• Published on Jul 5, 2019
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Comments • 330

  • Boxbox
    Boxbox  2 months ago +334

    Hey guys! This is part 2 of me reacting to some of my old league clips.. Hope you enjoy! :D

    • Boku No Teemo
      Boku No Teemo 2 months ago

      Can you maybe make a video to jump over walls with riven and what for walls are good for riven😆❤

    • Shooting Banana Boi
      Shooting Banana Boi 2 months ago

      Boxbox do more cosplays they’re amazing

    • dylan Arts
      dylan Arts 2 months ago

      Back to the good old days

    • An Vũ Hữu
      An Vũ Hữu 2 months ago +1

      are you human ?

    • Coded 303
      Coded 303 2 months ago +1

      Keep doing more i enjoy these :D

  • WaterShep GT
    WaterShep GT 9 days ago +1

    I wanna know know know know, what is love? Hahaha

  • Mihajlo Popović
    Mihajlo Popović 17 days ago


  • ClutchSons a1Ex
    ClutchSons a1Ex 20 days ago

    bro so many good memories i used to watch my first time watching u was in like 2016 i loved u and i still love u :D ur the best brooooo! gl and make me some plays bruh i miss the old wombo combo box box

  • Joshua Valencia
    Joshua Valencia 21 day ago

    Kala ko si bong go Yung manika 🤣

  • Pewds
    Pewds 23 days ago


  • Elsa Aquino
    Elsa Aquino 28 days ago

    4;10 that clip i remember that clip the time is so fast dude

  • Lincoln Beuverre
    Lincoln Beuverre Month ago

    lets not forget the 17 yrs old riven smurfing in NA that time.
    "Barcode Killer" (Faker)

  • WhiteDoll
    WhiteDoll Month ago

    Boxbox cosplay is so cute 🧡 🧡🧡🧡

  • José Correia
    José Correia Month ago


  • Shanghai Funk
    Shanghai Funk Month ago

    Man this is actual nostalgia for me. I used to watch you back when you were around 17 years old and you were my favorite streamer and basically the only LoL streamer I watched because of your weird personality and high knoweledge of the game. I am from europe so I always had to watch you in the middle of the night or in the morning. I quit league tho and didn't watch your stream for the last 2 years probably but this made me remember the cozy chill nights of watching boxbox stream. I kinda miss the old League now.

  • keR1
    keR1 Month ago +1

    2:58 *I have only a one good gnar clip*
    What about the level 1 blind Q gromp steal?

  • Pablo Mendes
    Pablo Mendes Month ago

    Adoraria ter ele como amigo :')

  • Mat Rodrigo
    Mat Rodrigo Month ago


  • Ulq Cif
    Ulq Cif Month ago

    4:55 song name pls

  • Matias Raby
    Matias Raby Month ago

    wow 6:09 the best part of the video. LUL

  • Darwin Espinal
    Darwin Espinal Month ago

    No bueno for me man

  • Gustavo O.G
    Gustavo O.G 2 months ago

    You look like plastic tiara

  • LOLplay PH
    LOLplay PH 2 months ago

    I watch all your clip since 2013 :)

    • LOLplay PH
      LOLplay PH 2 months ago

      And i remember all the moves :)

  • Demon Lord Rimuru
    Demon Lord Rimuru 2 months ago

    I remember watching that first play. It was like the first thing I saw of Boxbox after hearing about him from a friend. (since I played riven and they told me I should check him out) And this play looked so amazing to me back then xD after that I started watching and I have to say I learned allot from you x) Buuut I don't actually play league anymore soo :/

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 months ago

    The missed skillshots-counter is 4, not 5 you hit your first e but yasuo passive blocked it.

  • Raul Vieira
    Raul Vieira 2 months ago

    Tf is that eye thing? Jahahaah awesome!!!

  • MinhTIHD
    MinhTIHD 2 months ago

    7:12 *Asians am i right*

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 2 months ago

    In 2:05, bgm?

  • IKeepItBurrito
    IKeepItBurrito 2 months ago

    Guys what is the song playing through 0:00-0:20

  • John Liqua Torque
    John Liqua Torque 2 months ago

    6:10 is my fav part reaction of this video. hi boxbox please notice meeeeeeeeeee.

  • M2213
    M2213 2 months ago

    what the fuck was that in the end... LOL!

  • YuuMic 77
    YuuMic 77 2 months ago

    Not a boxbox vid without nightcore

  • Waddles Waffles
    Waddles Waffles 2 months ago

    It's not a box box video without some good *NIGHTCORE*

  • Zainan
    Zainan 2 months ago

    3:53 i saw that on videos from your channel like 2 years ago, that's so nostalgic

  • Harokoro
    Harokoro 2 months ago

    the production was better that's a fact

  • Noctus
    Noctus 2 months ago

    I need like, 10 parts of this. You know, for nostalgia reasons. I'm sure others need it to see some of your other great stream stories like that eye trick too!

  • Jan
    Jan 2 months ago

    What's the name of the outro song?

  • miao alo
    miao alo 2 months ago

    5:11 actually disgusting

  • Rj Santiago
    Rj Santiago 2 months ago

    Boxbox = quiet from MGSV

  • CAP_ROCKS_101
    CAP_ROCKS_101 2 months ago

    Is it stalkerish that I recognize 90% of these :/

  • LTKleblanc
    LTKleblanc 2 months ago

    7:59 - 8:00 its completely freaking scared me 😂😂 i wish i have that eyes so i can read subtitles while watching the scene 😂😂

  • Sebi Sved
    Sebi Sved 2 months ago

    Everything that boxbox done thrn was "for the first time" :))

  • Genju Gigantic
    Genju Gigantic 2 months ago

    8:00 I am extremely uncomfortable

  • Rob dararon
    Rob dararon 2 months ago +1

    I'm kind of jealous on the last part of this video. He's a small percentage kin to eagles.

  • Alexis Mandelias
    Alexis Mandelias 2 months ago

    Can you at least pretend to look at the camera? It's so obvious you are reading a script...

  • Shem Maranga
    Shem Maranga 2 months ago

    not fun of pink ward but i love your vid facing pink ward xD

  • Lil Van
    Lil Van 2 months ago

    6:00 in 0.25delay turn one a Sadtrap

  • Neko Sempai
    Neko Sempai 2 months ago

    1:30 song plis?

    • Felipe
      Felipe 2 months ago

      Remember when

  • Jun Lee
    Jun Lee 2 months ago

    I thought behind that guy....

  • Eliezer Venn
    Eliezer Venn 2 months ago +1

    Old Kata :(

  • Adam Voss
    Adam Voss 2 months ago +1

    waaait, ur sub animation is a male???

  • Im Just iFeh
    Im Just iFeh 2 months ago

    thanks box box♥

  • Luke Medeiros
    Luke Medeiros 2 months ago

    Look at the camera ur freaking me out

  • nha nguyen
    nha nguyen 2 months ago

    Nà ní

  • Fantasy Broz
    Fantasy Broz 2 months ago

    These are the clips i watched every morning before school before i even owned riven when i first started playing league. When i had fun with the game and loved it, i miss these days.

  • metehan barut
    metehan barut 2 months ago

    The ending song name?

  • Opal Shade
    Opal Shade 2 months ago

    I remember most of these lmao

  • Gnarlton
    Gnarlton 2 months ago

    Only 1 Gnar play? The lack of gnar is disappointing

  • 2A.e
    2A.e 2 months ago


  • Kerim Plays
    Kerim Plays 2 months ago

    Wait the eye thing isn't normal? ;-;

  • Lao Hun Kun
    Lao Hun Kun 2 months ago +1

    I never thought that it's been so long LOL

  • Azz-Rushman
    Azz-Rushman 2 months ago +3

    Someone watching old clips of himself without cringing? What is this?
    How can someone build this much confidence? I'm legit jealous.

  • Riven OneTrick
    Riven OneTrick 2 months ago

    I love these vids BoxBox

  • redless
    redless 2 months ago

    It was so funny that after minute 4 i recognized lots of clips especially the ezreal airshot and i was likr hold on ima watchin boxbox actually pretty long already xD