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Tuning a Magnetic Fluid With an Electric Field Creates Complex Controllable Dissipative Patterns

  • Published on Jan 7, 2022
  • “Electroferrofluids with nonequilibrium voltage-controlled magnetism, diffuse interfaces, and patterns” by Tomy Cherian, Fereshteh Sohrabi, Carlo Rigoni, Olli Ikkala and Jaakko V. I. Timonen, 22 December 2021, Science Advances.
    Source experiment
    DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abi8990
    Source article
    Shout out to Robert Hawthorne Jr for sharing this article with me.
    Electric Universe Eyes
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  • Magnitude Matrix
    Magnitude Matrix 4 months ago +4

    You can use that principle to dielectrically correlate carbon to make entire Graphene sheets. I been writing to Dr. James Tour about this technology a few years ago. You can do the same thing with light using optical tweezing techniques.

  • Jerri I Goldstein
    Jerri I Goldstein 4 months ago +3

    Ferromagnetic materials are also used in Helmholtz coils

  • Joe Deglman
    Joe Deglman 4 months ago +3

    Energy, Frequency, Vibration. Crystalline rearrangement, and structured rearrangement to rearrange chemical elements and compounds into more complex molecules or crystalline structures, requires an energy input, generally at a resonant frequency. Energy dissipation is often at the resonant frequency of the structure, like a laser cavity has a resonant frequency.
    Everything has an absorption spectrum and an emission spectrum, generally related to the cavity size within the atoms, and the dielectric density within the atomic structures that act together as a mass. This absorption and emission is related to the electron movements within the atomic shell and the dielectric density pervading the electrons and nucleus. Generally, the atomic structure acts as a laser cavity with a resonant frequency with an emission spectrum much like a radio wave tuned to a specific frequency.
    It is clear from the Crab Nebula Pulsar that electrons and positrons are separated by a flow within the filamented plasma and feeds into opposite poles on the remnant core to created discharge pulses to the core.

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed 4 months ago +1

      @Joe Deglman You’ll really enjoy Death Valley when you visit some time in the future.

    • Joe Deglman
      Joe Deglman 4 months ago +2

      @Death Valley Dazed Never been through Death Valley.
      Spent some time at 29 palms teaching communications/electronics repair.
      Been up Big Bear Mountain and around San Diego and Camp Pendelton, Vegas and Grand Canyon area.

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed 4 months ago +1

      My brain cells resonate to your clear and concise comment. Thank you!

  • Dan
    Dan 4 months ago +1

    By god, they discovered that electromagnetism exists. Didn't Berkley point out that even ball bearings do this sort of thing in oil? I forgot what the title of that video was.

  • Jay Dwy
    Jay Dwy 4 months ago +6

    Is blood an electric ferofluid?

    • Magnitude Matrix
      Magnitude Matrix 4 months ago +2

      @Death Valley Dazed Thanks, I'm finding a lot of things. Like how I recommended graphene for the ITER Plant. They are using Rebco tape for their magnets now.

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed 4 months ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes Great, I hope this lead s to more video productions along this thread topic!

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed 4 months ago +1

      @Magnitude Matrix Without book learned bias you may very well come up with some novel science and engineering results? At least I hope that you will so please keep at it!

    • Magnitude Matrix
      Magnitude Matrix 4 months ago +4

      @Electric Universe Eyes I came up with another idea using sound and lasers to build 3d carbon structures the idea came from watching sound going through an oscilloscope in 3d patterns.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  4 months ago +2

      I’m finding lots of information already. This is a fascinating approach

  • dubyajayyo
    dubyajayyo 4 months ago +2

    I see hexagons.