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Klombo Saved Me From Bully五

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • Klombo Saved Me From Toxic Bully Short
  • GamingGaming

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  • VMant
    VMant  4 months ago +3217

    Let's see how many of us love Klombo

  • Godzilla Playz
    Godzilla Playz 3 months ago +2615

    Him: the toxic player was about to kill me.
    The toxic player: dancing
    Guns in inventory: am I a joke to you?

  • Elijah Collier
    Elijah Collier 20 days ago +4

    A toxic player was about to kill me!
    Him: just stands there

    BRT-VERSE 27 days ago +2

    A friendly -LITTLE- dinosaur how little is klombo

  • Josephine Burnsed
    Josephine Burnsed Month ago

    I just absolutely love klombo's face after he kills the toxic player

  • R繪ley_Poley
    R繪ley_Poley Month ago

    That whole 5 minutes you spent crying at the fact that the Toxic player was teasing you, you couldve shot them.

  • Mr. Blocks
    Mr. Blocks 3 months ago +809

    "A toxic player was about to eliminate me."
    Also the "toxic player": *does nothing*

    • 4dmr
      4dmr 25 days ago

      @Venon I dont remember typing that

    • Venon
      Venon 3 months ago

      I mean the laugh it up is enough

    • 4dmr
      4dmr 3 months ago +2

      Im dying

    • 4dmr
      4dmr 3 months ago +2

      Hahah ha 不不不不

    • kingloewe2
      kingloewe2 3 months ago

      Yes realy

  • jwfins
    jwfins Month ago

    We all miss Colombo when they put him out of game

  • iiChips21
    iiChips21 2 months ago +2

    Even though this is staged, this story is so cute and epic!

  • Luke Wisecup
    Luke Wisecup 2 months ago +1

    Klombo: The anti toxic player weapon

  • Ryan Patayan
    Ryan Patayan 8 days ago

    Bro said "I was feeding klombo as a friendly 'LITTLE' dinosaur" but when klombo showed up he's big

  • I need help
    I need help 3 months ago +3821

    A toxic player about to eliminate me
    The toxic player: *dancing*

    • Michael Gelske
      Michael Gelske 20 days ago

      Yeah its fake these stories fricking suck

    • Skitckman studios
      Skitckman studios Month ago

      It was 1. Wheres the storm 2. You had guns 3. Why did the person use the cry emote u couldve pulled out ur guns 4. Dint look like there was purple cloulds were there

    • Cynthia V
      Cynthia V Month ago


    • Gacha Neeka
      Gacha Neeka Month ago

      Are you going to be Alvin and the next station so I hope he gets out soon I love you I love crumble people I love

    • Gacha Neeka
      Gacha Neeka Month ago

      I love crumble but he's going to be out in the next season of that case but my fairy love him and I hope you get out soon

  • oscar
    oscar 25 days ago

    We all love Klombo even though she/he is gone:( RIP klombo

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei Month ago

    Ah yes, my favorite mechanic, klombo shooting toxic players with rockets.

  • aioocat [U扎芥准]

    We will always love Klombo 歹

  • Summer
    Summer 2 months ago +1

    Klombo: Bro she shot me what else can I do about it?
    Him: you saved my life still

  • DumboDum
    DumboDum 3 months ago +289

    "It was a toxic player who was about to eliminate me"
    Killing is the point of the game

  • Jacob Villanueva
    Jacob Villanueva Month ago

    Klombo will always be respected as the axolsaurus he is

  • Mr duck.
    Mr duck. Month ago

    How staged do you want this to be?:
    Him: yes

  • jazira ayapanova
    jazira ayapanova Month ago

    For Klombo:
    No matter what, you stay strong and happy

  • Strike gaming
    Strike gaming 2 months ago

    "how fake do you want this to be?" Them:YES

  • Mason
    Mason 3 months ago +97

    Pov: You emote instead of shooting the enemy.

  • laura britton
    laura britton Month ago

    i wish klombo was back in the game

  • DeadlyVRR
    DeadlyVRR Month ago

    me: "how fake do u want this to be?"
    him: "very"

  • KarmaX
    KarmaX 2 months ago

    Keep on going! You will make it big someday Do not worry if Someone hates, you do you :)

  • Universal sounds
    Universal sounds Month ago

    Rip klombo we will miss you next season:(

  • DisneyMinus
    DisneyMinus 3 months ago +137

    "I was feeding Klombo as a friendly little dinosaur"
    3 seconds later: *Turns into Satan*

    • LunarsEvilPringles
      LunarsEvilPringles 3 months ago

      No no no, he meant HE was a dinosaur. He meant like.. Himself as a friendly little dinosaur.

    • Hashvir Singh
      Hashvir Singh 3 months ago +1

      @Anish Shirke Don't you just love it when people comment with only emojis.

    • Anish Shirke
      Anish Shirke 3 months ago +1


  • Carlos Torres hartsock

    Toxic player:starts taunting*
    This person: OH NO, I CANT KILL THEM WHILE THEY ARE DANCING. starts crying*

  • kingstongames
    kingstongames Month ago

    I love Klombo i wish she never left the game 唐唐唐朮朮朮 we will all remember Klombo

  • ㎎ri
    ㎎ri 2 months ago

    "The Toxic Player was about to Eliminate me"
    The Toxic Player : *Dances*

  • Circus baby
    Circus baby Month ago +1

    Klombo looks likes a dragon in "how to train your dragon" and ofc it's cute

  • Mythicaltys
    Mythicaltys 4 months ago +439

    The fact that the toxic didnt just kill him straight away, like all Fortnite players should do, meaning staged

    • Leroy Davis
      Leroy Davis 3 months ago

      And they also didn't attempt to kill the toxic player while they were emoting

    • 簞$ofeⅩ
      簞$ofeⅩ 3 months ago


    • Quirksbtw
      Quirksbtw 3 months ago


    • 磣儭幓詹晨廘芊廘 幓詹晨妘儭磣
      磣儭幓詹晨廘芊廘 幓詹晨妘儭磣 3 months ago

      @Sashimi Daiouika did you not hear her say "he was about to eliminate me"how can someone eliminate someone with emotes and it's fake anyway

    • Kimetsu Lee
      Kimetsu Lee 3 months ago

      you do realize this is a skit, right?

  • Reylyn De guzman
    Reylyn De guzman Month ago

    Him:toxic player gonna eliminate me
    Toxic player:dances for 2 seconds and didnt eliminate

  • Funnie doge
    Funnie doge 2 months ago

    fun fact : the player shot him at the first place and ran into him boom

  • Blake
    Blake 25 days ago +2

    A toxic player was about to eliminate me
    Also the toxic player: dancing

  • RaShaal Gamer
    RaShaal Gamer Month ago

    Respect for Klombo the kombo dinosaur..

  • Rick Sanchez C-137
    Rick Sanchez C-137 3 months ago +45

    "a toxic player who was about to eliminate me"
    *does emote instead of shooting*

  • Ghanshyam Das Gupta
    Ghanshyam Das Gupta 13 days ago

    "I was disappointed" also him/her:gives flying kiss

  • ﹪ia
    ﹪ia Month ago

    I was surprised that clombo was mad at the toxic player

  • Royale Begay
    Royale Begay 9 days ago +1

    This video: just laughing and crying
    Reality: 360 NO-SCOPE

  • Nicoleta Dublea
    Nicoleta Dublea Month ago

    Him: "Klombo saved my life"
    Me: "So you think if you die in Fortnite=you die in real life"

  • D3monic
    D3monic 3 months ago +286

    Editor : "How fake and cringey do you want this to be?"
    VMant : "Yes"

    • leooooooooo鳶丑
      leooooooooo鳶丑 3 months ago

      @AstroPuppy not trying be to too him

    • AstroPuppy
      AstroPuppy 3 months ago

      @leooooooooo鳶丑 not telling ur rude but most comments in this video saying fake and cringey

    • AstroPuppy
      AstroPuppy 3 months ago

      @leooooooooo鳶丑 look opinions exist but why do u have to be so rude abt it smh

    • leooooooooo鳶丑
      leooooooooo鳶丑 3 months ago

      @Eroma PC nah u it's their opinion also it is fake Lol

    • Eroma   PC
      Eroma PC 3 months ago

      @leooooooooo鳶丑 Oh come on
      People defending haters??
      Oh please just get out of my sight..

  • Colin Weber
    Colin Weber Month ago +5

    How fake do you want this to be?


    Toxic player: ha ha you will die klombo: no you wont

  • Tedra Joy
    Tedra Joy 2 months ago


  • Haylea Morgan
    Haylea Morgan 2 months ago +1


  • Stremguy1911
    Stremguy1911 3 months ago +773

    How scripted do you want this to be?
    Them: *YES*

      NFS RAVAN FF 2 months ago

      @Stremguy1911 bro I can play this game but how

    • Stremguy1911
      Stremguy1911 2 months ago

      @NFS RAVAN FF Bruh why you commenting on this?

      NFS RAVAN FF 2 months ago

      What is this game name ?

    • Cosmic black dude
      Cosmic black dude 3 months ago

      Bruh now its 1M likes

    • Stremguy1911
      Stremguy1911 3 months ago

      @2Br3ezy Also I didnt even THINK that I was gonna get clout

  • Ruben Guzman
    Ruben Guzman 2 months ago

    Never knew that klombo could protect you

  • Brian Montgomery
    Brian Montgomery 22 days ago

    Respect for klombo

  • Dj Scott Tait
    Dj Scott Tait Month ago

    I miss kolombo but I wish he comes back

  • peggy sweet
    peggy sweet Month ago

    KLOMBO IS SO CUTE story time: when I played I fed him then a toxic play almost killed Me but then klombo saved me at the last sec

  • Samantha The Ninetailed F繪x

    Player: **being toxic**
    Klombo: So you have chosen death

  • Pumpkin spice
    Pumpkin spice Month ago +1

    We Love Klombo!

  • r.i.p.x
    r.i.p.x Month ago

    Everyone's there for you if you're there for them when they need help help them and when you need help they'll help you it's called friendship you probably don't get along with everybody but treat everybody how you want to be treated

  • CitricEagle8051
    CitricEagle8051 2 months ago

    We rly need to be less toxic and more kind to the animals on the map

  • Isabell Anne Losanta

    never mess with Klombo!

  • David
    David 3 months ago +190

    A toxic player was about to eliminate me
    The toxic player: Hey bro you like my new emotes?

  • Kendra Lopes
    Kendra Lopes 2 months ago +1

    They always say they toxic when they dancing:')

  • Angel Huang
    Angel Huang Month ago

    Klombo is so friendly :D

  • Graceson Alvarez
    Graceson Alvarez 2 months ago

    I didnt know Colombo could throw bombs

  • biokat
    biokat Month ago +8

    But I heard some gunshots
    *the bully: right infront of him*

  • rosil cosca
    rosil cosca 2 months ago

    klombo: DONT HURT MY CHILD

  • alessandro figueras
    alessandro figueras Month ago +1

    "Klombo Saved my life!"
    Klombo;Oh my gosh you dummy I got em bc they shot me wanna be my next food?

  • kathy the cat
    kathy the cat 9 days ago

    Things you didn't notice: klombo has 6 legs

  • Snipe_It_MANE
    Snipe_It_MANE 2 months ago

    He literally shot the klombo lol

  • Big Nooby
    Big Nooby 3 months ago +581

    "Klombo saved my life!"
    Klombo:i killed him bc he hit me, you want to be the next one?

  • g獺l璽x蘋瓊簽瓣潃

    A toxic person about to eliminate me
    The powerful gun in inventory: bIsH wHAt aM I

  • funny fidgeting and more

    U can legit see the grenade warining

  • Stine Ballovarre
    Stine Ballovarre Month ago

    Finally someone who dosent call him Klimbo

  • Sir
    Sir Month ago

    Toxic player: dancing
    Toxic player: not having the real take the L

  • Eivor
    Eivor 3 months ago +62

    My respect for Thanos increase every day.

    • Spy X Family Addict
      Spy X Family Addict 3 months ago

      @Sigma Kumalala i have 5 i just need the reality stone

    • WMOmkar
      WMOmkar 3 months ago

      @Sigma Kumalala I have the 2

    • hello
      hello 3 months ago

      @Spaceman Joe to cool them out

    • Spaceman Joe
      Spaceman Joe 3 months ago +1

      @S! CB -SL- Animations I got a plant does that count?

    • callmejack
      callmejack 3 months ago

      @Spaceman Joe alot

    SAIKIDACAT Month ago

    Editor: how fake you want it
    Him: klombo our friendly little dinosaur

  • Black light Brother productions

    Him finding out klombo got killed 儭

  • Possessed Pegasus
    Possessed Pegasus 26 days ago

    We stan klombo

  • Sean Clinger
    Sean Clinger 2 months ago

    He turned green over the kiss emote!不不

  • ROSE-**苤  - 苤  h屢滕諱

    How scripted do you want this to be?
    Them: YES

    GET REKT Month ago

    RU-clip: how fake do you want this to be
    Him: yes

  • David Jones
    David Jones Month ago

    How fake do you want this to be?

  • Zenc
    Zenc 26 days ago

    How fake and staged do you want this sir?

  • Maria Parada
    Maria Parada Month ago

    How fake do you want this? Yes

  • Mr_Makaroshka 訄郕訄 郋郕郕郋赲

    "How fake you want it be?"

  • Aiden Idk
    Aiden Idk Month ago

    "a toxic player was about to kill me"
    "toxic player *dance*"
    Me if i was the guy:shoots while dancing
    Me: *dance *

  • ExcaliburSonic
    ExcaliburSonic 17 hours ago

    Klombo's voice is so cute!

  • TheShuffleDemon
    TheShuffleDemon 21 day ago

    Him:Bro I heard some gun shots
    The bully:purposely shoots the kolombo just for the vids and had the bully on their friends list
    Also did yall notice that this is about percent battle lab by the way

  • Jhoan Balmes
    Jhoan Balmes 2 months ago

    I was not expecting klombo is gonna save him

  • JustARandomArtist
    JustARandomArtist 3 months ago +543

    I was feeding klombo as a friendly little dinosaur
    Three seconds later: *blasts with domestic abuse on their mind*

  • Game time
    Game time 2 months ago

    Her: using cry emote on toxic player
    Me: using a pump shotgun on toxic player

  • turbojax07
    turbojax07 27 days ago

    Obviously staged, Klombo only attacks when attacked, so the bully would have been shooting at klombo, and not you. That is a very dumb thing to do as klombo is invincible.

  • ShadowOfMe
    ShadowOfMe 26 days ago

    This actually gave me shivers

  • i am cool maybe
    i am cool maybe Month ago

    How edit do you want this to be?
    Them: totally yes

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 3 months ago +178

    This seemed real for a sec and then the enemy tried to eliminate them

    • beez
      beez 3 months ago


    • txtmn
      txtmn 3 months ago

      None of them are real

    • kingaddelito
      kingaddelito 3 months ago

      These are never real

    • DarkSide
      DarkSide 3 months ago

      @Richard Holeek lol

    • Richard Holeek
      Richard Holeek 3 months ago +3

      Like cartoon villains:
      IaM gOinG tO eLimInaTe yOu

  • Jen Pearson
    Jen Pearson Month ago

    Klombos face after he killed him

  • Babyegg6
    Babyegg6 29 days ago

    We miss you klombo

  • DG
    DG Month ago

    toxic player:hey dude look at my new emo-
    Vmant:he is toxic

  • My baby Margaret
    My baby Margaret 2 months ago

    I always try to feed Klombo some berries by never find them so sad

  • Demonic_Wave
    Demonic_Wave 3 months ago +145

    How staged do you want it?

    • Nuna Business
      Nuna Business 3 months ago

      @Roronoa zoro It's alright mate.

    • Nuna Business
      Nuna Business 3 months ago

      @Kaspars Krkli禳 "I think Nuna is going to be a Karen." "I missed the part where I fucking asked."
      You were saying?

    • Yuko
      Yuko 3 months ago

      @Kaspars Krkli禳 sentance

    • Peter Dyhr
      Peter Dyhr 3 months ago

      @beachbums you probably thought this video was recorded in a real game

  • Aidan Venom
    Aidan Venom 24 days ago

    Feeding combo and you know what happens

  • TimeforJoana
    TimeforJoana 2 months ago

    i like how klombo saves her

  • jazira ayapanova
    jazira ayapanova Month ago +1

    The flashing and the music was so nice I almost cried thats so sweet of Klombo!!!

  • Nimfa Macalalad
    Nimfa Macalalad Month ago

    Toxic Player: I'm gonna oof you
    Klombo:don't you dare oof him!