This 10 YEAR OLD is the BEST Fortnite player I EVER met... (he should be a PRO!)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • This 10 YEAR OLD is the BEST Fortnite player I EVER met... (he should be a PRO!)
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    This 10 YEAR OLD is the BEST Fortnite player I EVER met... (he should be a PRO!) This kid could be a Fortnite pro player and he's only 10 years old...
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  • Formula
    Formula  Month ago +774

    SUBSCRIBE & LIKE.....ignore for bad luck! (don't risk it)

  • Nathan Kimani
    Nathan Kimani 3 hours ago

    1 day later my mom texted me is it a sign

  • yusuf aly
    yusuf aly Day ago

    i’m 10 i got 17

  • Digital Guard
    Digital Guard 2 days ago


  • YYY yyy
    YYY yyy 3 days ago

    Heavy sniper watch out then he stands still

  • Lincoln Carpenter
    Lincoln Carpenter 4 days ago

    My crush said nice try! I’m disliking you

  • Lucky Justlucky
    Lucky Justlucky 4 days ago

    Lies Lies Lier Lier Pants On Fire Your Just Trying To Get Likes And Subs

  • Ethan Nunez
    Ethan Nunez 8 days ago

    I’m friends with him

  • jaylen kelly
    jaylen kelly 8 days ago

    It don't work

  • 10k Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    Edit: is that how u do the face?

  • Leo Schrewe
    Leo Schrewe 9 days ago


  • jane abi zeid
    jane abi zeid 9 days ago

    Formula i love you

  • Martinus Skreden
    Martinus Skreden 9 days ago

    Yu gat karid

  • Martinus Skreden
    Martinus Skreden 9 days ago

    Yu gat keid

  • StrefinjOoO TV
    StrefinjOoO TV 10 days ago

    7:22 let scar for green ar!
    -Formula Boy!

  • Juicy Booty
    Juicy Booty 10 days ago

    I was taking a shit when you said drop a like in 5 seconds

  • Deena Alqedrah
    Deena Alqedrah 11 days ago

    I don’t have a crush LOL 😂

  • Deena Alqedrah
    Deena Alqedrah 11 days ago


  • Ghost Kingster
    Ghost Kingster 11 days ago

    I dont think it was plu the name of the guy was pull

  • ViZe Watabou
    ViZe Watabou 11 days ago

    Dang is it true a vid said the girl u like will ask u out that happened one said bad luck a week later and then I forgot to like and she broke up with me

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master 11 days ago

    What if my crush just sent me a Snapchat Streak

  • Rogue Syco
    Rogue Syco 11 days ago +1

    You need to get this kid recognized get him into LG as an amateur fortnite player or take him under your wing because he has solid potential form

  • games !
    games ! 12 days ago +1

    My friend at school is so Sweaty cuz we are in Middle East

  • Odeazy
    Odeazy 12 days ago +1

    @formula you should play his angle

  • Olllion YT
    Olllion YT 12 days ago +3

    Me: *just realizes I’ve played with swiftly before in a squads fill.

  • Toxety
    Toxety 12 days ago

    Bro I swear I saw him in one of your old videos before

  • antonio the team the team

    I’m nine and. Half iPad player with 16-17 kills

  • Charles Wackerman
    Charles Wackerman 12 days ago

    that 10 year old is . godly!!!!! +i love your vids

  • DeF Jix
    DeF Jix 12 days ago +2

    9:18 randomly no scopes for no reason missing the shot* Formula- “OmG dUdE u ArE sO gOaTeD dUdE”

  • Ash playz
    Ash playz 12 days ago

    Form: Gets hit ONCE
    Also Form: Dude that team is really good!

    RAM THE MAN 13 days ago

    Finally I’m in formula’s video

  • unknown_shah
    unknown_shah 13 days ago

    Who did he killed?

  • nathilen degraffenrei
    nathilen degraffenrei 13 days ago

    Fuck you

  • pwners Fishy
    pwners Fishy 14 days ago

    Formula: *jumps*
    Also Formula: it's a renegadeee

  • pwners Fishy
    pwners Fishy 14 days ago

    Formula: *hits someone for 86 from shield*
    Also Formula: 66 from health

    AKSPOOKY 14 days ago

    I didint get a text from my dream crush

  • Soquinten
    Soquinten 14 days ago

    Nice video bro keep it UP

  • Justin Duce
    Justin Duce 14 days ago

    i liked

  • Aarmand Pipee
    Aarmand Pipee 15 days ago +1

    9:14 it looked like he no-scoped him

  • Fred Acosta
    Fred Acosta 16 days ago

    What if... you don’t have a crush?

  • King Shorter2.0
    King Shorter2.0 17 days ago +9

    kid: “Oo.”

    Form: yOu’Re InSaNe DuDe.

  • Giovanni Gooch
    Giovanni Gooch 18 days ago

    Can you give me vbucks mobile

  • Gacha tuber
    Gacha tuber 19 days ago

    Soo you said that my crush would never text me back if I dont like amd sub but liiiiike me and him are dating now soooooo
    Other then that I love your vids, keep up the good work👌👌

  • USF Animations
    USF Animations 19 days ago

    Now we know a ten year old is better then al of us

  • Calye Lopez
    Calye Lopez 20 days ago


  • Dark Angel Gaming Best

    Crush:hi friend I just got a new boyfriend and he treats me so well what about you. Me:formulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Ghost GgMA D
    Ghost GgMA D 21 day ago

    He is not the best Fortnite player

  • Rodney Tutu
    Rodney Tutu 22 days ago

    This is how many times formula said you are insane

  • Myst_ Loop
    Myst_ Loop 22 days ago

    I’m 9.. plays on combat pro started in season 6 and uh he’s overrated

  • gr1nderyt is a bot 098

    Not gonna lie but that kid triggered me he said he killed plu look at the name

  • kadencool ffgg
    kadencool ffgg 24 days ago

    Did not come

  • Twitch Diesel64
    Twitch Diesel64 24 days ago +1

    My crush texted thanks form

  • William Balthazar
    William Balthazar 24 days ago

    I think this video gave me AIDS

  • Nico B
    Nico B 24 days ago

    I don’t have one

  • den lik my nut lol tags

    is it me or is he not as good at the game

  • Onyx Dudley
    Onyx Dudley 26 days ago

    Didn't get a message YOUR FAKE

  • Pancho Matos
    Pancho Matos 26 days ago


  • Sprite Cranberry
    Sprite Cranberry 27 days ago

    Imagine the assists that formula had

  • LsGxツ
    LsGxツ 27 days ago

    Literally all your thumbnail: I'AM ..... LOL

  • Tai
    Tai 27 days ago

    Nah I am