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  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • TheCGBros Presents - "SWEET WATER" - When Earths water is rendered undrinkable by an interstellar gas cloud, a mission is sent to begin extracting liquid water from the moon Enceladus. An ex-astronaut must conquer his aquaphobia and let go of the darkness within him. The fate of humanity rests on his shoulders.
    Additional Film Info:
    Sweet Water took over 2 years to complete with a team of fewer than 10 people. Its aim was to achieve Hollywood production values on a budget less than 10k.
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Comments • 574

  • Voice Of The Firmament

    Space is fake. 2095, the world will know, you can not fly through the vacuum, there is nothing for the ship to push against. If the moon can not leave «earth gravity» neither can a tiny space ship.

  • ali andrei
    ali andrei Day ago

    :)) what could I call it...a wanna be movie, no artists inside, effects 0, concept art 0, idea 0...why would try to do such thing when you dont have any skillss...:)) really dont get, it, lets make all of us movies...who knows, maybe the randomness of the Univers will send to us an Oscar and many many many papers...we have youtube so, anyone could be an "artists"! Why not, give the Univers a try!

  • Raed Gaj
    Raed Gaj 5 days ago +1

    Great visuals, but you need a better storyline and actors, the plot fell to bits. Shame.

  • Paolo Martini
    Paolo Martini 5 days ago

    Like the comments below it makes no sense and the end too. Please. Most of the effects are good but the story is important too. One more thing is the water. Why does it have to be liquid? They would have been better off transporting a big chunk of ice. How are they going to keep all that water liquid all the way to earth in a long trip in space? Water heaters? Why? Possible contamination also? With the technology of the space shuttle. Space X has the BFR now. Why work so hard for so long and forget things like this? And the end? He conquers his fears? It gave me aquaphobia.

  • Max Hughes
    Max Hughes 7 days ago

    11 minutes and the smart mouthed bitch starts in on the lead character.

  • Kojoanna
    Kojoanna 13 days ago

    I didn't get it😕

  • Fabio Scelza
    Fabio Scelza 14 days ago


  • Sword of S
    Sword of S 15 days ago

    Putting aside his hallucinations, illusions, delusions, psychosis, neurosis and a pimple on his ass' left cheek, what was his special role, his superpowers, his special attitude, his mind control powers, sic, his hair loss, his burping record that he and he alone among 1billion people possess ?
    😯oooh he's a plumber😯

  • Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon

    Not bad for 10 people and 10K...
    Keep going and let the doubters say whatever. They didn’t make a quite remarkable short film, short on people and money but definitely rich in talent!

    • Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon
      Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon 14 days ago

      You fucking cock smoker! No funding for you biatch!

    • Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon
      Moogy Banna Hilstopaflingon 15 days ago +1

      Eh? Obviously Sword of Shortcock...? Always a fucking smartarse hidden away behind the curtains. So, Sword of Shortcock, my job is to keep an eye out for talent and recommend to a very large film company, what and who they should be interested in. And I do my job well. I also recommend who and where they should place their funding when it comes time to divvy up a whopping chunk of cash designed to give writers, actors and producers a boost. In my role, I interact with hundreds of people I’ll never have anything to do with again. I hope your one of them!

    • Sword of S
      Sword of S 15 days ago

      It's only short a story, the rest is good. I'm serious, it's good for a short, short of cash, actually quite good, rather good I may add. Really. Keep going guys .

  • Kyle Kissack
    Kyle Kissack 20 days ago

    This planet is already 70%water why not pick one of the billions of water worlds in the Galaxy without complex life

    • Sword of S
      Sword of S 15 days ago

      Yes ! We can Über 1,000.000.000 people over whereverthatis and voilá. You make the sandwiches.

  • Scott Ross
    Scott Ross 21 day ago +1

    What the heck did the first part in the school room with the weird 'sky monster' have to do with the rest of the movie?

    • Sword of S
      Sword of S 15 days ago

      What the hell did the movie had to do with the movie more likely !

  • James Leonard
    James Leonard 23 days ago

    I always read the comments before I watch a vid. Thanks to the brave souls that warned us about this one.

  • jimmyglea
    jimmyglea 26 days ago

    So...what happened to the water? Boo.

    • Sword of S
      Sword of S 15 days ago

      Oh I think that big thing at the beginning took rained when it came.. so....strange, it's the only thing in this movie that makes no sense...😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    • Sword of S
      Sword of S 15 days ago

      Boo as scary boo, or boo or boh as Italian for "I don't know, who knows" ?

  • steve silverlock
    steve silverlock Month ago

    wouldn't it be better to bring back ice? easier to transport.

  • TheMissysman
    TheMissysman Month ago

    Since when do you pass saturn to reach jupiter? Music to loud . Shitty story, sorry guys, you really burned it!

  • Robert Slaughter
    Robert Slaughter Month ago +1

    After reading all the so called critics expressing how the director and team did such a terrible job on the film and yet so many of you think you can do a better job and have done nothing...!! Can anyone just watch the short film for what it is?? Man, you think you have to interject how everything needs to be corrected/perfect and I bet all the people whom think these folks did such a bad job seem to know more then anyone else...!! OMG... I can tell from just reading how many of the people comments that nothing will satisfy them...!!
    Mr. Director and team, GREAT JOB...!! I am glad you are putting your energy to good use and you will succeed...!!

  • Bogdan Koczajowski
    Bogdan Koczajowski Month ago +1

    Fajne ;)

  • JCruzify1
    JCruzify1 Month ago

    These Dust series you can tap 20 seconds forward in and still be at the same seen. Prolong stretched out clips. I say skip one minute to the end and you can pretty much get the whole sense of the bore.

  • Matthew McDevitt
    Matthew McDevitt Month ago

    Total glitch - they keep showing Jupiter in the background, even though Enceladus is a moon of Saturn. But the movie agrees with that too! They can't decide of they're in orbit around Saturn or Jupiter. How could they waste so many resources and not get basic easy stuff like the location of the moon, or decent dialogue, taken care of?

  • respect my privacy
    respect my privacy Month ago

    at 16:40 and 19:31 they show Jupiter's GRS instead of Saturn. That's a very critical error in the making of this film. Especially when Enceladus is a Moon of Saturn

  • Paul Willis
    Paul Willis Month ago

    WHAT ?

  • David
    David Month ago

    run out of water...there is so much water above the earth and so much more below it the fuck is this scenario plausible

  • Danny Lauwers
    Danny Lauwers Month ago

    How do such marvelous people (writer, director, …) succeed in making such an awfull lot of scientific inconsistenties?
    Is it ot win a bed (like “How many inconsistencies can I accumulate in just 20 minutes?”)

  • Dan Africk
    Dan Africk Month ago

    The ridiculously frivolous and poorly executed camera tricks at the beginning, among other hallmarks of a student film, should have been a warning sign, but for some reason I gave it a chance anyway. That was a mistake. The CGI for some of space scenes isn't bad, but that's about it. It's a terrible film with no redeeming value other than perhaps it will make you feel better about your own intelligence by comparison, if you have even a mediocre highschool level understanding of science..
    The plot is one of the most ridiculous I've ever seen, nothing about it makes sense. Somehow we used up all the water on earth (or it was ruined by a passing gas cloud?), and the solution is a multi-year trip to Enceledus to bring back as much water as a fairly small space ship can haul, and that is enough for a billion people? Water is that scarce and precious yet people ignore snow and puddles of water on earth with no attempt to collect it? And the mission is to go all the way to Enceledus and go to the trouble of drilling for hundreds of meters or more specifically for *liquid* water, ignoring water ice on the surface that is much easier to get? Do the writers think that somehow there is something magical about liquid water that it is not going to freeze as soon as it reaches the surface? Have these writers never experienced winter?
    It hurts my brain to even attempt to understand the thought process behind this story..

  • Deaner P
    Deaner P Month ago


  • Andy
    Andy Month ago

    Not much has changed in the next 70 years.

  • C. E. Norilla
    C. E. Norilla 2 months ago

    What the hell is this storyline?

  • Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Saturn, mixed with cuts of Jupiter... what is this nonsense? AND, why are there always these idiot astronauts, unstable and unreliable?

  • Blyskawica1
    Blyskawica1 2 months ago

    1st rule of filmmaking, you gotta capture the audience within the first five minutes. I stopped watching at 4:36

  • Orlando Octavian
    Orlando Octavian 2 months ago +1

    Horrible short movie !!! Waist of time to make it and actors time !!!

  • M4Me
    M4Me 2 months ago

    They should have rised the volume of the music. There where times that I could hear the actors.

  • Milan Stevanovic
    Milan Stevanovic 2 months ago

    at the paragraph of time and space plurality 127, we're now official IN WAR.

  • gregor szurnicki
    gregor szurnicki 2 months ago

    When the music dominates the dialogue then the movie sucks

  • keith corrigan
    keith corrigan 2 months ago

    Very enjoyable!☺

  • Just us girls
    Just us girls 2 months ago

    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

  • Nemo_Veritas
    Nemo_Veritas 2 months ago

    What an annoying chap this Eugene, nice video although it just stops mid story, oh well...

  • scrubjay93
    scrubjay93 2 months ago

    There is a film written and directed by Lars Von Trier called Melancholia (2011) that also pretty much requires the complete suspension of disbelief at the actual events, and that has a heavy psychological and emotional feeling, but it received critical acclaim and some of you might really love it. I recommend getting high before watching it, but it's not necessary.

  • scrubjay93
    scrubjay93 2 months ago

    It kept me engaged and I did think the production values were good for a tiny budget. I liked the geyser on Enceladus and the look of the spacecraft. I'm going to let any and all future scientific anomalies or inconsistencies go, because I can suspend disbelief for a sci-fi story. I didn't understand what the man was going through internally, but that's not entirely unusual for off-beat films, so I just went with it to see where it would go. I wasn't as satisfied with the story though--it gave hints of going somewhere interesting, but ultimately nothing happened. What if the guy goes into the ice tunnel at the end and....a tribble peeks out from behind a rock... But it lacked a story peak--the liquid water at the end wasn't enough for me. Still, not a bad film at all in my opinion.

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago

    Millennial snowflake at 8:23 ;)

  • Dwight Frost
    Dwight Frost 2 months ago

    The astronaut sees a cave and a woman's voice is heard, a memory I guess, my wonder is in the association with seeing this cave leading to the woman, a bit of a rather too obvious slight, no?

  • Ramkumar S
    Ramkumar S 2 months ago

    If they had done away with the excessively slow delivery and long pauses, this short-film would have been less than 8 minutes tops...
    And such powerful dialogues;
    Eugene, you might want to sit down... I think I will stand...
    Dinners ready... That makes 47... 47 what? 47 words since you came up with us...
    And moments later, the scene changes to 'Day 47'... :)

    Not to mention the old 'rocket'...

  • Steve Vet365
    Steve Vet365 2 months ago

    Don't mind commercials before or after the video but not during. This may have been a great Sci-Fi short but I will never know because of all the commercials I stopped watching and disliked this video.

  • rooster56100
    rooster56100 3 months ago

    I was going to dump on this from a great height, but the more comments I read, the more I realized everything I was going to say is already covered - giant pile of sh*t!!

  • John in Okla
    John in Okla 3 months ago

    Ok, what did I just see? You take me to some moon searching for water and then just leave me hanging once we get there.

  • SuperWittleGuy
    SuperWittleGuy 3 months ago

    Omg, where do I begin! This was a god awful sci-fi short movie, for many reasons. Lets start with this and basically the rest follows as more caca, haha! Ok... So we see a message: "2095. The day it came." And we see a pic getting swallowed up by some cloud? from an outerspace view. Ummm what came? And then 4 years later? And everything is ok now except theres no more water left yet London looked to be thriving with flying cars and tons of energy output? LOL! HUH?! So "IT" just left? And from space, Earth looked pretty healthy 4 years later with ample water... So yeah, from there forward, this movie just bled to death.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 3 months ago

    I SUFFER from claustrophobia.. NASA just offered me solo ONE way ticket to Mars on most expensive ship ever ...

  • Pifpaf Jojo
    Pifpaf Jojo 3 months ago

    Wake me up at the end please RonnnnnZZZZZZZRRooonnnnn

  • Imhotep70
    Imhotep70 3 months ago

    You gotta get the science KINDA right.... 👎🏼

  • DrReason
    DrReason 3 months ago +1

    Sorry. I got board just a few minutes in. The interesting opening couldn't support the meaningless snails pace after it.

  • RussNo1
    RussNo1 3 months ago

    Here's a life changing epiphany for you. An average of 7.5 billion asses get wiped every day. That's a lot of toilet flushes.

  • Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson 3 months ago


  • The mind is a terrible thing to taste

    4/10 icebergs

  • Lythande888
    Lythande888 3 months ago

    Any one else wonder why they had to collect liquid water? Surely frozen would be more appropriate since it would freeze in space on the journey back to earth anyway...
    Also we can already de-salinate salt water... Has earth used up all the oceans too? Seems unlikely... Did they consult real scientific papers on this or is it another child's story creation....?

  • Davy Kroket
    Davy Kroket 3 months ago

    This is the start of a good Iron Maiden vid lol.

  • Yiangoss
    Yiangoss 3 months ago +1

    16:42 19:34 my knowledge of astronomy is a little rusty. If Enceladus is a moon around Saturn what the bleep is Jupiter doing in the background?

    • Yiangoss
      Yiangoss 3 months ago

      I think it was done deliberately. There’s no way someone could deliberately do such a mistake. Especially when you think that there are scenes with Saturn in the background.

    • odogkar
      odogkar 3 months ago +1

      I thought nobody else noticed that, it seems in England is no difference between Saturn and Jupiter. The lack of knowledge is enormous.

  • Stephanie Huesler
    Stephanie Huesler 3 months ago

    What was the point of all that? Unstable emotions do not make a plot. Pacing was excruciatingly slow.

  • MaliVinnyB
    MaliVinnyB 3 months ago

    Is it me..Saturn is NOT That close to Jupiter..........

  • The Happy Potato
    The Happy Potato 3 months ago

    Can we not reduce the salt (impurities) in sea water and make it viable for consumption ?

    DESTER ZONE 3 months ago

    Tnks by

  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy 3 months ago

    Music too loud and moves way to slow I could not watch more than a few minutes

  • Terrell Weatherford
    Terrell Weatherford 3 months ago

    Running out of water but still distilling whiskey.

  • Daemabus
    Daemabus 3 months ago

    Interesting. A parallel universe that has different laws of physics. Nice to see the shuttle upgraded with future tech. Once they get their teleporter set up, it will be a breeze getting all that water back to Earth. Nice job.

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson 3 months ago

    This was pretty good but the ending spoiled it a bit, it was annoyingly ambiguous, what happened to everyone on earth?? It didn’t give enough, you’re not Sunshine, give me a fucking satisfying ending for crying out loud lol

    • Adam Watson
      Adam Watson 3 months ago

      You’re very welcome, you’re my favourite channel for sci-fi short time and animation ☀️

    • TheCGBros
      TheCGBros  3 months ago

      Hey Adam, thank so much or checking us out and leaving your comment! TheCGBros

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave 3 months ago

    all drinking water is in space now, what happened to earth water, is it all gone? where? water in space is pure, fine for drinking certified? isn't it just more practical to purify earth's water?
    makes no sense..

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave 3 months ago

    my ship my men, mine mine mine.. a few problem with egocentrism and delusion of self importance is it?

  • Errol Quewezance
    Errol Quewezance 4 months ago

    Dear Australia stop making sifi shorts.... Plz

  • Kenneth yates
    Kenneth yates 4 months ago


  • Michael Schultz
    Michael Schultz 4 months ago

    Wow!! Had Me going about the "Desperate" Circumstances for the Survival of The Human Race, that is, until I noticed the PROPAGANDA in the "Background".
    "America Claims Europa". As in, the Moon of Jupiter, EUROPA'!!
    Since Europa has (approximately) 15 TIMES as much Liquid Water(H2O) as the Earth..... What's the Message you are trying to Send??
    America is Greedy? America is Exclusionary? America is Bad? America is Evil?
    Then WHY is Every 2nd AND 3RD World Ungrateful, Uncontrollable, SAVAGE trying to "Immigrate"(read as INVADE) to America(and every OTHER White, Western, Christian Nation?????

  • Cajun Wolf
    Cajun Wolf 4 months ago

    2095 A. D. and it still looks like 2019 A. D. .. not buying it.

  • Unboxing4fans universe
    Unboxing4fans universe 4 months ago

    How to make sweet water
    Step 1: cold water
    Step 2:add suger

  • WD Steed
    WD Steed 4 months ago

    So many of these films seem like they are either the first chapter or a preview and not a complete story.

  • Candide Schmyles
    Candide Schmyles 4 months ago

    Crap. Makers don't even realise Jupiter and Saturn are not the same planet.

  • some guy that looks like me

    Biggest problem I see - an unlikeable hero(antihero?) ; you cant find someone to save the planet who WANTS to do this? An emo goof who is thoroughly unlikable and I dont care how important he possibly could be, you havent explained how ANYTHING he does cant be done by ANYBODY else. I want to punch him.
    Hes also a nutter(unstable, unbalanced, unimportant, unnecessary)

  • You've just got P U N K E D

    why everyone looks depressed in these science fiction movies !

  • International Architectural Systems FZE

    Which one is it Jupiter or Saturn?

  • david wright
    david wright 4 months ago


  • Roy Knapp
    Roy Knapp 4 months ago

    So sorry. Earth running out of water.
    That is a plot hole you simply cannot recover from.

  • Val Veadora
    Val Veadora 4 months ago

    Mmm bad science all round. Shame.

  • Deano
    Deano 4 months ago

    Lots wrong with this. Even the sweat on his face falls down , in zero gravity. The tech keeps changing between things we have now and things like antigravity vehicles. Also the story was very weak. Could of been so much more.

  • Deepak Aggarwal
    Deepak Aggarwal 4 months ago

    What the fuck is this this explains nothing

  • Where Is Faf?
    Where Is Faf? 4 months ago

    Bored after the 1st 8mins.

  • Benjabola
    Benjabola 4 months ago

    A grim yet humourous and exhilarating foray into a possible future.

  • deathvalleyalex
    deathvalleyalex 4 months ago

    Well done . Lower the volume of the music it over powers the dialog .

    DENNIS STRASBURG 4 months ago

    How about a story. You know: a beginning, a middle a conclusion - that mean something. a Waste of my time.

  • Don't Forget to Tickle The Balls!

    What the hell is Jupiter doing in the background. There on a moon of Saturn. Someone fucked that up bigtime.

  • procious
    procious 4 months ago

    uuh...if the water is undrinkable wouldnt most of the animals have died by now? And what about the water in our bodies, wouldn't that be poisoned too? If it was combined with interstellar gas couldnt that be undone with boiling it, Surely a society with flying cars and space ships could figure out how. Oh well, either accept the implausible premise or watch something else.

  • Steve Benson
    Steve Benson 4 months ago

    Water is a simple chemical that can easily be made.

  • Lucas Hile
    Lucas Hile 4 months ago

    16:40 That's JUPITER. The moon they should be on orbits SATURN. What the fuck????? How do you mess THAT up?!?!?

  • Craig Kling
    Craig Kling 4 months ago


  • William Mills
    William Mills 4 months ago

    fast forwarded through most of it...

  • clem
    clem 4 months ago

    For snoopydoo , not sure if you got hit by a buss or baseball bat is all about SCIENCE fiction . Fiction being the operative word. Reality does not matter or have a bearing on the story .......because it never happened anyway.. You need to find another interest. 😆

  • Julian McCracken
    Julian McCracken 4 months ago

    Well that was rubbish. Could have done a lot, but didn't.

  • Glenn McGrew II
    Glenn McGrew II 4 months ago

    The added camera shake in what should've been stable scenes, and the oft-used flare in almost every scene distracted from the movie. In addition, the lack of any effort to simulate G-pull on their faces during the ascent from Earth was a disappointment. The captain telling him to get up on fracturing ice contradicts the wisdom of distributing your weight and scuttling away on all four limbs. I realize that caves have a more stable environment than the open surface but on a moon frozen at -201° C (-330° F), this seems pretty unlikely.
    Too many mistakes.

  • lyndon eaton
    lyndon eaton 4 months ago

    too much meaningless drama. I got tired of fast forwarding in and simply shut it off.

  • sandra herbert
    sandra herbert 4 months ago

    Had to stop watching when about 7 mins in it was said the earth was going to run out of water in
    5 years. Glad i did after reading some of the comments. I managed to save about 15 mins of my
    life from boredom.

  • Kyle Darnell
    Kyle Darnell 4 months ago +1

    Seriously, turn down the music. The actors can barely be heard most of the time because you have so much music and background noise running all of the time.

  • vicvicf
    vicvicf 4 months ago

    Space Shuttle generates more PURE water in its exhaust than the mass it's capable to lift to LEO

  • scott carr
    scott carr 4 months ago

    It was an extremely stupid idea. If the world seas are still full then you can use de-salination plants to remove clean water. You don't have to go to Saturn to find ANY other water. It had no point at the end, it left you wondering what is supposed to happen now. Very Little LOGIC.

  • Riley Evan
    Riley Evan 4 months ago

    There is literally nowhere in the solar system where you can stand and see both Jupiter and Saturn in the sky larger than the moon. Saturn is as far away from Jupiter as Jupiter is from the sun.

  • Rick Johnston
    Rick Johnston 4 months ago

    Too dang slow!!!! Couldn’t watch the whole thing.