Crazy Hercules Fan Theories That Change Everything

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
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    Crazy Hercules Fan Theories That Change Everything
    Hercules was a Disney movie that came from the tail end of the studio’s Renaissance Era. A story about a hero right out of Greek Mythology -- which, let’s be real, had some twisted stuff to begin with. So surely, some crazy theories would eventually come up. We're taking a look at the most CRAZY theories about Disney's Hercules that change everything.

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  • WickedBinge
    WickedBinge  Month ago +82

    Do you have any crazy theories about Hercules? Let us know!

    • Travis Fuller
      Travis Fuller 10 hours ago

      Who brought scars carcass from Africa all the way to Athens, Greece? Was it Aladdin?

    • DudeAtGunpoint_
      DudeAtGunpoint_ 5 days ago

      The “side kicks” of both also followed a similar color pattern.

    • Baby Judah
      Baby Judah 7 days ago +2

      If the theory of Hercules and Ariel being related is real then Hercules would be Ariel's uncle not 2nd cousin. Zeus is the father of Hercules and Poseidon is the father of King Triton. That makes them 1st cousins. If King Triton has a daughter then Hercules would be an Uncle not a 2nd cousin

    • Stephanie Gagne
      Stephanie Gagne 20 days ago

      WickedBinge ummm Hercules is the Roman name and Heracles/Herakles is the Greek name.

    • Aaron Nicholson
      Aaron Nicholson 24 days ago

      Lol ok that's something. Fine

  • Starbreon
    Starbreon 5 hours ago

    Zeus hosts parties every night.
    *Kratos has entered the chat*

  • Adriel Tan
    Adriel Tan 5 hours ago

    if hercules and king triton are first cousins doesn't it make, ariels uncle is hercules and not second cousin?

    KARAN RAJNISH 8 hours ago

    Ariel is black. WOKKEEE

  • 9-BitFox
    9-BitFox 9 hours ago

    Posiedan: A princess does not tickle another princess with seaweed
    Me: Pfftt Didnt know Ariel had some experimental years

  • Steve Gaston
    Steve Gaston 10 hours ago

    Even sounds the same

  • Hi i like games
    Hi i like games 11 hours ago

    the hercules one is easy it is true just ya it is true dude and that is weard

  • thecarnagereport115
    thecarnagereport115 16 hours ago

    The Yzma-Meg theory is beyond ridiculous. Grasping at every possible straw and a song that never happened. Not to mention completely different gods and mythologies.

  • ultimate gamer 7619
    ultimate gamer 7619 18 hours ago

    Hercules and Hades are brothers according to Greek mythology

  • TheHufflepuffer
    TheHufflepuffer 18 hours ago

    Ariel would be Hercules’ first cousin once removed. Not second cousin.

  • Kai Umeda
    Kai Umeda Day ago

    WickedBinge in actual Greek Mythology Hades actually lives on Mt. Olympus and simultaneously rules the UnderWorld

  • Victor Rodriguez

    You asked and I respond: No. Yzma's hypothesis doesn't seem legit.
    Sometimes you guys tend to take things SO LITERALLY that miss the whole point. Ancient myths and fairy tales are one thing and Disney's imaginarium is another different thing. Hercules' (or Heracles') original myth is way too different than the Disney film but it was a great adaptation for children though. Not only because of the way they solved all the drama between Hera and Zeus making them his natural parents, but also because of the whole "gospel" thing they did with the muses. It was a nice and entertaining -yet unaccurate- touch. Disney's movies tend to put some inside jokes into each other but it doesn't necessarily mean the myths are all related. We're talking about fantasies so let's just keep taking them as what they are. There is no way Aladdin's story (a medieval arabic fiction) could have happened at the same time than Hercules' (an ancient Greece -or maybe older!- myth) but Disney imaginarium fantasizes about it and it is great! So maybe you should more emphatic about the differences between this two things before formulating any hypothesis se people don't get confused and ignorance doesn't spread over.

  • Lauren Roth
    Lauren Roth Day ago

    Zeus does remind me of Triton.

  • Peter Connaghan
    Peter Connaghan Day ago +1

    I don’t think you know how cousins work. Hercules’s children would be Ariel’s 2nd cousins. He is her 1st cousin once removed

  • Suzanne Hamilton
    Suzanne Hamilton 2 days ago +2

    (Don't know how to spell IZMA)

  • Joshua A. Kennedy
    Joshua A. Kennedy 2 days ago

    Just same type of lady

    **WONDER WOMAN** 2 days ago +1

    Ok first off HERAcles is greek Hercules is roman.

  • Alex Harper
    Alex Harper 2 days ago

    The scar is on his LEFT eye, just sayin' :)

  • George Panagiotidis
    George Panagiotidis 2 days ago

    In Greek mythology a king named euristheus gave Hercules 12 tasks sow he could forget the tragedy of killing his family.One of the 12 tasks that Hercules has to do was to kill the nemenian lion.Scar's leather was placed as an Easter egg that everyone knows 😁

    P.s όσοι Έλληνες το δείτε ελεύθερα διορθώστε με

  • ellie
    ellie 3 days ago +4

    Actually Ariel would be Hercules' 1st Cousin Once Removed. Removed by one generation to be precise.
    2nd cousins are people whose individual parents are each other's 1st cousins.
    Triton and Hercules are 1st Cousins.
    Ariel and the children of Hercules would be 2nd Cousins.

    • Sorat
      Sorat 10 hours ago

      Finally I was so bothered by that

  • Llbrosis The best
    Llbrosis The best 3 days ago

    The thing with herculeas is that he killed the godess of huntings “spirit animal” so she took revenge on him by making him kill his wife and daughter.

  • bleachmon1
    bleachmon1 3 days ago

    Ariel would be Hercules's first cousin once removed. Not second cousins. Hercules children would be Ariel's second cousins

  • Ruth Alber
    Ruth Alber 4 days ago

    ? I found out way too hard to believe so no I'm not buying it nice try but not don't buy it I don't believe everything I hear

  • Ryno Art
    Ryno Art 4 days ago

    8:30 U mean his left eye

  • Will Endowed
    Will Endowed 4 days ago

    The centaur wanted some horse head.

    The Yzma/Meg theory is insanely far-fetched. The others are based on facts and real myths. That last one is based on things that hardly match up, with a story invented solely to fill in the gaps.

  • Starr Smith
    Starr Smith 4 days ago

    Disney just about always took orginal stories with screwed up stuff and sugar coated them

    Sleeping Beauty anyone?

  • Krypton853
    Krypton853 5 days ago

    What about the 3 fates would they have known that Hades was gonna ask them about his future to overthrow Zeus. The fates also know that how it will turn out either way. They do know everything.

  • Mike Nicholas
    Mike Nicholas 5 days ago

    Not confusing at all that whole meg thing just too far fetched and kind of stupid to go write about that and make that connection it just make sense

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 5 days ago

    A Hercules (one of my favorite Disney movies) theory that ties it to Emperor’s New Groove (another one of my favorite Disney movies) hell yeah

  • GP Goku
    GP Goku 5 days ago

    Scar's scar is on his left eye. Not right eye.

  • D. Freeman
    D. Freeman 6 days ago

    This really changes how I see Disney and the Lion King! I can’t believe Disney would do something so low!

  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi 6 days ago

    Blind people Feeding blind people with blind news... La routine abituelle Quoi !

  • Diss misery
    Diss misery 7 days ago

    The entire Greek mythology happened because Zeus couldn't keep it in his pants. At least Hades kept ONE wife.

  • Monkey Enma
    Monkey Enma 7 days ago

    You missed the pun. By god. YOU MISSED THE PUN.
    He propositioned her for some "horse HEAD"

  • Art doggo
    Art doggo 8 days ago he's related to a lion by wearing its pelt...... sure

  • Mr.NoName
    Mr.NoName 9 days ago

    The river guardian's head lump literally looked straight up like a dick! His big ass eyebrows looked like a pair of nuts. lmfao

  • M10 Original
    M10 Original 9 days ago

    I think the Scar part was just an Easter egg.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 9 days ago

    In the end of Aladdin 2019 genie turns into (I think) Hercules with the head of Aladdin himself
    Edit: Aladdin 2019

  • Queen Ratigan the First

    1:45 Dude, it's Greek mythology. That kind of messed up crap happened ALL the time in those stories.
    Don't believe me? Look up the story of the Minotaur's origins.

  • ghost3337
    ghost3337 10 days ago

    No the last theory falls apart because within the Disney continuity Hera has no reason to slaughter hercules' family being that she is his biological mother

  • Faith Keller
    Faith Keller 10 days ago

    The lion king did not take place at the same time as it, the person who wrote Hercules also wrote the lion king wanting to show off his skill and put a little hint of it being his work he added scar as a replacement for the lion that Hercules beat during one of his 12 duties he had to fulfill for killing his kids and almost wife (like you said in the video) by blinding him and having him kill them

  • HetaliaRussiaFan 01
    HetaliaRussiaFan 01 10 days ago

    The Last one sounds too farfetched and not very Legit.

  • Helluminati
    Helluminati 11 days ago

    Nessus WAS a horny bastard. In real myth he tries to rape Deianira while taking her over the river but Herculas kills him. Before he dies, he convinces her to take some of his blood in a vial with a promise it will make Hercules never cheat on her. In reality though, it burns off his skin and he commits suicide via fire.

  • Crimson Guyver
    Crimson Guyver 11 days ago

    Point of order Hades did literally get the short end of the stick as Zeus, Hades & Poseidon drew straws to determine their domains and Zeus fiddled it to make himself the ruler.

  • Mr. Thanos
    Mr. Thanos 11 days ago

    emperors new groove and Hercules are 1500 years apart from each other

  • Kajowwojak
    Kajowwojak 11 days ago

    I only read some comments and didn't see this specifically mentioned:
    Part of the reason why Hades is so bitter is that he actually had right to rule Olympus over Zeus, because he's actually the eldest child. However, Zeus was the one who was spared from being eaten by his mother, tricked instead to eating a rock. So yeah, that's actually the big reason why he is such a bitter guy, he was denied his birthright and kicked to the curb.

  • mechtim
    mechtim 11 days ago

    the last one is too complicated and sounds like a drug fueled daydream.

  • Ashley Faminial
    Ashley Faminial 12 days ago +3

    After Jasmine and Aladdin flew over Greece, they ended up in China where there were fireworks. China was celebrating the defeat of the Huns by General Shang's army in Mulan. Jasmine and Aladdin had just left China when the Huns attacked and Mulan would be later honoured by the emperor.
    It's all connected.

  • Bluriz
    Bluriz 12 days ago

    Well there was a cross over episode between Aladdin and Hercules

  • GemmaLou W
    GemmaLou W 12 days ago

    Simba didn’t kill Scar The hyenas did - they cornered him and killed him - Simba had nothing to do with Scar’s death.

  • Thudas22
    Thudas22 13 days ago +2

    It scares me how some of this actually makes sense.

  • usernamedkjah
    usernamedkjah 13 days ago +1

    so right off the bat really reaching with the bestiality thing ya think I'm done with it's not really a fan theory more than the ramblings and trying to connect dots... video stopped

  • Oρέστης Τρύφωνας

    Ariel is Heracles' niece, not his cousin.

  • CM Games
    CM Games 14 days ago

    Hercules is the Greek Half of Heracles which is the Roman half they are the same person but in Roman mythology gods were changed and made more ruthless after taking Greeks ideas on the gods allowing the gods to have different and split personalities

  • David Morgan
    David Morgan 14 days ago

    Yeah its called kingdom hearts Lol

  • Magnifico Official
    Magnifico Official 14 days ago

    01: A trouser friendly kiss

  • CelciaSnow
    CelciaSnow 14 days ago

    The Yzma = Meg theory is totally bogus. In the Hercules animated series, she got cheated on and dumped by Adonis when she appeared in an episode before her memory got wiped (obviously done for the sake of the movie’s timeline and continuity). Who comes up with these convoluted conspiracy theories?!

  • Jake Bae
    Jake Bae 15 days ago

    I saw Yzma and I was like OK YES

  • Devin Lindley
    Devin Lindley 15 days ago

    That was stretched so far

    FIRST AVENGER 15 days ago

    Ha, great use of Poseidon from the Gods ofOlympus mobile game!

  • Nothing To see
    Nothing To see 15 days ago +1

    I thought these were gonna be scary

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX 15 days ago +3

    i wished u showed a picture of young Yzma !

  • XSimplyCleanProX
    XSimplyCleanProX 15 days ago +4

    honestly i knew about most of these except for the magic carpet thing & the emperor’s new groove 🤔

  • metimoteo
    metimoteo 16 days ago

    I don't want to believe Meg is anyone but Meg. I like her too much to believe she's Yzma.

  • Matt Lacdao
    Matt Lacdao 16 days ago

    Yeaaah greek stories are almost all tragedies...... I only know 1 story that wasn't

  • Dayna
    Dayna 16 days ago +1

    The yzma and Meg one was a bit of a stretch

  • UnnamedHero0922
    UnnamedHero0922 16 days ago

    That last theory hurt my brain.

  • 16 days ago

    That last theory is one of the biggest stretch

  • Matthew Hicks
    Matthew Hicks 16 days ago +1

    Just so ya know it’s not Era it’s Hera; just so ya know. Ok? Sorry to interrupt, keep going.

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 16 days ago


  • Francisco Patino
    Francisco Patino 17 days ago


  • Devon Hewett
    Devon Hewett 17 days ago


  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White 17 days ago

    The meg is mother gothel argument is much stronger

  • Your mum
    Your mum 17 days ago +3

    Ariel is Herc's "second degree niece", not his "second cousin", though I'm unsure how Westerners read family trees.

  • מאיה שמש
    מאיה שמש 17 days ago

    How dare Disney to frame Hades , also in greek mythology the anderworld is a beautiful place but Disney desided to make it an ugly place

  • I wear Pajamas
    I wear Pajamas 17 days ago

    nah too far fetched

  • VeganMommyof2
    VeganMommyof2 18 days ago +1

    The scar from the herd of buffalos is on Taka’s LEFT eye/eye lid which is OUR-(the audience) right eye.

  • 63142
    63142 18 days ago

    For the record I could careless about stupid Disney theory's. I have better things to do with my time than to sit around thinking about this sort of thing.

  • Layth Adrian
    Layth Adrian 18 days ago

    Ariel is Hercules' 1st cousin once removed. Ariel's children will be Hercules' second cousins.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ種Your Asian Midget湯

    Wouldn’t Ariel be hercules ‘s neice

  • Eleos
    Eleos 18 days ago

    so bad researched... holy crap. don't make me start why.

  • Neo AR
    Neo AR 18 days ago

    The first one isn't even a theory...

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco 18 days ago

    And iiiiiiive goooot James Woods!

  • RedDragonForce2
    RedDragonForce2 21 day ago +5

    Not Second Cousins, First Cousins Once Removed.
    Get it right!!

  • Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray 22 days ago +1

    Well Knowledge is power, Meg could use the things Hades teached her when she gets older. Knowledge is the key to your theory.

  • gfhhcjh vghghh
    gfhhcjh vghghh 22 days ago

    The whole meg and ezma being the same person is stupid as hell

  • Zach Hubert
    Zach Hubert 23 days ago

    Admittedly, a lot of the theories in this video make sense, but the last one of Meg being Yzma feels like you guys are stretching the strings WAY too far just to prove a theory true.

  • Splash'n'Skillz #37
    Splash'n'Skillz #37 24 days ago

    That's why I see Hercules's ending as the ultimate ending, everything so connected to him, Lion King could be seen as the same too
    And Izma is just Meg's evil twin soul

  • MrNinjafreak
    MrNinjafreak 24 days ago

    disney dark af

  • Johnathan Maygarden
    Johnathan Maygarden 24 days ago

    How this infection live action disney movies?

  • Nathan Spooner
    Nathan Spooner 27 days ago

    theory 1:i dont think disney would sneak a beastly joke in there

    • Nathan Spooner
      Nathan Spooner 27 days ago

      theory 2:not too out of the relm of possablites

  • blackarrow
    blackarrow 28 days ago

    The Hercules is the Roman equivalent of herakles if you have read Greek mythology you would have seen that his name was herakles

  • Lions Roar
    Lions Roar 29 days ago

    Hercules is the Roman equivalent of Heracles u got it the wrong way round

  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown 29 days ago

    Why reveal secrets if your to childish to say oral sex or head

  • Patrick Roy
    Patrick Roy 29 days ago

    Son leaves for half of the movie while evil uncle tries to gain control over their home. Now, does that sound familiar?

  • Marianne Jensen
    Marianne Jensen Month ago

    Legit? Yzma and Meg, same person? No! Haven't seen any of the evidence linking the two together, being one and the same

  • Renamon 565
    Renamon 565 Month ago +1

    How come perstephanie was not in Hercules? Also zeus wasn't just Hercules father but also his great great great grandfather seeing how zeus turned into a golden shower and impregnated danea, then zeus impregnated one of perseus's great granddaughter which was Hercules's mom

  • Renamon 565
    Renamon 565 Month ago +1

    All disney movies share a same universe, on a timeline where the good dinosaur is the beginning and walle being the end

  • Joshua Bassett
    Joshua Bassett Month ago

    The Yzma and Lion King theories seem a bit farfetched to me. Scar's pelt, as hollowed out and disgusting as it supposedly was, wouldn't be so clean and put together as it was in Hercules. There would be pretty heavy indications of damage and scavenging from the hyenas that killed him and maybe some carrion birds, along with some possible further damage from the fire that broke out at Pride Rock. Plus, the pelt that Hercules was wearing seemed to be specifically chosen for him to wear for his heroic portrait on a vase. Possibly from the lion he killed in one of his trials. I doubt someone would travel all the way to the African plains just to bring back the pelt of a dismembered lion to a renowned hero in Thebes for one silly portrait.
    Plus, Disney Hera wasn't a jealous, vengeful, and spiteful woman. She wouldn't be capable of such atrocities towards her own beloved son. Even if someone else murdered Meg and her children, I'm sure that like in the Roman mythology, they would've been made to stay dead. Unless of course Yzma is in fact undead, of which case, it could be a big fat maybe that she could in fact be Meg looking to salvage the future generations of a man she once loved. But then it would lead to a bunch of unanswered and unnecessary questions of who would resurrect her, and for what purpose?

  • ink! sans
    ink! sans Month ago

    The reason Hades is ruling the underworld is because he is the youngest brother and he got to pick last but Zeus is the oldest and got to pick first