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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Hobbs And Shaw : 6 Minute Trailers (4K ULTRA HD) NEW 2019

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • all new movie trailers from fast and furious 9 Hobbs And Shaw in 4K ULTRA HD Quality
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

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  • Steven Ethan
    Steven Ethan 34 minutes ago +1

    This movie is shit, does not give you fast and furious vibes

    KARAOKE 41 minute ago

    good movies

    BOYS RULE Hour ago +1

    Who wants to watch dominic torretto

  • Vinod Roman
    Vinod Roman Hour ago

    When movie release confirm date

  • งชินพันธ์ ปานเพรช

    Region 9 filmed in Thailand

  • Имануил Кант

    Внуки Танго & Кеш

  • Имануил Кант

    Два тестостерона покинувшие свою бирку

  • Christian Villan
    Christian Villan 3 hours ago

    You shouldn't call this Fast and Furious 9, it's not about Vin, Paul and race cars.

  • teawarit kraikaw
    teawarit kraikaw 4 hours ago

    รอๆๆๆๆๆ กูรอไม่ไหวแล้ว น่ามันฉิบหาย

  • Zion Ramos
    Zion Ramos 4 hours ago

    No cars, then why is it called fast and furious

  • Denny Soulblack
    Denny Soulblack 5 hours ago

    Hobbs & Shaw

  • humayun kabir
    humayun kabir 5 hours ago


  • humayun kabir
    humayun kabir 5 hours ago

    Roman rings

  • Chapo Gang
    Chapo Gang 5 hours ago

    Era só criar a porra de um novo filme, novo nome. Daria certo

  • Quốc Hoa Trinh
    Quốc Hoa Trinh 6 hours ago

    Không thấy Vin Diesel là không muốn xem rồi, idol của tôi đâu? 3 anh đầu trọc của tôi sao giờ còn có 2 anh à.

  • Mixx Idol
    Mixx Idol 6 hours ago

    Best action movies

  • Mario
    Mario 6 hours ago

    Where the fuck is Vin diesel

  • Jo Orcales
    Jo Orcales 7 hours ago

    The concept was okay for me, i don't wanna die this men for only about fast and furious tittle. I love jason stathan i don't want him to die like what happened to paul😢

  • Rascal
    Rascal 7 hours ago

    They could have called it something else. Fast and furious was all about cars man.

  • football stars
    football stars 7 hours ago

    It is a good film, but it can not be fast and furious

  • Carson Yerby
    Carson Yerby 7 hours ago

    Lol he just put to adds together

  • Shadow
    Shadow 8 hours ago

    I wait for this movie

  • pedeTSR
    pedeTSR 9 hours ago

    To juz lepiej by bylo gdyby zmienili nazwe filmu a nie mascili tak dobry tytul gdzie vin Disel i jego rodzina odbywali najwazniejsza role 8 czesci bylo zajebistych kazda widzialem po kilkanascie razy na ta nie wiem czy pojde do kina i czy wgl ja zobacze w tv bo po zwiastunie to ani grama Nie przypomina szybkich i wscieklych poza hoobsem zmiencie to bo stracicie fanow

  • Sali Younis
    Sali Younis 9 hours ago

    When movie changed from cars movie to ..bald heros movie

  • Vlad
    Vlad 9 hours ago

    А где "Форсаж" то?

  • 1 a
    1 a 10 hours ago

    lmao no sane person still watches this bullshit. like, all you braindead morons see explosions and over the top fighting and u clap like some imbeciles. all of u should commit paul walker

  • Tor
    Tor 10 hours ago


  • K.K. Siva
    K.K. Siva 11 hours ago

    Jason sattham is a nice actor

  • edi ionescu
    edi ionescu 11 hours ago

    Movie for retard and kids !

  • se issim9
    se issim9 12 hours ago

    0:30 🤔 lightsaber?! next step dargons and witches?

  • Shah Junior
    Shah Junior 14 hours ago


  • huren sohn
    huren sohn 14 hours ago

    Finally they are back Vin Diesel is life

  • Ganga Tharan
    Ganga Tharan 15 hours ago

    I am angiri waiting

  • Loubna Chatoubi
    Loubna Chatoubi 16 hours ago

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  • Saw nam Lin
    Saw nam Lin 18 hours ago


  • Saw nam Lin
    Saw nam Lin 18 hours ago


  • hirrman hashim
    hirrman hashim 19 hours ago

    I dont care imma watching this

  • Giggles Tv
    Giggles Tv 19 hours ago

    This movies a must watch ! Honestly a big change in the FAST franchise!! Took it to the next level X

  • Zeeshan Shah
    Zeeshan Shah 21 hour ago

    Iam WatiNG FoR ThIs bLuckBastEr FiLm

  • Zeeshan Shah
    Zeeshan Shah 21 hour ago

    OXm FilM

  • Độ Cô Lô Nhuê
    Độ Cô Lô Nhuê 22 hours ago

    Bao giờ thì ra mắt ạ

  • ماركوس فمنستو

    Thats was amazing movie !
    Oh wait ..
    Its just trailer 😃

  • duc ngoc duc ngoc
    duc ngoc duc ngoc 23 hours ago

    Film like shit

  • Kanwal
    Kanwal Day ago

    If no Vin Diesel, No more watching F&F

  • fardeen khan king reload

    awosome movie im waiting


    Hobbs and shaw the evolution of fnf about bloody tine they came through with these two I think they're funny as hell

  • Usman Nawas
    Usman Nawas Day ago


  • Roller tinoco tovar

    Yaaa. y para cuándo sale rápidos y furiosos 9?

  • Rich Cinema
    Rich Cinema Day ago

    I just saw the entire movie in the trailer, thanks! Oh wait theres 3 more minutes left as I type this. Update on the last 3 minutes, its a buddy cop comedy. Got it.

  • Jorge Bp
    Jorge Bp Day ago

    DONDE está letty, DONDEE

  • Detty boi
    Detty boi Day ago

    super virus, super soldier and the rock chains and hooks a helicopter to a truck in mid air while holding it together with his bare hands. Then his family has a melee brawl with a buncha mercs that for some reason have no guns. I think the fast and furious franchise finally just said fuck it lol.

  • NUK3_Mixture 42
    NUK3_Mixture 42 Day ago

    Common no family no movie

  • Hector Villegas avila

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  • Joana Amado
    Joana Amado Day ago


  • ツaLoNeDarK
    ツaLoNeDarK Day ago

    No car
    no vin
    no Han
    No Paul
    No fast

  • Sumon Jena
    Sumon Jena Day ago

    It's Not "Fast And Furious", It's It's "Slow and Safe".

    AS ARAVIND Day ago

    Sry guys we can't imagine ff without dom and paul moreover cars

  • jigsaw skyyounger
    jigsaw skyyounger Day ago +1

    Roman reigns this is very good

  • Abhishek Bhattacharjee

    Quite Bollywood

  • the big boss
    the big boss Day ago

    Damn 🔥

  • That Guy
    That Guy Day ago


  • Nik
    Nik Day ago

    this is bullshit..

  • Xuân Thịnh Nguyễn

    3:05 octimus

  • junior Rafael
    junior Rafael Day ago

    Perdeu a essência do velozes e furiosos.

  • Google Offline
    Google Offline Day ago +1


  • ًمشهور الحصني

    Roman regins

  • Aifaa Dinie
    Aifaa Dinie Day ago +1

    I hope next fast and furious will have dato aliff syukri and nur sajat , they are malaysian super hero and super heroin convert , proud to be malaysian 😭❤️

  • 20jonnyboy
    20jonnyboy Day ago

    What the hell? Seriously? Where is the Family, cars, and so on??? Hollywood is officially making this movie overrated now. Sad. RIP Paul Walker.

  • mike23s10
    mike23s10 Day ago

    WTF did i just watch ? You guys just trash Fast and Furious .

  • Tee Vee
    Tee Vee Day ago

    can a 14 yr old kid watch this at the movie theater?

  • Amit/Aero
    Amit/Aero Day ago

    cant believe that the fast and furious movies became this shit :(

  • Azam S. H.
    Azam S. H. Day ago

    No Paul No Vendissel No Vin No cars No family Not my Fast and fFurious

  • Goan Vibes Vlogs

    Fuck this movie.. without Dom , Letty, Ludacris ,Tyrese, .
    With Fast and furious name top of it..
    This movie deserve to be flop

  • p3nkaj kumar
    p3nkaj kumar Day ago

    Thanos plus this virus will kill holl population


    this is not it fast & furious
    No Paul - no Vin no race
    Btw big respect for Jason statham!👍

  • TMZ iraqi
    TMZ iraqi Day ago +6

    Who remember Ludacris the "Q" of fast and furious

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy Day ago

    So the virus is thanos.

  • Eugen Gabriel
    Eugen Gabriel Day ago +47

    No Paul
    No Vin
    No cars
    No family
    Not my Fast and Furious!

    • Shyamu Kumar
      Shyamu Kumar Hour ago

      It's NOT Fast & Furious sequel... It's Hobbs & Shaw :) :)

  • Almighty Push Hamada

    Fack paul
    Fack vin
    Fack family
    Fack love
    This is what we need
    This is what we call team !!!!!

  • 10000Subscribers without video challenge

    it's not Fast and Furious 9 it's Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

  • Macho Lishebo
    Macho Lishebo Day ago

    Title" Destroy and be Furious

  • Phil
    Phil Day ago

    Fuck Sakes... Not another one.

  • Fredrick G.Kimani
    Fredrick G.Kimani 2 days ago

    Now this is more like it...

  • Runner4life
    Runner4life 2 days ago

    More like expendables

  • Mystery Boy
    Mystery Boy 2 days ago

    Where PAUL its not fast furious

  • Redha Ali
    Redha Ali 2 days ago

    where is vin diesel?

  • shashika madushan
    shashika madushan 2 days ago

    when will they stop this shitty series

  • sal nuno
    sal nuno 2 days ago

    how did it go from street racing to this and none of the original actors in the movie

  • Sacred
    Sacred 2 days ago

    Yall remember when Fast and Furious was about street racing?

  • Junior Raymond
    Junior Raymond 2 days ago +4

    Isn't called fast and furious 9 Hobbs and Shaw.
    Just called hobbs and Shaw.
    Fast 9 comes out next year

  • Hejfjf Fhdjdj
    Hejfjf Fhdjdj 2 days ago

    This shit gives me chills

  • APS Rockers
    APS Rockers 2 days ago

    Its hobs and shaw

  • Martin El Gordo Resendiz

    Watching this was like watching the movie

  • Fani
    Fani 2 days ago

    It's maybe good movie but it's not fast and furious where is vin diesel in this movie bro where is cars 😔

  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza 2 days ago

    podre podre podre acabo com FAST AND FURIOUS mds.

  • Akash Khan
    Akash Khan 2 days ago

    Movie name?

  • JoOkeR JoOkeR
    JoOkeR JoOkeR 2 days ago

    إيش اسم الفيلم

  • hannibal
    hannibal 2 days ago

    0:53 black widow

    ALAN DIEGO 2 days ago

    action movie