Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples

  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
    Waifus and Husbandos unite for these cute couples. Embrace the love with shows like Sword Art Online, Naruto, Shippuden, Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann, Clannad, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, InuYasha, Steins;Gate, Berserk, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ore Monogatari, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Bakemonogatari, Toradora, Baccano, Future Diary, Katanagatari, and more. Which anime hook-ups are your favourite?
    00:44 #10. Kirito and Asuna
    01:18 #9. Ed and Winry
    02:07 #8. Inuyasha and Kagome
    02:57 #7. Okabe and Kurisu
    03:37 #6. Naruto and Hinata
    04:25 #5. Domon and Rain
    05:11 #4. Koyomi and Hitagi
    05:58 #3, #2 & #1 ????
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Comments • 5 584

  •  2 years ago +310

    See these couples in their respective anime series!
    Banpresto Naruto Shippuden DXF Shinobi Relations SP Hinata Action Figure
    Sega Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax: Asuna High Grade Figure
    Gurren Lagann Nia 1/8 PVC Figure by Unknown

    • bane dragon
      bane dragon 3 months ago

      Seriously no Aina and Shiro from 08th ms team, if you want a Gundam love story then that's the one

    • 8luvbug
      8luvbug 6 months ago

      Inuyasha and Kagome aren't a good couple. Inuyasha kept going back and forth between Kikyo and Kagome. Him and Kagome only got together by default cause Kikyo officially died. If she was still around Inuyasha would've kept going back and forth between them.

    • Optigisa
      Optigisa 7 months ago

      Yusuke and Keiko only honorable? Fuck you

    • Maurine Moreau
      Maurine Moreau 8 months ago

      @peter krug Sailor Moon was my choice as well. Not only did their love survive having their memories erased but continued to see the creation of Mini Moon.

    • Pepe The normie
      Pepe The normie 11 months ago #1 shoulda been Shiko and shouya from a slient voice

  • Donuteater Does Gaming

    Winry and Edward sure top my list for the best! These two love birds has been knowing each other since they were little kids and were like best friends, even considered family! Now that's one strong bond no one can try to destroy. I can try to write more of why I love this couple, but I would be sitting here typing until im old hehe( '=w=)

  • Hinata-Diana Spencer
    Hinata-Diana Spencer 16 hours ago

    The moment I watched Naruto and Hinata converse one time i knew they will end up together. right from the start i never liked sakura at all to end up with him because she is an effin toxic to love. all i want for naruto to do with sakura is to have her taste a punch or a slap or two on her face, well i guess Sasuke already gave her one too many of murder intent.

  • Hinata-Diana Spencer
    Hinata-Diana Spencer 16 hours ago

    mojo your so wrong kagome inuyasha should be rank 1- atleast their together and not one disappeared grr

  • Katrina Bevans
    Katrina Bevans Day ago

    Blàaaaaaaaaa so cute

  • Neha Bisht
    Neha Bisht Day ago

    What about Yamada and Shiraishi from the show Yamada and the 7 witches. Those two are so cute especially when Yamada, a delinquent, falls for Shiraishi, an honor student. Not to mention throughout the season we see how Yamada changes to a better person from spending so much time with Shiraishi. Their relationship should've been part of this video.

  • Sara Borja G.
    Sara Borja G. 3 days ago

    You missed
    Sakura and Shaoran (Sakura Card Captor)
    Usagi & Mamoru (Sailor Moon)

  • br0kENthumB
    br0kENthumB 4 days ago

    W w w where is a a asuna a and k k kirito

  • Mohammad Ahnaf Afique

    No Kenshin and Kaoru😭😭😭

  • s t x r l s
    s t x r l s 9 days ago

    Low key wish Tomoe and Nanami was in this....

  • Frank the Cat
    Frank the Cat 10 days ago

    I clicked because the first anime i ever watched was inuyasha

  • T.J. Shook
    T.J. Shook 10 days ago

    3:37 - Naruto & Hinata sitting in the tree (4:19 - or in this case, "floating in mid-air"), K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

  • Goddess Life
    Goddess Life 10 days ago

    Me was gonne be pissed if i didn't see kirito and asuna in here

  • Lulu latte
    Lulu latte 10 days ago

    Inuyasha is like. 2000+ bruh, that's disgusting

  • sharia
    sharia 12 days ago


  • sharia
    sharia 12 days ago


  • Hokaru11792
    Hokaru11792 12 days ago

    Simon and Nia
    Don't mind me I'll just be over here bawling my fucking eyes out again

  • Lea Morgan
    Lea Morgan 13 days ago

    Where is Tomoya x Nagisa from CLANNAD????

  • Therandom1
    Therandom1 14 days ago +1

    I smell TSUNDERE

  • tHeWErIdO Emi
    tHeWErIdO Emi 15 days ago

    Anyone who puts asuna and kirito in an ANIME cute ship list is dead to me

  • Achintya Bajpai
    Achintya Bajpai 15 days ago +1

    Ash and Serena & Inuyasha and Kagome 😍

    • Achintya Bajpai
      Achintya Bajpai 2 days ago

      @MarioLuigi13579 yeah mate my bad

    • MarioLuigi13579
      MarioLuigi13579 2 days ago +1

      Do u mean Serena?
      Last time i knew, Sabrina only liked Haunter

  • crazy land
    crazy land 15 days ago

    4:16 line was awesome! Just what i thought when i saw the movie

  • Soumitra Das
    Soumitra Das 16 days ago

    Sees kirito and asuna

  • lawliet1210
    lawliet1210 16 days ago

    How the hell Inuyasha and kagome aren’t number one!?!?!!

  • Prince_ Jayleon
    Prince_ Jayleon 17 days ago

    Where’s Hiro and zero two?

  • ღ Jungoo my sarang ღ

    I'm a simple shipper....I see Inuyasha and Kagome.....I click

  • Otaku Freak
    Otaku Freak 17 days ago

    Gurren laggan

  • Little CinnamonRoll
    Little CinnamonRoll 19 days ago

    Berserk shouldn't be there.
    Casca and Guts love wasn't unconditional, Guts loved her but

  • Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE!
    Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE! 19 days ago +1

    I don’t see Kakyoin and holly lol!

  • Nashi Allen_West
    Nashi Allen_West 20 days ago

    I'm so happy that Hinata and Naruto were finally put in a top 10 video.

  • Purin Puff
    Purin Puff 21 day ago

    kirito and asuna are in the cutest and worst anime couples

  • Amy Anime Lover
    Amy Anime Lover 21 day ago

    Where's Yuri and Victor?! They're adorable!😍😍😍🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • greenisnotacreativecolor

    Everybody in the comment section is single

  • oh crap i left the oven on

    nah nah nah this is wrong inukag should be way higher tf

  • King Lucious RJK Lyon
    King Lucious RJK Lyon 25 days ago

    I don’t agree. Where’s Vegeta and Bulma.

  • Mary hearts ached
    Mary hearts ached 27 days ago +2

    my favorite couple is number 10 kirito and asuna and my other favorite number 6 naruto and hinata

  • Richard Baranowski
    Richard Baranowski 29 days ago

    Why can't InuYasha ever catch a break on these anime lists? 8? That's it?......and where the Hell were Hige and Blue on this list? Not even a mention? *face palm*

  • Ansherina Ganotice
    Ansherina Ganotice 29 days ago +1

    1# Ghost Fighter😍😘
    2# iNuyash😍

    For me😑😑😍😘

  • Saurabh Yadav
    Saurabh Yadav Month ago

    Natsu x Lucy is best couple

  • Avalanche _Gaming
    Avalanche _Gaming Month ago

    Kirito x Asuna best for me

  • Betim Abdulah
    Betim Abdulah Month ago

    where tf are Kaori and Kousei and Kusuo and Teruhashi??

  • To Ha
    To Ha Month ago

    Inuyasha and Kagome are the OP couple

  • StaryCatWølf_ Animatez

    “Please date me, Nagisa”

  • SunFlower Days
    SunFlower Days Month ago +1

    Everyone is just talking about Inuyasha, can’t blame them cause it’s a good ship

  • Márk Magyar
    Márk Magyar Month ago

    Lol, Sailor Moon isnt in the list...

  • Raging Nick
    Raging Nick Month ago

    Where is Clannad? That anime has one of the greatest and saddest couples in anime!

  • てきとう
    てきとう Month ago

    The choice is completely Japan

  • Dr GAP
    Dr GAP Month ago

    Rurouni kenshin??

  • Storm _Wave
    Storm _Wave Month ago +1

    InuyashaxKagome for life!!!!!!!!

  • Storm _Wave
    Storm _Wave Month ago +1

    InuyashaxKagome forever and ever and ever and ever amen!!!!!!!!!!

  • Storm _Wave
    Storm _Wave Month ago +2

    I think inuyashaxKagome should be 1 and you didn’t include NaLu which should be 2

  • William Petters
    William Petters Month ago +1

    Just finished watching inuyasha from episode 1 to the last episode of the final act. I can't get over it i need another episodes of it.😪

  • Ryan Rodgers
    Ryan Rodgers Month ago

    How is in Inuyasha and Kagome not number #1

  • Graba 15
    Graba 15 Month ago +6

    When i was reading comments i saw so much comments "inuyasha and kagome" or "Naruto x hinata" or "kirito x asuma"
    That says me how much is Steins;Gate underwatched because everyone Who has watched it knows that Best anime couple is OKABE X KURISU

    • Juiyers H
      Juiyers H 16 days ago

      Yes yes, but the original visual novel is way way better on this anyway. Buy the original (not the Elite one) on Steam by exemple.

  • LunEkoYT
    LunEkoYT Month ago

    1. Ray x Fire

  • succulent
    succulent Month ago

    This is not epic

    There is no touka and kaneki. Big rip

  • braxton jones
    braxton jones Month ago

    watchmojo is doing some mad disrespect to keiko and yusuke, that is a number one couple right there. they have the audacity to put them as an honorable mention. 😢

  • anime otaku
    anime otaku Month ago

    woah waoh waoh mojo what about deku and ochako or meliodas x elizbeth but when again i kind of understund why don't ship meliodas and elizbeth together it's becaues of there age but there nothing wrong with deku and ochako ship if there is tell me

  • Riana Tiolengco
    Riana Tiolengco Month ago

    8???????? Inuyasha and Kagome is #1.... :-(((

  • Pusheenosarous 328
    Pusheenosarous 328 Month ago +1

    Where is Pewdiepie and Marzia?

  • Kayree And Samira
    Kayree And Samira Month ago +1

    Where is Yuri x Vixtor? (Victuuri)

  • yaman mohammad
    yaman mohammad Month ago

    where is 002 and hiro

  • KN
    KN Month ago

    Haruka and Michiru.... I love them more than Naruto and Hinata or even Edward and Winry.

  • that nigga
    that nigga Month ago +1

    Naruto x hinata#2 inuyasha x kagome #1 also where's is Ichigo x Orihime and Baki x Kozue

  • Tafari Cummings
    Tafari Cummings Month ago

    Where’s Erina and JoJo?

  • Shinitai Chan
    Shinitai Chan Month ago +1

    Ryuji and taiga are one of my favorite couples.

  • KaKashi TeKashi
    KaKashi TeKashi Month ago

    1:14 excuse me mister it's 2019

  • Armnado Dorantes
    Armnado Dorantes Month ago

    Where's Gohan and Videl from DBZ?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze Month ago


  • Butterfly B.
    Butterfly B. Month ago +4

    My favourites:
    -Naruto and Hinata
    -Inuyasha and Kagome
    -Hiyori and Yato
    -Ichigo and Orihime
    -Eren and Mikasa
    -Kousei and Kaori
    -Kirito and Asuna

    • Betim Abdulah
      Betim Abdulah Month ago +1

      finally a comment with kousei and kaori

  • Sipha
    Sipha Month ago

    I'm pretty sure inuyasha belongs in alot of top categories but I'm happy they're atleast mentioned.

  • Darrian Quigg
    Darrian Quigg Month ago

    Clannad ain't on the list!

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine Month ago

    Kikyo and kagome are same person different bodys

    • fedup wannaquit
      fedup wannaquit Month ago

      Nope. Even Inuyasha says he does not see Kagome as Kikyou.

  • UnKNown Player
    UnKNown Player Month ago

    Zero Two and Hiko💙💙💙💙

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander Month ago

    Domon and Rain from from Gundam...
    or maybe I'm old, and this was before your time
    Never mind, you put it on there.

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander Month ago

    Inuyasha made me become a devil worshipper so I can have a demon boyfriend

  • Landon Bonds
    Landon Bonds Month ago

    Asuna: lemme smash
    Kirito: okie dokie

  • V e n t d o o d l e s

    This video made me gag

  • MariNate
    MariNate Month ago +3

    Inuyasha and kagome are top, the one true anime ship

  • Lili VonCute
    Lili VonCute Month ago

    great video i have never seen any of these i have herd about inuyasha kagome though i will try that anime some time

  • Schleepy
    Schleepy Month ago

    Oh shit, the Inushippers are here. *EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!*

  • NejiHina100
    NejiHina100 Month ago

    G GUNDAM IS ON HERE! G GUNDAM IS ON HERE! I don't even care that Naruto and Hinata was prior as they SUCK!! DOMON AND RAIN ON ARE ON THE LIST! Such an underrated show!!!

  • Isabel Romano
    Isabel Romano Month ago

    you didn't have baan and elaine from the seven deadly sins or gajeel and levy from fairy tail i couldn't be sadder

  • Anna-nas
    Anna-nas 2 months ago

    I love Inuyasha and Kagome !!

  • Li Go
    Li Go 2 months ago

    Hello? Sakura and Syaoran?.......

  • Eunbit Park
    Eunbit Park 2 months ago

    Sakura and Syaoran!!!!

  • Evan Artripe
    Evan Artripe 2 months ago

    We’re deku and ochaco

  • sleepy hollow
    sleepy hollow 2 months ago

    4:09 aka the best couple

  • 엠나
    엠나 2 months ago +1

    Yusuke and Keiko in the honourable mentions????? 🤨🤨

  • ilus
    ilus 2 months ago

    but what about ash and eiji from
    banana fish :c

  • Patcy Dsouza
    Patcy Dsouza 2 months ago

    Inuyasha and kagome are the number one anime couple...

  • Kakashi Hyuga
    Kakashi Hyuga 2 months ago

    I clicked on this video because I knew Naruto and Hinata were going to be there. They are my favorite anime couple.

  • Athena Nocturna
    Athena Nocturna 2 months ago +3

    Kirito ❤ Asuna
    Inuyasha ❤ Kagome

  • Guinevere Beatrice Afable
    Guinevere Beatrice Afable 2 months ago +2


  • Jin Ming Liu
    Jin Ming Liu 2 months ago

    What about Melinda’s and Elizabeth
    (Seven deadly sins)

  • Some One
    Some One 2 months ago

    Asuna and Kirito shouldn't be on this list, the ship sucks

  • mya george
    mya george 2 months ago

    You forgot natsu and lucy

  • YourDaDa 111
    YourDaDa 111 2 months ago

    Your wrong number 1 is Naruto and ramen

  • Ember Carder
    Ember Carder 2 months ago

    I love your top picks but you guys talk to much why the scenes playing

  • que muller
    que muller 2 months ago

    tangna- sa susunod kasama ba si Natsu at Lucy sa mga top romantic couple!!!!!!