5 mistakes you'll make in your first 3 days in London

  • Published on Jan 22, 2018
  • If it's your first visit to London, you're likely to make these mistakes during your first three days here. Our community tells us which mistakes they made when they first arrived for their London visit, plus I add in a few more that I see London tourists making frequently.
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  • Do you mind
    Do you mind 26 days ago

    My first week in London I got drawn into the Scientology centre on Tottenham Ct Road. I was a silly billy when I was 19 .. I am 59.

  • patrick o keeffe
    patrick o keeffe 27 days ago

    "TripAdvisor trap,"... Excellent..

  • Lydia Musima
    Lydia Musima Month ago

    Born and raised in London. I enjoy seeing visitors. London is a big city indeed it’s good to plan what to see. I recommend travelling after rush hour on weekdays. Some tourist get in the way and overcrowd unnecessarily blocking the exits and tight spaces with huge bags

  • Krista Sims
    Krista Sims Month ago

    Do you have any tips for a mom bringing her children for the first time?

    • Mark Simlo
      Mark Simlo 26 days ago

      Be sure to go to the new sky garden (it's free). It's called The Garden at 120 and is at 120 Fenchurch Street. You don't have to pre-book just turn up and catch the lift (elevator?) up to the top. Amazing views of London. We discovered the place last month. Well worth a visit.
      Also for small kids the Postal Museum is worth a visit. They will love the mail rail train.

  • Raija Nihtila
    Raija Nihtila Month ago +5

    I will be there in October. My plane lands at 11am. All I plan on doing that day is checking in to my room and check out Notting Hill.

    • historygirl0126
      historygirl0126 12 days ago

      Raija Nihtila That’s pretty much what I did. Flew into Heathrow around noonish (plane was a little late), so when I got off the plane, I went straight through immigration and baggage claim, followed signs to trains, picked up an Oyster Card fresh from the machine, got onto the Piccadilly and headed toward my Airbnb. Then I explored some of the local area before returning to my room. The next day I explored Camden Market, Primrose Hill, etc. Each day I’m trying to do a little more, but I think the recommendation for no more than 2-3 big attractions is a good one. You don’t want to be overtired. Plus, you need to factor in time on the tube, etc.

  • Steven Schultz
    Steven Schultz 2 months ago

    Can you add multiple stops in the CityMapper App? I can only get a single start and a single end point.

  • Pia Sophia
    Pia Sophia 3 months ago

    Thanks! Its my first time to go outside Asia, and Im quite nervous , your video helps me really plan my trip.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  2 months ago +1

      No need to be nervous! You'll have a great time.

  • Mick Angelhere's World
    Mick Angelhere's World 3 months ago +1

    Walking is best I always find places I haven’t see before forget The London Eye in summer there a longggggggggggg lines and the London on the weekend crazy otherwise it’s a brilliant place to visit.
    The tube in rush hour find a pub have a pint and wait it out

  • Sydney Koh
    Sydney Koh 3 months ago

    Am really appreciating your videos. Thanks, Jess!! Leaving for London very soon and am feeling more confident thanks to you :)

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 3 months ago

    I always recommend British museum! You could spend all three days and the museum but for times sake spend half a day... you won't regret it

  • Rod Jones
    Rod Jones 3 months ago +3

    Dead right about Trip Advisor. Also right about the rush hour - don't travel, find a pub and let it go past.

  • Reychel Elsukova
    Reychel Elsukova 3 months ago

    I'm visiting London from Moscow in 9 days.... can someone explain to me how Oyster Card works? :)

  • BKLNHobo
    BKLNHobo 3 months ago

    Study up on transit options, both to and from the airport, and around the city. It's easy to pay a lot more than you have to for which might not even be efficient transit.

    • BKLNHobo
      BKLNHobo 3 months ago

      @Love and London I got sold on the RT Gatwick express train to Victoria my first time in London (12 hrs), paying easily twice what a GWR train would have cost. There was a transit strike that prevented the return trip which I'm pretty certain the people who sold the ticket were aware of. I took the GWR train back and it wasn't much slower than the express.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  3 months ago

      Or just use Citymapper app !

  • nehapriya sahay
    nehapriya sahay 4 months ago +3

    I love London I think it is great.

  • Philip Buarque
    Philip Buarque 4 months ago

    I lost a hole day going from one airports to the other (at the other side of London) just to save about $100 in air tickets in my way back to Boston. Stupid idea.

  • susan billmann
    susan billmann 5 months ago

    do you ever meet up with people that watch your videos?

    • Love and London
      Love and London  5 months ago

      Afraid not, for safety reasons, sorry! But if you see me when you're in town please do stop me and say hello!

  • Eduardo Uy
    Eduardo Uy 6 months ago

    Bought my tickets to London ! will be there with family on December! thanks to your channel!! got lots of tips...

  • Frosch
    Frosch 6 months ago

    My mistake was not knowing one tube line has actually two routes lol i mean, in other countries, 1 line is a single route. For example, the Northern Line actually goes to two places. Visitors should take note of this. I made a mistake of getting into a train going to another direction--not the direction I was supposed to go hahaha hope I made sense

    • Love and London
      Love and London  6 months ago

      Yes it does! Yes some have different "branches". So when you use Google Maps or CityMapper, take note of which "direction" (name of the last station) it says to take, and I always use the big maps located on the track to make sure I've got the right branch.

    SOFIA OROZCO 6 months ago

    Hola tendrás tips para night clubs en Londres ?

  • Michael Morrisson
    Michael Morrisson 6 months ago +1

    I’m a Londoner who knows London inside out and my tip is:-
    It’s better to walk than take the tube if you are staying central. If you look at a tube map, there is a yellow circle tube line on the map- within it is central London. Everything within the circle is within walking distance. It’ll likely be just as quick to walk and you’ll likely pass things on your to do list by accident walking to your destination plus you’ll very likely discover some great things that weren’t on your list. Just to give you a timescale of walking distance; the longest distance is 40 min max. If you look at the top of the yellow circle, you’ll see kings cross station. At the bottom is embankment station. To walk from kings cross to embankment is around a 40 min walk, so the map is deceiving. You can walk from Westminster to Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square, to Piccadilly Circus, to Oxford Circus all within an hour (obviously without stopping but you’ll tick a lot of your list within half a day!). Have fun!!

    • Michael Morrisson
      Michael Morrisson 6 months ago

      I edited my spelling mistake and lost your ‘heart’ like :-(

  • Karan Panesar
    Karan Panesar 7 months ago

    Watching this after visiting London 😂😂

  • Кенже Кенжехан

    Nooooo 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Daniel WOODRUFFE
    Daniel WOODRUFFE 7 months ago

    You're 1st point was well made, once visitors understand that Greater London is approx. 30 miles (50km), East to West and almost the same, North to South, they will plan their time; for example, aiming to visit Hampton Court Palace and Greenwich on the same day would be a bad idea, unless you particularly enjoy suburban train services!

  • Shelly Begeske
    Shelly Begeske 7 months ago

    We are traveling to London at the end of May 2019 and will, actually, only be there for 3 days. We will be in Europe for a week, but will be traveling to Oslo for 3 days and then back to London for our final night before flying back to the US. Any recommendations or will your 3 Day Itinerary be sufficient for us? We are making lists of possible things to see/do and will narrow things down as needed.

    • Shelly Begeske
      Shelly Begeske 7 months ago

      Love and London Awesome! Thank you! We are super excited to visit your wonderful city!

    • Love and London
      Love and London  7 months ago

      Hi Shelley, yup the itinerary will work for your three days. They don't need to be done back to back so you can split it up as needed. It's also very flexible so just adjust as needed!

  • A Singh
    A Singh 7 months ago +1

    For Americans a safety tip you cannot take a turn on a red light while driving, pedestrians do not get any right of way, there is no such law as jaywalking.

  • azdine
    azdine 7 months ago +7

    London...best city in the world.i love it.

  • mrdidley
    mrdidley 8 months ago

    Im relax the 1st day I get there, doing a 8 hour walking tour of london on the 2nd to see the majority of the city attractions

    • mrdidley
      mrdidley 8 months ago

      @Love and London I figured I take advantage of the short amount of time I'll be there

    • Love and London
      Love and London  8 months ago

      Woah, 8 hours? That's a long tour! Have fun!

  • Tomáš Hrošovský
    Tomáš Hrošovský 8 months ago

    Another helpful video!! I'm not so scared of going to London anymore. Still there's some issues for me getting from LHR to my hotel but I'll see😅

    • Love and London
      Love and London  8 months ago

      Hi Tomas, happy to help. Shouldn't be any issues getting to your hotel unless it will be very late at night, use Google Maps to figure out how to get there.

  • Bethking149
    Bethking149 8 months ago +1

    Islington is very good for food spots

  • Natalie Wold
    Natalie Wold 9 months ago +51

    I have a tip. Use the restroom when you see one. I was surprised how hard it was to find one, not even all tube stations or fast food joints have a public bathroom. Don't get caught out.

    • Marc Duchamp
      Marc Duchamp 11 days ago

      Adult dipper comes to mind

    • Patrick A. Crawley
      Patrick A. Crawley 3 months ago

      Do you get much of a rest in a restroom?

    • BKLNHobo
      BKLNHobo 3 months ago

      New York is the same.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  9 months ago +6

      And for those who have the 3-Day London Itinerary mentioned in the video, I marked off a ton of toilets along the route!

  • Lekh Raj Fulwariya
    Lekh Raj Fulwariya 9 months ago

    So nice

  • Mohammad Saif
    Mohammad Saif 9 months ago +2


  • Karen J
    Karen J 9 months ago +1

    Will you hang out with me for a week in June???😂✌️

  • Shelley Abbott
    Shelley Abbott 9 months ago +9

    Thank you for calling out tripadvisor, I have stopped using it for restaurants.

  • Harold Proctor
    Harold Proctor 10 months ago

    My first time in London was last month. Had a great time..but i do agree..dont overplan especially on your first day! I had a little jet lag so I didnt push myself...chilled in a cafe or pub when i started getting tired...but by the next day I was ready to go! Goggle Maps was a big help!

  • Anthony Bowe
    Anthony Bowe 11 months ago +1

    I was really surprised that after flying from Australia (and no sleep for almost 48 hours), I had no jet lag at all. Landing at 6.30pm helped, I was at my hotel in Shoreditch by about 9pm (thank you Heathrow Express!!). I found the best time I had in London was walking, an amazing city and I wish I was back there now.

    • Frosch
      Frosch 6 months ago

      Same here. Flew from the Philippines and my friends were surprised I adjusted to the time zone right away lol. I landed at around 6pm as well. I was also kinda sick-ish and have been drinking flu meds, so I think that helped me sleep right away.

  • Angry Joe
    Angry Joe 11 months ago

    Is Uber a thing in London?

  • WMA
    WMA 11 months ago

    There are some great tips in the comments here. But, what it all comes down to, is remember not to underestimate the size of London and everything there is to offer! You can live a lifetime in London and still find plenty to discover...
    To paraphrase “ London moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

  • Jindujun
    Jindujun Year ago

    Are there any good food spots or bars at London Ealing? :)

  • Katie C
    Katie C Year ago +108

    One tip from a Londoner, just walk. Walk around. Everything is so close and it gives you such a good insight into what London really looks like. Get to Waterloo Station and walk!

    • howard c
      howard c 17 hours ago

      Lol try walking from Enfield to central London

    • Marc Duchamp
      Marc Duchamp 11 days ago

      My les muscles are pulling hard and this is only the first day.....😱

    • Alex GS
      Alex GS 2 months ago +1

      @Karl Caton tf are you on about

    • Karl Caton
      Karl Caton 2 months ago


    • Alex GS
      Alex GS 2 months ago +1

      @BKLNHobo no, I've lived in London for my whole life - there is definitely not enough to do for tourists in every neighborhood

  • Daniel WOODRUFFE
    Daniel WOODRUFFE Year ago +3

    It can't be emphasised enough: Greater London is approx. 30 miles, East to West and a little less, North to South - "quaint, foggy ole London town" it is not!
    There is masses of sound advice, here, particularly the avoidance of Madam Tussaud's, Piccadilly Circus and the Buck Pal Guard-change (unless you stand at the gates to Wellington Barracks, before the parade - best photos). Greenwich by river-bus from Westminster (next to the London Eye) is good value and efficient, if you're pressed for time - "make several visits to London" is the best advice!

  • Sven Lm
    Sven Lm Year ago

    I'd suggest not planning anything at all the first day other than looking up a restaurant or somewhere to get a good meal close to where your staying or even ask the hotel staff. Play the first day by ear and get your bearings, then go out and explore a little you may find a lovely pub and settle down for a couple of drinks, but if not, you've got that hotel or internet recommendation to fall back on.

  • Liberty
    Liberty Year ago +1

    Love and London, is it true that london has really gone downhill in past 10 years?
    Thats its not nearly as great as it used to be?

    • ch3rrikiss
      ch3rrikiss 26 days ago

      If and when you can visit, do! Make your own judgements. Take us londoner complaints with a pinch of salt as we can literally complain about EVERYTHING 😂

    • rosslynstone
      rosslynstone 8 months ago

      It has never been better ten years ago

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago +4

      Only negative cynical people would say that.

  • John Michael
    John Michael Year ago +2

    Take in a show. The west end is full of theatres with world class offerings. If you want cheaper tickets go to Leicester Square where there is a kiosk that sells last minute tickets cheap so that seats are not left empty. (You will not miss it) Most theatres are just a short walk from there any way.

  • tryptychUK
    tryptychUK Year ago +2

    Rule one: GET AN OYSTERCARD - Then you don't have to worry about travel tickets.
    Also, check out the riverboats. Seeing London from the Thames is a great way to see the sights without the hassle.
    Get a boat from Westminster or Charing Cross Pier to Greenwich.

    • David Huber
      David Huber 8 months ago

      if you have a tfl pass why would you need an Oyster Card.

  • MrDavfit
    MrDavfit Year ago +16

    Greenwich Village and Greenwich Park...ahhhh yes... spend the day

    • Rod Jones
      Rod Jones 3 months ago

      Greenwich Village is in New York. The place you're talking about is called Greenwich (spot the difference? Yes. No "Village") And yes, it's well worth visiting, best by Thames Clipper.

    • tryptychUK
      tryptychUK Year ago +2

      Get there by boat, it's much more fun.

  • Tyra Kristiansen
    Tyra Kristiansen Year ago +113

    Okay so. I've been to London around 15 times in the span of 4 years. London can be overwhelming and expensive, but i have some tips for all you tourists.
    First off; Transportation.
    Taking the tube can be a stressful experience. You should always be prepared for big crowds and tiny spaces. Try to avoid lines in central London like Circle, Piccadilly, and Central between 15-18 if you want to avoid big crowds.
    Also, getting from Heathrow to central London is very expensive if you take a cab. Try taking the tube! Follow directions and take the Piccadilly line for about 30 mins. You can check the map for other tubes if Piccadilly isn't taking you where you want to go.
    DOWNLOAD THE MAP ON YOUR PHONE. There's an app for it, just search it up. It'll save you time planning. Trust me.

    Second off; Tourist locations.
    Many will probably want to visit Madame Tussauds. It's a cool place, but the queue is horrible. You can end up standing 4 hours in line. To avoid this, order your tickets online. Make sure to use the website for Madame Tussauds, it'll be way cheaper than other websites. When you've bought your tickets you go ask the ushers outside of the museum for what queue you should use. We did this and entered in 5 mins.
    The Sherlock Holmes museum also has long lines. You can't preorder tickets and you have to buy them on site. Don't be fooled by the line, go in the store and buy tickets, then get in the queue. You'll probably end up standing in a line for 2 hours, so take this in to account.
    London Eye has a 1.5 hour queue normally, so be prepared for that aswell.
    Harry Potter studio tours. DON'T ORDER A DRIVE THERE DRIVE BACK PACKAGE. Take the train from London Euston to Watford Junction. Walk outside and you'll see Harry Potter Buses. If you can't find them, ask the employees. These buses will drive to the studios and they're quite cool.
    This will allow you to be at the studio for as long as you please. The preordered packages leave you around 2-3 hours of exploration. I would recommend at least 4.5 hours. We spend 7-8 hours there, but you don't need that long normally.
    This method if also way cheaper, it costs around 30£ at the most for 1 person, whilst the package costs around 100£.
    Lastly; Musicals.
    The West End is a magnificent place. Seeing a musical is definitely worth it. But it is also very expensive.
    If you are 2 people going, you should order tickets on the same day as the show. Go to the ticket booth where they sell last minute tickets. If you're lucky you can get 80£ seats for 30£. Beware though, ONLY use ticket booths that has a certain symbol on it. Search up what symbol it is to avoid fake tickets. The theatres won't give you any refunds for fake tickets.
    Oh, last tip i promise. Plan one day where you have no plans. Walk around, see what London has to offer. You don't have to have a timelimit and schedule for everything!

    • Smile Dental Clinic - Best Dentist in Asansol
      Smile Dental Clinic - Best Dentist in Asansol 4 months ago

      Tyra Kristiansen thanks 🙏 for the valuable tips

    • Amber86queenbee
      Amber86queenbee 7 months ago

      Tyra Kristiansen I understand this is your opinion but some of this will be really subjective - everyone will need to keep in mind their own circumstances. For example taking the tube is not recommended from the airport depending on where you are staying - imagine carrying your suitcases up several flights of stairs! It is rare to get a station where you have escalators or lifts to the street level and that can't be stressed enough for non-residents who may come from newer cities.
      Also the Harry Potter bus from Victoria station can be the better option for families with kids or the elderly. The lines for the cheaper bus from Watford Junction can get quite long and you may have to tackle 2 tube lines then a train from Euston just to get to that bus (depending on where you are staying) and then do that in reverse. Not ideal when it ended up costing us so much more when we took a taxi from Euston after an exhausting day with family in toe. Keep in mind that 3 hours may be enough for you personally and your companions - many leave within this time as there really isn't much there and this is from a huge fan. I was swayed by everyone saying do it this way, you need more time and it was horrible. If you have anyone with mobility issues in your party speak up at the start as it is sheer chaos when they let people into the theatre & they don't control the crowds at all to keep families together.
      I definitely agree with the need for the tube app. Thanks for sharing your thoughts from one frequent visitor to another.

    • Lorenzo Loconsole
      Lorenzo Loconsole 8 months ago

      Can I use the ouster card to get into the bus as soon as I reach watford Junction? If not how much does the bus costs to take me to Harry Potter studios?

    • Sietske van Vugt
      Sietske van Vugt 8 months ago +1

      I never go to the ticket booths anymore. Most theatres offer day tickets (or have lotteries) which usually are first row tickets for about 20/30 pounds 👍🏼

    • Phelie315
      Phelie315 8 months ago

      Yeah, for musical tickets I recommend to only use TKTS (at Leicester Square, they have a second location too, but I forgot where it is) or the box office at the theatre you want to go to. Ignore all the other ticket booths.

  • Sheronda Lewis
    Sheronda Lewis Year ago +3

    I heard about the person who had a shack and manipulated the system to make the restaurant the Top restaurant of London! Thought it was a guy, but,saw the documentary about how one can manipulate via word of mouth, stars and reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and such to get away with it. And, he pulled it off! The menu was "feelings" where feeling sad or homey or something like that was a lasagna dish. And it was frozen lasagna he and his friends who acted like waiters popped in the microwave!
    Anyway, yea..so, you are right about that. You can look at those sites and see who has the best ratings or, ask the front desk or the locals. They will always tell you exactly which place is definitely worth going to! And, I always check out my room when I am in a city/state, rest for an hr or two (depending on what time I land) and then, with my phone, walk around the area (I try to go immediately 3 to 4 blocks East or West) and get familiar with the area my hotel is located at.
    Thanks so much for your tips and I can't wait to visit!

    • sim bro
      sim bro 3 months ago

      It is a guy ;-)

  • Redrobinjohn
    Redrobinjohn Year ago +1

    Will this help me with my first 3 days in London?

  • H Magique
    H Magique Year ago +1

    I tapped my oyster card when getting off the bus smh.

  • Wolfie Mermaid
    Wolfie Mermaid Year ago

    My trip is in spring 2019. I cant wait to go. This video really helped thanks

  • SteveS Consultant
    SteveS Consultant Year ago +1

    Things we learned the hard way -- the site of the battle of Hastings is *not* in Hastings -- it is in Battle. Battle itself is highly recommended - we had a great time doing a walking tour of the site of the battle and then had a nice lunch at the pub there.

  • noeledmonds12
    noeledmonds12 Year ago +3

    Use a black cab for the greatest guide and the safest ride!

    • Emily Brunhilde
      Emily Brunhilde 8 months ago

      Black cab, lose your entire money lmao

    • Arun Seigell
      Arun Seigell Year ago +2

      Yeah like the Rocker fellers are financing your trip -most xpensive way to travel in London

  • Donald Parlett jr

    My rules goes as such 1) I swap over a couple hundred dollars to the currency I'm arriving in. 2) first day I lay low and get to the hotel and sleep for several hours. 3) get an A to Zed map. Jet lag really sucks and what I've done and I know it sounds crazy but I'll travel first class going over as you'll be arriving in the morning. You have quieter seating and a larger seat that is more of a recliner. Sounds nut but think of all the money and effort you've done , every hour counts so to speak. I always come home on economy class as it will be in the evening and you'll be home(in YOUR bed). Been doing this every time I go to Europe or England and it works beautifully.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago

      HAhah if only I could afford to fly even just business EVER....

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr Year ago +3

    So, I'm an American Army veteran.
    Not that I have the cash to do so, but if I were to ever go to London I would love to see the Changing of the Guard [yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a goob]. The important part of this is that I would wait until the Guardsmen were on their post, walk up whichever one wasn't too busy, and tell him 'Thank You'. The band of the Guards Brigade playing 'The Stars and Stripes Forever' and 'The Star-Spangled Banner' the morning after 9/11 will be etched in my memory until the day I die.
    Yeah, I know that there very good odds that Guardsman in question won't have even been alive that day. But sometimes 'thank you' counts for a lot.

    • Donnw Green
      Donnw Green Year ago

      The best place to go to for changing of the guards is Windsor Castle. They change guards at 11.00am with the marching and then play popular songs on their brass instruments such as James Bond theme tunes. There is also so much to do there and see. It's also not that far from London.

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope Year ago +33

    Don't travel during rush hour. It's hell.

    • Lydia Musima
      Lydia Musima Month ago

      It can be annoying. Sorry to sound unwelcoming.

    • Rohan Radia
      Rohan Radia 3 months ago

      Not compared to Mumbai

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose Year ago +1

    Your videos really helped me. Thanks :)

  • Wade S
    Wade S Year ago +1

    One thing we did on our first day was take a 3 hour afternoon London sightseeing tour bus. Didn’t have to plan or think about where to go AND the tour guides give lots of good tips on things like crowded times, riding the tube, taxi tips, shopping tips etc. did not stop more than a few minutes in some places, but we saw a lot in the bus, and more importantly got our bearings, and did not stress. Since we had just arrived at 7:00 that morning, it also let us rest a bit. Good ideas on when and where to go back and spend more time.

  • Mysticofshadowyhearts

    I want to visit London someday and visit some places where Harry Potter was shot. I would also like to do some research on my ancestors. Any ideas on doing those?

    • Honey Lambb
      Honey Lambb Year ago +1

      +Mysticofshadowyhearts - A good way to trace your ancestors is through church records such as marriage, birth, death and baptism records and England kept immaculate tax records so chances are some of your ancestors are listed in the tax records and if they owned land, they would also have records.

    • Richard Singer
      Richard Singer Year ago

      Mysticofshadowyhearts also try the Londonist RU-clip channel. I prefer their older vids - lots of quirky London things there, including a few on HP locations presented by Viki Pipe.

    • Love and London
      Love and London  Year ago

      If you do a Google search, you'll find loads of info on Harry Potter around London :)

  • sensoriussupremus

    I made no mistakes since I researched accordingly 😈 However, I briefly forgot to stand on the right of the escalators, but got used to all the tube rituals immediately.