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  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
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  • Channel BTech
    Channel BTech 4 months ago +1

    Day 2

    SWATI PRADHAN 2 months ago

    Sir I have some queries regarding the TCS exams.. Sir I was not able to qualify the TCS NQT 2020 exam which was held on August 2019.. Sir is there any chance that TCS will conduct some tests again for 2020 batch.. Hoping for a reply soon..

  • Antara Tewary
    Antara Tewary 3 months ago +1

    would you please make videos for accneture ?

    • javeed
      javeed 2 months ago

      That's Accenture dude...

  • Nagaraju Peduri
    Nagaraju Peduri 3 months ago

    The ratio of efficiency of work done by p and r is 5:3.
    Sir, why did you take it as p:r = 3:5 ?

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  3 months ago

      Days are inversely proportional to efficiency

  • aditi gupta
    aditi gupta 3 months ago +1

    Jitne time me ye efficiency wala question kia hai apne.. Utne me pura time hi nikal jaega...

  • Samrat Chowdhury
    Samrat Chowdhury 3 months ago

    From where we should practice more questions on this topics?

  • Sowmiya Arivalagan
    Sowmiya Arivalagan 3 months ago +1

    sir, in question no 4 why you are taking the value of q as 4???

  • Antara Tewary
    Antara Tewary 3 months ago

    prabhu sir
    you are the best.

    • Antara Tewary
      Antara Tewary 3 months ago

      @ChannelBTech better late than never :)
      But seriously, you teach with so much patience and finesse....I am grateful for everything that you have taught me.

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  3 months ago +1

      Oi Madam, you should tell that in campus itself. I would have bought you candies,😆

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar 3 months ago +3

    Nice Work...Keep it up....This channel will help us a lot....Make for all companies.

  • Dimag Se Dhoni Dream11
    Dimag Se Dhoni Dream11 3 months ago +2

    all questions are good but you are not explaining well,,short tricks is quite good...

  • shaik shahanaz
    shaik shahanaz 3 months ago

    Does they give maximun these models in exam sir???

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  3 months ago

      You can expect these and Similar models

  • Basavaraj S.P
    Basavaraj S.P 3 months ago

    Sir, telegram link send me...

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  3 months ago


  • srirangam likitha
    srirangam likitha 3 months ago +2

    Sir i think ur explaining in difficult way plz add short cuts with logics

  • Shrinidhi Dudami
    Shrinidhi Dudami 4 months ago

    Sir iam not understanding 23/11 is converted into 2 hours

    • Arroju Srikanth
      Arroju Srikanth 3 months ago

      23/11=2*1/11 it is represented as 2hrs 1/11 min so take appr values

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago

      Approximate values is asked in the question

  • Lovely editz
    Lovely editz 4 months ago +2

    sir just now i got your videos link the first video is nice i got lot of clearence in time and work thanks for video one small reqest pls teach some short cuts

  • afreen rehana
    afreen rehana 4 months ago

    Sir why did you take sum of money as 1500 can i take 20000?

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago +1

      I took a value that can be divided by both 10 and 15. You can take any common multiple of 10 and 15. It makes the calculation easier.
      20000 also you can take. The calculation will involve fractions and decimals. Hectic

  • afreen rehana
    afreen rehana 4 months ago

    Hello sir question number 4 in that why are you taking q equal to 4?

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago +1

      If you take q as 2, you I'll get P = 3 and R = 1.5
      To avoid the decimals, I doubled the assumed value

    • afreen rehana
      afreen rehana 4 months ago

      Why cant i take q as 2?

    SIVASANKAR GM 4 months ago +2

    Sir! Doubt at 15:36 sir from there i am not able to understand the problem

    SIVASANKAR GM 4 months ago

    Sir at 6:23 I couldn't Understand the explanation why we take 1/5th of the work to find the days required to complete the work?

      SIVASANKAR GM 4 months ago

      @ChannelBTech Thank You Sir!

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago

      Every 3 days once they complete (1/5)the of the work. To complete 1 work, they need to do do work for 5 times 3 days. Total number of days is 15.
      I have used fraction method here.
      In case you are comfortable with LCM method, see the below explanation.
      LCM = 60
      Units of work done in 3 days = 12
      In 6 days it is 24.
      Similarly, in 15 days 60 units of work will be completed

  • sai mounika
    sai mounika 4 months ago +1

    Could you please send any tricks and shortcuts

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago +1

      Sure we will include shortcuts in our next course on Wipro

  • Sheik Mohammed
    Sheik Mohammed 4 months ago +1

    Konjam kastamana narathula konjam Tamil la explain pannuga

    SUMANTH GUNDU 4 months ago +6

    Bro .... explanation and way of solving is good...
    But explain shortcuts also.....
    Because the time taken for solving is very high..... In exam hall we have less time ......soxplain shortcuts also if they have... otherwise it's ok...

      SUMANTH GUNDU 4 months ago +2

      @ChannelBTech tqq so much..
      Y Wipro...y not for Ninja..we have another 22 classes are there.... plz possibly u can add shortcuts otherwise it's ok.....

    • ChannelBTech
      ChannelBTech  4 months ago

      Thanks for your comment.
      We majorly concentrated on making the asprirants handle the difficulty of understanding the questions and finding the approach in solving complex questions.
      We will definitely include shortcut methods from the next course that we launch. 'Wipro National talent Hunt'.

  • Vikram Rohith
    Vikram Rohith 4 months ago

    It's good

  • Balakrishna Ramnath
    Balakrishna Ramnath 4 months ago +2

    Wonderful discussion