Sonia King: Mosaic Artist on HGTV's Modern Masters

  • Published on Nov 29, 2011
  • HGTV's Modern Masters visits the studio of mosaic artist Sonia King in this 2003 segment. Visit Sonia's website at
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  • Angela Wright
    Angela Wright Year ago

    Beautiful work! Couple quick questions - what is the working time for your thinset? And is it possible to use Unsanded mortar instead of thinset?

    • Sonia King Mosaic Artist
      Sonia King Mosaic Artist  Year ago

      Thank you! working time is about 3 hours in the pot, about 10-15 minutes on the board. Get the longest working time possible and keep it covered when you aren't using it. Mortar is not a substitute for thinnest. It is not an adhesive. Kind regards

  • Tonia F
    Tonia F Year ago

    Hi - awesome! Where do you get your tiles? Also, what is the reason for gluing on the tiles with the underside facing up? Thank you for your response.

    • Sonia King Mosaic Artist
      Sonia King Mosaic Artist  Year ago +1

      I source tile from all over the world. I do have a supplier list on my website under resources. The are glued face down as this project was done using the reverse technique so the floor would be flat.

  • Mónica Elsa Franzante

    Extraordinaria, su obra y su técnica. Quisiera saber si el papel sobre el que pegó las tecelas se quita o queda incluido sobre el soporte final

  • Qasim Khan
    Qasim Khan 2 years ago


  • Ekaterina
    Ekaterina 2 years ago

    What's the advantage of gluing them to the paper first?

  • wave surfa
    wave surfa 2 years ago

    what is the tile on? plywood, wood, or ? painted surface? It is a uniform color so...? thankz

  • Ayaz Ahmad
    Ayaz Ahmad 2 years ago +1

    where do you all get mosaic tiles from? I havn't come across anything reasonable on the internet as yet, as a beginner I would like to start cheap on materials..any help would be great!!

    • nzee770
      nzee770 3 months ago

      Goodwill, ceramics and a hammer!

  • Delicia Rich
    Delicia Rich 3 years ago

    She does a beautiful pieces of art, amazing!

  • Robert Lisac
    Robert Lisac 3 years ago +2

    Hi Sonia! We met in Ravenna 2015. It was nice to meet you there. I already had your book at that time, but it was such a pleasure to see you and of course your mosaic there in Ravenna. It's such a different experience if you see a mosaic on a picture or if you really stand in front of a mosaic. I wish you all the best. Best regards from Slovenia.

  • dimitris karamouzas
    dimitris karamouzas 3 years ago +2

    perfect studio

  • Wendy Low
    Wendy Low 3 years ago +1

    Amazing work and I loved the speech at the convention. I now get a better idea of working intuitively. I find my best work happens that way. Some day I hope to go to a SAMA convention and be with all the other artists and learn even more. Thank you for these videos.

  • Siebenspiegel
    Siebenspiegel 4 years ago +2

    wonderful Artist

  • Rita Mead
    Rita Mead 4 years ago +4

    I LOVE your work! I found this when doing a Google search on what I could make out of a box of my absolute treasured glass things that were totally crushed in a move. I can't throw them out. I have too many memories, and treasure this stuff. So, you have inspired me! Thanks!

  • Noi Pacheco
    Noi Pacheco 4 years ago +1

    Minha mosaicista preferida, sou fã desta artista !! Quisera um dia poder fazer umas aulas com ela !!

  • Norma Ruiz
    Norma Ruiz 4 years ago +2

    Hermoso, saludos desde México

  • michelle levy
    michelle levy 5 years ago +1

    is gorgrous

  • carol daniels
    carol daniels 5 years ago +1

    You have so jars of tiles - i'm guessing - with subtle color variations. How do sort them after you're done working? Or do you use everything you put on your work surface and not have to put any back? Beautiful work!

    • Sonia King Mosaic Artist
      Sonia King Mosaic Artist  5 years ago +1

      If it's obvious, I put them back where they belong. If it's too difficult, I make a jar of generic aqua or whatever that has a mix.

  • Donald Lulama
    Donald Lulama 5 years ago +1

    Hat off mosaic in your good work that you are doing

  • Josee Dupont
    Josee Dupont 6 years ago

    I want to get started on making mosaics but I am overwhelmed with the choices of tile available online. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Smileeen
    Smileeen 6 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to reply!!!!

  • Sonia King Mosaic Artist

    Yes, they are the older, thicker Opus Romano. Now they come in a thinner version :-)

  • Smileeen
    Smileeen 6 years ago

    was just about to ask the same question!

  • Sonia King Mosaic Artist

    Yes, they are the older/thicker Opus Romano :-)

  • Neena Me
    Neena Me 7 years ago

    wonderful Sonia, what brand are the coral glass tess in the middle, they look like Opus Romano are they? Thanks for sharing.

  • Sonia King Mosaic Artist

    Just a note, I was switching out my hammer/hardie setup when they came to film and this one is not fully installed. It should be much deeper in the log, down to the widest part of the hardie ;-)