Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

  • Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new Pokémon information in a Pokémon Direct presentation.
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Comments • 80

  • YT DPyro - Brawl Stars
    YT DPyro - Brawl Stars 17 hours ago

    “We did our best to fill the game with fun activities for people to have a fulfilling experience.” And you didnt

  • Jeffrey Kun
    Jeffrey Kun 20 hours ago

    I from Malaysia I can't open eshop

  • John the Medic take 2

    a replier to one of my comments about why the Pokemon Company never uses the ideas that a lot of fakemon are based off of: because they'd have to remberse (however you spell it) the people they use the idea from.
    Me:...Mr. Buddy and others who make awesome fakemon/regions...this is why we can't have nice things. :'(. This is why when I make fakemon, its of characters from series and franchises that have nothing to do with nintendo or Pokemon and would probably never think to make a pokemon of them. Like I made one of Karai/Miwa from tmnt 2012.

  • Sho
    Sho 6 days ago +2

    Do people realize this is "DLC" almost the same size as the game itself?
    I mean seriously, nintendo will add more than 200 pokemon, almost the same amount there is in the game, along side new areas with new events, new skins, etc.
    If anything, most people would have been happier if this was a new game.

    EVAN WASHINGTON 7 days ago +1

    Anybody else know that Zachary is steel fairy but Klara uses poison which is super effective and Avery uses psychic types which is good against Zamazemta who is a steel fighting type. Coincidence? I think not.

  • nandy9285
    nandy9285 8 days ago

    This should've been included from the beginning. Good luck trying to stop me from playing New Horizons now!

  • John the Medic take 2

    imagine if it was Sakurai from SB, who said: 200+, knowing him, he'd either do 201 or add every missing pokemon because its more than 200 XD

  • Mister Trumpet
    Mister Trumpet 9 days ago

    Idea:making your own potions
    With berries or if you already have

  • Shivam Kotia
    Shivam Kotia 10 days ago

    Please request Pokemon xyz episode Hindi try please

  • Seto Nile
    Seto Nile 10 days ago

    Please make a return for the johto starters 🤞🏼

  • Maracrossite
    Maracrossite 12 days ago

    me: pokemon gun or pokemon bow or pokemon catapult
    them: pokemon sw&sh expansion pack
    me: maybe so they have more time to make the pokemon diamond and pear remake.

  • Lemonade Enthusiast
    Lemonade Enthusiast 12 days ago

    Can one get the expansion pass once and get it for both versions, or would you have to buy it twice

    • Foxes
      Foxes 12 days ago

      You have to buy it for each version

  • Henry Medina
    Henry Medina 12 days ago

    I wonder if their gonna make a remake of Pokémon diamond and pearl or Pokémon lets go johto region

  • TLepageArt
    TLepageArt 12 days ago +2

    Kubfu radiates so much “no talk me I angy” energy and I love him 😍😭

  • The Mew
    The Mew 14 days ago


  • Keira Davis
    Keira Davis 15 days ago

    Really I can't get my Pokemon go acoot back WAaaaaaa

  • Santi Calle
    Santi Calle 16 days ago

    I wanna give more than one like!!!!

  • John the Medic take 2
    John the Medic take 2 16 days ago

    Most people reacting to the fact that there's no third version: YAY! No stupid Sword2 and Shield2!
    Me: x facepalm x Really guys? Sword2 and Shield2 are the best you could come up with? x rolls eyes x No offence but in terms of creativeness, you guys can be as boring as GameFreak can be lol. You DO know that swords and shields aren't the only weapon and weapon-like things right? Like what about a Pokemon Spear and/or Pokemon Staff (either magic or boa staff)? I mean yes, it would be weird seeing a creature on four legs with a spear or staff in their mouth like Zacian. But maybe it could be like a mix between the brothers and the dogs (or another animal-like legendary like a bird but I feel like a dog-like one would make the most sense), like a dog version of Urshifu but with a spear or staff. Imagine the reveal of those pokemon :3

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 16 days ago

    14:50 why can’t we catch mythical Pokémon????

    • Diego Diaz
      Diego Diaz 16 days ago

      Oh U right sorry.🤦‍♂️

    • IlexonTrooper
      IlexonTrooper 16 days ago

      Mythical Pokemon are usually event exclusive with one of possibly the only exception being megearna

  • Jonathan Sullivan
    Jonathan Sullivan 17 days ago

    What about the Gigantamax starters in the crown tundra

  • XL B
    XL B 17 days ago

    Cool, why don’t you add ALL of the Pokémon than 200.

    • Foxes
      Foxes 14 days ago

      @XL B But it's not everyone, a lot of people don't care because it doesn't really matter. And a lot that did have gotten over it.
      Literally none of the things you mentioned is an effect of there being less pokemon, like adding pokemon back won't change the animations or graphics and the games were unbalanced either way.
      Difference between being a shill and just not being a baby, like imagine being so upset about a game and not being able to move on.

    • XL B
      XL B 14 days ago

      Foxes I never agreed with you idiot, lol. It’s not ‘some people,’ that’s millions of people when I mean everyone. Taking away the number of Pokémon does take away a lot of things from these half assed and rushed games like the animations that are mostly reused, balance as if Pokémon was ever balanced, graphics (Lol.) like the trees and what did that do? Absolutely nothing, stop shilling shill.

    • Foxes
      Foxes 15 days ago

      @XL B Thanks for agreeing I guess, the only reason to add them all back is because some people want it.
      The number of pokemon doesn't really take away from the game

    • XL B
      XL B 15 days ago

      Foxes And that point is? The point I’m making is that everyone wants their Pokémon transferred so they can go with them.

    • Foxes
      Foxes 15 days ago

      @XL B Way to miss the point

  • The Cactis
    The Cactis 17 days ago +1

    8:03 cant wait to hear this OST in-game

  • Gregthecool800 roblox
    Gregthecool800 roblox 18 days ago

    He said platinum first and showed the image first SINNOH CONFIRMED

  • chadman905
    chadman905 18 days ago +1


  • PlayFlash Official
    PlayFlash Official 19 days ago +5

    Rillaboom: Drum
    Cinderace: Soccer ball
    Inteleon: *GUN*

  • Mauricio ZX
    Mauricio ZX 19 days ago

    Everyone: Complains about the game + DLC costing 90 dollars
    Me who got the game for 30 dollars thanks to game planet

  • Colin Grumley
    Colin Grumley 19 days ago

    I just realized, considering Armor is spelled like "Armour" in Britain and the U.K. and whatnot, I'm surprised that's not how it's spelled in the games

  • Dangermeter 1000
    Dangermeter 1000 19 days ago +6

    Intelleon: The name’s Pond, James Pond.

    • Mario Adventure House
      Mario Adventure House 2 days ago

      Dangermeter 1000 my inteleons name is........

      Let’s just say he shot first

  • Ellie Sanders
    Ellie Sanders 19 days ago

    hey Nintendo I have a question you seem to remember that women exist when you do Pokemon or when you do animal crossing but that doesn't seem to be true when you do legend of Zelda so my question to you is Will breath of the wild to actually let me play at someone that looks remotely like me or not? and yes I know this is about Pokemon not legend of Zelda but well I couldn't leave a comment about legend of Zelda on the animal crossing thing because their comments are disabled so I will continue to leave comments about you no wanting to actually play legend of Zelda with an inclusive character but hey

    • Foxes
      Foxes 18 days ago

      Because those games don't revolve around a specific character, and while I'd love a with Link and Zelda's roles reversed it isn't likely to happen. Thought some are thinking BotW 2 may allow you to switch between the two, but that remains to be seen.

  • Horsy VLOGs
    Horsy VLOGs 19 days ago

    We want red dead redemption 2!

  • 簡悔王ムガピース


  • 6ix 9ine ThE sCiEnCe GuY
    6ix 9ine ThE sCiEnCe GuY 20 days ago +2

    Calyrex:*big brain time*

  • Gengar Fan
    Gengar Fan 20 days ago +1

    Omg the old fossils are gonna be back

  • Idae Chop
    Idae Chop 20 days ago


  • Belmont
    Belmont 21 day ago

    You know, if EA did what Pokémon is doing now, you guys would boycott them. :)

    • Foxes
      Foxes 20 days ago +2

      @Belmont True it's not the same, before it was sell you a game then that same game again with a small addition.
      It being half a game really just comes down to one's own opinion based on your own expectations tho. Even though it was short it felt complete, and the DLC looks pretty separate from the main game

    • Belmont
      Belmont 20 days ago +1

      Foxes, not it is not. They sold you half a game at full price, and they’re selling the rest of it two you for half the price of the game.

    • Foxes
      Foxes 21 day ago

      This is what Pokemon has always done

  • You Wish
    You Wish 23 days ago +4

    $10 more than TWO 3DS games, still less content.

    • acerola on an alt account
      acerola on an alt account 9 days ago

      @Leonardo Farias true

    • Leonardo Farias
      Leonardo Farias 9 days ago

      @acerola on an alt account Charging 30 dollars is nothing

    • Leonardo Farias
      Leonardo Farias 9 days ago

      @acerola on an alt account After all the DLC practices and special editions introduced in the last 10 years

    • acerola on an alt account
      acerola on an alt account 9 days ago

      but the DLC is only 30 for both though, thank god. Unless you bought sword and shield for some reason. But I'd gladly take this over a 'enhanced version' any day.

    • acerola on an alt account
      acerola on an alt account 9 days ago

      @Leonardo Farias Yes, in my country a copy of Sword/Shield is 65 euros, which I think is insane

  • AC with friends
    AC with friends 23 days ago +1

    This is WAY better than making a flipping I don’t know Pokemon sharpened sword and polished shield as separate games that barely have any differences from the originals

  • Clean Omean
    Clean Omean 23 days ago +1

    Anyone here think they look super bored?

  • Spiritgate 04
    Spiritgate 04 25 days ago

    I'm okay with half the price extensions instead of another full game. Although I think Sword and Shield is finished, I think they ssf should have delayed it and released the game with this concept.

  • Akil Muhammad
    Akil Muhammad 25 days ago

    And the ice climber teaches u about getting stuff and isle of armor teaches how to evolve Pokemon good and fight good plus the ice climber is the helper and there’s a new Pokémon and I predict the a fossil pokemon

  • Akil Muhammad
    Akil Muhammad 25 days ago

    Guys I saw a gingantamax slowpoke in a frame and U can go to the dojo’s that are red and blue that’s how you choose if it’s on hit Ko and a speed one and the fast type water style has a lot of speed and dodges a lot of attacks

  • Nicole behati
    Nicole behati 25 days ago +1

    Deoxys 😢

  • Jonathan Sullivan
    Jonathan Sullivan 26 days ago

    My Brother already bought the Pokémon sword expansion pass last night

  • Red Streak Gaming X
    Red Streak Gaming X 28 days ago +2


  • DragonSights
    DragonSights 28 days ago

    3 more days till mystery dungeon is out Bois, let's pick up even more hype!

  • parzifal 13
    parzifal 13 29 days ago +1

    i needthat game for pc please

  • Midwest Coaster Junkies

    Battle, Trade, Raid, and free giveaways at the Pokemon League HQ Discord! discord.gg/MzmakdZ

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago +3

    0:35 Hey you! You are finally awake! You were trying to cross the border right?

  • GeneSpir4lz
    GeneSpir4lz Month ago +1

    All of the Galarian Forms (I think they’re Galarian Forms but the might not be) of the Kanto Birds all remind me of something,
    Articuno reminds me of Chuck I’m Angry Birds Space (Lazer Bird)
    Zapdos reminds me of Road Runner
    Moltres reminds me of Ho-Oh
    Btw I’m talking about their poses at 6:58

  • Gabe Miller
    Gabe Miller Month ago

    Where is the first official Nintendo direct of 2020 at? Lol 😂

  • Sawyer Lowe
    Sawyer Lowe Month ago +1

    Finally, they have fixed it, but it still needs more fixing...

  • PJz27 premro
    PJz27 premro Month ago

    Make new evolutions for different Pokemon like oh no

  • Faith Faith
    Faith Faith Month ago

    please add back mega evolution to pokemon sword and shield for isle of amour and crown tundra

  • RoiBoi
    RoiBoi Month ago

    for some reason i thought the rapid-strike and single-strike urshifu were g-max zacian and zamazenta 😕

  • awezome082
    awezome082 Month ago +1

    Will victini be in this dlc 🤔

  • Poop
    Poop Month ago +1

    Isle of armor looks like it’s worth $60 but we’re getting both dlcs for $30🤩🤩

  • Zu Chu 2.0
    Zu Chu 2.0 Month ago

    Everybody cares about the g maxes, but I couldn’t give a duck. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THE LEGENDS RETURNING THO

  • Salty Boii
    Salty Boii Month ago

    Can we get a remake for Diamond and pearl tho👀 I think most people would enjoy that rather than sword and shield not that I'm dissing sword and shield it is a fun game and I did enjoy it however I think Diamond and pearl remakes would bring a much more lovable nostalgia to the pokemon franchise if that makes sense I absolutely loved diamond and pearl as a kid and I think it deserves more credit than its given also just spit ballin here perhaps another Silver and Gold remake and yes I know they already had a remake for the DS in 2010 but I think that would be nice too

  • Dreizehn
    Dreizehn Month ago

    Ugh, the more I try to hype myself up to buy these games, the more disappointed I get....

  • IvanTheAnimatorAndGamer2007 STTN

    I’m glad I Picked Sobble

  • Julia Dragone
    Julia Dragone Month ago +1

    Und das kommt wirklich am
    1.9.2020 In denn Markt zum Verkauf wie geil ist das denn😁😁

  • Camo Clone Trooper
    Camo Clone Trooper Month ago

    we live in the best timeline

  • Scott Dillon
    Scott Dillon Month ago

    14:40 Triforce pictures

  • Nathan 5733
    Nathan 5733 Month ago +3

    15:05 ok Nintendo you sold me you sold me you don’t have to use payday on my bank account? 😔 that was really the best I got, OK! (It’s super effective at being stupid)

  • Dark Sorrows
    Dark Sorrows Month ago +1

    I really hope that they make it to where you can find legendaries. rather them just being given to you, you actually find them like in black and white and the rest before then. I loved stumbling across and a legendary that I was like omg what! It’s way more fun going out and finding them in their natural habitat!

  • Crystal Atkins
    Crystal Atkins Month ago

    I cannot wait 4 pokemon expansion pass to get kubfu, G-max Venusaur and G-max Blastoise, Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, Calyrex, Urshifu (rapid strike style), two Galar Regis, and returning favorites Lynaroc (midnight form), maybe Gumshoos and and maybe a few Legendaries

  • reilly norton
    reilly norton Month ago +2

    Everyone on release: ugh their is only 400 Pokémon I’m never going to play this
    Game freak: does this dlc
    Everyone: I’ve seen the error of my ways please forgive me

  • Spice memes Aine
    Spice memes Aine Month ago

    Me when I saw 2006.
    No don’t give me hope

  • Ricky
    Ricky Month ago

    This was so cringy

    • Foxes
      Foxes Month ago +1

      This is pretty cringe, bro

  • Kiro_Memes
    Kiro_Memes Month ago +1

    I wanted Greninja and Gliscor to come back :(

  • AllHail Me
    AllHail Me Month ago +2

    Dear Gamefreak/ Pokemon/ Nintendo.

    Please find us a way to bring with us the Spiky Eared Pichu into future games... the one from our HG/SS.. not a new one.

    Thank you,

  • Lucario Doggo
    Lucario Doggo Month ago

    Here comes rule 34

  • Leaf Chill
    Leaf Chill Month ago +1

    New idea
    AD-armour discs
    Some of them:
    Sky uppercut
    Dizzy punch
    Rolling kick
    TD-tundra disc
    Signal beam
    Comet punch
    Dragon rage
    Ice ball
    Mud bomb
    Chip away
    Sky drop
    Ion deluge
    Deleted moves will be usable again in dlc
    New mythical
    Fennecry- the sleepy fox Pokemon
    Fennecry is a mythical fox Pokemon that defended galar from a heatwave but caused a blizzard in the process, this Pokemon is said to be the guardian of circhester, every winter, the people of circhester would celebrate fennefest, which is the fennecry festival by making a whipped cream version of this Pokemon and put it on hot chocolate, ice sculpting it and selling merchandise of it, it awakens during the festival, and after, goes back to sleep

  • John the Medic take 2

    Fear not my fellow Diamond/Pearl/Platinum fans, there still might be a chance. Remember: Masuda and Omouri are NOT the developers for the passes ;). I feel like last year was Smash bros' year, maybe 2020 will be Pokemon's.

  • John the Medic take 2

    Lol imagine if they add Sinnoh as Dlc and they'd think that would count as Diamond/Pearl/Platinum remakes XD people would be SOOOOOOOOO mad

  • Smash Jumper Z
    Smash Jumper Z Month ago +1

    Can I have my Poliwrath get into Sword please

  • Lema Dema
    Lema Dema Month ago +2

    I wish they'd release this earlier than june

  • georguos van leer
    georguos van leer Month ago +1

    Give my botw2

  • Leaf Chill
    Leaf Chill Month ago +1

    Is skitty as op as she was in the OG mystery dungeon

  • Gabe 7
    Gabe 7 Month ago

    I like it but sword should get more legendaries