She must hate poor people.

  • Hilary Who
    Hilary Who 15 days ago

    Mariah is queen! 👑✨

  • Gio
    Gio 15 days ago

    She really ignored the rules and did her own thing 💀💀

  • Gio
    Gio 15 days ago

    Why does she seem so bitchy 🥴😣

  • jennifer vailes
    jennifer vailes 15 days ago

    She has one hit Christmas song 20 years ago and she's now the queen of Christmas? 🤔

  • Jessica Furtado
    Jessica Furtado 15 days ago +2

    so cause she's famous she didn't have to play the game properly? this video sucked

  • Cristine Davis
    Cristine Davis 17 days ago

    It’s not about which one *~you like better~* Mariah, it’s about which one you think is more expensive. Not even watching this one

    LAURA LEE 17 days ago

    She’s annoying af

  • itsKaraElizabeth
    itsKaraElizabeth 18 days ago

    Mariah: the rules are simple
    Also Mariah: (not the rules)

  • Elise Brooks
    Elise Brooks 18 days ago

    i love her

  • P B
    P B 20 days ago

    @mariahcarey is flawless.

  • Delfi Gomez
    Delfi Gomez 20 days ago

    Shes a pain in the ass

  • Lilo A
    Lilo A 20 days ago +16

    “queen of christmas gets a point anyway” lmfao

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo 20 days ago +4

    i bet the producers were like “ammm Miss Mariah, you have to choose which one’s more expensive” but stopped trying after fhe 3rd item haha

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo 20 days ago +3

    so we end up not having a score cause she didn’t go with the rule HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Nicole Cooper
    Nicole Cooper 21 day ago +2

    I clicked and was SWIFTLY reminded why I dislike her

  • Alyssia Lopez
    Alyssia Lopez 21 day ago

    Did anyone tell her the rules ????

  • SLYx207z
    SLYx207z 22 days ago

    Ha ha ha

  • Ryan Luperena
    Ryan Luperena 22 days ago

    Ive watched a few of these. her doing these guessing games and she NEVER follows the rules. but because she's Mariah she gets a pass? nah. SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE CALLED HER ASS OUT 😂

  • Anna Holst
    Anna Holst 23 days ago

    Can you please do another video with her, but just the original expensive taste test❤️✨

  • john doe
    john doe 25 days ago

    didnt realize mariah liked Christmas so much. she takes it serious and i love that.

  • stephanie turpen
    stephanie turpen 26 days ago

    Because of Mariah Im going to start making a bigger deal out of Christmas for my 6 kids than I do now.

  • reagybear
    reagybear 26 days ago

    I love how Mariah just owns her right to superiority now haha. So iconic. Love that, Queen

  • Rouba D
    Rouba D 27 days ago

    I love red Christmas decorations:

  • Christoph Lee
    Christoph Lee 28 days ago

    The way she threw the wreath lol

  • Ebay Reseller & Thrift King

    Mariah Carey lives in Mariah Carey World 🌎 I mean this in a Fun Light hearted way lol ❤❤

  • Giselle Treviño
    Giselle Treviño Month ago

    Mariah said let's shoot the video and while other shots not including me are filmed lemme knock out as much coin possible by having the people come to me on these seperate sets we will make. Yaas queen

  • Edward Gonzales
    Edward Gonzales Month ago

    She literally filmed so many segments this day like manny mua etc she was OVER IT lol


    Mariah's shade is unmatched!!! 🤣🤣 Who shades a Christmas ornament? Mariah Carey! And I love it!!

  • AS00400349
    AS00400349 Month ago

    The fact Mariah felt the need to talk about her expensive ring, and what collection it was from, constantly talk about how she prefers things handmade, ignore the rules of the game entirely, and think it is okay to throw items in the studio which she herself wasn't going to pick up but rather the studio's employees, all show how pretentious she is. Definitely the Hollywood diva stereotype she's made out to be. No wonder her husband divorced her.

  • macy loves bananas
    macy loves bananas Month ago +1

    "Sighs in Christmas" I died 😂

  • Theresa Grob
    Theresa Grob Month ago +1

    Your cute And funny marry christmass 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • Theresa Grob
    Theresa Grob Month ago +1


  • Jitesh Karania
    Jitesh Karania Month ago

    Mariah is too hilarious 😂

  • Rodrigo Triana
    Rodrigo Triana Month ago

    Divaaaaa!! (Read this in a drunk and high Whitney Houston's voice)

  • Brando Pike
    Brando Pike Month ago

    She seems like the perfect person to gossip and talk shit about other people lol

  • emiri davis
    emiri davis Month ago

    Girl.... You're suppose to guess which is more expensive, not which one you'd pick. Dear lord..

  • Heyya There
    Heyya There Month ago

    3:50 “yeah, this is pretty. Very nice.”

  • Random J
    Random J Month ago

    Mariah saw the brief for this game and said 'So, here's what I'mma do...'

  • Kayla Ball
    Kayla Ball Month ago

    This is why I've never liked Mariah Carey.....she literally cant even follow these simple rules! It's not what you like its what's more expensive!

  • Sava
    Sava Month ago +1

    It's not that we're that poor y'all, she's just *_THAT_* rich!

  • E.H.K
    E.H.K Month ago

    mariah needs to have her own daily countdown show until christmas... please do it next year!!! the mariavent

  • E.H.K
    E.H.K Month ago

    she aint feeling plaid 😂😂😂😂👌💕🦋☃️🎄🗽

  • Myk & Raffy
    Myk & Raffy Month ago

    Omg soooo festive and funnny

  • taco bélle
    taco bélle Month ago +1

    shes if miss claus got reincarnated into a pop star icon

  • Sherri Daniel
    Sherri Daniel Month ago

    Appreciate MC keeping TheTraditionalThe ” 'Yule Tide " Classics Celebrated Thank even Down to the Red & White Stocking.congratulationsOn🎼🎶🎤😯🎼👗👠👛Billboard 🎅🤶🎄🎁🎀💟👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  • Iida Backman
    Iida Backman Month ago