• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Q&A plus Boyfriend plus Lambo equals a whole lotta EXTRA! we finally answer your top questions how we met and everything. we kept it 100! DRAGUN BEAUTY LAUNCHES @ 12 PM PST MARCH 25
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  • Marquis Daniel Rosales
    Marquis Daniel Rosales 12 hours ago

    Actually 1996 is year of the rat search it
    (Just saying no offense)

  • MissMadnessxo
    MissMadnessxo 13 hours ago

    everyone’s just gonna avoid the fact that he said “tyga watch out” LOL

  • Rosalin MRT
    Rosalin MRT 14 hours ago

    I’m confused, this Daddy Dragun is a straight man???? Anybody please ask me

  • Justin Bryle
    Justin Bryle 18 hours ago

    0:04 dude wut? irncid

  • Hanin Muhammad
    Hanin Muhammad 21 hour ago


  • DianaAnd Tere
    DianaAnd Tere 22 hours ago

    Where did u get ur Nike fit !

  • Lila Chaberka
    Lila Chaberka 23 hours ago

    0:03 OMFG! DID HE JUST JUST!🤣🤣🤣

  • Matu Bowling
    Matu Bowling Day ago

    Your from VA me too! Which part

  • Regan Waite
    Regan Waite Day ago

    Omg it's Michael Yerger

  • Luna White
    Luna White Day ago

    your boyfriends a closet gay

  • Ismehya
    Ismehya Day ago +1

    Girl this ain’t Nikita’s boyfriend! She put him in the video for exposure for him and upping her status for her. I follow Michael on social media and he never posts anything of her and she’s never with him, EVER! Nikita needs to stop lying about that damn dragon bull****, she is the year of a rat 😂 Stop with the lies sis

  • MyHeartisomg
    MyHeartisomg Day ago

    When you live in Springfield Virginia

  • Rashaun Dixon
    Rashaun Dixon Day ago

    Omg yalll just too cute 💜

  • Anne Rice
    Anne Rice Day ago

    And y’all said he had no personality look at him now Bitch

  • /Rooseline Contreras


  • Hermosa. Kira
    Hermosa. Kira Day ago

    Yahhhh Nikita is soooo freakinnnn gorgeousss and hunn can we jus take ah moment & look @ dat hairrr😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️@Nikita Dragun

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen Day ago

    Lol why was the whole video ruined by 30 seconds of Laura Lee?

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie Day ago

    "little pump"😂

  • Pelin K
    Pelin K Day ago

    james was so genuine. loveeeee

  • My Tea
    My Tea Day ago

    Bitch made fun of ur last name for being dragun bitch I would’ve said beech u getting fired up so don’t try me

  • Alana Ceesay
    Alana Ceesay Day ago +1

    ppl emailed Michael tryna get him to be their Noah centineo for the night 😂😂😂 the perfect date fr

  • indigo Nesha
    indigo Nesha Day ago

    🎉🎈🎁🎊 on your beauty line you deserve it ✊👊🌍

  • Lamia Sameer
    Lamia Sameer Day ago

    It looks like she rented him to do it.

  • Barbieken Ramirez
    Barbieken Ramirez Day ago +1

    you made me so happy today guys.

  • XIN N
    XIN N Day ago

    nikita u do know ur year is a rat right lol

  • Christina Raymond

    So she can't drive but is driving. So do they just hand out licence is California to just anyone

  • Victor Félix
    Victor Félix Day ago

    Whaaaaait! So they’re actually a couple?? I always though she really meant it when she said she hired him so they could go on a date for 1 day.... he always seemed so not interested I’m dead! Living for my queen dating such a hot guy

  • Lari And Jaquelin and Jr

    he fine as hell

  • Kenneth and Joyce

    Go to school that’s how we met 😂😂😂

  • HI how are you
    HI how are you Day ago

    When I looked at the picture on this video I was like when did Zane get skinny

  • Romancelovemii
    Romancelovemii Day ago

    HOW AND WHY is she driving with one hand? 😣

  • zoa rooms
    zoa rooms Day ago +16

    loved everything about the vid till laura leech came in

    • Jessica Nguyen
      Jessica Nguyen Day ago +1

      zoa rooms that literally was me... she completely turned me off of this video

  • she touched my sxugar

    That’s a hired boyfriend right? Or are they official?

  • Dnatae 5
    Dnatae 5 Day ago

    Nikita trying to drive for 21:15 minuets

  • Julianna Michelle

    Yo wtf he looks like Chris Pratt

  • vanessa chavez
    vanessa chavez Day ago

    No shade... blue cancels out orange and purple cancels out yellow. Love you Nikita!

  • Misha Mara
    Misha Mara Day ago

    The color purple is now fireee 🔥🔥🔥

  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich 2 days ago +1

    He kind of reminds me of Nicholas Holt in some angles.

  • just tea
    just tea 2 days ago +10

    nikita driving is spongebob on the flying dutchman’s ship going you’re good lol

  • Ace Wesson
    Ace Wesson 2 days ago

    I don’t think they’re actually dating

  • Linga Submarine
    Linga Submarine 2 days ago

    Bretman makes me laugh so hard!!

  • Alexa Liwag
    Alexa Liwag 2 days ago


  • Maria Vasquez
    Maria Vasquez 2 days ago

    Are they still dating?

  • makda solomon
    makda solomon 2 days ago

    plot twist: nikita tries running her boyfriend ever

  • coney island queen
    coney island queen 2 days ago +1

    he’s just with him for the money

  • Seif Ghazi
    Seif Ghazi 2 days ago +1

    laura lee hugging the bf with nikitas reaction killed me hahdhhahha

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    Nikita changes boyfriends like she changes lace front wigs

  • I Don't Know Elisa
    I Don't Know Elisa 2 days ago

    makes me wanna do a boyfriend q&a on my boyfs motorbike but i aint a big youtuber

  • red rosé
    red rosé 2 days ago

    Wow he looks like Darren criss a little !

  • Clara Kim
    Clara Kim 2 days ago

    I think if they were really together they would have kissed at least once 😶 but they really look cute together 😍

  • Lydia James
    Lydia James 2 days ago

    He seems boring

  • Jayanna Avayah
    Jayanna Avayah 2 days ago


  • sara
    sara 2 days ago +1

    Wait what happened to my guy oscar 🙊

  • Sahar Amiri
    Sahar Amiri 2 days ago

    Middle of nowhere.... Springfield isn’t middle of nowhere lol 😂
    Gurlll you do not know what middle of nowhere is if you think that is middle of nowhere lol. It’s 30 minutes away from dc.

  • Navarro Yuri
    Navarro Yuri 2 days ago +1

    Bro I live in Springfield va

  • Rachelle Dawn
    Rachelle Dawn 2 days ago

    "live your fantasy" i like that

  • Macxoe
    Macxoe 2 days ago +2

    omg he is so hot, jesus

  • Sherri Dow-Singleton

    This is a man

  • Ivor Xian Z
    Ivor Xian Z 2 days ago

    are they actually dating tho?

  • Renae C
    Renae C 2 days ago +11

    wait r they dating or not? Im confused haha

  • Angela
    Angela 2 days ago

    He's so boring, but he's hot tho

  • lane aloha
    lane aloha 2 days ago +1

    Holy fck, Nikita found Prince Charming

  • flexorangecounty x
    flexorangecounty x 2 days ago

    Wtf the starting looked like a amovir !!!!!😛

  • Naswa Darmawan
    Naswa Darmawan 2 days ago


  • Chrissy Tran
    Chrissy Tran 2 days ago +4

    1976,1988, and 2000 are year of the dragon ...

  • nicholas brown
    nicholas brown 2 days ago

    "video thumbnail goes here"

  • Marbled Fashion
    Marbled Fashion 2 days ago

    I really want to see ur children

  • Jade Hatfield757
    Jade Hatfield757 2 days ago

    Bretman’s reaction is amazing

  • Ariesti Dwi
    Ariesti Dwi 3 days ago

    kok ngingetin ke lucinta luna y?

  • kate a
    kate a 3 days ago +21

    Shouldn't it be the GLAMBO?!!!

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 3 days ago +4

    “He/she” question really refers to just Nikita lmao

    • Namz GG
      Namz GG 2 days ago +1

      Cee Jay loool

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 3 days ago

    Bretman 😩😂

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 3 days ago

    James Charles looks like a lizard especially when he did that thing with his tongue

  • Vianca Garcia
    Vianca Garcia 3 days ago +1

    16:05 i cringe

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 3 days ago

    He looked at ur boobs at the beginning

  • Allie Life
    Allie Life 3 days ago

    Omg I didn’t know your trans your sooo pretty and I was like nooo she is a woman she is a girl like omg you look amazing

  • Jazwin Jono
    Jazwin Jono 3 days ago

    I keep repeating bretman's reaction hahaha

  • Jay Hardy
    Jay Hardy 3 days ago

    She is fabulous but does he know she trans 👀💁🏾

  • trini N.O.
    trini N.O. 3 days ago

    15:54 nikita was like BITCH BACK THE FUCK OFF MY MAN 😂😂😂

  • g h
    g h 3 days ago

    How the fuck did this pop in my stuff, no one likes snobs

  • kimmiecab
    kimmiecab 3 days ago +1

    Girl your outfit and that lambo 🔥🔥 I just started a RU-clip channel! Any love or feedback is appreciated! 😊 Thank you!

  • Jayden vasquez
    Jayden vasquez 3 days ago

    Where is her outfit from?

  • Aarrtt_ssooffiiaa
    Aarrtt_ssooffiiaa 3 days ago

    Nikita dragon is a man or a girl like biological

  • Akram Gelani
    Akram Gelani 3 days ago

    So is Micheal gay straight? I’m so confused when it comes to dating a transgender female. My knowledge is crap😂🤦‍♂️

    • ComaBerenices
      ComaBerenices 2 days ago

      Akram Gelani, He’s not dating him. It’s a publicity stunt. You can check out in an earlier video how bored he looks when he’s next to Dragun and people calling out the fakery. It’s entertaining clickbait, but it’s not real.

  • Deja Lee
    Deja Lee 3 days ago

    is this a man?

  • Ella B
    Ella B 3 days ago +131

    Nikita was born in either January 1996 or January 1997 (she always lies about her age lmao) neither of which are the year of the dragon they're the year of the pig and the year of the rat LMAO

    • funnyboxo plays roblox
      funnyboxo plays roblox 12 hours ago

      I'm the dragon😎

    • Galacta Gamer
      Galacta Gamer Day ago

      +Pinkshadow 4444 HONNNEY LOOK AT UR PFP 45 ur old dance mum like calm urself it's a FUCKING name she didn't murder someone. Clearly u spent too much time on the negatives and that showed on ur looks. Finna do shit with ur life. Chynna out hoe. Periodt.

    • Galacta Gamer
      Galacta Gamer Day ago

      +Rodger Monroe OMG ITS NOT A BIG DEAL U SAD LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT. It is a name periodt. So shut the fuck up and do something in life negative bitch

    • Autters
      Autters Day ago

      What is 2006?

  • BJ Challenges
    BJ Challenges 3 days ago

    He seems so fucking uncomfortable

  • BJ Challenges
    BJ Challenges 3 days ago

    This beauty line is shit

  • Jewelina K
    Jewelina K 3 days ago +1


  • Hey Its Kayden
    Hey Its Kayden 3 days ago

    15:52 IM SCREAMING

  • CJR
    CJR 3 days ago

    Lol all this hype for it to bomb miserably 😂 this ain’t it sis

  • Jess S
    Jess S 3 days ago

    I only clicked cause I thought the thumbnail was a facetuned Zane Hijazi! 😩

  • jay p
    jay p 3 days ago

    this boy cant read loool

  • Palesa Mokhele
    Palesa Mokhele 3 days ago

    I suddenly feel poor

  • u was at the club
    u was at the club 3 days ago +57

    jesus christ- why is he fookin damn hot.

  • u was at the club
    u was at the club 3 days ago

    is he even human?
    oh no dear, he's a wizard

  • EmilyS. -
    EmilyS. - 3 days ago +78

    You and daddy Dragun are everythinggg!!!😍

  • Bella Hassan
    Bella Hassan 3 days ago

    Someone pls tell him that his gf is transgender. Anyone?

  • bread boys
    bread boys 3 days ago


  • I'll miss you xavier velez

    Do u take hormone bockers