scariest things people found in FAST FOOD

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • so this is kind of a part 2 of my food conspiracy video. this time around i looked for some of the most disturbing and scary things that happened at fast food restaurants. including weird things people found in their food. i hope you like it, don't forget to subscribe
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  • wig snatched
    wig snatched Year ago +2724

    even if fast food is bad i'll still eat it because WE'RE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME NOT A LONG TIME!!

    • Little Munchkin
      Little Munchkin Month ago

      Honestly hell yea

    • VillagerMonsterz
      VillagerMonsterz Month ago

      Don't watch this if you like fast food

    • Havy
      Havy Month ago

      Wig Snatched It's better to live healthy with cheat days once in a while, and eat to LIVE.

    • Kaila Moore
      Kaila Moore Month ago

      Those are words from in a song

      Lyrics:i'm here for a good time not a long time you know i..... i way up my _______ way up my______ btw i don't know the words thats why i put _______ so yeah

    • m a s h e d
      m a s h e d 2 months ago

      also, when you eat more, you get heavier. that means you are harder to kidnap by some creep. stay safe, eat cake. :)
      also this isn't mine so credits to whoever thought of this

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 5 days ago

    That human finger one was really scary

    QWEKS YT 14 days ago

    What I find horrific is that mouses can still carry the plague in some countries what could have gave they people that got mouses got in there bread could have died.

  • NADIA a
    NADIA a 14 days ago

    I found a finger nail in my burgers at McDonald’s I never at it after that

  • blue berry
    blue berry 17 days ago +1

    QLD Australia? Cuz red bellies seem to be Verry common here in NSW and QLD

  • Tiana Jaan
    Tiana Jaan 17 days ago +1

    When you showed us the snake from the bananas that snake is a pet I own that breed of snake its name is a corn snake

  • Mia garcia
    Mia garcia 18 days ago +1

    Well if it is a chicken head it must be real chicken

  • officially a army.
    officially a army. 20 days ago

    I ate my bird

  • Skeleton With A Pen
    Skeleton With A Pen 21 day ago

    I don't know why I thought eating a ham and cheese grilled toastie was a good idea while watching this.

  • Kobe Esteban
    Kobe Esteban 21 day ago

    Do horror stories from McDonald's!

  • •Cherry Bomb•
    •Cherry Bomb• 22 days ago

    iglf there was a snake in my car, id see what type it us and then take it home.

  • Big Icy
    Big Icy 22 days ago

    bananas CANCELED
    oreos CANCELED
    wendy's CANCELED
    eggplant CANCELED
    my life CANCELED

  • xXAlyssa_gaming Xx
    xXAlyssa_gaming Xx 24 days ago


  • Khanie Anne
    Khanie Anne 25 days ago

    Did the baby die plz tell me that the baby was still alive 🧐🧐🧐 hmmm?? Did he die

  • Kelvin Wang
    Kelvin Wang 26 days ago

    Half of your body was blue and I thought you were an avatar

  • Vaida T
    Vaida T 28 days ago

    After this I need a happy video

  • Vaida T
    Vaida T 28 days ago +1

    Who else scroled comments to feel less scared?😰

  • coly
    coly 29 days ago

    I am glad that I'm a cerelac baby 🤣

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory 29 days ago

    The worst one was the baby one it is so sad

  • Little Munchkin
    Little Munchkin Month ago

    OMG IM EATING GRAPES RN, *throws them*

  • Harshita Dangeti
    Harshita Dangeti Month ago

    It's like 2am here and I'm watching this video it kinda scares me idk why...

  • madi sage
    madi sage Month ago

    When the snake part with the man doing his job he put the clip with the rattle snake when it striked i jumped lol!!

  • samgames isawsome
    samgames isawsome Month ago

    I was eating while this video...

  • Emma Cannon
    Emma Cannon Month ago

    Me: * checks in cup of Dr pepper*
    Me: OH no it's just a cat hair....* goes into bathroom and puckes *

    • Emma Cannon
      Emma Cannon Month ago

      I accidentally ate cat hair once. And I started screaming

    • Random kitty
      Random kitty Month ago

      I have cats i have eaten a cat hair

  • Hamza Hakim
    Hamza Hakim Month ago

    This is creepy man

  • c0mX
    c0mX Month ago +1


  • ovoloo10 *XD*
    ovoloo10 *XD* Month ago

    What does grapes have to do with fast food

  • Riverrxphoenix Editz

    In Australia there was a time period where farmers put needles in strawberries

  • fireboy8383 :-D
    fireboy8383 :-D Month ago

    It was animal rights protesters who put the glass in Baby food, like how messed up is the world when people put animals in front of innocent babies

    Edit: Like if yr watching in 2019

  • Gerald James Martinez

    why do I watch this in night,lonely,and,closed light

  • KiaraClaw
    KiaraClaw Month ago

    Something that I found interesting is how in the USA it seems like going to a fast food restaurant is something very common. In Argentina, which is along with Chile the furthest country from the USA in America (continent), or at least in my case, going to a fast food restaurant is something very rare, I mean we don't usually go to fast food restaurants unless it's a special occasion of something.

  • Nadija Spahić
    Nadija Spahić Month ago

    Me and my friend once bought a bread and found a dead rat in it

  • Van Bui
    Van Bui Month ago

    I mean a chicken head is better than a cat anus.
    But i could be wrong.

  • Kayla Yee
    Kayla Yee Month ago

    I think I going to start only eating bread

  • jessica reynolds
    jessica reynolds Month ago

    I love u

  • Jaelyn. lh
    Jaelyn. lh Month ago


  • Tom Wiant
    Tom Wiant Month ago

    In every video is there Halloween music this is the second video I have herd it or am I going insane

  • PleaseStop You'reGurtingMe

    Oh man i am eating grapes to thanks 🤣

  • PleaseStop You'reGurtingMe

    Who else was eating while watching this

  • Sister Stranger
    Sister Stranger Month ago

    My mum only buys organic fruits and vegetables. Help

  • Nicki Coen
    Nicki Coen Month ago

    That’s sad that the mouse got cooked

  • 堡垒战lnsanity
    堡垒战lnsanity Month ago

    16:45 nice name

  • Nathaly Alfaro
    Nathaly Alfaro Month ago

    16:52 legend has it she still has the ziplock bag with the band aid.

  • Awarepeacful
    Awarepeacful Month ago

    Who stopped watching at 4:50

  • Dead Nobody
    Dead Nobody Month ago +1


  • DP_Playz
    DP_Playz Month ago

    Is bread technically fast food?

  • Ethan Liang
    Ethan Liang Month ago +1

    The lighting doesn’t help, and also the voice.

  • Jesus Rivera
    Jesus Rivera Month ago +2

    I got so scared I almost pooped my pants 😂😂😂

  • Itz Me
    Itz Me Month ago

    Well, in my place, we PICK the fruits, so they're is like a bunch of fruits, but it's in a big basket, and they are like plastics to put the fruit in, and like , this is why i don't help my mom bring the fruits, and one time, my mom bought guava, and there was WORMS in it, my mom opened it and BAMN, worms ;-;

  • Jen Smith
    Jen Smith Month ago

    Raphael would be a great news reporter.

  • crazy zantox
    crazy zantox Month ago

    Move to norway. Our bananas doesn't have snakes in them because the snakes in norway are always hiding in the forest because it mostly snows and rains so no snakes and the spiders here arent venomous i think.

  • Raste Osman
    Raste Osman Month ago


  • That’s a loT OF DAMAGE

    Deadass my mom found maggots in chicken we got from fUckinG ALdi

  • just call me John
    just call me John Month ago

    same I've found a bee in my curry

  • Lourdes Coquilla
    Lourdes Coquilla Month ago

    Just do what make people happy..we love you here in Davao Philippines..😍😍

  • Son Nguyen
    Son Nguyen Month ago +1

    Me When I see that

    *jrnwiicjbajcowncbjw chwocjfnn WHY U*

    BTC FNAF Month ago

    We'll I never You to look in the grape tub but now I Will wth grape's are my favorite fruit no I'm scerd to open them saa

  • Samantha Flor
    Samantha Flor Month ago

    one time i saw on the news that a little girl found a condom in her cheeseburger.

  • whatsup BOIZ
    whatsup BOIZ Month ago

    The spider one makes me want to get off my bed ;-;

  • Tahri Pretorius
    Tahri Pretorius Month ago

    Someone found fly eggs in my there 🍔🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮