la vie en rose - edith piaf (cover)

  • Published on May 6, 2018
  • its a remake kids :)
    i hope u all are well. i hope things are good with u and ur comfortably warm and very very well. im pretty happy recently myself.
    this is partially in french which i dont speak! please be gentle to me about it!!
    also i want to quickly say im more disjointed and awkward than usual i think in this i dont know its hard for me to act normal on camera pls bear with me
    hope u can join me on younow sometime as well, i'll add the link to my lil social media section in this desc !

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  • GrooT
    GrooT 50 minutes ago

    i love you💖

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  • Namja Namja
    Namja Namja 4 hours ago

    Ooof je suis choquée elle prononce bien chaque mots

  • Zoinex
    Zoinex 5 hours ago +1

    No one:

    Niggas that see this video: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Frances Ann Teves
    Frances Ann Teves 10 hours ago

    Starts at 0:29

  • pit x
    pit x 11 hours ago +1

    Quand il me prend dans ses bras
    Il me parle tout bas
    Je vois la vie en rose
    Il me dit des mots d'amour
    Des mots de tous les jours
    Et ça me fait quelque chose
    Il est entré dans mon cœur
    Une part de bonheur
    Dont je connais la cause
    C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui dans la vie
    Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie
    Et dès que je l'aperçois
    Alors je sens en moi
    Mon cœur qui bat

    Hold me close and hold me fast
    The magic spell you cast
    This is la vie en rose
    When you kiss me heaven sighs
    And though I close my eyes
    I see la vie en rose
    When you press me to your heart
    I'm in a world apart
    A world where roses bloom
    And when you speak
    Angels sing from above
    Everyday words seem
    To turn into love songs
    Give your heart and soul to me
    And life will always be la vie en rose

  • Yuan
    Yuan 12 hours ago

    You should turn on captions for the first seconds when she starts singing

  • Ashley Looper
    Ashley Looper 16 hours ago


  • LaTonnya Glover
    LaTonnya Glover 17 hours ago

    French is so beautiful

  • roberto rodriguez
    roberto rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Soooooo beautifull. Soooooo nice yo hear. OMG. GOD BLESS YOU

  • it’s sahi bitch
    it’s sahi bitch 19 hours ago

    set playback speed to .75 . youre welcome

  • CRHISTIAN bendezu
    CRHISTIAN bendezu 19 hours ago

    te amoooooo

  • wedgednine3639
    wedgednine3639 20 hours ago

    Hey I think ur cute

  • Clashbrawler
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  • Arianne Comtois
    Arianne Comtois 23 hours ago

    You’re amazing, I’m a fench Canadian and your feench is just freaking beautiful😍

  • Lovely Liv
    Lovely Liv Day ago

    TikTok: Hippity hoppity this is now my property

  • Martin Olvera
    Martin Olvera Day ago

    her voice omg😔❤

  • hope guy
    hope guy Day ago

    im falling in love for this gurl

  • Universo Branive
    Universo Branive Day ago +1

    Millie bob brown voice?

  • Lucy
    Lucy Day ago

    immediate goosebumps, this is beautiful

  • Chris Flory
    Chris Flory Day ago

    Whoever disliked this vid will get eaten by sharks

  • Evelin_C_H
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    Pucha que cantai bonito uwu

  • Decks22
    Decks22 Day ago

    Amazing!!!!!! Your voice is gift😍

  • Adriana Gonzalez

    Quand meme elle parle bien francais

  • eliana pinkerton

    omg your voice is so good

  • Stefania Ciancarelli

    You voice is very nice is like an angel , you are very cute and sweeet

  • AsbComPhPlyF
    AsbComPhPlyF Day ago

    you are beautiful :))))

  • Ugly Turtle
    Ugly Turtle Day ago

    Damn you pretty

  • wynterwolf Rose
    wynterwolf Rose Day ago

    Beautiful voice and song I love this version it makes me so happy.

    NOMIAZ GALDE Day ago

    Ur not that really attractive

  • angel newby
    angel newby Day ago

    this is a whole aesthetic
    ur beautiful

  • Мария Алиэкспресс


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  • Ely olvera
    Ely olvera Day ago +1

    Her voice:amazing and pretty
    Her eyes:ugh beautiful
    Everything abt her :BEAUTIFUL❗❤

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia Day ago

    Soñe mi muerte, (como yamcha) y posteriormente me vi en tercera persona tirado, e iniciaron los creditos de mi vida ambientada exactamente con esta cancion y sonido. Creo que si esto es un deja vu es hermoso.

  • Boadichea Odgers

    I loved this so much

  • Rudy Humberto Caal Calel

    Tan preciosa y con linda voz xoxo

  • O Fantasma
    O Fantasma Day ago

    Você é fofinha!!!

  • 바람직
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    I forgot how French is beautiful . hard to find any French song these days .

  • Valeria Castillo


  • G_A_B_M_ser _XT
    G_A_B_M_ser _XT 2 days ago

    your music is great is my favorite and noce you are everything you want and anelo but thanks for your attention happy life goodbye

  • Elisa Guerrero
    Elisa Guerrero 2 days ago

    Ok everything abt her is like 😭❤

  • Emma Sur YouTube !
    Emma Sur YouTube ! 2 days ago

    Your French is perfect👌🏻

  • Che Che
    Che Che 2 days ago

    C’est tellement magnifique !

  • mariam kekelidze
    mariam kekelidze 2 days ago

    whats the strumming pattern? help me out plss

  • Elanoar Elizabeth
    Elanoar Elizabeth 2 days ago

    what is the strumming pattern?

  • Ангелина Носкова

    It’s magiccccccc!!!!!

  • jennifer raquel
    jennifer raquel 2 days ago

    Qual o nome dela ?

  • Morgane Troussard
    Morgane Troussard 2 days ago

    magnifique !

  • Fernanda UwU
    Fernanda UwU 2 days ago +1

    soy la única que habla español aquí? :'v

  • Jack Growls
    Jack Growls 2 days ago

    Que pedo por que tiene tantos dislike si canta precioso?

  • Squidward On a chair
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    No one:

    Me being sad about this cover not being on Spotify : ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

  • Dufus Brand
    Dufus Brand 2 days ago

    shes lookin like el from stranger things

  • Sahra Larsson
    Sahra Larsson 2 days ago

    how old is she

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    I love her hair and this song!!!!This just made my day,thank you.!!🥰

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    Omelette du fromage. Bay

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    (ignore this)

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    0:40 replay

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