The Society: Ending Explained And Crazy Theories

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • The Ending Of The Society Is Not What You Think...
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    We here at TheBinger love to cover the weirdest theories on television and movies. So when The Society debuted Netflix, we knew that it was perfect! The finale has so many people talking already, and theory after theory are flying around. The final scene of the final episode threw a wrench into things and now we are questioning EVERYTHING from the show. From the fateful ending of Cassandra, to the leadership of Allie, West Ham has been through QUITE A LOT! Or, should we say New Ham?! The Theory about the Ending of Society will make your head spin, but all will be Explained in this video! Did Dewey really do it? Are the kids in the afterlife? Or are they in an alternate reality? What exactly do the parents know?
    In this video, we will Explain the Ending of Society and All the Crazy Theories!
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  • TheBinger
    TheBinger  Month ago +615

    Who do you think ended Cassandra's life?!

    • Jocy Led
      Jocy Led Hour ago

      Sierra Bee HE NEVER SAID THAT
      He didn’t kill her

    • Jocy Led
      Jocy Led Hour ago

      PlantsxNature 6 obv? No. It might not be him nobody saw him and he NEVER said he actually killed him

    • Jocy Led
      Jocy Led Hour ago

      xXxtentYume said only by Dewey
      He only said that to make people mad bc he was mad

    • Jocy Led
      Jocy Led Hour ago

      Jake Southgate no he didn’t

    • Jocy Led
      Jocy Led Hour ago

      Marco Jáuregui they buried her bodie

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 8 hours ago

    It’s the town. Town needs sacrifices every tot of years - it started to smell because town needed new sacrifices- kids. Parents sacrifice kids - and in return they get money and youth or eternal life from the town

  • MissAimeePond
    MissAimeePond 10 hours ago

    I thought that was Harry's mom at the end

  • Isabella DFF
    Isabella DFF 10 hours ago +1

    Has no one else realised that Phieffer is the Pied Piper. Supposed to get rid of something but the parents don't pay so he takes the children away?!

  • oh my jelly
    oh my jelly 13 hours ago


  • RNCuber
    RNCuber 13 hours ago +1

    I think the parents or the us government placed them in a simulation like the tv show Maniac. The us govt realizes that cassandra was a threat to the experiment so they "killed her" waking her up from the simulation. And in the real world they locked her up or erased her memory of new ham.

  • Bianca
    Bianca 19 hours ago +1

    I always thought that the “bad” smell was the decaying of the teens body when they died and somehow it went into the “real” world but that’s such a stretch. It would be cool though

  • Kirbyex7
    Kirbyex7 Day ago

    I miss cassandra she was beautiful asf.

  • Hassan Ceesay
    Hassan Ceesay Day ago

    Piper in English is Pheifer in German. Pied Piper. Or could be like Children of Timpetill reference except more twisted

  • Raine X.
    Raine X. Day ago

    Wouldn't it be more interesting if Pfiefer was the father of her baby? I mean imagine all the twists that could happen hahaha And the fact that Katherine said on one interview thtat the father of the baby holds a big part of the whole plot makes it plausible

  • Snowberrytae
    Snowberrytae Day ago

    aside from the theories please give GIZZ AND SAM more scenes!!

    • Snowberrytae
      Snowberrytae 15 hours ago

      itachi hibachi lmaoo big mad about kpop i see

    • itachi hibachi
      itachi hibachi Day ago

      Learn how to type In English u annoying K-pop stan

  • Caden *LYNX*
    Caden *LYNX* Day ago

    my theory thorughout the show was, What if when the kids die, they dont actually die, they come back to the real town/the original town

  • Rob Ross
    Rob Ross Day ago

    Why would the paper work exisist and when they ring their parents it goes to voicemail so you still learn the parents are still apart of it

  • Rob Ross
    Rob Ross Day ago

    I think they died in the storm including the bus driver becasue how quickly the school buses drove off so quickly and they don't realise their dead and the mum at the end telling the story of Peter pan to the young kids and the wall was the names of the class mates that died on that trip

  • Hailey Santana
    Hailey Santana Day ago

    the smell is teen spirit

  • Alice Ben
    Alice Ben Day ago +1

    Unless Dewy was wearing high heels...

  • Umbrella Academy Fan

    Some people think they were in a bus crash and they died and there in the after life. But I don't think so because how can people die twice.

  • berf
    berf Day ago

    btw who is clark’s sister if she had a company with dewey she wouldn’t be that little she would be at the school with them too you know but we never saw her

  • natania mwaura
    natania mwaura Day ago

    i wonder what happened to the five bus drivers.......

  • big Z
    big Z Day ago

    I love the concept of this show but I could only watch 3 episodes because the characters were just sooooo annoying

  • General Sean
    General Sean Day ago

    Y’all think when they die they go back to the real world? Time is moving super slow for the teens and the end was Cassandra reading to the kids?

    • natania mwaura
      natania mwaura Day ago

      cassandra cant be reading to the kids because behind her on the list was cassandras name

  • Queen Kianna
    Queen Kianna Day ago +6

    I’ve noticed the bus driver in the photos from the beginning and they just started to notice it at the end 🤣 like howww??

  • Queen Kianna
    Queen Kianna Day ago +1

    Now I feel like Cassandra and Allies mom killed Cassandra because of 6:54

  • Cassie Kruchinsky

    my theory is that you need to die in new ham in order to return to west ham. the dog mysteriously disappeared after we saw campbell washing what looked to be blood off his hands(and we all know he’s mentally insane and will do anything to make sure elle is his and his only) and we don’t see the dog again until the end when he shows up in west ham.

  • JF7
    JF7 Day ago

    What if she's not dead and she's going to come back and be behind the whole thing

  • Guro Girl
    Guro Girl Day ago

    Can someone who’s read the comic spoil for me how it is that they got to the other universe

  • Damon stokes
    Damon stokes 2 days ago

    Where was the bus driver that took them back? I was always wondering

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo 2 days ago

    i love sam and grizz so much like wtf 😔

  • Tia
    Tia 2 days ago

    I think they are all in cryosleep and this is an experiment their parents made and when one of them dies they come back to reality

  • Sadia Sajjad
    Sadia Sajjad 2 days ago

    I mean I hate Lexie but none of this would’ve happened if Allie listened to her. She should’ve taken some charges against Clark and Jason for humiliating her. I would feel uncomfortable too if I have to change in front of people while having my period. I kinda hate Allie for this.

  • Melanie Trejo
    Melanie Trejo 2 days ago

    am i the only one that thinks it’s a class project? like at the beginning they were all in a play so maybe the theater kids decided to make a movie about kids who went on a field trip. And all of them had to be included in it. ANY ONE ELSE??

  • Farida Hossam
    Farida Hossam 2 days ago

    Did nobody ever wonder or thought of how it really is weird that they all fell asleep on the buses, like there must have been someone awake on their phones or doing anything, so I’m guessing they were gassed up or the all died in a bus crash and they were sent to hell but I think it might me a social experiment or smthn idk.Maybe the dog can travel between West Ham and New Ham, that is if it’s not the same place

  • Mooshi_Moosh
    Mooshi_Moosh 3 days ago

    I just realized the mom was reading Peter Pan. A story about a guy that takes kids and lets them live alone in their own society on a separate island. Oof

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  • Aim OnTheK
    Aim OnTheK 3 days ago

    The series reminds of hanger games some reason

  • Fish And Noodles
    Fish And Noodles 3 days ago

    I actually think Helena killed Cassandra

  • I don't really know
    I don't really know 3 days ago

    I watched it in less than a week

  • monty
    monty 3 days ago

    I kind of thought at the start of the show that it could have kind of been like "the Truman show". Perhaps maybe the government or something was watching their every move like in an experimental way and they are being tested about things like how people work together, and if there was an apocalypse could modern teenagers survive and things like that. Also maybe the government controlled it and covered it up as a tragic event to the real world where the kids died. I think another theory could have been that the buses crashed and they're in limbo like how the video said and maybe the universe that they're stuck in is deciding whether the teens should return back to earth or die, like its a coma or something. Also, did anyone else find it weird that they were all asleep on the bus and not one kid was on their phone or anything like wth maybe they were drugged or something to make them sleep? And I actually think that maybe Gordie killed Cassandra because they didn't really show his reaction like I think that would make sense.

  • Iulia K
    Iulia K 4 days ago

    Why no one is questioning where the buses went? Right after they dropped them off.

  • William Wilkins
    William Wilkins 4 days ago +2

    Makes sense how there’s no internet, but everyone receives text messages.

  • Makaylah Alexis
    Makaylah Alexis 4 days ago

    Theorie:fifer was building a replica of west ham for like a year or something and when he was driving the bus he put them in that replica and there parents are now at the actuall west ham and telling the parents that they have gone missing

  • N A N I . M O . N A I G A 何もないが

    What if when they die in that world they enter back into the real world, i mean just asssuming that campel killed the dog and it appeared in the real world.

  • TonyMarks
    TonyMarks 4 days ago

    Talk louder next time in your video

  • isaac dech
    isaac dech 4 days ago

    When is season 2 dropping ?

  • Софья  Глухова

    Why does not anybody mention the text which Elle got whan she was staying at the Helena`s place? It was creepy AF and it defienetly was not from teenagers we know... Somebody answer me aboyt that because nobody paid attention to that...

  • N
    N 4 days ago

    I love this show, it has everything I love. Parallel universes, mystery, teen drama, and survival. I love shows that make me angry and confused because I don't understand anything.

  • CJ Israel
    CJ Israel 4 days ago +3

    Allie would not have shot She had no interest in power prior to Cassandra dying... That theory lacks any evidence

  • Josh Adcock
    Josh Adcock 5 days ago

    I had a hard time enjoying this show. Every character was just so unlikable and annoying. No one to root for at all. even the ones ment to be likable i couldn't stand not even the pregnant girl!

  • RIVERfishing Lake fishing

    Here’s a theory what if it’s like maze runner and there in a lab honestly idk

  • Jade Peiton
    Jade Peiton 5 days ago

    They showed the girls mom at the end when she was reading to all those kids and there was all the teenagers names on the wall and the the dog was with her. The parents of these teens had to be involved. That mom is making everyone think they’re dead . And all those documents about the smell, involved the parents once again. I think the mom killed her daughter because she thought we was ruling the town too good and wanted chaos . Also bc the dog was there when she got killed and the daughter looked very surprised when she saw the person who was about to shoot her and said “what’re you doing here” .

  • Aleah Landry
    Aleah Landry 5 days ago

    Yes I made it into this video at 3:01! 🙌 and 8:08! Wooohoo!

  • Inês Santos
    Inês Santos 5 days ago

    what if the teenagers were somehow causing the smell?

  • alex ives
    alex ives 5 days ago

    the ending is the kids on the plate that are listing to the story they were are picked from kids and made to take part in the society like the truman show it wasn't showing the other side it was showing the teens as kids and a clue to us all that they allways been there.

  • Niall Daly
    Niall Daly 5 days ago

    What if the mayor never payed up because the bus driver told them about the plan to leave their children, and they refused to agree with it, hence the arguement and not paying the 1.5 million dollars, although it doesn't explain who killed Cassandra.

  • Dragonfly 3000
    Dragonfly 3000 5 days ago

    Personally I think that in order to return to West Ham, you have to die in New Ham. The dog that reoccurs in the show was possibly killed by Campbell, and we later see it in the finale laying on the ground in West Ham. Just a theory but I think it makes perfect sense.

  • Alice Duarte
    Alice Duarte 5 days ago

    You forgot to mention that they execute Dewey

  • jeonchlo
    jeonchlo 5 days ago

    the society is worth watch

  • C9 Autimatic
    C9 Autimatic 5 days ago +2

    The show in imdb is a Teen drama/ mystery, no sci-fi or super-natural. Theres probably a more realistic and obvious explanation for their disappearance and where they are.

  • Lopez Mario
    Lopez Mario 5 days ago

    It’s the mom who shot Cassandra (hint at the dog), she told Allie that she’ll get her turn!

  • Gabrielle Lange
    Gabrielle Lange 6 days ago

    No now I’m even more confused

  • 626lololol
    626lololol 6 days ago

    Hints in season 1 that may give us a clue on what’s going on: Dog, Pfiefer, Eclipse, Yellow ribbons, Peter Pan, Smell. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments.

  • Кристина Остин

    My weird theory is that kids were took on another town, which was built by Pfuffer. They ALL fell asleep in the bus(which is weird for me personaly cos any of them could have sleep problems,i know that always in the friqqing bus anyone is awake or not sleeping at all). So he could add something in their water or (which is more sounds like truth) could use some type of gas or something.
    We never saw anything really magic or fantastic so my brain asks for logical answer, which is that.
    Dog can go thorough the forest and find his home,so "new town" can be not really far away from their own town. Or someone from town actually knows that's up(like Campbell.He was tired of his life with parents and made a deal with Pfeiffer.And when he gets tired of dog he gave him to Pfeiffer who took him back to the city).
    The bus could possibly go thorough the forest and then Pfeiffer cut the trees.Kids find them only in the morning,so....

    • Кристина Остин
      Кристина Остин 3 days ago

      And maybe Pfeiffer wanted to put kids in their town and Campbell killed him that would actually explain why his hands were covered with blood and dog is completely clean in the end. Dog servived but Pfeiffer didn't

    • Кристина Остин
      Кристина Остин 3 days ago

      Campbell's behavior is really strange from the begging.He's not terrified. We know that he hated living in a shadow of his deaf brother,made a deal with Pfeiffer

  • Ehrenbruder Kylo
    Ehrenbruder Kylo 6 days ago

    But how could Cassandra's mother's dog be back? I thought Campbell murdered him. That doesn't make any sense.

  • Anna Kyr
    Anna Kyr 6 days ago

    When season 2 comes?

  • Belle Bunset
    Belle Bunset 6 days ago +3

    What I don't understand is that, none of them talked about the bus drivers? There's more than one man, there were like 5 buses. Where did they go? None of questioned that.

  • Stephanie Gough
    Stephanie Gough 6 days ago

    The Pied Piper of West/New Ham?
    Hmmmmmmm... We all know how that ends, right?

  • sharonxjiang
    sharonxjiang 6 days ago

    This show is infuriating! It's addictive and I'm a huge fan but it mirrors so much of history and the clash of political ideologies that it's frustrating to watch. I think it's masked as a teenage show but the concepts are quite complex if you really read into it.
    Also Campbell needs to GTFO ... he's got the most punch-able face.

  • Claudia Calif
    Claudia Calif 7 days ago

    It's a mix between Lost and Pied piper

  • Angel Avery
    Angel Avery 7 days ago

    So the parents are still alive in the other universe, but in that universe, the teen are dead? At the end, it’s showed a wall of all the names of the people in New Ham and said “we remember”. What’s happening-

  • Colin Oc12
    Colin Oc12 7 days ago

    Elle and Sam is prob my favorite tbh

  • Angelika L.
    Angelika L. 7 days ago +1

    One of the five buses has a white deck, while the others are yellow... but idk what it means?

  • Jjj Jjj
    Jjj Jjj 7 days ago +1

    what if the deserted town is like an afterlife? Maybe they died while on the bus like in a crash and after they died they ”woke up” and began their after life. Just a thought and there will be probably tons of loop holes in my theory lol.

    VTHXUK 7 days ago

    What I don't understand is how are they able to receive texts and phone calls if there are no satalites??

  • u wish
    u wish 7 days ago

    Wait. They were driven by teachers or something. Where were they?

  • Linn van Aanholt
    Linn van Aanholt 7 days ago

    Are we not gonna mention that the freakin name of the town changed? Like that could totally mean something right?

  • jefry Garces
    jefry Garces 8 days ago

    my theory is; They are dead ! They are in a kind of limbo. each one will be judged!

  • George Park
    George Park 8 days ago

    Pffifer is the Pied Piper. The smell is the rats. West Ham Hamilin

  • Person
    Person 8 days ago

    I think it was Allie. Pscyopathy tends to run in the family, no wonder they keep repeating that Allie is Campbell’s cousin. It was either Allie, Gordie, the mom, and here’s a weird one, Helena.

  • PandoraSkye
    PandoraSkye 8 days ago

    Its def the story of the pied piper!

  • breezyeze
    breezyeze 8 days ago +1

    some theories think the dog went back to the new ham because cambell killed him which brought him back to the new ham but if that’s so why didn’t dewey or cansandra went back to new ham it just not logical

  • Asta
    Asta 8 days ago

    The yellow ribbon (the one the person is reading at the finale) represents forgiveness, missing/kidnapped persons, aswell as for suicide awareness in the united states...

  • Oggy le chat bleu
    Oggy le chat bleu 9 days ago

    I Feel like their all in a coma dreaming

  • liza smith
    liza smith 9 days ago

    Why wasn't there a teacher going with them on the busses?

  • Mich elle
    Mich elle 9 days ago

    I think Lexie killed cassandra even though that may be to obvious but maybe that what they’re going for but I don’t think it was Cassandra’s mom I feel like she would’ve said “mom” like 100% cause like it’s her mom and she misses her right so I don’t think it was her mom but Lexie

  • Fortnite Games
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  • Fortnite Games
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  • Mats Ivar Holmen
    Mats Ivar Holmen 9 days ago

    when is season 2 coming?!!

  • horror chica
    horror chica 9 days ago

    What if when they die in this new world, they go back to the old one? Example, Charlie, the dog, he’s suddenly back in the real world and hasn’t been seen in the other world since Campbell ‘killed’ him, (or at least we think he did) so maybe Cassandra, Dewey and the other girl whose name I don’t remember have gone back to the real world?

  • YouTube snowyy
    YouTube snowyy 9 days ago

    Yo dude my theory is season 2 is going to be the parents and there kids r gone and it’s gonna be class or the same

    EMILYS HEAVEN 9 days ago

    My goodness......

  • Bron Vlogs
    Bron Vlogs 9 days ago

    Bitch whatttttttt oml

  • Genesis Grace
    Genesis Grace 9 days ago

    I think that the whole show is an alude to the pied piper.

  • David Barwick
    David Barwick 10 days ago

    Grizz did it

  • coolradio123
    coolradio123 10 days ago

    They got dropped off in the alternate universe by the busses. This means there must be a way to travel between both places

  • Isabel Davis
    Isabel Davis 10 days ago

    Maybe when you die in this alternate universe you appear in the normal one and that’s why Cassandra’s mum killed her because she needed her idk I just really need to know what happened

  • Chelsea Bandi
    Chelsea Bandi 10 days ago

    evidence seems to mostly lead towards a parallel universe. the ending is puzzling but it seems like the one “regular” universe thinks all the teens are dead and that’s why there’s a memorial wall, but there’s the alternate universe where they’re all alive.

  • Leonie Jobin
    Leonie Jobin 10 days ago

    that was so confusing 😭🤭

  • wayne fuller
    wayne fuller 10 days ago

    There’s no adults in the town when the kids get back from the trip EXCEPT FOR THE BUS DRIVERS WHERE DID THEY GO?!

  • Oumaima Khelalef
    Oumaima Khelalef 10 days ago

    parallel universes mean that u can be alive in a universe and dead in the other, which explains the dog's whole story. however for the kids, as well... in parallel universes u're not necessarily dead, but maybe you're 18 in a universe and still 10 in the other world, which kinda explains that messy ending... just a theory. MY HEAD IS BLOWING UP

  • Baby Oreo
    Baby Oreo 10 days ago

    GRIZZ & SAM ❤❤