Casually Explained: Absolute Hot

  • Published on Dec 27, 2015
  • this is what happens when a few drinks in you think your joke is still funny and want to make the video and then the next morning you look at it and say "oh my god this is terrible I have to get rid of it" and then you do but with permanent damage to your self esteem and inconsequential internet presence.
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  • W.D. Callahan
    W.D. Callahan 12 days ago

    Ok. I imagined all the matter in the universe compressed into that little point. The intense gravity pulled it all inside out and made the ultimate black hole!

  • James Miller
    James Miller 13 days ago

    P + 2 is the temperature of your shower when you only turn on the hot faucet

  • Ryan Watts
    Ryan Watts 16 days ago

    Don't get click baited.
    Click here instead: 2:11

  • Super Luminous Anomaly 2

    Hot Pocket Potential

  • BeAn BeAn
    BeAn BeAn 18 days ago

    There shouldn't be a degree symbol for the Kelvin.

  • federico saviano
    federico saviano 19 days ago


  • federico saviano
    federico saviano 19 days ago

    i came here from his video about one night stands;

    if you go to around one minute you can see a tinder profile with a link, if you copy that in the browser you get sent here.


  • Vanta Black
    Vanta Black 20 days ago

    that was slik af

  • Steven Schmitt
    Steven Schmitt 21 day ago


    • Steven Schmitt
      Steven Schmitt 21 day ago

      Oh I was talking about my new cell phone that I was told I should get a wireless charger for because the phones get really hot

  • Alex B.
    Alex B. 21 day ago

    "What's this spec on my screen?"

  • Longboard 503
    Longboard 503 21 day ago

    One of the best comedy channels on RU-clip. This guy will take a bland joke “my mixtape is fire” and turn it almost into a fuckin narrative and set up the whole thing to blindside you with the punchline, all the while you thought the rest of the video was funny. Comedic genius

  • egominer
    egominer 21 day ago

    Wait. That just made me more confused

  • Lexard
    Lexard 22 days ago

    Can someone explain to me, "my new mix tape" how is it funny

    • Grace Kang
      Grace Kang 21 day ago

      Because people will usually describe their mixtapes as "fire" or "hot"

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 24 days ago

    well done, ya git me

  • Akseli Halonen
    Akseli Halonen 26 days ago +1

    Oh really.

  • It's Cook!
    It's Cook! 26 days ago


  • Ritesh Rajbhandari
    Ritesh Rajbhandari 28 days ago

    This entire video has me oscillating wildly between whether I should trust him or not, and at the end, it left me at a quantum supersituation of Schrodinger's trust.

  • yung cash register
    yung cash register 28 days ago

    this was 4 years ago....

  • carlos alvarez
    carlos alvarez 29 days ago

    So many numbers it sounds mathematically correct

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson 29 days ago

    Holy fucking shit.

  • Spethman Jones
    Spethman Jones 29 days ago

    1:04 fun fact, that hot pocket heated to 9 GND still had a little spot of filling that was frozen while the rest was hotter than the sun. Thanks for reading this fun fact and have a great rest of your day.

  • Gijs Boskers
    Gijs Boskers 29 days ago

    At 0:15 it's not 0 degrees Kelvin right? Just 0 Kelvin

  • RushRoid GG
    RushRoid GG 29 days ago

    It IS scientifically proven that Natalie Dormer is the hottest thing around

  • Aadi .p
    Aadi .p 29 days ago

    i wonder wht natalie dormer thinks about this

  • Israel Aguasanta
    Israel Aguasanta 29 days ago

    You had me at 1 ND

  • Mark Frederick Acosta
    Mark Frederick Acosta 29 days ago +20

    I am an ordinary dude,
    saw Natalie Dormer...

    So, I clicked.

  • iii
    iii 29 days ago


  • Marius Drop
    Marius Drop 29 days ago

    I don't know why this was in my recommendations but I'm so glad it was!

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde 29 days ago

    Why is kelvin the most accurate temp but we don’t use it

  • Hermodice Carunculata
    Hermodice Carunculata 29 days ago

    I watched the whole of game of thrones and now I realised who that girl is whom he keeps using to measure hotness

  • _t-d_
    _t-d_ Month ago

    Hot Pocket for King of the Iron Throne.

  • Tyler Nicoli
    Tyler Nicoli Month ago

    I liked old mic better

  • Nuper In Nocte
    Nuper In Nocte Month ago

    So wait is a Hpp hotter than a ND? I don't get this it's in Celsius.

  • roejin
    roejin Month ago

    Totally thought the joke was gonna be about how HPP was an acronym for hard peepee

  • Aleksio
    Aleksio Month ago

    0:19 my heart too, bro

  • --
    -- Month ago

    0:23 that is not quite right. though it is both true that 1. absolute zero can not be achieved and 2. that every material would approach the temperature of its cooling agent. that is not why we cant get to absolute zero. we actually have cooled things to very small fractions above absolute zero with lasers but we can never achieve 0 K because of something called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle which basically states that you can only know one of 2 things with accuracy in a quantum system. either you know the position of a particle or you know its momentum. if we had absolute zero meaning the position of every particle would be perfectly defined then the momentum of that particle would be completely undefined and would thus also include crazy high momenta (which would mean that its also "hot") and thats why 0 K (absolute zero) is impossible to achieve. interestinly enough there are however negative kelvin temperatures ^^

    • --
      -- Month ago

      0:28 sorry to nag but a triple point but also include the pressure (as well as the temperature) at which a given substance reaches its triple point. pressure makes a big difference in the phase of matter. funny video still. i liked it and i know you probably didnt even want to be that precise about things like that. just wanted to point it out ^^

  • Pit g
    Pit g Month ago

    Can somebody explain the joke to me?

  • Alex Voxel
    Alex Voxel Month ago

    You totally got me

  • nonmicus stuporus
    nonmicus stuporus Month ago

    thumbnail got me so bad :(

  • Alan Bareiro
    Alan Bareiro Month ago +7

    So the Sun is basically powered by 24000 Natalie Dormers. I'm fine with that fact.

  • Sparryax
    Sparryax Month ago

    Hey can you translate this video to american?

  • Jan Jonas Schneider
    Jan Jonas Schneider Month ago +1

    any megadeth fans out here ? 1:07

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun Month ago

    natalie isnt that hot.

  • Comrade Ladd
    Comrade Ladd Month ago

    Like to die

  • Abdo Nabil
    Abdo Nabil Month ago

    I checked to see if this vidoe was uploaded on April 1st

  • пломбир в стаканчике

    American measurement system be like:

  • Andre S
    Andre S Month ago

    No way Hot Pocket Potential is a thing

  • Niko Lahajner
    Niko Lahajner Month ago +6

    Doc: you have 2 minutes and 10 seconds left to be alive.
    Me: This video
    Doc: But it's 2:11.
    Me: I dont care.

  • Nyyk
    Nyyk Month ago

    ND is fucking hot

  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man Month ago

    funny haha joke

  • Chaosgremlin
    Chaosgremlin Month ago


  • Dylan Booze
    Dylan Booze Month ago

    Who is that one chik

  • Jessey Ellis
    Jessey Ellis Month ago

    I was going to freeze myself at -273.15 ℃, my friends think I'm crazy, but I'll be 0°K

  • G3r4pro
    G3r4pro Month ago

    Short but sweet!

  • NeonGeminis
    NeonGeminis Month ago

    I love this channel. But I honestly don't understand why is the last joke so funny to you guys.

  • Tychus Findlay the Peace Activist

    cant tell if nonsense or true...

  • Andrew J.
    Andrew J. Month ago

    I actually learned a lot from this video...Casually Explained should make a science/engineering channel

  • Terrence Precious
    Terrence Precious Month ago

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  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom Month ago +1

    I don't get it.

  • Zenonia 27
    Zenonia 27 2 months ago

    I scrolled down just to get spoiled by the vid by the comments

  • julian281198
    julian281198 2 months ago

    btw 1 nd is 1100 °C

  • Northz
    Northz 2 months ago


  • Nudge
    Nudge 2 months ago +1

    I am here because I saw Margaery in the thumbnail

  • GTS Guy
    GTS Guy 2 months ago

    As a student in thermodynamics I can confirm that Casual’s mix tape is indeed the hottest thing in the universe.

  • Stiekeme Henk
    Stiekeme Henk 2 months ago


  • Drew Rodgers
    Drew Rodgers 2 months ago +1

    HPP yeah you know me!

  • cole tipton
    cole tipton 2 months ago

    IQ 9000

  • elbatkcalb
    elbatkcalb 2 months ago

    Crazy how this shows up on april fools

  • CookingAndJava
    CookingAndJava 2 months ago

    There is no 0°K, its just 0K...

  • Prudvi Kamtam
    Prudvi Kamtam 2 months ago


  • Wong Equals God
    Wong Equals God 3 months ago

    Where does Ryan Gosling land?

  • SnapTrak
    SnapTrak 3 months ago +2

    Ohhh... Bruhh that took me awhile but I get it...
    His mix tape is fire lmao

  • Pirate Modz
    Pirate Modz 3 months ago

    Oh shit

  • UndeadSon
    UndeadSon 3 months ago

    I'm starting to think this guy has a thing for Natalie Dormer.

  • TheScarlet Rose
    TheScarlet Rose 3 months ago

    I learned more from this than my actual class

  • The Lad Of Lads
    The Lad Of Lads 3 months ago

    What did we do
    What did we do to deserve this

  • Pizarro Bizarro
    Pizarro Bizarro 3 months ago

    CE: My New Mix Tape
    Everyone: * sighs *

  • Darwin Harriss
    Darwin Harriss 4 months ago

    you did kelvin and Celsius backwards and mixed them up

  • qwerasd liop
    qwerasd liop 4 months ago

    To reheat a frozen hit pocket😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adrian Lazalde
    Adrian Lazalde 4 months ago


  • This is a white ELEPHANT
    This is a white ELEPHANT 4 months ago +2

    Aaaaaah thats hot

  • yUnG EJ
    yUnG EJ 4 months ago

    I got a detention for tell my teacher to play this video in class worth it

  • Nathan Grima
    Nathan Grima 4 months ago +1

    I never paid attention in science class... but this makes so much sense.

  • Egg Lord
    Egg Lord 5 months ago

    God. Fucking. Dammit

  • Alyssa Pfotenhauer
    Alyssa Pfotenhauer 5 months ago

    Mess = 100 ND

  • Max Battles
    Max Battles 5 months ago

    1 Dorm ~= .0165 degrees Celsius, something doesn't add up...

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen 5 months ago

    Where's the link to the mixtape man

  • Ganaham
    Ganaham 5 months ago

    you got me with that one

  • Abraham Wilberforce
    Abraham Wilberforce 5 months ago

    Natalie Dormer is fricking hot.

  • Yato Kun
    Yato Kun 5 months ago


  • Yazo Rey
    Yazo Rey 5 months ago

    At the end i was so sure he was gonna say something about Eminem

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago

    “To heat a hot pocket” killed me bro lmfao

  • extrafreshhh
    extrafreshhh 5 months ago

    Natalie dormer is in fact the hottest woman in the world

  • Rowen Hildreth
    Rowen Hildreth 5 months ago

    Our universe is just one popcorn kernel in a an entire kettle

  • Sage
    Sage 5 months ago

    I just want to say fuck thermodynamics
    Why is it too hard
    But the video is awesome maybe if you were my teacher it would be 10/10

  • Merthalophor
    Merthalophor 5 months ago

    I love how the video is basically about the absolute hotness, yet when you get to the actual explanation, you simply babble some physics words while showing a bunch of question marks

  • Fin Payne
    Fin Payne 5 months ago

    I quit. This is too funny. No more humor ever. Sad music only

  • الصقر الجارح
    الصقر الجارح 5 months ago +2

    The summary of this
    if you want masturbate look at the sun

    • nick
      nick 4 months ago +1


  • Mad max
    Mad max 5 months ago

    I read it as “casually explained: absolute thot” facepalm🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Howtung Chong
    Howtung Chong 5 months ago