Brendon Urie Reacts to Me

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Brendon Urie's Twitch:
    Instagram: tristanthemaestro
    Twitter: maestroparedes
    Snapchat: tristanparedes

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  • Tristan Paredes
    Tristan Paredes  11 months ago +14917

    My reaction to Brendon's reaction is coming soon, so be sure you turn on the bell notification icon to know when it's out!! Also, be sure to follow Brendon Urie on Twitch :)
    Brendon Urie's Twitch:

    • Isabella Tamber
      Isabella Tamber 2 days ago

      So... you are doing a reaction of his reaction of yor rection to him

    • Kaylene Jacinta
      Kaylene Jacinta 7 days ago

      “i react to brendon urie reacting to me reacting to brendon urie reacting to me reacting to brendon urie reacting to me”

    • Ethan Miranda
      Ethan Miranda Month ago

      The only reason I clicked on this video was to say that your last name means walls

    • Frank Tucker
      Frank Tucker 3 months ago

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    • Eamon Graves
      Eamon Graves 3 months ago

      Tristan Paredes react to a reactions reactions reaction reacting

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 12 hours ago


  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Day ago

    you still look like brendon Urie but like with a small forehead

  • Insight Verified
    Insight Verified Day ago +1

    Brendon = Famous
    Also Brendon = 100% Humility

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H Day ago

    This is soo confusing.. the guy is reacting to your reaction video? Confusing and weird.

  • Pewdie cookie
    Pewdie cookie 2 days ago

    "my bro"
    Why u ruining the romance beebo 🥺

  • Marina Mustica Picazo

    is this really the reaction of a reaction of a reaction?

  • HalleHearsEars
    HalleHearsEars 4 days ago +1

    I love how he looks like he’s having so much fun with it and still maintains great pitch, plays the guitar, and all in all sings astonishingly well :,) I’ve been a fan of his since I was 3 😂

  • Compilations Of Stuff

    I like how Brendon didn't really know that he was doing half the things you were saying he was good at...

  • Sarmad Gillani
    Sarmad Gillani 5 days ago +2

    Is it just me who realized that the duration of the video is 20:19 lol

  • Leah Christine Burian

    I've literally never seen much of Brendon Urie before but he seems like literally the sweetest guy ever I'm- 😭❤️️

  • krstn
    krstn 7 days ago +1

    Are you related to James Charles?

  • Kassi J
    Kassi J 10 days ago

    Brendon: WhAt DoEs ThAt MeAnNnN??

  • Molly Gardner
    Molly Gardner 11 days ago

    Don’t judge me but my legit celebrity crush is brendon Urie also I loved the ms. Jackson acoustic cover he did cause he was just really slamming on the gutair cause it added so much intensity and richness don’t mind me fangirling 🤣

  • Naomi Ajie
    Naomi Ajie 11 days ago

    are u gay

  • Borhrap Deaky
    Borhrap Deaky 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants beebo to do the National Anthem at a football game or sumthing?? Just me??😂

  • Jolie Oof
    Jolie Oof 12 days ago +1

    “More room means more range” -FM that Brendon used lmao, Brendon got nice range but ofc nobody beats Fred’s range cause his extra incisers made his vocal range better than anyone that’ll ever lived and that’s why his teeth looked at they did. Sorry lmao I’m more of a queen fan than panic fan but yea...

  • Dalimar Acevedo
    Dalimar Acevedo 16 days ago

    Brendon ages like wine 🍷

  • Dalimar Acevedo
    Dalimar Acevedo 16 days ago

    Brendon: *doesn’t know what he’s doing but still gets complimented*
    Also him: oooooo!

  • Mia Jade
    Mia Jade 25 days ago

    Tristan: “ an offbrand Brendon Urie-“
    Brendon: “WHAT!?!? Did you guys tell him that? Fuck you! He’s a good looking dude”

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 25 days ago

    Yup he’s high

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 25 days ago

    Yup he’s high

  • Wayfaring Stranger
    Wayfaring Stranger 26 days ago

    Have you done Harry Connick Jr?

  • Chloe Derbyshire
    Chloe Derbyshire 27 days ago

    All this proves to me is, singers don't think about these things that Tristan picked up on when they are performing 😂😂

  • Lulu Parise
    Lulu Parise 27 days ago

    Brendon Urie laughing at the Reddit guy got me in stitches 🤣🤣🤣

  • Armando Graz
    Armando Graz 28 days ago

    Imagine playing fortnite 🤢

  • sjgoai asgasg
    sjgoai asgasg 29 days ago

    Tristan: his pitch is so blah blah blah and the vowels are blah blah balghh

    Brandon: yes mhmm thank you

  • Skylar Fox
    Skylar Fox Month ago

    He do look like a fucked up version of brendon tho

  • Golden F0x3z
    Golden F0x3z Month ago +1

    *just realized bredon's hair is the same as connor/bryan dechart's* EVEN THE LIL STRAND TEEHEE

  • Golden F0x3z
    Golden F0x3z Month ago +1

    i react to brendon urie reacting to me reacting to brendon urie

  • Rand Binchi
    Rand Binchi Month ago

    man I did not know pop stars had the time to play fortnite but I guess they do

  • :::::::
    ::::::: Month ago

    When you realise this was a reaction to a reaction of a reaction video

  • RAAA
    RAAA Month ago

    A youtube video of a video of a youtube video of a youtube video

  • Bitter Sweet
    Bitter Sweet Month ago

    i love how this is a video of Brendon reacting to Tristian reacting to Brendon XD i love it

  • arif haydar
    arif haydar Month ago

    Is this guy gay

  • oh hi
    oh hi Month ago

    i love how tristan would compliment the techniques he was using and brendon would be like “i did that?”

  • Catherine Crook
    Catherine Crook Month ago +1

    me, fangirling to brendon calling tristan homie: *he called him HOMMIIIIIIEEEEE*

  • アニメタリカ-AniMetallica

    Tristan reacts to Brendon reacting to Tristan reacting to Brendon.

  • Xxxred Hood324xxx
    Xxxred Hood324xxx Month ago

    Is Tristan a fucking furry

  • Nils Braun
    Nils Braun Month ago

    You don't have any Bruno mars reaction? I mean, WTF PLEASE DROP IT

  • Victoria Hulse
    Victoria Hulse Month ago

    It’s 12:40am I shouldn’t be laughing this hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Frikar666
    Frikar666 Month ago

    Protect Brandon!

  • FindingAlexanderNoHate

    I find it even more amazing that brendon didnt even know all the skills he was using. Its second nature to him. Brendon is a god. We must worship the urie.

  • Muhammadfarros 11
    Muhammadfarros 11 Month ago

    This video tell us about how to reaction our video reacted by other

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez Month ago


  • Sujeong Kwak
    Sujeong Kwak Month ago +1

    My respect for Brendon just increased 100 fold when I saw how passionately he was singing in front of a small crowd of 20 people. What a great guy.

  • misses peep
    misses peep Month ago

    A lot of singers dont like watching their own performances, why is that??? Brendan sounded surprised a lot to, especially at around the 9:50 performance. Like he didn't know the technique he was using was a thing and just did it..... I hate to be that person that screams "illuminati" but maybe that's why they don't like watching their performance videos. Because they know it's not only them performing..... kind of like Beyonce's "Sasha fierce" just a late night thought.🤔 Still love his voice lol

  • Irem Toplu
    Irem Toplu Month ago

    tristan: my reaction to this person reacting to my reaction to them

  • Stacey Heim
    Stacey Heim Month ago

    Tristan and Brendon indirectly interacting with each other is everything I didn’t know I needed

  • AnimeKing
    AnimeKing Month ago

    Can you react to brendon reacting to you react in to the video?

  • Prechus Life
    Prechus Life Month ago

    3:25 I'm sorry did he just say brAndon????

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon Month ago

    I thought he looked like an off brand brendon urie 😂

  • Light Loop
    Light Loop Month ago

    Tristan reacts to Brendon reacting to Tristan's reaction of Brendon's singing. Dayum.....

  • Lonely Potato
    Lonely Potato Month ago

    Half this video I was going: "BRENDON STOP BEING SO ADORABLE." The second half I went: "Tristan is going to love reacting to this." Who am I kidding, I did both throughout the whole video

  • Jane Golbach
    Jane Golbach Month ago

    Oh my god, he HE DOES look like brendon urie😱😱😱

  • Benjamin Wilkens
    Benjamin Wilkens Month ago

    Next: Brendan Urie reacts to me reacting to brendan urie reacting me to me reacting

  • Selah Mendoza
    Selah Mendoza Month ago

    OMG he’s sucha fangurl I LOVE IT 🙌🏽🙌🏽😝😝

  • M Ochs
    M Ochs Month ago

    The only way you can tell if brendon is getting older us by looking at his forehead.It gets bigger the older he gets.

  • Swagalicious
    Swagalicious Month ago

    Im still jealous of a microphone 🤣👏

  • my husband is big marvel

    Omg yes nine in the afternoon and the don’t stop believing one was so great
    I love evEryThing omg I don’t even listen to Brandon urie omg what am I missing out on