• Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Q&A plus Boyfriend plus Lambo equals a whole lotta EXTRA! we finally answer your top questions how we met and everything. we kept it 100! DRAGUN BEAUTY LAUNCHES @ 12 PM PST MARCH 25
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  • Giorgia Guimar
    Giorgia Guimar 2 hours ago

    the eyes tell it all, he looks miserable

  • jjae 72
    jjae 72 3 hours ago

    He’s hot🤤😍🤤🤤

  • Sylvia LJ
    Sylvia LJ 5 hours ago

    Its clearly he is not into dragun. But u can tell she is very excited to be with him. She tried to make this works and sound like sweet relationship but its very obvious.

  • Stephanie MSP
    Stephanie MSP 20 hours ago

    this video calls me poor in 56 different languages

  • summer yangs dumbest videos!

    Did anyone notice that the boy looked at Nikitas boobs...

  • Londyn Le
    Londyn Le 2 days ago

    He is not looking happy...

  • Dey_ saywhen
    Dey_ saywhen 2 days ago

    Oh shut up he dont love you and he's not your boyfriend.He feels very trapped because of your dumb barbie bitch self.And how does someone still continue their youtube fame after posting about their "depressing relationship".

  • Ian Kevin
    Ian Kevin 2 days ago

    Michael Yerger from Survivor: Ghost Island.

  • angel !
    angel ! 2 days ago

    boyfriend who?

  • Gemini
    Gemini 3 days ago

    But she wasn’t born on the year of the dragon

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    He has more makeup on that him.

  • Hacker Games
    Hacker Games 3 days ago

    Also those clothes are absolutely tacky AF

  • Hacker Games
    Hacker Games 3 days ago

    God you are nasty....

  • ejwennerstrom
    ejwennerstrom 4 days ago

    He really didn't look uncomfortable if you watch the birthday vid he was having fun I think he was full of bs

  • Pic pic
    Pic pic 4 days ago

    Your nails

  • Rida Talpur
    Rida Talpur 5 days ago

    AHH not into her😎😎

  • Addison Ramirez
    Addison Ramirez 5 days ago +1

    She is embarrassingly lame. And doesn’t know how to take hints..

  • Samantha Sanden
    Samantha Sanden 5 days ago

    What is your favorite wig you’ve ever tried on

  • Mikoto Chenmai
    Mikoto Chenmai 5 days ago


  • Shook tea
    Shook tea 6 days ago

    Eggs, um wym?

  • E Halverson
    E Halverson 7 days ago

    Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

  • Dax
    Dax 7 days ago

    My goodness Nikita so unprofessional

  • Selena Joon
    Selena Joon 8 days ago

    he doesn’t look into her I swear to god if this man faking I’m literally about to throw hands bitch

  • KayBee Kids
    KayBee Kids 8 days ago

    He did say something to scare Nikita

  • Myriah Jasmine
    Myriah Jasmine 8 days ago +2

    He has the personality of a tree stump.

  • Myriah Jasmine
    Myriah Jasmine 8 days ago

    I dont know why but i feel like their relationship is superficial or something. I feel like nikita is super into it and hes just like whatever about the relationship.

  • Sheirynette Vega
    Sheirynette Vega 9 days ago

    What would I change about you? The fact that you were a dude before

  • #Phoebe’s DIY
    #Phoebe’s DIY 10 days ago

    How does she not know how to drive!!!!!

  • Darta Gorta
    Darta Gorta 10 days ago

    why are rich people so dumb like... listen to this meaningless conversation

  • Gaming with keycy lara
    Gaming with keycy lara 10 days ago +1

    Hi sister's james

  • Fiercy Espanto
    Fiercy Espanto 11 days ago +1

    Nikita is so gorgeous!

  • Type .-. Funny
    Type .-. Funny 11 days ago

    0:02 why the hell did he look straight at Nikitas chest area and then go 😯🤤 Ew: PERVERT CHECK😑😱😵

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 11 days ago

    This girl lies so much 7:30

  • TricksterGL
    TricksterGL 12 days ago

    is that why Laura Lee went in like that? knowing they are not actually dating?

  • Hermés
    Hermés 12 days ago

    homie looked soo uncomfortable at the lgbt center lmao

  • tiktok tea
    tiktok tea 14 days ago

    such good acting

  • Jade Athelus
    Jade Athelus 15 days ago

    He only there for the money. He dont luv u

  • The Break Time TBT
    The Break Time TBT 15 days ago

    Eww liar

  • Yndry joseph
    Yndry joseph 15 days ago

    Imagine buying lambo and you don't know how to drive it because the only thing you can drive is diqq.

  • 「 XRX 」
    「 XRX 」 16 days ago +3

    0:05 yoooooo, don’t act like we didn’t see what you looked at 😂

    NANA BANANA 17 days ago +1

    What’s wrong with someone who appreciates literature? 9:49 triggered!!

  • Midnite Last
    Midnite Last 18 days ago +1

    "let it happen organically"

  • Sienna Broadhead
    Sienna Broadhead 19 days ago

    does he know that hes actually dating a boy. Nikita is a boy trans

    • abhirxxp pal1
      abhirxxp pal1 15 days ago

      @Sienna BroadheadBroadhead Fun fact: I subscribed to her back when she came out! but now, your broadheaded ass doesn't understand that in our progressive society, it is common courtesy to show respect. And since you are the real twit, let me spell it out to you in lamen's terms. We use the pronouns that people would like to be called by; For Nikita, "She" is a proper pronoun. Whoever uses "He" is committing a human rights violation. Furthermore, even if you wanted to point out that Nikita is transgender, you use "Trans Woman" because that is what the phrase is. I don't know where and when (if you actually did) go to school, but it seems to me that you have serious learning difficulties on top of your unfortunate broadhead! Have a good day Sienna! I hope you can be a little more accepting of the people around you because after all, you aren't God and you shouldn't really be hating or judging people the way you are presenting yourself as a, most likely, childish undeducated online troll!

    • Sienna Broadhead
      Sienna Broadhead 15 days ago

      @abhirxxp pal1 maybe if u watch more of her videos you would know that "she" used to be a boy you twit

    • abhirxxp pal1
      abhirxxp pal1 15 days ago

      nikita is a woman

    • abhirxxp pal1
      abhirxxp pal1 15 days ago

      you have such a broad head

  • Vden Rasi
    Vden Rasi 20 days ago

    Did she just say daddy dragon he looks so uncomfortable

  • Reanna Ramage
    Reanna Ramage 20 days ago

    Why can’t I be this pretty🤦🏾‍♀️😢

  • alexandri
    alexandri 21 day ago +1

    In Nikita’s mind *GET THE FUCK OFF* *FROM MY BOYFRIEND BICH* 15:52

  • Cyrille Denuyo
    Cyrille Denuyo 21 day ago

    Did they had sexual relationship too??? I wonder...

  • Maii TRBL
    Maii TRBL 22 days ago

    I prefer Oscar much than this piece of shit. bitch.

  • Jermon T. Cooper
    Jermon T. Cooper 22 days ago +2

    My dumbass thought she was finna be egging people😂😂

  • Alyssa Dana
    Alyssa Dana 22 days ago

    He doesn’t at all seem comfortable

  • Francisco Alas
    Francisco Alas 23 days ago

    It makes your boyfriend gay by dating you

  • Toxicwolfgirl77 ChRiS BrEeZy

    why does it need to be in a lamborghini?

  • Mia Fernandez
    Mia Fernandez 23 days ago +1

    Ok, this is a real example, not even money can afford someone to love you

  • GamingWith B
    GamingWith B 23 days ago

    What school did u go to???????????

  • JusticeforMorgan
    JusticeforMorgan 23 days ago +1

    I bet he stuck his cock in Nikita Dragun’s ass.

    LONDIE S 25 days ago

    then my day was made when i saw bretman rock

  • jne K
    jne K 26 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks he wasn’t paid to be with her?

  • Ms Nzbody
    Ms Nzbody 26 days ago

    Is it my imagination or have Nikitas nostrils collapsed?

  • keke palmer
    keke palmer 27 days ago

    7:40 lol just lol

  • hottrendz
    hottrendz 27 days ago

    You see that the guy is not bothered at all 🤣