Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) ft. DaBaby

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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  • Ayme emyA
    Ayme emyA 26 minutes ago

    Everytime she performed on the stage she always put it a twist...

  • Paraskevi
    Paraskevi 35 minutes ago +1


  • Heavy Rain
    Heavy Rain 36 minutes ago

    1:21 - 1:54 I the only good part in this song xD

  • Mandar Bendre
    Mandar Bendre Hour ago

    “My oh my “ I got an F- on my math test

  • Erwin Ramos
    Erwin Ramos Hour ago

    Pervi ,,

  • Kian Stark
    Kian Stark Hour ago


  • Maribel Castro
    Maribel Castro 2 hours ago

    sorry but what happend to Camilla 's voice?

  • 유이미
    유이미 2 hours ago +1


  • Ultraviolence
    Ultraviolence 2 hours ago +1

    Not a fan of Camila Cabello but I have to admit this was on fire

  • Samuel8
    Samuel8 3 hours ago

    No me andes excitando!!!!

  • justJoab
    justJoab 3 hours ago

    what happened to her voice?

  • MAYANK 65
    MAYANK 65 3 hours ago +1

    Those outfits😍
    Me: My oh my

  • GachaCoffeex X
    GachaCoffeex X 3 hours ago

    I Watched more than 1.0M Times!

  • Lenøra Køk
    Lenøra Køk 4 hours ago

    I have to say this cause nobody else does-


  • Crystal Silverio
    Crystal Silverio 4 hours ago

    Shawn mendes get ur girl or he wins her

  • juanpcabsal dance
    juanpcabsal dance 5 hours ago +1

    Tik tok

  • Ɛ: Iulia :3
    Ɛ: Iulia :3 5 hours ago

    this is not Camila's voice

  • Shanah Aryelle Racho
    Shanah Aryelle Racho 5 hours ago

    What they are doing with their skirt is just 😂

  • Kamini Sharma
    Kamini Sharma 5 hours ago

    And yes only I will appreciate Dababy

  • Ariane da Sílvia fumo Fumo

    I Like

  • Kendall Fann
    Kendall Fann 6 hours ago

    She looks happy

  • Pearl Ivory
    Pearl Ivory 6 hours ago

    Is this about Matthew Russell?

  • geor
    geor 6 hours ago

    2:18 this makes me uncomfortable.

  • シ•ItzPriscy•
    シ•ItzPriscy• 7 hours ago

    Jimmy: camila cabello and *the baby*
    Me: what baby?
    *sees Dababy*

  • Sana Salim
    Sana Salim 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know where to get outfits like that?

  • manar Alzaharani
    manar Alzaharani 8 hours ago

    Dababy rapping is really satisfying

  • Melizma Tea
    Melizma Tea 8 hours ago

    She is a good dancer - she's very talented.

  • Rachael Littlewind
    Rachael Littlewind 8 hours ago

    She doesn’t sound like what she sounds like in the album. It is wayyyy off

  • Lilyann Mastison
    Lilyann Mastison 8 hours ago +1


  • charllote viti
    charllote viti 9 hours ago


  • Fiorella Ochoa
    Fiorella Ochoa 9 hours ago

    She is usin autotune?

  • seventh Winner
    seventh Winner 10 hours ago

    Am I the only one wondering why they would twerk on live tv

  • Saniya Perry
    Saniya Perry 10 hours ago

    why dababy run off the stage like 69 running from all bloods

  • Mari topics
    Mari topics 10 hours ago +1

    2:17 scared mr

  • Mari topics
    Mari topics 10 hours ago +1

    2:19 I dead

  • Sabrina Lima
    Sabrina Lima 10 hours ago

    Camila performe my oh my in Grammy 💖

  • Sabrina Lima
    Sabrina Lima 10 hours ago

    Vem my oh my

  • Rockstar t
    Rockstar t 11 hours ago +1

    she is STUNNING. I know most girls r jealous of her. Girls this pretty have the least amount of girl friends. #facts

  • Sp//dr
    Sp//dr 11 hours ago

    So was there supposed to be a green screen edit?

  • Hina Urrea
    Hina Urrea 11 hours ago +2

    2:31 só brs vão entender 😂😂

  • Escapade Wonders
    Escapade Wonders 11 hours ago

    She's dressed like Ariana Grande

  • Play time With Jenny
    Play time With Jenny 11 hours ago +2


  • She
    She 12 hours ago

    Camila's back up dancers are stunning they compliment Camila's performance perfectly. I'm obsessed 😍

  • Yim Yim
    Yim Yim 12 hours ago


  • ApplePi 3141
    ApplePi 3141 13 hours ago +1

    In the thumbnail, to me, it looked kinda like that guy was doing so 180 stuff with his butt

  • Jordyn Dawson
    Jordyn Dawson 13 hours ago

    The girls in the back

  • the green shadow
    the green shadow 13 hours ago

    Me going to the consert

  • Wolfie Cookie
    Wolfie Cookie 13 hours ago

    I watch this and I’m fine when my friend watches it she starts dying to the point where she can’t look at the video anymore

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic 13 hours ago +2

    "A little bit older"
    "A black leather jacket"
    "A bad reputation"
    "Sensational habits"
    Me:" *THANOS?!* "

  • Aracely Gonzales
    Aracely Gonzales 13 hours ago +1

    The voice of Camila is diferent with autotune 😹

  • Aracely Gonzales
    Aracely Gonzales 13 hours ago +1

    The voice of Camila is diferent with autotune 😹

  • soleil brillant
    soleil brillant 14 hours ago

    Love you camila mi je suis ta fan!!!

  • Gia Kim
    Gia Kim 14 hours ago

    It’s okay:/

  • Gia Kim
    Gia Kim 14 hours ago


  • Gia Kim
    Gia Kim 14 hours ago


  • Gia Kim
    Gia Kim 14 hours ago

    Why they shaking there butt

  • The Infamous Melonhead
    The Infamous Melonhead 14 hours ago

    Not a good performance. Yikes

  • El Quez
    El Quez 14 hours ago

    Fans: OMG YASSS
    Mom: OH HILL NO

  • ღIsa_Chan UwUღ
    ღIsa_Chan UwUღ 14 hours ago

    Sin autotune xddd

  • Itz Maddie
    Itz Maddie 14 hours ago

    Her autotune is g o n e