Lonzo Ball is 'starting to scare me' - Stephen A. | First Take

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • Stephen A. Smith says Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball is starting to scare him.
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Comments • 6 224

  • AnimeBeefRandoms
    AnimeBeefRandoms 13 days ago

    Clownzo Ball is trash

  • Alejo Zamora
    Alejo Zamora 19 days ago

    That nigga lonzo sucks ass

  • tommy fasthorse
    tommy fasthorse 20 days ago

    New expression"BALLED"...hey i dont wana be BALLED out here nda middle of nowhere!!..."wait wait what did you say,what does that mean?"
    "It means having the whole at your fingertips and then blowing it...or going up the creek without a paddle!"....LMFAO

  • Big Dee
    Big Dee 21 day ago

    Showtime has turned into clowntime

  • Zoo Bear
    Zoo Bear 24 days ago

    And now he's gone Lmao 🤣🤣🤣 Lonzo is garbage

  • Thomas Carey
    Thomas Carey Month ago

    Clearly lonzo isn't as good as he was hyped up too be an isn't aggressive or assertive an seems comfortable taking the ball up court passing an stands there an watched everybody else do the work an if he gets the ball an shoots he misses an has no confidence or rhythm in his shot an only two seasons with Lakers an gets traded too pelicans but his style of play an with LeBron in LA everybody should of known he was getting traded

  • Add maestro
    Add maestro Month ago

    who is here after Lonzo ball got traded to the Pelicans?

    • lee lee
      lee lee Month ago

      Add maestro me bitch

  • A Soul
    A Soul Month ago

    Because he sucks so much?

  • Denzel Edwards
    Denzel Edwards 2 months ago +1

    Max kellerman a clown 🤡 he stay sayin dum shit n I never agree with his bitch ass

  • Isak Pettersson
    Isak Pettersson 3 months ago

    1:39 And a meme was born 😂

  • Israel Lara
    Israel Lara 4 months ago

    Bro why are they always talking about lonzo ball the dude is trash who cares

  • kamote
    kamote 4 months ago


  • kamote
    kamote 4 months ago


  • kamote
    kamote 4 months ago


  • kamote
    kamote 4 months ago


  • Randomized
    Randomized 4 months ago

    The only thing scary about lonzo is his shot form

  • robert poole
    robert poole 6 months ago +1

    BIG BUST,,,, he suck bad,,,,,,

  • Ryan O'Neill
    Ryan O'Neill 6 months ago +1

    Lonzo is shit

  • GhostBear
    GhostBear 7 months ago

    Fast forward a year and he was right Lonzo is trash

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 7 months ago

    His brother is in jail for committing a crime - ESPN is a joke!

  • DrKub007
    DrKub007 9 months ago

    crazy !!!!! kellerman is even dumber than smith !!!!!!!!!!!! i didn t know it was possible to say so much bs in such a short time .....^^

  • EXpoSIN DemBabylonians
    EXpoSIN DemBabylonians 9 months ago +1


  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen 9 months ago +1


  • Gregory Casas
    Gregory Casas 11 months ago

    Max k doesn’t know shit about basketball 🏀 just boxing 🥊

    the BLUMENFLOWER Year ago

    It’s this simple Lonzo is a good all round player it’s just his shooting look at his number he’s good but than u see that bad shooting percentage we wouldn’t be talking about lonzo on the bench if he were a good shooter

  • Todd Sch
    Todd Sch Year ago

    Steven A's getting worried?? And Max still thinks he's going to be great!?!? Come on! Lonzo was an obvious bust from the get-go! For a Number 2 pick!?!? Huge bust! All you had to go was see him get his ass kicked in the NCAA playoffs last season...He's an average player at best!

  • Antwan Nealy
    Antwan Nealy Year ago


  • Nicho DiDo
    Nicho DiDo Year ago +1

    Max said it himself, the shot's not falling. Basically just what Stephen A. just said...

  • Nicho DiDo
    Nicho DiDo Year ago +1

    6,500th comment.

  • Fev Ola
    Fev Ola Year ago

    Lonzo is a Bust!
    Liangelo is even more a bust
    Lamelo will be the biggest bust

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos Year ago


  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton Year ago

    lonzo scrub

  • Earl Gray
    Earl Gray Year ago

    Let the nigga get his feet wet steve-o damn, haterade on tap huh?

  • loke
    loke Year ago

    youre not wrong

  • Reliablethreat
    Reliablethreat Year ago

    I've been saying it since before the draft, the Lakers should have taken Jayson Tatum at #2. Lonzo Ball will never be anything more than average to below-average role player. Jayson Tatum is a superstar in the making!

  • Explosive Muhammad

    Lonzo is not that good FOR NOW , he'll reach out but I hope his father's words won't drag him down. I am not a Ball family fan.

  • Savior Simon
    Savior Simon Year ago

    THE CELTICS HAVE NO BENCH?!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rhellz
    Rhellz Year ago +1

    Just like how kristaps scared you SAS. Let the man develop he’s the number 2 pick for a reason!

  • Jarred Meilleur
    Jarred Meilleur Year ago +1

    Looking back now the Celtics bench is probably one of the strongest in the league

  • rahim4411
    rahim4411 Year ago

    LOL haaaaaaaaaahahaha aaaaaahhhhhhhh blaaaaaaaaah "OH LORD, OH LORD" LOL HAHAHAH

  • Howard Hill
    Howard Hill Year ago

    Lonzo really needs to improve his shooting. Great passing alone is not enough for a #2 pick.

  • Nicholas Carrico
    Nicholas Carrico Year ago +1

    Looking back it’s funny how they think Boston has no bench even though that bench led to to the ECF

    • Phenom AL
      Phenom AL 7 months ago

      EFC girle's who were off dem twirle's

  • Daniel Lucas
    Daniel Lucas Year ago

    Lonzo playing bad is because his father over hyped him. Now there is a ton of pressure on him

  • Tenneth Matute
    Tenneth Matute Year ago +1

    "The celtics dont have a bench"- Max Kellerman

  • masonshocker2
    masonshocker2 Year ago

    Lmao this was when they said the Celtics “have no bench.”

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams Year ago

    He's balls.

  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams Year ago

    Dude has no passion. DeAaron Fox will be a better PG. If Ball can drop the 3 consistently he will get there.

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams Year ago

    He needs time to develop. Well said Stephen.

  • Jeremy Logan Films
    Jeremy Logan Films Year ago +1

    "Celtics have no bench." Um ya sure abouth that?

  • maximilian manio
    maximilian manio Year ago

    Sorry Max... Lonzo is not even good for tha PBA league here in the PH...

  • Lionel
    Lionel Year ago +8

    0:49 "The Celtics have no bench" oh really?

  • jawjww
    jawjww Year ago

    Ball is boring. I wouldn't pay to watch him play at all. Looks very plain and average at best.

  • Dexter Jackson
    Dexter Jackson Year ago

    his brother's in a Chinese jail ? that's just like the UCLA players stealing in China we blacks have a habit of living up to the stereotype and make ourselves look and act just like society say we.do stealing killing each other lazy and don't give a damn and when caught oh it's all the white mans fault with drugs on the corners of our neighbourhoods no fathers at home locked up for.child support and most pitifully we don't vote while the white man building prisons and we pack them to the hilt it's a fucking shame

  • Aaron Alsept
    Aaron Alsept Year ago

    If you aren't Golden State, this guy hates you lol.

  • MR  YUP
    MR YUP Year ago

    1:37 the beginning of Stephen A. Smith's "Lonzo Ball is starting to scare me" lol

  • Super Trucker
    Super Trucker Year ago

    Lonzo ball for mvp next year he might be little but let him grow he will tear up the NBA definitely has a good chance to be better than laborn or Jordan in my opinion

    • MR  YUP
      MR YUP Year ago

      opinion fusion

  • Ryan Dent
    Ryan Dent Year ago +2

    well the Celtics' nonexistent bench is threatening to take them to the NBA Finals lol

  • Ayo Abiodun
    Ayo Abiodun Year ago +1

    Celtics have “no bench”. - Max “Fraud” Kellerman

  • Jay Almighty
    Jay Almighty Year ago +5

    celtics doesn’t have a bench but they have the cavs down 2-0 without kyrie and gordon 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • John Wick
      John Wick 5 months ago

      Bron Bron took care of that

  • Pat 228
    Pat 228 Year ago

    He was Magic Johnson’s pick ofc he’s nervous, if Magic Johnson told you he wants you to play for his team all y’all would freak out, also, if you think he’s a bust, why does everyone keep talking about him?

  • Holvo Halo
    Holvo Halo Year ago +2

    How wrong y'all were about them Celtics 😂😂😂😂

  • The Kid
    The Kid Year ago +4

    Max Kellerman is never right about anything. Dude is a 🤡

  • Joe Gonzalez
    Joe Gonzalez Year ago +3

    How about that Celtic bench in the playoffs?

  • Peace Shaheed
    Peace Shaheed Year ago

    It's his first season damn let him grow how long did it take KB before the Mamba showd up 😎

  • vainglorious101
    vainglorious101 Year ago

    Kyrie is a ballhog

  • iran lassninja
    iran lassninja Year ago +2

    People are sleeping on lonzo
    He had 2 triple doubles in his rookie year being 19
    And he did it with that busted ass jumper
    Had lavar not been his dad and he got his 4 years at college he would be better

  • D Rock
    D Rock Year ago

    Lonzo need superstar help. He by himself. (Cough c-bron)

  • Adrian J
    Adrian J Year ago


  • Jonathan Douglas
    Jonathan Douglas Year ago

    Even with his brother n a jail cell wtf does that have to do with him playin ball Brett Favre had the best game of his life the night after his father died how many athletes have played with loved ones in bad situations ... god lonzo gets more passes and excuses than anyone in the world !!!

  • G. F.
    G. F. Year ago

    These brothers are the ugliest mulattos in the country, they look like mutants , like they grew up next to a power plant. They're poster boys for why white fathers all across the country are loading their shotgun so they're ready when Jamal comes creeping around any and every white woman in the house, grandma included.

  • SwashFN
    SwashFN Year ago

    Max is the realest one on the show hands down

  • John Deere 26
    John Deere 26 Year ago

    Hey Max, take your head out of the clouds, and listen to Steven A, this is what happens when you are handed everything, no sense to work for it, should have stayed in college,

  • Joshua Rao
    Joshua Rao Year ago

    Lonzo doesn’t score points but he does everything else which is why he is being compared to Jason Kidd, and on top of that he possess an incredible basketball iq, maybe even Steph Curry level. He won’t be an MVP maybe even an all-star but he will be a good player

  • arwin silva
    arwin silva Year ago

    max i really really love it when u r not talking🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    you should smoke more weed so you’ll get stoned & just open ur mouth for a food trip rather than talk..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    got a question for sas,,, where ya find this guy bro.??? sas go find someone who’d talk with fuckin’ sense.. this guy’s a fuckin’ joke!

  • arwin silva
    arwin silva Year ago

    i love it when stephen a reacted with a sigh & said “oh lord” 🤣🤣🤣 i don’t know where the fuck did u find max kellerman??? this guy should stick to fuckin’ boxing!

  • Megatron x
    Megatron x Year ago

    Do these people play basketball? If not,why the fuck do they have a comment

  • Solomon Arthur
    Solomon Arthur Year ago

    I hate Thais stupid black man.

  • Isaiah Blue
    Isaiah Blue Year ago

    He asked "WHO"? and the took his glasses off. I was done 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Snowden 777
    Snowden 777 Year ago

    Lonzo likes that mumble rap

  • done doda
    done doda Year ago

    forced performance not pressure ☺

  • Jesus Edeza
    Jesus Edeza Year ago

    A rockie that sells information inside the Lakers locker room to hiss fake ass lavar, big butter balls

  • Jesus Edeza
    Jesus Edeza Year ago

    If he isn't kimmy k, getting down & dirty, why talk about this fake ass BigButterBalls lavar balls . get on your knees like kimmy k. It like me saying something about the CAVS someone will try pay him to be in his shows. Don't buy a off brand clothing boycott his brand.

  • Jonathan Douglas
    Jonathan Douglas Year ago

    Max bet ur house on it that he makes multiple all star games u said he was a baller right

  • Jonathan Douglas
    Jonathan Douglas Year ago

    He’s ball sharing and giving bcuz he knows he can’t shoot !!!

  • Jonathan Douglas
    Jonathan Douglas Year ago

    Brett Favre had the best game of his life after his father passed so stop with excuses max!!!n ur gonna say a pro athlete did exactly what he’s done b4 his brother was arrested now ur saying that’s why he hasn’t played well is bcuz his brother bcuz it looked exactly like every other game b4 his brother was arrested...!!!! Get fucked max

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green Year ago

    Effectiveness glove unusual bxoaas mere beauty food breakfast actress buck fourth accurate.

    SLIP NORRIS Year ago

    Don't be scared

  • Mark Edward
    Mark Edward Year ago

    SAS tries too hard to sound smart..it's so obvious, he talks wayyy too much as most black commentators..long winded makes for boring time..keep it simple and short to the point unless elaboration is called for, which is not all the fkn time

  • Tyler Mackey
    Tyler Mackey Year ago

    He right though just watching some of the highlights he playing like he in a pick up game

  • quint1968
    quint1968 Year ago +1

    First time ever I agree with Stephen Smith. Ball is a waste

  • Adankam
    Adankam Year ago +1

    God I can’t stand Max. Making excuses for Lonzo sucking because his brother is in jail. Lmao go fuck off with that dumb shit.

  • Dewan Foster
    Dewan Foster Year ago

    Lonzo is trash, and his shot is horrible

  • World wide freedom 1st amendment audit

    The problem is that his dad is writing checks lonzo can’t cash lavar saying he’s better then s curry g n lavar can beat mj fuck outta here 500 for those bum as sneakers family of fuckin bums

  • speedoflite1
    speedoflite1 Year ago

    startin' to see bust, lol, in yo starter.

  • Manuel Lira
    Manuel Lira Year ago

    Throwback lol

  • Garnett Taylor
    Garnett Taylor Year ago

    Should have went to college everybody's not ready for the PRO S

  • Pete Cox
    Pete Cox Year ago

    bEN sIMMONS OR bALL? Whos better?

  • FaZe-stormzy
    FaZe-stormzy Year ago


  • thatonegameguy
    thatonegameguy Year ago

    I see so many people hating on lonzo but he's still a ROOKIE. He's still gotta adjust to playing at the NBA level. He has to have time to learn his teammates play styles and adjust accordingly. You can't expect every rookie to be a star right off the bat. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing him grow and see what he can do.

  • Fran
    Fran Year ago

    What the hell max be talking bout