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Tua Tagovailoa 2018-19 Highlights || Alabama QB || “Greatest Player In College Football” || ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Tua Tagovailoa’s 2018-19 season highlights. Let me know whose highlights I should make next. Enjoy!
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  • Modell Highlights
    Modell Highlights  4 months ago +31

    Will he end up being one of the best college football players of all time?

    • bulldozer9103
      bulldozer9103 3 months ago

      Raider Zack this comment aged well

    • GKG35
      GKG35 4 months ago

      Idk..... with the loaded team he has around him, maybe best ever stat wise

    • Mckayden fields
      Mckayden fields 4 months ago

      Modell Highlights Justin fields from Georgia will be

    • Nathan Namulauti
      Nathan Namulauti 4 months ago +3

      With this guy TUA you never what to expect but I’ll bet this is just the beginning for this young man a very special talented athlete and so humbly respectful this is jus the beginning of bigger and better things for him 🤙🏽

    • david sadler
      david sadler 4 months ago +1


    BDBZULU 2 days ago

    How is he with short and intermediate throws?

  • edge33137
    edge33137 3 days ago

    I wonder what number he will wear after the Dolphins draft him, 13 is retired.

  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    Damn damn good quarterback! :-)

  • Casey Schmidt
    Casey Schmidt 28 days ago

    Reminds me of Russell Wilson

  • Andy Rizz
    Andy Rizz 29 days ago

    Why do these videos always have the most retarded music? That song was just fucking awful...

  • Anonimni Profil
    Anonimni Profil 29 days ago +1

    Future star of AAF.

  • VanillaBryce
    VanillaBryce Month ago +2

    Tua wins Heisman in 2020 goes first overall in the draft to Miami

  • MeTakingAStand
    MeTakingAStand Month ago

    This feels more like a highlight reel for the receiving corps. Holy crap they're wide open on almost every play. Tua throws a good ball, don't get me wrong, but he had a lot of help here. Some phenomenal accuracy on the deep ball though.

  • GrumpleslamAlabaster

    I forgot you have to watch these highlight videos on mute

  • David Mazzini
    David Mazzini Month ago

    1st overall pick in 2020?

  • Colin Barlow
    Colin Barlow Month ago

    This guy sucks. Can’t do anything against a good defense.

  • Tareef Bey
    Tareef Bey Month ago +3

    **Watches first 3 highlights **
    Me: yep I've seen enough

  • Diego Vaiasuso
    Diego Vaiasuso Month ago +9

    We ready for u dawg #PhinsUp 🐬

    • Shiggy Miyamo
      Shiggy Miyamo Hour ago +1

      Bring him to Miami, and snatch that #13 from him. He can pick another number. haha

    SEAN ROCK TAYLOR Month ago +1

    This guy is beginning to grow on me!.

  • radio cc
    radio cc Month ago +13

    And with the 1st pick in the 2020 draft the Miami Dolphins select...

    • Taylor Molitoris
      Taylor Molitoris 20 days ago

      +Elijah Mitchell straight from the Georgia Ministry of Propaganda ^

    • Elijah Mitchell
      Elijah Mitchell 23 days ago

      radio cc yeah Fromm could be even better then tua. Tua hasn’t done well vs good competition

    • radio cc
      radio cc 23 days ago

      +Elijah Mitchell dolphins could very well be the 1st pick in the draft next year. No DL, no OL, no QB. I'll be fine with Fromm though

    • Elijah Mitchell
      Elijah Mitchell 23 days ago

      radio cc not unless they trade up lol. Giants could get him

  • Felix
    Felix Month ago

    GIANTS 2020!

    • Jeff Cole
      Jeff Cole Month ago

      Dolphins are putting themselves in position to draft #1 overall in 2020

  • Bruno Silvestrin
    Bruno Silvestrin Month ago

    is it just me or does he look like he locks on to WRs

  • Pepe Garcia
    Pepe Garcia Month ago +3

    Next Patrick Mahomes🐬 #2020 #TankForTua

  • Troy Hicks
    Troy Hicks Month ago +1

    I was watching mike Vick who is a left handed QB who tua could be like hopping its my dolphins

  • Sungsu Lee
    Sungsu Lee Month ago


  • Maximus Wolfe
    Maximus Wolfe Month ago +1

    I really feel sorry for any defenses he faces this coming season. Greatness wears number 13.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago

      Agree big time!!!!

  • barry walker
    barry walker 2 months ago

    Tua is the most fucking overrated quarterback in the history of college football.tua is so fucking overrated that his ass is brushing against the fucking moon.tua is fucking fake and all fucking hype.tua is the greatest flop in the history of college football.44-16😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago

      STFU you bum ass loser

  • mustache man
    mustache man 2 months ago

    Really sicko mode?

  • Teresa Slone
    Teresa Slone 2 months ago +1

    Miami Dolphins 2020

    • John Koch
      John Koch 2 months ago +1

      Same reason I'm here.

  • tiger1494
    tiger1494 2 months ago

    Against Clemson Tua finally got a taste of what his opponent QB sees every week playing against Alabama's defense....and he didn't look so good. A lot of QBs would put up numbers playing for Alabama.

    • xxDPKINGxx
      xxDPKINGxx Month ago

      Bro he had 300 yards and 2 touchdowns against the top defense in the nation?

  • Mac Matthews
    Mac Matthews 3 months ago +2

    really hope the giants wait until 2020 and do everything to get this guy

  • SW Productions
    SW Productions 3 months ago +1

    Nice video! I made a Tua video too, you should check it out

  • bdp_Medic305
    bdp_Medic305 3 months ago

    Had to watch this shit on silent -__- how tf do people enjoy that "lIkE a LiGhT" shit. Its impressive how bad that shit is and how people still listen. ......... good clips though lol

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell 3 months ago

    Tua, we need you to be against Clemson what Deshaun Watson was against up this game!

  • Cole Weber
    Cole Weber 3 months ago +1

    People had the same questions about Deshaun Watson’s arm strength when he went pro but arm strength is not a problem with these guys, they just know how to throw with touch. If you can throw 50+ yards on a rope then you have enough arm strength for the NFL.

  • Alexander
    Alexander 3 months ago

    Good job 👍

  • Dope Charms
    Dope Charms 3 months ago +1

    Sorry but dude gone be a bust . He telegraphs EVERY throw , his receivers make him look REALLY better than he is . He just has a really strong arm . But he’s not on the same caliber as kyler Murray . Kyler Murray is an ALL - around quarterback who can look off defenders , read defenses and audible , scramble and make all the throws . Sorry but After the Georgia game I really had a different outlook on tua

    • Taylor Molitoris
      Taylor Molitoris 20 days ago

      I thought tua looked pretty good against Georgia keeping them in the game with a messed up plant ankle that required surgical repair afterwards.

    • KanyeWest2421
      KanyeWest2421 3 months ago

      Kyler played like shit against bama lmao. 50% completion percentage and stat padded in garbage time. Tua buried their asses in the first 8 minutes

  • Jay Pas
    Jay Pas 3 months ago

    I'm officially rooting against the Lions next season so they can draft this guy in 2020

  • Damien Segundo
    Damien Segundo 3 months ago +2

    In the beginning of the video, when he ran to his father after throwing the championship-winning touchdown, the vibe I got from that moment of a father and son hugging it out and the sense of pride I could see in the fathers face melted my heart. It must be the best feeling in the world to be proud of your child for successful pursuit of their dream that which you’ve supported them in. They are simply religious Polynesians whose dreams came true because of their religious and positive influence on their son. They’ve just raised their son to be an amazing person.

    • Pie Guy
      Pie Guy Month ago

      Tuas dad is an ahole.

  • spud man
    spud man 3 months ago +1

    The only problem really with his game is his eyes. I feel like he stares down his reciever. At the next level that won't work. Might be why Georgia exposed him. But he'll improve on that with time I think. Another problem is he seems very fragile. Drink that milk young man.

  • Nerissa March
    Nerissa March 3 months ago +1

    God given talent 🙏

  • Blake Stewart
    Blake Stewart 4 months ago

    You know what's better? His brother Taulia Tagovailoa just signed on the dotted line to play at Bama

  • Mr.Krabs
    Mr.Krabs 4 months ago

    Hey man what QB you think is best for jags?

  • 00 00
    00 00 4 months ago +9

    His passes are clean. Dang he throws pinpoint balls. His throws look like top veteran QBs in the NFL. Something different and special about this dude.

    • Elijah Mitchell
      Elijah Mitchell 23 days ago

      00 00 nah if Kyler was Tua’s height Kyler would be way better prospect coming out of college 🤣

    • 00 00
      00 00 Month ago

      +xxDPKINGxx watch Andrew Luck how he over and under throws a lot. Luck is not accurate, but it feels retarded how they said he was like Elway. Kyler is nowhere on Tua's level. If they came out at the same time, it would be a joke. Just watch teams tanking for this QB. Drew Brees with a better arm and wheels.

    • xxDPKINGxx
      xxDPKINGxx Month ago +2

      He really has by far the best accuracy in CFB right now. It's not even close. It is incredibly rare that he even fucking misplaces a ball ever. I think he had one misplaced pass in the natty (some red zone slant to Ruggs was high). Literally the only bad passes he had this past season (when healthy, his footwork was off a bit during knee injury) was when he misread post-snap drops leading to an int. You can teach him to read a field after the snap better, but you can't teach his accuracy. He's legitimately more accurate than 70% of starting NFL QB's.

  • Sam Campbell
    Sam Campbell 4 months ago

    Tua the Alabama child molesting crack baby.

  • Sidney Boakye
    Sidney Boakye 4 months ago

    What will it take for the Bengals to draft this guy? He is a franchise QB. He could change our franchise!

  • Heywood Jablowme
    Heywood Jablowme 4 months ago

    Rrrrrrruner up

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez 4 months ago

    Got robed but finna win another title

  • Kaylan Mcginnis
    Kaylan Mcginnis 4 months ago +4

    This man’s throws...danggggg

  • Kenny Fitzgerald
    Kenny Fitzgerald 4 months ago +7

    This man got robbed by muray

  • John Brown
    John Brown 4 months ago +5

    Man that's some horrible music

    • Michael
      Michael 3 months ago +1

      It's that ear scraping trap music.

  • John Brown
    John Brown 4 months ago

    Kayler Murray is better. Murray is the QB of the future - part running back and part QB.

  • Julian Rooney
    Julian Rooney 4 months ago +3

    Throws is the ball like a baseball, hope he doesn’t have shoulder or elbow problems down the road.

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 4 months ago


  • ChaseBrit2
    ChaseBrit2 4 months ago +3


  • Sonny Pereyra
    Sonny Pereyra 4 months ago +2

    Hope the Chargers draft him.

  • Ryan Kearns
    Ryan Kearns 4 months ago +5

    What an arm....give him the trophy!

  • Nebula
    Nebula 4 months ago +2

    kind of makes me think of chad pennington when i watch him

  • Blake Plays
    Blake Plays 4 months ago +4

    Tua is like the tom Brady of NCAA

  • IV Sports
    IV Sports 4 months ago +1

    With the performance against Georgia you think tua will still win the heisman?

  • IV Sports
    IV Sports 4 months ago +2

    Tua or Jalen ?

      BECAUSE I'M BATMAN 4 months ago +1

      Both...when Tua is fucked we Jalen and Jalen is fucked we need Tua

  • david sadler
    david sadler 4 months ago +2

    Tua Tagovailoa is very very VERY good!

  • david sadler
    david sadler 4 months ago +1

    YOU ARE AWESOME I"M making a youtube channel soon too Please subscribe it will be called watch Owen play (Owen is my name) David is my Dad's name

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 4 months ago +2

    once again Tua didnt play a 4th quarter #kylerknows

  • Kaleb Calloway
    Kaleb Calloway 4 months ago +3

    Yea Tua 2 int

  • Whatever Vids
    Whatever Vids 4 months ago +3

    Can you do Kyler Murray? Or did you already do him?

    • Whatever Vids
      Whatever Vids 4 months ago

      +Modell Highlights at the rate tua is going in the georgia game kyler is gonna get heisman

    • Modell Highlights
      Modell Highlights  4 months ago

      Whatever Vids Already did him. Check out my recent videos

  • Beyond The Benches
    Beyond The Benches 4 months ago +1

    Lol nope

  • sAmoan1979
    sAmoan1979 4 months ago +4

    So proud of the uso. Keep grinding. God bless

  • WyattCWP
    WyattCWP 4 months ago +5

    Can we get a jake fromm

  • WyattCWP
    WyattCWP 4 months ago +4


  • The Original American
    The Original American 4 months ago +2

    Dude fire highlight reel 🔥🔥🔥. Tua Is college football's Jesus christ

  • Jay Willie
    Jay Willie 4 months ago +12

    Yuh that’s my QB 😤

  • Kalihi Bravez
    Kalihi Bravez 4 months ago +24

    If TUA played every game til the 4th Qtr. His stats would blow away Kylers. He did less & his numbers are still close. Hands down the GOAT of Alabama/SEC💯 Maybe even All-Time. Still has 1 year left & its just gon get even scarier for everyone. TUA-MINATOR FOR HEISMAN 🤙🏽

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 2 months ago

      +Bruno Mars So 10/25 for 161 yards 1 td 2 int and a 15.1 qbr is a good game? Also threw 2 int against Clemson(1 pick 6).

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 2 months ago

      +Bruno Mars So when he plays good you say he is just that good. When he plays bad all of a sudden it's because of injuries? Quite making excuses. He is a great player just had 2 bad games.

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 2 months ago

      +Bruno Mars If he was injured then how did he play so well against Oklahoma? Also Murray didn't plat bad against Army. He had 4 total td.

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 2 months ago

      +Bruno Mars 80 td? No way. Also Murray didn't have any bad games. Tua had 2 bad games.

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis 2 months ago

      Kyler Murray would still have better numbers even if he didn't play as much like Tua.

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 4 months ago +5

    kyler murray is more impressive in every way

    • Brandon Wright
      Brandon Wright 3 months ago

      +KanyeWest2421 he still dropped bombs on y'all dfense and made y'all team move in slow motion. Wasn't his fault our defense is the worse in the country. Clemson is gonna kill yall

    • KanyeWest2421
      KanyeWest2421 3 months ago

      +Brandon Wright Kyler with that smoking hot 50% completion percentage HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      Hold this: L

    • Brandon Wright
      Brandon Wright 4 months ago

      +Loretta Prewitt wrong

    • Loretta Prewitt
      Loretta Prewitt 4 months ago

      Brandon Wright tua going to win it

    • kaleve pilikaki
      kaleve pilikaki 4 months ago +2

      Lol. good one. May the best QB win. Aloha.

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo 4 months ago +22

    Breaking records with the least amount of Gametime

    • mustache man
      mustache man 2 months ago

      iPooKaePoo he started full games now I think. He gonna toss like 50 tds. 5000 yds

    • Brandon Wright
      Brandon Wright 4 months ago

      and ankles

  • osama bin laden
    osama bin laden 4 months ago +10


  • Curtis Henry
    Curtis Henry 4 months ago +29


    • bulldozer9103
      bulldozer9103 3 months ago

      Hawlucha25 amen Kyler=inconsistent, inaccurate, and incompetent to lead his team to victory against a top 20 defense

    • Curtis Henry
      Curtis Henry 4 months ago

      Ok Kaleb , your right tonight. He choked majorly ! 😂

    • Kaleb Calloway
      Kaleb Calloway 4 months ago +2