• Published on Dec 28, 2018
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    The Digital Storm Aventum X is arguably the highest end production gaming PC on the market.. and we're gonna take a crowbar to it!
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  • Czerka Gaming
    Czerka Gaming 52 minutes ago

    it's ugly af

  • Toasty_Sam_Witch
    Toasty_Sam_Witch Hour ago +1

    That pc costs like 10000 and u just flung it around in the unboxing

  • Adon Von Panzern
    Adon Von Panzern 7 hours ago

    Linus' first Tf2 unlocked crate unboxing?

  • MaxSantos
    MaxSantos 10 hours ago

    That shirt would sell even more if you removed the logo on the back!

    MOHAMED ASHIK 10 hours ago

    Please help me guys I don't have one if u help me I will so thankful to u

  • Nomar Alvarado
    Nomar Alvarado 12 hours ago


  • KookieswithTae
    KookieswithTae 13 hours ago

    Whoever said don't drop that laptop in the livestream, what.

  • ma4l
    ma4l 13 hours ago

    if i can lift this thing on my own can i have it

  • Micke
    Micke 14 hours ago

    damn for a 5000 dollar + system. i want one. :D is it really worth buying a complete system from them or is it better to build your own one?

  • Micke
    Micke 14 hours ago

    damn Linus. just hollar and ill send you a proper unboxing knife :D

  • Micke
    Micke 14 hours ago

    who in their right state of mind own a neon green master key(pry bar)?

  • Michael Silvernail
    Michael Silvernail 16 hours ago


  • Steven Noblin
    Steven Noblin Day ago

    Are you unboxing wopnr :-) (War Games movie)

  • Lachy
    Lachy Day ago

    I bet it can't run minesweeper without crashing

  • Robert Galloway
    Robert Galloway Day ago

    What spec did you order off Digital.

  • Bv44
    Bv44 Day ago

    3:53 Chip bags be like

  • foxy dj
    foxy dj Day ago

    Can some one give me a desent grafick card

  • Brandon Tran
    Brandon Tran Day ago

    I’m pretty sure your supposed to unscrew the crate.......

  • Thijs Visser
    Thijs Visser Day ago

    First ten minutes is just trying to get the massive computer out of wooden crate😂

  • Raussl
    Raussl Day ago +1

    that wooden box is probably worth more than my PC!

  • lil Smoke
    lil Smoke 2 days ago


  • Pedro Rangel
    Pedro Rangel 2 days ago

    No Tests?

  • Big Jesus429
    Big Jesus429 2 days ago

    Bruh I've seen a $30,000 digital storm computer

  • Ahmet Alex
    Ahmet Alex 2 days ago

    This is what 11 k pc looks like

  • Nick R
    Nick R 3 days ago +1

    i was looking at the digital storm nova 15 what do you think of that with the i7 and 2060 is it worth the 1500

  • bonifacio suluh
    bonifacio suluh 3 days ago

    isnt the fan very close to the glas / case?

  • Stormboxer
    Stormboxer 3 days ago +7

    It seems there is some computer on your fans

  • sexiewasd
    sexiewasd 3 days ago

    Gentleman’s Gentleman*

  • James Bowyer
    James Bowyer 3 days ago +4

    Imagine being a PC Genius that I watch every day, and not knowing how to use his crowbar. Love you Linus! lol

    • James Bowyer
      James Bowyer Day ago +1

      @One Pump Man hahaha, my bad. No Homo Linus! Unless you have another one of those $100,000 dollar PCs still sitting around......hahahaha

    • One Pump Man
      One Pump Man Day ago +1

      Say no homo

  • Keanu Louw
    Keanu Louw 3 days ago +9

    Everybody: How's it perform?
    Linus: ThEsE FaNs ArE sO nIcE

  • GhOstin
    GhOstin 3 days ago

    money :(

  • Eric Brockie
    Eric Brockie 3 days ago +1

    Jesus that's a NASA super computer

  • _ ZEN_
    _ ZEN_ 3 days ago

    Link to site

  • Aashish Gautam
    Aashish Gautam 4 days ago

    what's the price of it?

  • chris dupuis
    chris dupuis 4 days ago

    I hope this is a stalling strategy. This was painful to watch you have a crowbar remove a fucking wall. It was built around the box.

  • Kristopher Kohler
    Kristopher Kohler 4 days ago

    Wow. A destroyed ~$2000 computer. The courier obviously thought they were shipping a box of scrap metal.

    • Kyler Postma
      Kyler Postma 3 days ago +1

      Kristopher Kohler this is way more than 2k😂

  • adminofutube123
    adminofutube123 4 days ago +1

    What are the specs?

  • Taylor Horton
    Taylor Horton 4 days ago +1

    Press F to pay respects.

  • Redneck Kid
    Redneck Kid 4 days ago

    Is that an entry level pc

  • Jaime Caballero
    Jaime Caballero 4 days ago

    Dude you're so fucking clumsy. No wonder you're always breaking and messing things up in your shop.

  • Rohit Kitturkar
    Rohit Kitturkar 4 days ago

    Give me 1 gaming pc....

  • Joel Guzman
    Joel Guzman 4 days ago

    Bro thats a pc thatll last you 20 years holy shit

  • the random tabs and chords in the cave

    The pc is so cool but duuuuuuude, sandles with socks. Why, why. Have u lost ur soul lmao 😂

  • Михаил К
    Михаил К 5 days ago

    Долбоеб!!! Нет бы при распоковке снять верхнюю крышуку и хотя бы одну из боковых нееееет же тупица пытается перевернуть коробку и вытащить содержимое. Прав был Задорнов, Америкосы тупые вхлам 🤨

  • krazymiggah
    krazymiggah 5 days ago

    easy to see as linus says how in the world do they get a dent in the side that has a box around it.. The driver most likely had a traffic incident and the company probably tried to saved as much as possible since either way you would have to claim

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 5 days ago

    And I have a 3 year old xbox one

  • CRD M
    CRD M 5 days ago

    He babbles about babbling too much

  • Paul Rumble
    Paul Rumble 5 days ago

    At that price stop pulling and poking the insides, your making me cringe. That unit is totally a white glove it.

  • sus tyler
    sus tyler 5 days ago

    Can it run rust tho?

  • Mohamad Ehg
    Mohamad Ehg 5 days ago

    Hey I’m a big fan of your I love your content he and I love to watch your videos. Could you please do a review or and video about x-series to help other people and I understand how good or bad are they for gaming?
    Thank you very much in advance

  • lightless
    lightless 6 days ago

    A pc is only good if it can handle 5k tnt 2 sec queueing in minecraft

  • Xoue Bynum
    Xoue Bynum 6 days ago

    This dude is annoying

  • The nextinline
    The nextinline 6 days ago

    So for all this money you get a mediocre bland case with bad ventilation, garbage rebranded fans, mechanical HDD and ugly and unimaginative RGB setup.
    The only thing that looks kinda nice is the watercooling setup, but then again i've seen better. Plus, i doubt it works better like this.
    As for the "automotive grade paint"....nothing special. You can take your case to a paint shop and get the same thing really, or even better, and it's not going to cost you that much.

    Honestly, i'd rather get an XForma.

  • daddyfatsack68
    daddyfatsack68 6 days ago

    I would love to get one but the maintenance would be a bitch on it

  • Ammon Krraw
    Ammon Krraw 7 days ago

    They suplie clout house

  • dudeawesome games
    dudeawesome games 7 days ago

    Me being poor if it still works I’ll use it

  • NJDEVILS1214
    NJDEVILS1214 7 days ago

    Kind of surprised about the price considering you can buy a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300 for around the same price.

  • Jeremy Petro
    Jeremy Petro 7 days ago +3

    MANNNN those socks and sandals might have just ruined my whole year lol love the content though.

  • GoldenFreddy 4587
    GoldenFreddy 4587 7 days ago

    Coud i have the god of gaming pc plz it will be my 1st pc ever

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young 7 days ago

    Well, it certainly looks nice, and the crate thing was pretty awesome...but after my one experience with ROG, I'm never using them again. Asus in general, really. They make stuff that work amazingly well for a very short amount of time, and then just craps out. Their build quality is garbage and their support is just as bad.

  • blue avatar
    blue avatar 8 days ago

    I really love what your doin sir..hope to build my own someday with you sir..♥️♥️♥️

  • SynexiaSaturnDs
    SynexiaSaturnDs 8 days ago +9

    *Threadripper 2990WX would like to know your location*

  • Sabsi
    Sabsi 8 days ago +1

    tfue uses this pc now

  • Loren Schwent
    Loren Schwent 8 days ago

    You guys need to hire dan the body for this big ones Lul

  • deesine
    deesine 8 days ago +1

    Odd why you say a GAMING PC's lighting is tacky when it represents all the sparkly goodness of an 80's arcade...

  • Servius The Bear
    Servius The Bear 8 days ago

    Man I love rgb

  • Craig Reiling
    Craig Reiling 9 days ago

    Kinda killed it for me with the lack of prep for the stream guy's. Winging it, does not inspire confidence in professionalism or the overall projection that you know what you are doing/ know what your talking about..

  • GreenSheepNomad
    GreenSheepNomad 9 days ago

    The pallet sized box forces the shipper to keep it at the bottom of the load. Don't want it falling 4 or 6 feet when the trucker has to hit the breaks and without proper load locks. An over built box can take a top stack making it in a safer location on the truck. I've gotten round boxes that I'm sure started off square. Especially receiving 19" flat CRTs.

  • Cameron Dougherty
    Cameron Dougherty 9 days ago

    16:00 has a this side up yet was shipped on its side

  • James Lin
    James Lin 9 days ago

    I'm gona want this for my minecraft

  • audiogarden21
    audiogarden21 10 days ago +1

    When your PC unboxing winds you, you know you bought a beast.

  • Raydar YT
    Raydar YT 10 days ago +1

    The first 4 minutes is him opening the crate 😂

  • Eric Wiedenhoft
    Eric Wiedenhoft 10 days ago

    Buys a $7k PC, doesn't think to buy a pocket knife.

  • Myhre Norsk
    Myhre Norsk 10 days ago +1

    That pc has more fans than you😂

  • Crass Spektakel
    Crass Spektakel 10 days ago

    i am slightly surprised that the system only got 32 Gig. Even my 2016 i7-6700k comes with 64GB - yeah I went a bit overboard coz RAM was pretty cheap back then. But seriously, two years later and a ultra high end system with only 32 Gig? My last system with only 32Gig is a Dual Xeon from 2009... Strange...

  • Allowfuckpl z
    Allowfuckpl z 10 days ago


  • Awais Rahuja
    Awais Rahuja 10 days ago +1

    The real question is : can it run crysis max settings ?

  • Mohammed Saif
    Mohammed Saif 11 days ago

    Man u have a Michael Scott vibe

  • GuSuBu Tribe
    GuSuBu Tribe 11 days ago +6

    You could have used the shipping crate for the table you needed.

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia 12 days ago

    Damn what a virgin

  • Kane Campbell
    Kane Campbell 12 days ago

    Linus is right. I ended up wanting the table to give out and see it crash to the ground.

  • Fardin Fionn Mangapit
    Fardin Fionn Mangapit 12 days ago

    This thing has more fans than me :(

  • Micro Wolf 2019
    Micro Wolf 2019 12 days ago


  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 12 days ago

    Broken off, not sheared.

  • Vinícius Nascimento de Freitas

    didn't think i was going to play borderlands by opening the video

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 12 days ago

    You don't think you've seen anything that heavy? I collect vintage mainframes and minicomputers. I can beat that.

  • Ledgebringer X
    Ledgebringer X 12 days ago +2

    Okay, got to sell my kidney to afford this!

    • Ledgebringer X
      Ledgebringer X 9 days ago +1

      @James Lin
      For sure! Its a good trade off

    • James Lin
      James Lin 9 days ago

      you have two, surely you can give up one of them

  • YT Anonymity
    YT Anonymity 13 days ago

    Hey Linus, please do a review on Falcon Northwest !!

  • snacdaws 1
    snacdaws 1 13 days ago

    I actually cried at the rig reboot pc

  • Anglalyn
    Anglalyn 13 days ago


  • Anglalyn
    Anglalyn 13 days ago


  • R.P.W
    R.P.W 13 days ago

    My house for sale

  • Beastlie Wolf
    Beastlie Wolf 13 days ago

    i see linus having back pain later from lifting that heavy pc up

  • Vincent Gaulin
    Vincent Gaulin 13 days ago +1

    seeing Linus fight to get it from the crate was worth the show.

  • Nick Pestritto
    Nick Pestritto 13 days ago

    its heavy cuz the guys a fucking twig

  • Salt 2.1
    Salt 2.1 14 days ago +1

    "got all my tools with me"
    >open packing tape with keys

  • sssniper46
    sssniper46 14 days ago

    What do you do if you setup is up stairs oh wait you take your elevator to the 4 story of your second house.

  • sssniper46
    sssniper46 14 days ago

    Linus this pc is now 3,189 dollars

  • Franco Baldivieso Vargas

    F in the chat please

  • Bubba Fett
    Bubba Fett 14 days ago