• Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • Today JP attempts to make something that Julia may finally approve of. Huge thanks to the Local Butcher & Market for their help on this recipe. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you enjoy your family and all the food this year.
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  • Chelsea Cisson
    Chelsea Cisson 8 months ago +301

    I love the way this video is filmed and edited! So entertaining and funny AF. 💕💕 love you guys!

  • Golden Anvil Wallace
    Golden Anvil Wallace 8 hours ago

    Umm... That chicken emoji
    im the title is literally a roaster

  • Max Lopez
    Max Lopez 8 days ago

    Green bean casoural amazing

  • Ahriman S
    Ahriman S 16 days ago

    How has he not divorced miss everything is ew by now? She must be secretly super rich

  • tomtik101
    tomtik101 18 days ago

    Imagine a rotisserie chicken inside peking duck inside a fried turkey

  • James Donahue
    James Donahue 18 days ago

    This channel is food and sex jokes

  • Akemi Lyre
    Akemi Lyre 19 days ago

    Julia got on to him about using stove top yet she used canned soup

  • Diamond-Juelz Harris
    Diamond-Juelz Harris 19 days ago

    This made my insides hurt

  • prestige wolf
    prestige wolf 19 days ago

    i wouldmt like this becaise i dont like chicken or duck. duck is such a strange flavor

  • justin .y
    justin .y 25 days ago

    You guys dont have sex

  • konmong lo
    konmong lo 25 days ago

    I read the title

  • x•KïłlMęÑøw•x Bøï

    "Nice and *MOIST* "

  • Cynical YT
    Cynical YT Month ago

    This should be a tofuken

  • Poppin’ C
    Poppin’ C Month ago

    No is the weirdest 36 year old ever

  • Cry Celestial
    Cry Celestial Month ago

    Oh right the Turducken and it’s stupidity

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Month ago

    Seems like the only thing he has smoked is marijuana

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks Month ago

    Awesome turduckin bro u get 2 thumbs up

  • Skinnie Legend
    Skinnie Legend Month ago


  • Putera Syaz IV
    Putera Syaz IV Month ago

    Yo murphy

  • Bejan Bharucha
    Bejan Bharucha Month ago


  • F!x@r
    F!x@r 2 months ago

    12 58 RAP

  • Michael Mongas
    Michael Mongas 2 months ago +1

    JP:Wait for it Wait for it
    *ad shows up
    Me:Why youtube?!WWHHHHYYYY???!!!!!

  • Aye Marie
    Aye Marie 2 months ago +1

    Julia u should try crunching cheddar and sour cream ruffles chips on top the green bean cassarole

  • Aye Marie
    Aye Marie 2 months ago +1

    Wish I had a full kitchen of food like y’all.

  • Wayne's World
    Wayne's World 2 months ago

    Great video, did one myself a few years ago. Your turducken looked amazing btw. Didn’t realize how much work went into it? I had everything deboned as well at a butcher as trying o do it myself I found it dangerous with all the sharp bones to cut out. Luckily you had a ton of people. I ended up with too much food and had to throw away half of it as turkey doesn’t store well in the fridge. Whata waste!?

  • Trae Watkins
    Trae Watkins 2 months ago

    Real men read instructions the first time we do something 'cause we are smart enough to not waste time.

  • jobbykl
    jobbykl 2 months ago

    a TURD- UKEN

  • bacharawada
    bacharawada 2 months ago +2

    I wonder how many vegans/vegetarians are triggered because of this HAHAHA

  • Conner Hudson
    Conner Hudson 2 months ago

    Have you guys heard of the book compound

  • Matthew Tooker
    Matthew Tooker 2 months ago

    That was so inapropriate he bones everything lol

  • or something
    or something 2 months ago

    Had this last thanksgiving it reminds me of regular show

  • Rachel Lemire
    Rachel Lemire 2 months ago

    I bet jp boned u Julia

  • Skyler Animations
    Skyler Animations 2 months ago

    ,:& =1:&:&,:45h

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams 2 months ago


  • I'm a bot
    I'm a bot 2 months ago

    Julia: He bones everything

  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 2 months ago


  • R1pTheSystem
    R1pTheSystem 2 months ago

    Grey Goose beer, the duck? Goose Island IPA, not vodka beer

  • christian melendeez
    christian melendeez 2 months ago

    When she ate the gravy it looked like a spoonfull of cum.🍆🍆

  • Coby Bell
    Coby Bell 3 months ago

    Ok so he pulls it out 🤗🤗😂😂😂

  • Rebecca Velders
    Rebecca Velders 3 months ago

    'ill use real green beans' *uses frozen beans*

  • girlbart
    girlbart 3 months ago

    Day 3 we smoke dank weed bbbbbooooiiiiiisssss

  • Vince Davidson
    Vince Davidson 3 months ago

    Turducken wtf man

  • Pepsiman _yt
    Pepsiman _yt 3 months ago

    I feel like I’m the only one that thinks that the turducken would be delicious

  • Shane Salazar
    Shane Salazar 3 months ago

    I was dreaming of tasting a turkey because it is just the rich people who gets to eat turkey in my hometown (perhaps my country)
    My dad who went to U.S. says it doesn't taste good... and this video makes me more curious about what turkey tastes like. 😂
    And this is an effin turducken... a dream come true

  • Devakysankaranarayanan Tvd

    Am I the only person who pauses to see what's in their fridge

  • omar Padilla 2.0
    omar Padilla 2.0 3 months ago

    There was a ad at 12:41

  • the guy you Loose to in fortnite

    Julia :What have you smoked before
    Me: don’t ask (whispers) weed

  • Jagaimo
    Jagaimo 3 months ago

    Man, this video was filled with sexual inuendos

  • Deborah Gribble
    Deborah Gribble 3 months ago

    6.48 in the background

  • judah thebeast
    judah thebeast 3 months ago

    Is it me or did anyone else got a ad before they showed the in side if the cooked turducken

  • Anu K
    Anu K 4 months ago

    Ykw you could get a more extreme version of this a century ago in Hyderabad

  • Pen Penguin
    Pen Penguin 4 months ago

    "He bones everything"
    -Julia said about JP

  • Electric Revize
    Electric Revize 4 months ago +2

    Or make a cheese burger inside a tocos inside a lasagna

  • Electric Revize
    Electric Revize 4 months ago +1

    Put a pepper in a hot pocket rap it with pepperoni then cheese then bread with crush takis over the bread

  • Geek Girl
    Geek Girl 4 months ago

    I love how you are one of the only non vegan yt channels

  • the ordinary team
    the ordinary team 4 months ago

    I thought the picture in the thumbnail was fake because of how good it looked but then I watched the video and you actually did it

  • Nathan Randle
    Nathan Randle 4 months ago

    That turducken was burnt so black it tried to steal my bike

  • Candace Smith
    Candace Smith 4 months ago


  • alexandra _
    alexandra _ 4 months ago


  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer 4 months ago

    Arby's inside of Burger King inside of McDonald's inside of Hardee's instead of Wendys inside of KFC inside of Taco Bell

  • Jeremy Berkland
    Jeremy Berkland 4 months ago

    Turd ucken

  • _Skittles _
    _Skittles _ 4 months ago

    Bleh bleh bleh that start was just bleh but the rest was ...*cluck* noice 👌

  • Kitty Moon
    Kitty Moon 4 months ago

    Those poor veteran and vegans watching

  • paul powoe
    paul powoe 4 months ago

    I hope you don’t get that word from Teen titans go

  • Carla Richardson
    Carla Richardson 4 months ago

    Jeffy my fellow green bean hater I hate that green bean casserole just like you a why is Jeffy said I hate green beans