See how Obamas, Clintons greeted (or didn't greet) Trump

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush and sat in the same row with other former presidents.
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  • mukhtar awad
    mukhtar awad 5 days ago

    Every Sees This Faneral George Bush He Wasn't My Brother What Asked My self why Trum didn't Like Some Body Allready Daed

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 9 days ago

    Dictator !!!!!!!! Needs to go, if not we are finished. That's the truth !!!!!!!! Don't believe it! Give it some time!!!! You Wil C!!!!!

  • keypenny53
    keypenny53 9 days ago

    What a bunch of dumbasses , !!! 😡

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell 14 days ago +7

    Our past presidents werent perfect,but they spewed integrity,cherisma,love of country and god and the american people

  • Dean Knight
    Dean Knight 14 days ago +1

    Trump 2020,! The Dems know this new leader is not to be fucked with !

  • Robert Leach
    Robert Leach 16 days ago

    Let's see...Clinton lost...Carter's presidency was horrible and Obama did greet Trump. This again is not only not surprising but I am sure expected.

  • Anthony Mack
    Anthony Mack 17 days ago +5

    This orange freak Always will KILL THE MOOD....HE IS SO DISGUSTING

  • michael russell
    michael russell 21 day ago

    They are nobody's, they have returned to there normal powerless lives. But TRUMP even when his 8 years are over he will still be Trump the billionaire, making deals, that's who he is. the man doesn't sleep, he's always got something going.

  • MegaGolgo13
    MegaGolgo13 26 days ago

    Again, much ado about nothing. News flash..they were arranged and sat in the order of their presidency, from oldest to current. This is FAKE NEWS!!! They're all in the same club. Rich and elite.

  • Breezy Mods
    Breezy Mods 28 days ago

    So your telling me Hillary is a cunt and everyone didn’t talk during the precession... keep digging your own grave cnn we love it especially since your mentally challenged viewers don’t realize it or call you out.

  • john Buchanan
    john Buchanan 29 days ago

    Donald Trump is still your President, stop your bitching

  • john Buchanan
    john Buchanan 29 days ago

    Hillary and Bill are bunch of sore losers

  • Bladerunner Blues
    Bladerunner Blues Month ago

    Bushes, the family of war mongers, two Iraq wars father and son conveniently, thousands died created holy hell in the Middle East and terrorist attacks on there streets but Donald Trump says a few things liberals don’t like and he is the worst most evil president in history. You thick left wing bell ends stuck in ur own bubble of shit

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve Month ago


  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 2 months ago

    CNN Is for morons, the mentally defective, and delusional professional victims. Boy they hit that whole Russian farce right out of the park , because they are the most trusted name in news. They all bull crapped their way out of their mother. Not one would see truth if they had six eyes. Don Lemon, Worst "journalist of the century award, Brian smeltshit, Eunuch of the century award, Anderson Cooper plastic man, Gets goofiest looking spermbank buttplug of the century award. Jeff Zucker gets a new dress.

  • GraceFromGod11
    GraceFromGod11 2 months ago +1

    That's the uniparty swamp sweating after the patriot Trump showed up lol

    • dan112020
      dan112020 16 days ago

      .. You sound like a GRU Kremlin bot/troll/sleeper like Maria Butina I'm reporting your site to the FBI for investigation into misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, divisiveness, distraction, disruption off the American system and when you return to mother Russia take GRU Kremlin agent 0045 Codename: Orange rump with you.

  • Cliff M
    Cliff M 3 months ago +1


    "TRUMP is richer than ALL pasts presidents combined"

    TRUMP is the ONLY President that has his OWN very tall tower than named after him.

    And there's MORE that ANY presidents never had & will have.

    Have a great day to y'all

  • 21st. Century Patriot Rob

    It's called FEAR!!! These traitors are going down!

  • Releta Ortiz
    Releta Ortiz 4 months ago

    The Trump' s have more class in their little fingers the the Bush's & Obama's combined.

  • Nelly Rojas Carrera
    Nelly Rojas Carrera 5 months ago

    Los tercermundistas somos carlas y Carlos con hijos

  • Pernell 12
    Pernell 12 5 months ago

    Friendly ya bullshiters bullshitten.

  • Mike Trotter
    Mike Trotter 5 months ago

    Remember, the Obama's are going to have their own reality TV show on Netflix coming up soon. The name of the show will be "My Two Dads" So keep an eye out for it all you dumbfuck liberals, you useful idiots.

  • elizabeth isaac
    elizabeth isaac 5 months ago


  • elizabeth isaac
    elizabeth isaac 5 months ago

    The way people talk about president Trump In any other country they’d be hung! Our president isn’t a puppet! His arrogance,intelligence and his military generals saved this country! Judgemental people are so ignorant! Obama, Bill and Hillary were and are still being investigated WATCH THE DOCUMENTARIES OF WHAT THEY HAVE DONE! NOOOWW UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS RESPECTED! I DONT THINK MANY PEOPLE TAKE TRIPS AND BROADEN THEIR MINDS AS TO WHAT GOES ON IN OTHER COUNTRIES HOORAY FOR OUR REAL PRESIDENT!

  • william rivera
    william rivera 5 months ago


  • william rivera
    william rivera 5 months ago


  • LazynewNEO le93nds
    LazynewNEO le93nds 5 months ago

    wow. CNN. maybe you have a real story.

  • Dayo Vlogs
    Dayo Vlogs 5 months ago

    That is my schools cathedral we got school off that da because we go to school right there and the day was to important so we had no school that day

  • bruce greenfield
    bruce greenfield 6 months ago

    The analysis is spot on!!!

  • TheDaves1
    TheDaves1 6 months ago

    seems to me the ex presidents are a bit nervous, and are hiding something,, wonder what ,, i think Obama Clintons, will soon be arrested,, haha, and i wish that lady would shut up, and will be eating her own words

  • Grant Dancinger
    Grant Dancinger 6 months ago

    See how the wives of all the past presidents and vice presidents and pence got a mysterious envelope and were shook. CNN of course doesn't show this and everyone in the comments are brainwashed. The reason you all have been programmed to hate Trump is because he has everything on these evil pos. GITMO

  • Jmac Blaze
    Jmac Blaze 6 months ago

    Fuck them Clintons,all of them!

  • hydro1957
    hydro1957 6 months ago

    The presidents of the globalist. How did we survive them. No jobs, failing economy, 3rd world countries becoming nuclear power, China kicking our asses on the world market while stealing our technology, and last but not least fighting the American Communist Party members in our own congress. Get educated

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 6 months ago

    To me, Trump is taking a devil role to fix this country. It's not an easy job. Obama is a classy president who only cares about his image and making people like him.

  • Luther Wallis
    Luther Wallis 6 months ago

    It was a funeral. What kind of exchange did you expect? Politically and personally
    neither side can stand the other.
    P.S. how much work has any of the other presidents really put into this country. MAGA is about all of us. America is all of us. That’s who a president works for. All of us. Being a good leader is not a popularity contest. The yearbook committee of his term(s) will most likely not vote him most popular. Hard work and devotion to Americans best interests will always be misunderstood. Most rare occurrences are. If we as a country wanted to fall in line with all of the corruption and misrepresentation that we were used to from our elected officials. A politician would be President. We as a country, or the majority of us did not vote for a politician. The majority wanted a president who was going to do what he told us he was going to do when he got voted into office. Make this country great again. Thank you president Tump. You’re doing a great job for all of the American people so far. Keep up the hard work. Thank you for being the change we need. Now, carry on sir.

  • Donny Danger Pierce
    Donny Danger Pierce 6 months ago

    ***Military Tribunals*** what was in the envelopes?.. #theylive

  • All About Cambodia
    All About Cambodia 6 months ago +2

    I love the Obama . Who love him like me?

  • nanallen1
    nanallen1 6 months ago

    Watch The Panama Deception, Academy Award documentary, 1993. You will see a real accomplishment of George H W Bush - the indiscriminate terrorizing, killing, containment in military camps of thousands of innocent Panama citizens - worthy of an international trial for crimes against Humanity.

  • phil shea
    phil shea 6 months ago +1

    Isnt it funny how the Trump haters arent wondering about what was in the envelopes ?? cnn havent told them what to think yet I spose

  • Eagle Arrow
    Eagle Arrow 6 months ago

    How interesting, you (reporters, journalists TV entertainment anchors-media, press) all hated the Bush41 Presidency at the time from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s and upto just a few years ago. You made fun of him & Bush43 & Reagan all day, every day. You hated Cheney, Gingrich, Gore. It was awful to watch or listen to it back then and now you still hate, hate, hate. Do you hear yourselves? Do you watch yourselves after airing? Do you fact check your material or just talk from the top of your head? Good journalists research, write, fact checks, proof reads 3 times, prepare. High School newspapers report better than you today. What has made you change to now honor (B41) him? What has changed? You called him deep in oil, a war monger, weak, JFK murderer, you tore him up about his 1000 points of light and his "Read my lips, no new taxes!" Now he is a gentleman? Best President we had? News & press hated B43 too- said he was a dumb President, released his college grades/C's. His gaffes on words, he was war President you said, you say he lied about no nuclear weapons Sadam had. You said he just wanted his oil.
    Americans please awaken, research, watch old press videos on Reagan era, Bush era...., B43era. See how they were as of today. Total bs! Find new media sources. Watch only factual reporting. Read articles. Check your resources. Get in a library, know your history. Clinton & Obama nothing but ♡ by the press. Hmm, whom became best friends with these past presidents...ah the Bushes. 🤔
    Such a disgrace to journalism. A true journalist is not letting the viewer know which way you lean. A journalist is just supposed to report the facts, not lose your cool, not get upset, not give your opinions. It is has been so long since you had a Patriot President and no longer recognize or know a true patriot. A patriot is tough, can't be bought, bribed, pigeon holed, is honest, is accountable, respects the constitution, doesn't cheat the people, loves our Country! Change our youth by setting a new vibe through respect, grace and honest journalism. Future relys on it.
    Only Patriots in first row were the Trumps and I guess I'll include Carters!
    Save our Country!

  • tamika jackson
    tamika jackson 6 months ago

    Never to rise again and 666-1= 665 beast to go.

  • Jesus the cool
    Jesus the cool 6 months ago


  • Clark Kenton
    Clark Kenton 6 months ago

    Fuck CNN !!!! The demons are scared !!!

  • Raymundo Montoya
    Raymundo Montoya 6 months ago

    CNN isn't covering the story of the envelopes like everyone else I wonder why?

  • phil shea
    phil shea 6 months ago

    Why havent you told your viewers about the envelopes they all got at the funeral ?? Tell people again why it is that you are not fake news . Go to YT and type in ' Bush funeral and the envelopes " everyone , then ask yourselves why the msm are keeping it under wraps .wHY anderson ?? you wouldnt lie to us would you anderson ???

  • Todd Coppage
    Todd Coppage 6 months ago

    Like it or not he's the president, people need to grow up.

  • Camy Paddock
    Camy Paddock 6 months ago

    Who cares? Really this is what everyone is focused on wether or not they said hi. Wow people wake up and grow up already this is not news this is distraction plain and simple.

  • Naki M.Lucien
    Naki M.Lucien 6 months ago


  • Infinite Magick - Project: Cosmic Superheroes

    HW Bush FINANCED the nazi's --historical fact..! You have to be payed to tell these nonsense, he has always been a constant criminal against the human race and you know it

  • Infinite Magick - Project: Cosmic Superheroes

    Areyou guys kidding???? Bush senior was a TRAITOR to the human race and has been dealth with.

    It is because they know they are all about to be executed in a military court, and Trump knows about it, just as happened to Bush senior, contrary to fake news - who is a criminal to the human race and the others are as well. See the part where they recieve the letter (see youtube) and fake news channels and cooperators are about to get their judgements coming down very soon. CNN is about to dissapear. All Illumiati members are going down.

  • john babtissm
    john babtissm 7 months ago

    what about you ? if you die today . can you make it to heaven ? or just you flops down to hell? if you don't believe in Jesus you go to hell ! ?

  • Jerry Pickleheimer
    Jerry Pickleheimer 7 months ago

    CNN is pathetic... FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Richard Ralston
    Richard Ralston 7 months ago

    they didn't shake his hand because then they would have to go wash their hands afterwards.trump is such a slimy schmuck!!

  • Mario Chacón Segura
    Mario Chacón Segura 7 months ago

    It is amazing how IGnorant is Donald Dumb....

  • I love this world
    I love this world 7 months ago

    looks like a lot of barking going on, a lot of personal stuff, so much hate. Should not all these people be united in their love for America? Sad!. However without all the howling against Trump not many people would even be aware that he existed, just another President for a few years..... when he upsets so many vested interests, I think he must be doing something right, something real, not just slick talking like so many others - looool I respect him greatly!

  • Sarah burnheart
    Sarah burnheart 7 months ago

    Grow the hell up!

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer 7 months ago +1

    Most people who go to funerals only just barely gives a nod, let alone shake hands. Still, President Obama seems the bigger man when compared with donald trump.

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer 7 months ago +5

    It looked like to most of us with a brain that donald trump was the one who shunned the Clintons, and President Carter! Trump is one despicable human being as well as a despicable president!

    • Grant Dancinger
      Grant Dancinger 6 months ago

      your hair says it all

    • phil shea
      phil shea 6 months ago

      Looks like the msm has you well trained Karen , sorry to be the bearer of such bad news . Theres a very good reason its called FAKE NEWS . Now karen , seeing as how you are a [ brain owner ] , remember karen , it was you who described yourself thus . Simply ask yourself why the msm hasnt said anything about the ENVELOPES . The envelopes that obama, clinton , bush , biden and pence all got at the funeral ceremony . Their reactions was priceless , these fuckers all got very , very bad news . Its patently obvious ,just type in something along the lines of Bush funeral and the envelopes , its all over you tube . Theres no other conclusion you could come to . Biden and bush jnr freaked out particularly . Then ask yourself why it is that the msm are so quiet about it ,even the cameras at the funeral seemed strategically placed .. Are the msm being duplicitous Karen ??? Fancy trying to fool someone with a brain , especially you karen , tut ! tut !!

  • Ernesto Ybarra
    Ernesto Ybarra 7 months ago

    Black racist !!!! After being offered the chance of a lifetime to perform in front of 100 million viewers, some of the music industry’s biggest black stars, including Cardi B, Andre 3000, and Usher, have reportedly responded to offers to perform at halftime of Super Bowl by telling the National Football League: “Nah, bruh. I’m good.”
    Whitey will get Barbra Streisand or dumbass Cher to do the Super Bowl then. NFL don't need racist blacks.

  • Song Lyrics
    Song Lyrics 7 months ago

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  • Philippe Francois
    Philippe Francois 7 months ago

    All I can say president Trump does the best a president could do for his country, putting God first, sadly too many blind people unable to see that. The winner is Jesus Christ in this scenario, SATAN needs Representative, time is short he sees the light cannot resist it he is crazy right now. It is time to pray God the creator of everything as everything is going down a bit. Let us surrender to God, can we look at the bible God gave Israel the authority to take the rest of the world into slavery as they did not follow God commandments they did not do it. Now Israel is fighting a backyard, do not repeat Israel mistake. I was suppose to be a descendant of Israel slave or a property of an Israeli family if they listen to God. Now a christian who really knows God should not talk about slavery which the past US administration was falling short in controlling . The USA was falling in rebellion with its own law it cannot happen. God bless you people.

  • Rekan Xurshid
    Rekan Xurshid 7 months ago

    God kills them

  • an Som
    an Som 7 months ago

    They all HRC Biden Bush Obarma all received gifts B4 President.trump came in ENVELOPES what was in the envelopes?????????? all over the net, did CNN miss it ? PLEASE CNN tell it as it really is,, just for the public (why can't you just be honest even just for once) Tell the people the truth

  • Jimi Lee
    Jimi Lee 7 months ago

    Get over it! ... Trump is the president!

  • odeus predrinn
    odeus predrinn 7 months ago

    those fucking journalists everywhere who don't do their job......just under the orders of powerfull peoples or governments.

  • remivonrude
    remivonrude 7 months ago

    fuck them past losers

  • Mash Eclokin
    Mash Eclokin 7 months ago +1

    Honest Presidents like Trump are not welcome to a swamp monsters funeral!

  • Realist Realist
    Realist Realist 7 months ago +1

    Whenever I see Bush, the image that pops up in my mind is of a person with blood dripping from his hands, oozing out of his mouth... It may be easy for people to forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent souls murdered by this man's actions, the innocent children who are still having nightmares, their lost parents, their destroyed houses, their shattered dreams... History will never forgive him for what he did, no matter who ever approves him.. And I do wonder how a person like Ms Obama can be such chill around a figure like him, not that her husband is a lot different as he is the one who ordered drone strikes that killed thousands of children.... Oh okay, I get it..

  • peter paris
    peter paris 7 months ago

    In all those presidents Donald Trump is not the devil he is innocent compared to the rest based on their works

  • Darlin Huth
    Darlin Huth 7 months ago +2

    Love Obama ❤❤❤❤

  • Rev Dr Felix Nwosu
    Rev Dr Felix Nwosu 7 months ago

    A sitting president should be respected that's the constitution . That attitude is wrong and primitive .

  • Elfin4
    Elfin4 7 months ago

    And how Obama held his head high, whilst Trump just looks lost in space as does Pence.

  • tskjesusfreak
    tskjesusfreak 7 months ago

    All of our glorious warlords! Trump, Obama, Bush II, Clinton are warlords!!!

  • Yahaya Josh Shagaya
    Yahaya Josh Shagaya 7 months ago

    CNN should be professional at least for once, this is a burial and not about Trump can you shift focus please?

  • Koffi George Williams
    Koffi George Williams 7 months ago +13

    Long live OBAMA FAMILY

  • Roger Geilow
    Roger Geilow 7 months ago

    We need to be more like Jimmy Carter , He was just there for his colleague and friend to tell him goodbye

  • G W
    G W 7 months ago

    Criminals gotta hate because their all losers. MSNBC = Mueller's Special Nothing Burger Counsel.

  • Luke
    Luke 7 months ago

    on a personal level i feel bad for trump. he takes more shit than anyone ever in history that i have been alive to see,

  • Anthony Broers
    Anthony Broers 7 months ago

    Fuck the evil Bush's....the next thing he sees will be a lake of fire

  • Anthony Broers
    Anthony Broers 7 months ago +1

    Wouldn't that have been SOOO GREAT if when Obama reached out to shake hands hand cuffs were put on Obama ... As Hillary & Bill are on the ground already in cuffs ...oh oh better yet Hillary is getting tased

  • beyondthetruth2 C
    beyondthetruth2 C 7 months ago

    Murderous, child-trafficking, satanic-pedos will be in cuffs soon, probably have ankle monitors on already. Trump and Carter surrounding the Scum.

  • Lynette Danley
    Lynette Danley 7 months ago +1

    “Barack Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012 were dismissed by some of his critics as merely symbolic for African Americans. But there is nothing “mere” about symbols.”
    ✍🏼Ta-Nehisi Coates

  • Amy Witchek
    Amy Witchek 7 months ago

    Oh sure...just what we need, more political hacks telling us what everything means. Whether they were dismissive to our present President and First Lady says a LOT more about their classlessness then President and Mrs. Trump, that's for sure. Everyone of these panelists were talking smack about Bush 41 two seconds before he passed aways...they are hypocrites personified. smh

  • Kovačević Dobrina
    Kovačević Dobrina 7 months ago +1

    That’s right polish up the Bush’s and put a pretty bow on em. Globalist war mongers and murderers need a great send off.

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler 7 months ago

    Trump is childish and slow just like his own voter

  • Mike DaChincheka
    Mike DaChincheka 7 months ago +1

    Very suprised this fake news network still even exist. Nothing but false information being feed to the american people from there end. Why can't these deceivers get the point that this beautiful country is 90% back to it's booming point of being on top of all others countries world wide. Economy, Security and etc. Free from the Debt that our previous no good presidents that didn't do nothing but hurt the american people, hurt our economy and left us the united states in a debt so far down that we became a laughing stalk to all other countries. Thanks to shitty presidents like the obama's, clinton's and bush's that coyldn't do jack in there terms as presidents and now we have president "Donald Trump" who in just 2 years as president has our country being number 1 economy wise "more jobs for the american people" better boarder security and so much more. We are back on top of every other country where now countries like japan want to open more businesses here. President "Donald Trump" is doing his end of the bargan and is keeping his word like a real man and true leader! Face it "democraps" you had your moment, it's a shame that you guys had your chance and couldn't do a damn thing with it! Now you're own people jump ship, got sick of that blue wave shit and got tired of being lied to and finally opened there eyes that democraps where putting illegal immigrantsand will always put illegals infront of our own people. They wanted change and change they did! They came out from the dark side and came into the light and joined forces with the true american people who voted for donald trump because change was needed. Change came in a hurry and all you democraps can do is try to continue to lie and deceive our own people.

  • Sisi Mazwi
    Sisi Mazwi 7 months ago

    Hey guys pls watch my videos on my RU-clip channel, Sisipho Mazwi

  • John John
    John John 7 months ago

    FFS news from the ones who assist with the ‘divide and conquer’ club.
    Fuckin oblivious f’tards !

  • learn English with T.Areevan A

    That's American who chose Trump as a president so I wonder how he has been chosen by Most of the American citizens.

  • Ray Crews
    Ray Crews 7 months ago

    Most people do not greet the Person that will be serving them Justice :) Merry Christmas!

  • Deena Gotti
    Deena Gotti 7 months ago


  • Deena Gotti
    Deena Gotti 7 months ago +1


  • Don Neville
    Don Neville 7 months ago


  • vanessa petty
    vanessa petty 7 months ago

    45 gave his coat to the marine? That front row looks very tense 🤭🤩except for Obama


    When a siting President enters a rum all should stand up. All bullshit and crap are just bias. The moral and the ethical values seem to be collapsing.

  • tina ricketts
    tina ricketts 7 months ago +1

    Whoever thinks CNN is Trump bashing here is entirely missing the point. It IS news to report interactions between presidents during meetings such as these. The observations were on target, too. It seems none of the former occupants is overly fond of the current one. The discomfort level ratcheted up the instant Trump walked in. Trump too, seemed uncomfortable, as though he could feel their disapproval. He never made any attempt to engage with the others or even greet them. The only conclusion one can draw from this is that the former presidents do not like Trump. I was obvious and telling.

  • Always right
    Always right 7 months ago


  • Michael Campos
    Michael Campos 7 months ago

    sore loosers!

  • Jonah 1: 9
    Jonah 1: 9 7 months ago

    CNN... "Fake news" !

  • Marie Sneed
    Marie Sneed 7 months ago

    That's how I be respectful at a funeral go in set down and be quite