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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan

  • Published on Sep 26, 2021
  • Get Sharri Markson’s book ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ here: linktr.ee/WhatReallyHappenedI...
    This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic.
    Award-winning journalist Sharri Markson spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan.
    Ms Markson uncovered evidence of a widespread cover-up and unpacks the new theory that “patient zero” worked in the Wuhan lab.
    Sky News Australia anchor and Investigations Writer at The Australian, Sharri has been at the forefront of investigating the origins of COVID-19 since early in 2020 when the virus spread globally. Since that time, the precise genesis of COVID-19 has been hotly contested, with scientists, government officials, the World Health Organization, and the Chinese authorities releasing conflicting reports.
    In a coup for Australian television, Sharri secures the first sit-down interview for an Australian broadcast media outlet with Donald Trump since he was elected president in 2016.
    Sharri also speaks with a range of Chinese whistle-blowers, scientists, and high-ranking intelligence officials to bring us closer to discovering the truth of what happened in Wuhan.
    These include John Ratcliffe, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence from 2020 to 2021, and former head of British intelligence service, Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove.

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  • form76
    form76 7 months ago +1313

    This report doesn't shock, it only confirms and reinforces all that was hidden below the carpet by MSM. Great job Sharri!

    • DarkbyDesign
      DarkbyDesign 3 days ago

      @Alexander Berg
      Start researching the stuff released under the freedom of information act and her actual book. The facts are there staring everyone in the face.
      Gain of function and black science in labs with a terrible safety record.
      What could possibly go wrong ……..

    • Ted Hernandez
      Ted Hernandez 27 days ago

      @Andrew Mole please feel free to assist.
      If there is an opportunity to contribute to the content already tendered?
      Hey, by all means go for it.
      I'm sure many of us are all "ears".

    • Andrew Mole
      Andrew Mole 27 days ago

      This hasn’t aged well, which is not surprising, given that it was strong on opinions and light on facts. The evidence is now largely on the side of the natural source.

  • Kori Lesmann
    Kori Lesmann Month ago +262

    It is definitely an honor and privilege to watch a media that actually does journalism and reports truth.

    • Tammy Nesmith
      Tammy Nesmith 13 days ago

      @Ocorley3but like to the sky and very Shine of your life and the lord.

    • Tammy Nesmith
      Tammy Nesmith 13 days ago

      It s believe that good Tbing has a Strongest not lost of offensive.

    • Jason Summers
      Jason Summers 16 days ago

      Truth is what you believe.
      Reality and Beliefs are two different things entirely.

  • Tim Sexton
    Tim Sexton Month ago +23

    I watched this piece three times and even went down the *_rabbit hole_* and read the book. Thanks goes out to *_Sky News Australia_* and Sharri Markson for doing the work that was ignored by most in the American media. To the extent that cockroaches scramble for safe crevasses as light illuminates the room, you can count on those directly involved and those who stand to lose their funding will link arms and push a choreographed alternate narrative. All under willing support of social media & corporate media in place of a proper debate.
    Respect & recognition to those Chinese health professionals who gave their lives trying to get the word out in the early days and other people today willing to discuss it. At 54:30 John Ratcliffe stated there is additional intelligence not currently in the public sphere, that which the Biden administration *_could_* declassify.

  • Ari Thematic
    Ari Thematic Month ago +215

    My heart goes out to all those who lost their loved ones due to the pandemic. May their soul rest in peace.

    • Suphatra Chaiyasit
      Suphatra Chaiyasit 2 days ago

      Good on her but she must never go to China Hong Kong or the Salomon island for a holiday

    • GForce Winds Winds
      GForce Winds Winds 2 days ago

      They lost loved one because of malpractice and murder.

    • Ralph lumbard
      Ralph lumbard 5 days ago

      @John Spur w just

  • Ricky Clere
    Ricky Clere Month ago +371

    When are we going to rise up and say enough is enough? I'm sick of all the corruption

    • Mister Tibbs
      Mister Tibbs 13 days ago

      @Charles Pyatt from politicians??????? dopey kid grow up

    • Charles Pyatt
      Charles Pyatt 13 days ago

      If we get a rock solid Republican win for the midterms we will actually have a good chance at giving the proper investigation to the subject and exposing the criminals involved that have killed millions around the globe. Justice needs to be served !!

  • SuessLabs
    SuessLabs 7 months ago +2411

    Instantly more informative and accurate than American media's whole year reporting in 59 minutes.

    • Jerry G
      Jerry G 11 days ago

      My thoughts exactly. And everything that was denied is now coming out as true.

    • sheky275
      sheky275 20 days ago

      @Leo Naessens CNN is easy to pick on because like Fox News, it’s not really news , it’s opinion. PBS is a better organization in my opinion. There’s not so many opinions and outrage. But, I agree that CNN has at least one foot in reality.

  • Danny T
    Danny T Month ago +120

    Sharri Markson works on this took some real deep devotion , interest and commitment . She is deserving of Pulitzer prize . I have her bok , its absolutely mind blowing what she single handedly brought to light by putting all credible people with significant credentials togerher .

    • DarkbyDesign
      DarkbyDesign Month ago +2

      @Ted Hernandez
      What really happened in Wuhan by Shari Markson.
      Scary though. More than any sci do or horror book.
      Shit is deep and dark.

    • Danny T
      Danny T Month ago +1

      @Ted Hernandez Amazon dude

  • DarkbyDesign
    DarkbyDesign 24 days ago +24

    Bless this lady Shari Markson.
    Her book is insane and sadly a very traumatic read. It’s been two years of suffering since having been hit late March 2020.
    *God bless her and Australia for having the journalistic courage and integrity to bring this cover up into the light.*

  • M-Series Matt
    M-Series Matt Month ago +50

    Thank you. Did not think I would be here with the end credits rolling, but yeah. Very well produced piece of journalistic passion. World is certainly bonkers...THAT'S the certainty here.

    • Julian Ciaha
      Julian Ciaha 19 days ago +2

      and now with the Ukraine situation is getting more crazy more deceitful

  • Olgui Q
    Olgui Q 26 days ago +37

    My Mom died from Covid. The Hell that she went through, along with myself, not being able to see her in person for two months, and by "in person" I mean in a coffin. I WISH TO ALL THAT KNEW and ALLOWED this to go on the same that my mother went through. EVIL MOTHER****ers. Yes, I'm angry, hurt and still in disbelief. Thank you for this reporting. An Absolute gem of information. Really torn with emotions at the moment. I live in America and the lies, from all sides... too much. Again, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Blessings to our world.

    • Olgui Q
      Olgui Q 3 days ago

      @Margret Blair Thank you. Love the quote and Yes staying strong, because I know it's what she would want. I found one of her robes today and was able to have a subtle whiff of her. I lost my smell n taste to Covid, but that brief hint of her was priceless.

    • Margret Blair
      Margret Blair 4 days ago +1

      Stay strong. You went through what most people can imagine. Let this make you stronger. And when people tell you I know exactly how you feel! They have no clue and they are not in your shoes! I'm hurting for your horrible experience. I'll pray for you to have strength to carry on. 🙏 May God Bless you. Hang in there. The best is yet to come. I stole that line from Frank Sinatras gravestone. Keep your chin up and your head held high. I just don't know what say other than that tough get going and others get left behind. My prayers go out too you. Know that God is with you!. No matter what evil surrounds us. Stay 💪

    • Margret Blair
      Margret Blair 5 days ago +1

      @Imperious Rex me too! My heart feels broken 💔

    • Margret Blair
      Margret Blair 5 days ago

      @Olgui Q Before you can go to sleep. Think of her and the good memories. You may get a sense of peace from her. My heart is broken hearing your story and pain. Pray for strength and know your mother is in God's hands.

    • Margret Blair
      Margret Blair 5 days ago +3

      Oh My God. I lost my mother and it was the hardest thing in my life. My heart and prayers go out to you! Honestly to not be able to be close and even touch her hand and be with her sounds horrible. I feel pain for you but you need to stay strong. You definitely have a good reason to be angry 😠. I wished I could do something for you to help. That's just plain horrible. For both of you especially, and others too!. God Bless you and she wasn't alone.

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes 4 months ago +2581

    Final nail in American Journalism. Having to go to Australian news for factual reporting one year after the outbreak on a RU-clip channel speaks volumes. RIP

    • JoAnne Mackey
      JoAnne Mackey 2 days ago

      I have been doing the same thing and I really enjoy their news people. RIP, USA news, Tucker and Sean were the only ones I listen too after Soros bought Fox Nes, that is a guess on who did it, however, it is right up his dirty ally.....

    • David Schmidt
      David Schmidt 9 days ago

      William, sad but true. " BUT...and I say, But, I say...BUT..." (do it in Foghorn Leghorn's voice, it's more fun...) be DAMN glad we HAVE SkyNewsAustralia as a friend!!! I joke a lot, (retired Science teacher, it's an occupational hazard...) but It is truly my feelings. You folks at SNA are great, easy to watch, and probably a great set of folks with whom to have a shrimp on the barbie!! lol

    • Joseph Becker
      Joseph Becker 9 days ago

      @One man Counts I think o

    • Keith Harner
      Keith Harner 9 days ago

      @One man Counts Greatness only comes from honor and respect.

    • patringg elaba
      patringg elaba 10 days ago

      @rex warren v

  • Peter Poulos
    Peter Poulos Month ago +84

    You know all of these guys are telling the truth, when they have to be careful not to leak classified information and talk in a very cautious way.

    • TopShot
      TopShot 10 days ago

      @Kevin Fisher what was your claim

    • Kevin Fisher
      Kevin Fisher 20 days ago

      @Peter Poulos Wrong. Go ahead and guess again. I bet you will be wrong again though.
      Here let me help you out and save you some hassle and embarrassment at guessing incorrectly. I have been independent for decades now. Both of those 2 major parties are as bad as each other and imho have not represented the people for a very long time. They are too beholden to companies and more representative of business. But most importantly, NONE of this is even relevant. Disease and viruses does not care about politics.
      Let me guess, you do not have any actual evidence either. Or any valid dispute to my claim. Clearly since your response is about something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. This opinion piece network is talking cautiously because they know they have nothing substantial to report. All they have is mere conjecture and gossip.

    • Peter Poulos
      Peter Poulos 21 day ago +1

      @Kevin Fisher Let me guess. You voted for Joe Biden.

  • DarkbyDesign
    DarkbyDesign 21 day ago +31

    Two years + into the pandemic and countries still refuse to talk about what’s in our faces.
    Sad days.

  • Jared Ward
    Jared Ward Month ago +73

    This is insane. One of the best documentaries of that last many many years. I needed to know this.

  • Donna Barton
    Donna Barton Month ago +91

    I don't believe that it was an accident. They've been working up to this for years

    • Dubem Mba
      Dubem Mba 25 days ago +5

      Fauci sent that lab funds remember

    • Misha Anton
      Misha Anton Month ago +3

      Don't Ever forget that we did have biolab in US. G of F research was opposed by hundreds of doctors who thought it too dangerous to do. Imo, DOD (whichever has that authority) would have thought we had to fund this as defense. I imagine, as we see l, funding never stopped. There were many level 4 labs around the world. I love science and the inet used to (4 and 6 yrs back) give much better search results. I knew and showed and told ppl about Level 4 kab in Wuh@n along with the bio breeches it and other labs had. A female doctor who worked in US lab (Lev 4) told of protective protocols Not being followed. The US is complicit, imo. She is silenced almost as bans on this subject being discussed on social media.
      One doctor said Remd!s!ver made it worse. I don't remember mechanism.

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson 6 months ago +1622

    As a molecular biologist having worked in Genetics, the "lab leak" was always the most likely hypothesis. Particularly with the sequencing of the spike protein. Every scientist that claimed otherwise needs to seriously reevaluate their competence and/or biases.

    • Ashtar
      Ashtar 3 days ago

      @friedtamago frauci didn't make any errors in making funding for the virus, it's intentional.

    • Misha Anton
      Misha Anton Month ago

      I honestly don't see the correlation between the leak hypothesis and the sequencing. However a microbiologist told (hidden) person very earlier that it was a spliced v!rus. It had human and animal DN@. While the narratives were all saying that this virus was SO mysterious. They had the sequence.

  • Dretch
    Dretch Month ago +77

    I was deathly ill with the flu in December of 2019. I ended up in the emergency room because I was unable to breath and had pneumonia. I had never been so sick in my life.
    Living in Nova Scotia at the time, I never thought that it was possible that I had Covid 19 until recently. Luckily Covid 19 protocols were not available yet and that is likely what saved my life.

    • Charles Pyatt
      Charles Pyatt 13 days ago +1

      If we get a rock solid Republican win for the midterms we will actually have a good chance at giving the proper investigation to the subject and exposing the criminals involved that have killed millions around the globe. Justice needs to be served !!

    • ThePinkBinks
      ThePinkBinks 22 days ago +3

      Marie Carton My doctor gave me the option to go home when I was diagnosed sick because I’d be a lot safer at home. Bless him. He said cross contamination was almost guaranteed and my chances were much better at home if my partner could see me through it.

    • Marie Carton
      Marie Carton 22 days ago +2

      @Jonathan Mecham Now you are talking. I don't know either of a death outside the Hospitals. My son has done loads of research into it and he has the same reasoning. Drs were told to let anyone coming into the emergency die. They put them on oxygen and their inflamed lungs just collapsed. Lying on the tummy also was a means to breathing easier.

  • Sandy Sass
    Sandy Sass Month ago +77

    I just don't understand how someone could ever look at themselves in the mirror after knowing they murdered so many. Pure evil.

    • Selvin Robinson
      Selvin Robinson 8 days ago +1

      Yeah Xi can,Cas they have no shame or respect for life/humanity (sic

    • Robin Johnson
      Robin Johnson 25 days ago +3

      Like you said pure evil

  • SupersonicSI
    SupersonicSI 2 months ago +388

    Australian media keeping integrity in media. Great job Aussies should be proud

    • C W
      C W Month ago +1

      @Anti Celcius correct

  • 1largolaw
    1largolaw Month ago +36

    During Xmas 2019 my family came down with severe flu like symptoms, it was so bad we cancelled Xmas for a week. Never been sick like that before, all I wanted was my bed. I later found out my boss’s family was also sick during same period. We don’t even work in the same office. By Feb 2020 as more info from the media circulated, my wife and I looked at each other at the same time and shouted “we had Covid!”. My boss is convinced they had it too.
    Thank you for sharing this report!!
    Great journalism from Australia that we can’t get from our federally funded CBC here in Canada.

    • Cheryl Pennington
      Cheryl Pennington 5 days ago +1


    • Mike Lucas
      Mike Lucas 14 days ago +2

      Same happened to me During Christmas and New Years 2019.it was definitely here earlier than they said.

    • molly
      molly Month ago +7

      My father went in hospital on oct.28 2019 dead nov 2. Couldn't breathe. X-ray was just bright white where his lungs were. No one asked no one questioned. Because he was 91.

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill 4 months ago +378

    It's a lot easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.

    • Charles Pyatt
      Charles Pyatt 13 days ago

      If we get a rock solid Republican win for the midterms we will actually have a good chance at giving the proper investigation to the subject and exposing the criminals involved that have killed millions around the globe. Justice needs to be served !!

    • Julian Ciaha
      Julian Ciaha 18 days ago

      One only has to get into a debate with a NY Times supporter to find that out.

    • sheky275
      sheky275 20 days ago

      They should call it “SheepNews,” rather than SkyNews.

  • Theresa Bowman
    Theresa Bowman Month ago +38

    True journalism, true facts, thank you for bringing it out...God bless ✝️

    • HSD
      HSD Month ago

      How do you know this is the truth? Reporting the opposite of what you believe us a lie doesn't mean it's the truth.

  • van man
    van man Month ago +52

    Will someone eventually be held accountable for this or, will it all be swept under the rug & forgotten about ?!

    • KEZ KUI
      KEZ KUI Month ago +2

      The world needs TRUMP put an end to the deception and corruption that goes so deep, let all those held accountable rot in jail

    • van man
      van man Month ago

      @Susan Kratz I sincerely hope so !!

    • Susan Kratz
      Susan Kratz Month ago +1

      What do you think

    • van man
      van man Month ago

      @Savannah Mendez ???

    • Savannah Mendez
      Savannah Mendez Month ago

      They gave us booster after booster. That was the rug.

  • K D
    K D Month ago +16

    Thank you for sharing this investigational report as we all should be trying to solve this crisis that have hurt so many lives. We need to know as this has taken away freedom ❤️

  • Amy Webb
    Amy Webb 2 months ago +14

    My very good, healthy, body builder friend passed away in late December, 2019 at the age of 34. He had ALL of the symptoms of C-19. However, was Too early for any type of testing. They now say that they feel this IS what he had and what took his life, here in Southern California.

    • Kirsten Ornelas
      Kirsten Ornelas Month ago +2

      My symptoms in nov 2019 were found to be suspicious and doctors here sent tests to the lab coming back telling my I had a virus they had never seen before but was presenting with symptoms that were similar to pneumonia and then when they officially announced the virus I knew it was already here and our town quietly shut down and we went the first two years with five official cases.

  • J BL
    J BL 6 months ago +1456

    What's outrageous is that millions have died from this and nothing will happen to the ones responsible

    • charlie brandt
      charlie brandt Day ago

      And Fauchi is top of the list of those responsible...

    • Nicholas Kenyon
      Nicholas Kenyon 3 days ago

      @Inglés Verde Mar the public needs to stop paying our government taxes and start challenging them if anything is going to change

    • An Ds
      An Ds 11 days ago

      So true. I’ve been thinking/saying that for 2 years now that the ones responsible for this won’t ever be held accountable as money is at the center of this world.

    • Charles Pyatt
      Charles Pyatt 13 days ago +1

      If we get a rock solid Republican win for the midterms we will actually have a good chance at giving the proper investigation to the subject and exposing the criminals involved that have killed millions around the globe. Justice needs to be served !!

    • Tommy Thompson
      Tommy Thompson 24 days ago

      It's going to be okay. We all lost someone precious. No intent to hurt the guilty - however, our stories and legends of righteous indignation and retribution do exist.

  • Marie Katherine
    Marie Katherine Day ago

    I think it was in the US earlier than December of 2019. I got seriously sick and hospitalized in November of 2019 with the classic symptoms of Covid-19. At the time, I was living and working with Chinese nationals. Mostly older people were getting sick in my apartment building. I sublet from a couple from the Huban area. I’m not sure what was their profession, but I thought it was international business of some sort. Lots of people regularly made trips to and from China and the US. I was then told by some school children, two of whom had grandparents recently deceased, that they had stopped going to church because of a sickness that was killing people in China and people in their church. Five and six year old children don’t generally make up stories like this separately from one another. Then I woke up one morning and felt a little “off.” I realized I could barely taste my toothpaste, Close Up, that’s very minty. At our morning meeting, the coffee was both tasteless and odorless. Strange and when the same happened with all my food at lunch, I was also feeling somewhat sick. I thought it was a cold coming on, but total loss of taste and smell was uncanny. A week later I was in hospital on O2. They said it was flu, but the tests came back negative. I’d also had a flu shot about a month earlier. They tested for other things, different kinds of pneumonia, another strain of flu not covered by the year’s vaccine, and put me in my own room and had to wear PPE. I was there for 15 days, certainly not normal for an otherwise healthy 59 year old. Upon release, I was so weak I went for two weeks to a rehabilitation/nursing home. (I only hope I didn’t infect anyone there.) I didn’t return to work until January of 2020. By then, I’d heard of what they then called Corona virus. In New York there was someone who’d been in China who died, then a whole family in a NY suburb infected with the same thing, but it was downplayed as not a public risk. In January, there were more cases. Both grandparents and an uncle of a non-Chinese child in my class who died of Corona virus in February. Suddenly, in the space of about 10 days in March, it was all over NY, the epicenter in Queens. School was closed, first for a week, then by national requirement, two weeks, then mid-April, May, and June, the rest of the school year. The summer was spent on lockdown, but by then, my job was gone as was my housing, part of my salary. 22 years of possessions and all my professional materials developed and bought with my money, a lifetime collection of old books, textbooks and religious books from the 1800’s. Family furniture from my great grandparents, all gone. I lived in my car for a few weeks, and it was totally unsafe, not only from Corona, but from becoming a victim of crime and from lack of hygiene facilities. None of the gyms, universities, schools, YMCAs, were open. Even hotels and hostels, all closed. So I saved up gasoline, three tank’s worth, plus the car’s tank filled, and literally drove away in the night, taking secondary and tertiary roads by night so as not to be caught in a state’s border stop. I pulled a few other strategies and reached my ex-bro-law’s hunting camp in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been here ever since. I don’t see things getting any better, so I’m here until I’m not. If I die here, so be it. I’ve made my peace with God. If elsewhere, that’s okay, too.

  • Karl Pearson
    Karl Pearson Month ago +5

    As usual, Sky News hits the nail on the head. Again and again and again.

  • Daniel grieson
    Daniel grieson Month ago +48

    Scariest part it’s obviously just a mild test , wonder what other horrific animal diseases they have made into weapons?

    • Stephane Lachance
      Stephane Lachance Month ago +3

      @Daniel grieson sounds like the latest James Bond movie with the virus :-)

    • Daniel grieson
      Daniel grieson Month ago +3

      @Stephane Lachance not necessarily, obviously if your making it a weapon then you would want a cure that only you know or would at least take too long for the opposition to find .

    • Stephane Lachance
      Stephane Lachance Month ago

      but that weapon would also be effective against them.....

  • MarkTheUnitedStatesCitezen In Jesus Name Acts 2:38

    Look up who explained all we’re going through like 2 years before he released this on the world !

    • Deborah Head
      Deborah Head 16 days ago +1

      Also, Fauci and Obama actually standing in the Wuhan lab beside a worker as they are working at their work space!!!! Probably hard to find that infamous picture!!!!

    • TE
      TE 23 days ago

      Fauci and Gates!

    • Chuck Fina
      Chuck Fina Month ago +1

      Wild Bill!!

  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham 8 months ago +737

    The world needed to know this in 2019. It was a shame that people chose to ignore this and not publish any of it for the public to know.

    • frostbitten
      frostbitten Month ago

      More than a shame. It is a crime against humanity

    • Daina Tebecis
      Daina Tebecis 4 months ago

      I knew in Nov 2019, but was ridiculed. Only now people are beginning to wake up

    • iwannaapple
      iwannaapple 4 months ago

      Hollywood must have known. 2012 (when the workers became sick from the bat cave) was when the Americanized version of the UK television series movie came out about the virus. Playing still on Netflix.
      Same exact storyline but in the show it is the kids that get sick and die from a horrible disfiguring disease that came from bats in Brazil. Much of the story repeats the same exact lines that the newspaper repeated just a few short years ago.
      Its too coincidental to me.

  • Dennis Burd
    Dennis Burd Month ago +101

    Great reporting. Now let's talk about the "research" labs in Ukraine.

    • wildlight9
      wildlight9 17 days ago +1

      it's crazy that the advance wars game was stalled right when putin invaded Ukraine.
      advance wars was a gba game made by Nintendo and some maps in the game were hidden in LABS AND IN ORDER TO GET A NEW WEAPON OR OTHER GAMEPLAY YOU HAD TO CAPTURE THE LABS. sounds a little too familiar to reality

    • Misha Anton
      Misha Anton Month ago

      Agenda 2o3o.

    • J C
      J C Month ago +3

      and maybe the Russians are not wrong

    • Eny A
      Eny A Month ago +3

      Very well pointed out, let's talk about the vaccines too, what's really in them and what's their real purpose and plan, green pass etc...

    • Marirose
      Marirose Month ago +3

      And all over the world….There are biolabs all around the globe funded by the US.

  • My favorite Martian

    Knowing something for a fact is one thing, living long enough to share it another. The lab workers: I know something terrible, but telling it will cost my life, my families lives as well as whom I told, keeping silent I keep my job, life and that of others.
    In this day and age, we know when someone supports something and keeps drumming the party line, we also know there is a problem. The stronger their support the more guilt they have. THAT is the real pandemic.

  • Jeffrey Worley
    Jeffrey Worley Month ago +5

    I loved this video until the last sentence. I don't care what you think to the degree that I want to hear it when you are reporting the news. We little folks can make our own judgments.

  • Fran Strejan
    Fran Strejan Month ago +11

    Great reporting Lady and all that worked on this!! What a summery!; Great job!!

  • Based Chad
    Based Chad 8 months ago +247

    I’ve been waiting and looking for this documentary. You better have a lot more than 30,000 views here soon. I’m American, but I’ve been following Sharri Markson, she’s doing a fantastic job.

    • Almond Joy
      Almond Joy 6 months ago

      6.5m views as of today. Glad this showed up in my feed today.

    • yfelwulf
      yfelwulf 8 months ago +1

      FYI Shari was a left wing journalist before switching to SKY

  • Chelsea Older
    Chelsea Older 2 months ago +16

    One more honest inquiry, for anyone who reads this. Now that this information is out there, and obviously there is incentive for China to keep what intelligence we have "classified", could there have been a back door deal between China and Russia to basically stall for time by invading Ukraine? Here me out.
    Everyone keeps pointing out that Russia didn't expect this or that from Ukraine, that he will keep going as long as it takes, etc. etc. But maybe, just maybe, their partnership has become so crucial that they both knew going in that this would go on for a lot longer that the world would forget about this pandemic and grab our attention there? What is China doing NOW to continue their obstruction?
    That's right, who knows. Why? All eyes are on this war. Just an observation. Maybe I think too much or does anyone agree? And before I get lobbed by questions about this war, I am very pro-Ukraine. My grandmother escaped the USSR, very young and alone. Her family was sent to the gulags. Her saving grace was meeting my Polish grandfather along the way and running like hell. As I said, this is merely an observation.

    • D- Lee
      D- Lee 2 months ago +1

      More to come 😔

    • catman1050
      catman1050 2 months ago +3

      I was thinking the same thing. Hard to believe it is just the most fortuitous coincidence ever.

  • Theodore Ottey
    Theodore Ottey Month ago +16

    I am 61 years old, I had the virus twice, each time it only lasted 2to3 DAYS. I believe I may have had 2 or more of the variants but I never went for testing. The symptoms were so minor. I'm so sorry for the folks who may have succumbed to the virus.

    • Rogue
      Rogue Month ago

      I took tests every few days and they were positive for a week, though the symptoms were mostly a headache the first day, some cold sweats/fever the next day then no symptoms until the 5th or 6th day when I lost the sense of smell for one day. Other than that we were fine. It was lonely and I grew impatient from being alone in my room for a couple of days but when the rest of my family got sick then it was better because I could move around my house freely and was able to be around my family.

    • Rogue
      Rogue Month ago

      It makes sense. The only people who symptoms became severe were those who had weakened lungs due to pneumonia in recent years. These people usually went to the hospital where the treatment recommendations from the who was to entube and induce coma from which patients rarely survived.

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    the information presented herein is partially accurate, partially factual, some punches are pulled, but it's surprisingly more informative than I had believed most documentaries would be.

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    As a scientist, I am heartbroken to see science become compromised by politics. This has been wild to watch unfold.

  • Mary Ann Swanson
    Mary Ann Swanson 27 days ago

    This is so informative and I thank you. I know and have always known that something, some organism has come from China. I ordered clothes from 2 different companies, thinking they were American made. When the packages started coming, they were postmarked WOHAN China. This was 3 years ago. There were little dots on everything and I have been sick and covered with sores ever since. I am a total shut in as I know this is contagious. I have not been diagnosed but given creams, antibiotics and nothing helps. I am so sick and I know it is from this clothing, which I wore at first until I felt bitten by something invisible. But then with more study of each object including unopened ones, I discovered the strange dots on everything. Hot water, bleach, strong bug killers, nothing stops or kills them. Every item was thrown out, but I maybe should have burned them. Can they live in the ground, air, water? I don't know. You can hit my M to see a video I've created.

  • Kevin Lord
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    She's not really interviewing any of these people. After watching for a few minutes I realized she's pretending to interview these people. It's put together pretty well. I thought sky news was half decent now I'm wondering if half of the comments are even real.

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    I want to know how many if any employees from the lab were infected with COVID-19 and when. This will never be known because there were no tests therefore no one was tested. That information would tell a lot! I'm still leaning twords a natural zoonosis. It happens easily enough and has been for centuries before they even had labs.

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    Excellent reporting!
    It’s so sad we don’t have reporting like this in the US; we just get layers of lies.

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      @Kevin Herbert Reading comprehension: an under-valued skill.

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      @Jonathon Bird : I reckon you're a troll...nothing on your YTube ID, and no FB entry...hmmmmm

  • Arlene Sowards
    Arlene Sowards 29 days ago

    My son was sick end of November 2019. Went to the hospital in respiratory distress..Couldn't find anything wrong with him. I had him follow up with another doctor. He said it was a viral pneumonia.

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall Month ago +1

    May 05, 2019. I had a unknown virus that filled my lungs with fluids and i had a major heart attack. Spartanburg Regional doctors said they had never seen a virus like this. I was hooked up for six days to keep fluid out of my lungs. The main chamber of my heart , the atria was at 10%. It should have been between 50 and 75%. It took six medicines and just under one year to bring the reading up to 40%.

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      CHARLIE 21 day ago

      keep saying that

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    However, I'd love to see a follow up from the Chinese point of view and what they have gathered until now!

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    ironically watching this video made me feel more sick than covid (because I still have never actually gotten it)

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    December of 2019 me and my wife and daughter got so sick for like a whole month we never went to Dr just stayed home it was hard to shake

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    This is so depressing. Now to know that people sacrificed to get the news out to the world and no one is seeking justice for them.

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      This has been happening since the beginning of time though. It'd horrible but it's the sad truth.

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  • Lisa Knobel - A Joyful Noise

    I got horribly sick on a trip to Europe in October 2019. I pushed myself to make my flight and get home. I had masks and was going to wear them; but the entire plane was coughing and sneezing. I got home and slept for three days.
    I felt awful, but I also have Lyme Disease and I've definitely felt worse. Through January I would get sick about every three weeks. I figured it was the Lyme treatment I was doing. But then in January I got much sicker. And I would wake up having trouble breathing.
    I traveled across country by train in late February and March as the government was finally catching up. I attended a large flower show in Philadelphia. I did not get sick in all my travels.
    Finally in March my doctor prescribes HCQ as it is also a treatment for one of my tick diseases. Within days I finally felt better, my lungs felt clearer too!
    I stopped masking after the first round. I go to church, restaurants, shopping. I think I was one of the earliest cases.
    But as I said, I pretty much wouldn't know the difference between a Lyme flare-up or the CommieCold. Lol.

  • Rosa Del Mar (IL)
    Rosa Del Mar (IL) 13 days ago

    I got it in December before it was exposed. I felt like I was dying. I survived due to the oxygen I used at home. Smh 😠

  • myrasmama
    myrasmama 13 days ago

    My daughter basically stopped talking to me when I told her it was put together in a lab. She couldn't believe that people would put something out there that would kill their loved ones. And she got super mad at me...

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    I really like this interviewer. Excellent job!

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    Unreal... I have been labeled "crazy" for thinking all of this with the small amount of research I could find myself. I am glad to see that some have better research and have come to the same conclusion.

    • Chris P
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      You are still bat crazy!

    MrPEPPERZZ4 Month ago

    It was here in nov of 19 2 friends had a flu that 3 er drs said they had never seen before. All the same symptoms as covid

  • Thomas Newcomb
    Thomas Newcomb Month ago +12

    The PLA almost doubled their purchases of PCR testing material in May of 2019. That shows they knew they had a problem which means it was already in the population by April of 2019. It was in the US, due to travel of employees from multi-national companies that have manufacturing facilities in Hubei Province, by early August of 2019. October of 2019 was just the point where it started to get noticed by outsiders.

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    My fiancé is an ex soldier, he was an ammunition technician so had to know all about weapons for his job. When Covid. 19 first became prominent on the news he said this thing is behaving exactly like bio weapon. I never fully believed it until now.

      CRYPTO LORD 25 days ago +1

      @Ashtar yep

    • Ashtar
      Ashtar 25 days ago

      @CRYPTO LORD it was a lab leak, carelessness of the lab workers who got infected unknowingly and spread it to the outside around October 2019.

      CRYPTO LORD 25 days ago

      Why would they use it on themselves doesn't make sense

    • Cheryl Petrosky
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    In 2019 December granddaughter was sick we thought was the flu the flu we live in a military town in California. My husband and I got sick in December Just a couple days after Christmas. I myself do not have a great immune system and it really took its toll on me I had already had a flu shot as well in September. My husband was in bed for 3 days very sick hes never had the flu in his life. I had to take care of him no matter how sick I felt because hes done that for me so many times. He never gets sick but he got well pretty fast I myself it lingered with Respiratory congestion, Fatigue, Dizziness And many other aftermath issues. After about 2 weeks I continued to work. Still not feeling a 100% my husband went back to work as wellStill not feeling a 100% my husband went back to work as well. I had told many people yeah the flute would be cause we didn't. I had told many people yeah the flu Because we couldn't explain it it was very similar to the symptoms of the flu. Then I wanna say March is when we start hearing about Covid. We also got the new variant or one of them and in December of 2021. This time I was vaccinated and my husband Only felt bad for a couple days. Me again not so good It still lingers even from the 1st time it just feels a bit worse. But I am grateful I am still alive My family is alive. My husband has worked all the way through the pandemic. God bless him I lost my business a little over 2 years ago there was no coming back. The 2nd time we got sick people were going into his work sick. When he came home he wasn't feeling peachy he said that people were dropping like flies. So fortunately I had covid test he took one and popped for covid so he stayed home. I was like here we go again. Luckily I'm having it before head built an immunity to it so he was feeling better after a few days but had taken vacation so. I do not understand why the Chinese were not pressed heavily on this they knew exactly what was going on regardless of it was an accident or was intentional. Was this a weapon of mass destruction I do realize that they would have a vaccine and and that's why their military didn't seem to succumb to so many people in their country dying because you're not gonna get the straight answer from them. I think people do realize now that these viruses can be used as a weapon it's almost Like a big experiment. But you definitely want to know who's involved and you want to know that they are prosecuted for their crimes millions of people have died due to complications of this virus. They can sit there and argue all day about this politician's doctor's scientists. But the fact is whether it was intentional or not somebody unleashed us on the world and didn't open their mouth and warn everybody. And because of that I think it's more intentional than an accident.

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    Great work, now you can let the public know about the Snake venom. Since the enzyme found in people who got the "shot" more resemble crate and king cobra venom. Research how remdesivir is made.


    Thank you, thank you so much for doing this Nino. Thank you!

  • No_soy _here
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    I think they released it possibly through chem trails, I know that sounds crazy but me and my mother smelled something funny in the air, we both smelled it, I’ve never smelled anything like that ever before, just think how easy it would be, no one would ever notice and how would you explain these wild animals supposedly having it to

  • willowysub
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    “If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped,
    threatened, punished and criminalized... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance --
    you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” - Ian Watson

    • TJ Kaczynski
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      Well stated!

    • Raymond Stemmer
      Raymond Stemmer Month ago

      This whole thing is pretty sick especially since it almost killed me!
      I've never been so sick and it got into my lungs then my organs in my abdomen including my kidneys. I also feel it got into my brain. It's been 4 months now and most things our back to normal but I have brain fog and my taste buds changed to this day! I smoked menthal cigarettes for decades now I can't smoke menthal cigarettes! Certain foods taste different

    • Deborah Hershey
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      Damn straight!

  • Chelsea Fricke
    Chelsea Fricke Month ago

    My husband contracts with a very well known national roofing company. In October of 2019, everyone in the office got sicker than a dog and they closed the office for a week because everyone called in. When they went to the doctors to get antibiotics and tested, everyones results were coming back negative for influenza and other viruses. The doctors just told them that it's probably some strain of the flu, and just to rest. BUT a lot of the materials they use in the office and for the construction jobs, comes directly from Wuhan china. So when covid started to gain media attention, it was kind of like a light bulb went off in everyones heads. Covid was in the states LONG before they told us it was. And doctors were literally just calling it a strain of the flu. Not worried one bit. If the media and politicians never told anyone about covid, nobody would have ever known a thing. Because the doctors had it right in the very beginning, it's just another strain of the flu. People were not dropping like flies.

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    Mr. Pompeo and Sen. Ratcliffe thanks for such excellent inform based in scientific. Facts.

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    Every time I watch this, I learn something new about this 🦠 and the whole story was just a fabrication of enormous proportions with evidence backing up the facts that epicenter of the pandemic was the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China and the very few times I’ve ever agreed with the Republicans on issue, this is one I think I would have to agree on and what was done? That’s the question really? What preventative measures have been taken to avoid this catastrophe from happening to the people of this planet. I’m curious to find how true it is that bats can’t get Covid-19 but it’s made from genetic material related to bats; the cover-up is so obvious and I’ve shared this video with so many friends and coworkers. It’s time to wake up. China has no business in weaponizing viruses; the US is not without fault either in this as the funding and the authorization was given to the Chinese to do this research. I think this blowing up like it did was inevitable and could’ve been avoided. Ending this pandemic is nearly impossible whereas before almost three years ago this whole thing could’ve been avoided. Follow the money and see who benefits from developments in the media and government involvement. When people act like they have something to hide, 9 times out of 10 they do and anyone who says otherwise has never had to lie to protect someone or something they believe to be not as bad as they are accused of being. Listen to how the story keeps wanting to be about some animal but the virus can’t infect that animal? If this is true, that says volumes. Also look how quick the vaccines came out, kinda makes you wonder if a problem was created with a solution waiting in tow just in case? At the end of the day this leak and the spread of this virus is about control, subjugation of free people all over the world; China can definitely benefit from that.

  • Ted Hernandez
    Ted Hernandez Month ago +3

    This was fantastic reporting. So when do the criminal investigations begin? There was a mass murder visited upon the world's population. And the world is still waiting for the murderer (s) to be apprehended. Who will have the fortitude to take on the challenge of this daunting task? We cannot let this sad and disgusting episode just slide off into history.

    • Ted Hernandez
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      @Lori Dennis I figured that I'd put that idea out there..,..Knowing full well that nothing is gonna be done.

    • Lori Dennis
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      🤣 Ain't gonna happen

    ZACHARY HALLADAY 7 months ago +670

    As an American I am deeply afraid for my people. I honestly believe we are purposely being pitted against one another. United we stand, divided we fall. We are now affectively divided. We need help.

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      @OneLoneAmerican lol I did too

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      Thay ow the world trillions in dameges and deep apologies to everybody who has lost loved ones to this virul weapon

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    Although I personally agree with the conclusions drawn, this piece lacks of substantial evidence other than some political figure’s oral description. It is overly subjective and everyone talking was with pretty strong confirmation bias. I really expect to see news media like Al Jezeera’s take on this matter, so far they’ve been quite good presenting concrete evidence on backing their opinions (even perhaps not facts).

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    Amazing to see Mike Pompeo as an advocate for truth!

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    Here's the problem. "It's easier to fool people than it is to convince people they've been fooled"
    Here we are...

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    So saddened for all who have died of COVID19. My heart was broken as I lost my only daughter to this devastating disease. Please pray for her and my family and all the peoples of the world. God have mercy on all people on the Earth.God stop all the evil people who made and contributed to the death and suffering of so many people all over the world.

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      It's too late to pray for your deceased daughter.

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