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  • Published on Aug 4, 2015
  • Because you guys have known me long enough now haha!
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Nadia Khan
    Nadia Khan 7 years ago +942

    this is like the evolution of dina's hijab

    • Yk_
      Yk_ 2 years ago

      geisiel cesar Islam is not evil, it’s beautiful. Sadly the people that follow it are evil.

    • Emetulah Jah
      Emetulah Jah 3 years ago

      The evolution: from correct hijab to turban to tak hijab off lol

    • Emetulah Jah
      Emetulah Jah 3 years ago

      The only evil is you lol.

    • Madiha Shaheen
      Madiha Shaheen 3 years ago

      She took the hijab of so you really should delete your comment

    • Chalida Chalida
      Chalida Chalida 4 years ago +1


  • Ghiz binthuda
    Ghiz binthuda 7 years ago +144

    That was hilarious. I actually don't take a lot of pictures just to not be embarassed years later.

    • Ghiz binthuda
      Ghiz binthuda 6 years ago

      For me it's not fun, I found it embarrasing of how "stupid I was"

    • Saami
      Saami 6 years ago


    • Eva Nah
      Eva Nah 7 years ago

      hahaha saaame

    • Itsshafsa
      Itsshafsa 7 years ago +5

      +Chadia Lamrani no one in the world looks like you , you are unique . your beautiful xxx 💏💟

    • Abhi Waheed
      Abhi Waheed 7 years ago +3

      Haha same 😅

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 6 years ago +33

    I love your message about telling young people not to grow up too fast. I 100% agree with that! I am a little sad, though, that you kept saying you were "chunky" or that your cheeks were big. I think you were absolutely beautiful! Plus we can't always control those sorts of things, anyway. My sister has battled an eating disorder for years because she worried about how wide her face was. There are more important things! Easier said than felt, obviously. :)

  • Gul and Mum
    Gul and Mum 6 years ago +193

    honestly. people. get over yourself. stop telling her what way to wear the hijab. its ok because its her style. we cant digest it coz its different. if u dont like it dont do it. atleast she is doing something. i am a muslim i dont even wear a hijab. she wears a scarf. evrybody has their own thing. u can already see enough comments about her hijab. it's not important for everyone to jump in and start commenting about it.

    • Asma Shareef
      Asma Shareef 3 years ago

      If all is your choice then what is the place of Allah subhanahu wa taala I. Yours..how do you say you obey Allah and messanger.... That is what a Muslim does right

    • Hassan Turi
      Hassan Turi 5 years ago +1

      sana iftikhar no one is judging so shut up

    • Starbucks Lover
      Starbucks Lover 5 years ago +2

      But I see you wearing hijab in your photo and you look nice

    • Bb Gg
      Bb Gg 5 years ago +3

      sana iftikhar
      Good point! Mashaalah

    • Luna Celess
      Luna Celess 6 years ago

      Well said Sunna :)

  • Rebecca Rahman
    Rebecca Rahman 6 years ago +512

    It's quiet ironic how there are many people commenting and questioning on Dinas faith because of the attire she's wearing. The majority of you probably don't pray at all, go out or even worse and the funny thing is that it's the men having the audacity to complain. I know many Muslim girls that cover up for show and are a far cry from being a Muslim. You can clearly see the baggy clothes she wears, the scarf around her neck and her own style of hijab. We are in no position to judge. So sit back and watch or remove yourself.

    • Niamh Devine
      Niamh Devine 3 years ago

      @Rebecca Rahman pppp

    • rachel Sharfstein
      rachel Sharfstein 4 years ago

      What’s wrong with her attire? She looks modest?

    • MAY7317
      MAY7317 4 years ago

      I don't think they're questioning her faith her faith has nothing to do with wearing hijab (her not wearing a hijab for example makes her lacking in certain area yeah but it doesn't affect her faith) hijab should cover certain areas if it is not then it's not called hijab, you're just wearing modestly.. hijab should cover neck, all hair, and ears plus people shouldn't judge her but they're ought to advise her or at least acknowledge that this is not a hijab do other little girls when they decide to wear it they wear it correctly ..

    • Inge Peeters
      Inge Peeters 4 years ago

      Baggy clothes. Lol

    • nadine nona
      nadine nona 4 years ago

      Rebecca Rahman You literally just judged people’s praying habits loool hypocrite much??????

  • Anfal A
    Anfal A 7 years ago +44

    Moral of the story: the glo up is real keep going everyone 😂

    • Aisha Khan
      Aisha Khan 3 years ago

      You are so beautiful mashallah😍

  • Saami
    Saami 6 years ago +16

    Im 19 right now and so many people that I went to school with look so grown up now and look stylish with cool makeup and here I am looking like a 14/15 year old girl haha And even tho sometimes I get upset when I see pics of people my own age who look grown up and amazing, I know that one day I will shine!!♥ Haha but no seriously, I think everyone "upgrades" in there own time. Some in their teens, some in the twenties etc Just a matter of patience and finding yourself :)

  • betoo beyy
    betoo beyy 7 years ago +411

    Dina you're giving me hope 😂😩

  • Kainat Irfan
    Kainat Irfan 7 years ago +21

    Love you Dina. Your style is so inspirational to young British muslim girls... keep smiling and may Allah grant u all the happiness and bless you with a healthy little baby (Ameen )

  • Dream Pixy
    Dream Pixy 7 years ago +1

    I am the same age as you Dina and you are literaly describing my life, lol even the thinking I'm hot in pictures where as i'm not as confident these days. I feel nostalgic watching this. You are also so right about teens these days growing up too quickly. I think we had such DIY eyebrow phases whereas girls these days have amazing eyebrows and makeup, it is kinda sad. Loved this video xoxo

  • Sasha Eisenstadt
    Sasha Eisenstadt 7 years ago

    Aww this video was so cute! For me, I went through a dying my hair bleach blonde phase and even tho when I look at the pics now I can see all the streaks where I couldn't reach my head. I feel sorta happy I went through my awkward stage and can be happy with who I am now. I do wonder in a few years time will my kids look at what I call 'Style' now and laugh at me!
    Silly that people are criticizing Dina for comments on how she said she was 'Chubby' regardless of what she was like or what happened. Its more important that she is happy now. Being able to say 'That was me' and 'This is me now' takes courage and Dina did it all while making us laugh!

  • StarryEyesShesAlive
    StarryEyesShesAlive 6 years ago +34

    This should be called a roast. Haha. You actually looked fine in 99% of the photos.

  • Katharina Petrova
    Katharina Petrova 7 years ago +2

    This actually makes me feel better about myself lol. I'm 16 and seeing other people my age look so pretty and look hot and look waaaayyy older than 16.. Just makes me feel bad but now I know I'm not alone. Do a video on this topic?

  • The Corner of Craft
    The Corner of Craft 7 years ago +21

    We are of the same generation. I took a lot of selfies for MySpace when I was 15/16. I'm always surprised when I see how grown up teenagers look these days!! Side note: I love how you're wearing your headscarf in this video. It looks really good :) x

  • Murly's Snippets
    Murly's Snippets 7 years ago

    Such fun to watch! It's great to see how much your sense of style has evolved. You're a beautiful person Dina...because you don't take yourself serious. I'm the same way! If you saw my throwback photos..they would make you chucke too!

  • jusxanovaxgurl
    jusxanovaxgurl 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your pics. Its so refreshing to see how you looked in your 16\early 20s. I was a late bloomer too on make up and fashion but I'm so glad i allowed myself not to grow up too early x

  • S K
    S K 7 years ago +1

    Omg Dina I absolutely love this video. Honestly I know exactly what you mean about kids growing up too fast. I'm 23 now Alhamdulillah and I just learnt how to do my make up because it's so mainstream now. My youngest sister however is 19 and knows a lot more about fashion than I did. Lol. They don't know the struggle. The struggle !! Sigh. I miss it though. Love this video. Thank you xxx

  • Hispanic! at the disco
    Hispanic! at the disco 7 years ago +1

    This made me laugh so hard. I'm 34 now and when I look back on how I used to think and act as a teen I cringe sooo hard. My friend and 8 used to pose and take pictures of each other and thing we were straight outta vogue haha

  • sidra BAIG
    sidra BAIG 6 years ago

    thank you for talking about your self discovery of your race and identity in highschool I'm pakistani american and I went through a period in my third year of highschool where I was really faith oriented and proud of being muslim. Hearing about your talking experience was really nice so thank you!

  • confessedbiblioklept
    confessedbiblioklept 7 years ago +1

    I thought alot of the editorial photos were brilliant! My fave had to be the "Dina Tokio inspired by Chanel". And there was a Muslimah fashion designer who used a big turban style also. I forget her name.But I really liked the hijab style you started wearing whilst visiting Venice.
    InShaAllaah young women will take a page from your book and love themselves more.As a teenager you were confident and secure in yourself.You was "feelin yo-self".You had your own style and you wore it well. And that's a good thing.Thanks for the trip down your memory lane.
    P.S. Those straight brows you sportin in some of the pics are back.I call'em the Queen Amadala(Star Wars) brow.And they're making a comeback.

  • Erica Dunne
    Erica Dunne 7 years ago

    You're so funny!! And so right for setting a good example for young girls who follow you, especially as like you said the role models of today are the Kardashians and the Jenners. Think the key thing is to be able to look back and see how we blossom and stop striving for a perfection created by the media 💕

  • Vii
    Vii 6 years ago +137

    I find it really discusting that at the end all comes to hijab and modesty. There are A LOT of other virtues that a girl can have and may be more important for Allah, like kindness, compasion, diligence and so on. But all MEN care is that the woman shows or not her body.

    • Beck Jaq
      Beck Jaq 4 years ago

      All of that is worthless if she is an open fitnah everytime she goes out and commits tabarruj. It's a form of committing zina

    • ApartmentViews
      ApartmentViews 5 years ago +11

      MsVio99 It has a lot of different names, but whether it's hijabi shaming or slut shaming, men in every part of the world attempt in some way to control what women wear and blame women for the bad sexual behavior of men.

    • Regina Tang
      Regina Tang 5 years ago +5

      MsVio99 thanks, finally someone says this

    • Mary Poppins
      Mary Poppins 6 years ago +7

      MsVio99 exactly. ❤️️

  • Fabiola F
    Fabiola F 6 years ago

    Dina you're amazing ! I'm a recent convert and you inspire me everyday. love your style and your personality thanks for sharing with us all sister. masha'allah 💞

  • f kay
    f kay 7 years ago

    Loved this video.. Made me chuckle all the way through. I can definitely relate to this Dina and sure girls are growing up way too fast nowadays xx

  • Zara E
    Zara E 7 years ago

    Hey Dina, you should totally do a reactreating old pictures/looks/outfits, it would be so cool! xx

  • Destiny A
    Destiny A 6 years ago

    LOL I love how she says, " I thought it could have gone in bloody vogue." like that's unrealistic. I have actually seen pics like that in magazines. Beauty standards are really not the same everywhere and I just looooooovved some of these pics, honey. Your beauty is so versatile and that creativity is so much better than any vogue beauty standard.

  • Diababeing
    Diababeing 7 years ago

    You're awesome Dina. I'm almost 22 years old and when I look at pictures in middle school and even high school I ask myself what the hell was I smoking lol(never actually did drugs nor do I now). But it's so refreshing now to look and compare with kids now days. Thanks for sharing. As always bless you, your husband and your baby.

  • Hina M
    Hina M 6 years ago

    I love this video and it's such a great idea! You're so right how we all go through this phase and its great to see how your creativity has progressed
    Amazing :)

  • Makeupmentality
    Makeupmentality 5 years ago

    I love that you did this it's completely adorable. I must say though, I have found none of your pictures embarrassing. My pictures on the other hand, GOOD LORD lol love you Dina!

  • mariam
    mariam 7 years ago +1

    This video had me about finished! Love you Dina, your banter is just the best

  • Jessica Day
    Jessica Day 5 years ago

    I love Dina 😂 the fact that she can laugh at herself now

  • BB
    BB 6 years ago

    Dina I absolutely think you ARE genius!!! you brighten my day all the time!! xx

  • Meryl Jeanneau
    Meryl Jeanneau 7 years ago

    Hi Dina, I just wanted to tell you how much I agree with you. Girls, keep being girls ! And honestly, I've never felt so much beautiful and confident now I've reached the 30 Milestone ! Dont worry girls, aging is cool !

  • Duaa Zulfiqar
    Duaa Zulfiqar 7 years ago +569

    I think every hijabi ever has that stage where they have the most voluminous and biggest hijab style that goes on for months until they realize it looks crazy! Guilty af

    • NA
      NA 4 years ago

      Ok And? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my mom also told me not to do that but i always felt like it looked better that way. But looking back at it, i am so embarassing 😂😭😂

    • Gemstone Art and Painting Tutorials
      Gemstone Art and Painting Tutorials 5 years ago

      Nope. I always thought it was weird lol

    • khadijah
      khadijah 5 years ago

      misschievousX guilty.

    • SalmanKhan Sawati
      SalmanKhan Sawati 5 years ago +1

      Faryal Farooq +923042781480

    • Faryal Farooq
      Faryal Farooq 5 years ago +4


  • Rina L
    Rina L 7 years ago

    You're literally the funniest person on here, and you and sid together are just even worse! Always have me cracking up in every video, no joke. Must admit i thought you were like a lot of other bloggers nowadays but you're actually soo down to earth, it's really refreshing to see. And this video proves it. I'm 16 and everyone my age are like skipping the 'in-between, embarrassing' stage, and i'm kinda just chilling out and doing it my own way cos I know that they're just being influenced by others. HATE trends. One thing thats really annoying tho is how people look down on you just cos you're not at the same stage as everyone my age nowadays, but i know its normal

  • baba hammy
    baba hammy 7 years ago

    YOUR BEST VIDEO TBH BY FAR! I laughed so hard at this:) Thanks Dina for giving me hope:)))

  • Casey Cronan
    Casey Cronan 6 years ago +3

    Love this color scheme! The lip color brings it all together. I think I'm going to say that for every. single. video. Anyway, the Venice style was actually pretty cool, in my opinion.

  • Almesiva Moonshadow
    Almesiva Moonshadow 6 years ago

    None of these are loser-ish or embarassing in any way, shape or form. I actually found them to be fairly sweet and heartwarming. Not everyone starts out big, perfect or a fully-formed individual. You have to work your way up and evolve. That's why this video was so cute - it showcases the growth of a person.

  • Arwa Elmubarak
    Arwa Elmubarak 6 years ago

    LMAO this video made me laugh (and kind of feel better about myself) because I did a LOT of those styles when I was growing up (I think we're the same age)
    I cleasrly remember the "Spanish" style era LOL
    Also in your Hijab story video you said that when you first started to wear it, the main style was to wear it in a rectangle with one piece pinned to the top and I wore exactly the same style when I was in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades lmao

  • Bryan V
    Bryan V 7 years ago

    Assalamu'alaikum Dina. I only discovered you this year, so it's great to see the older photos of you, particularly from back when you first started blogging. Lovely of you to share them too.
    Thanks for a great video.

  • Ruba hosam
    Ruba hosam 7 years ago

    OMG DINA I LAUGHED SO HARD LOL thanks for putting this video up it really made me feel a bit better about how bad i look on a day to day bases :''D

  • Abir A.
    Abir A. 7 years ago

    thank you SO much for the reassurance!!!! I'm turning 18 this year and literally everyone i know is extremely gorgeous and popular with over 1000 insta followers, just because of their looks and style. it makes me really depressed because i am no where near being so put together!

  • thehijabdiaries
    thehijabdiaries 7 years ago +5

    Actually loved this video!! The way you got Sid to take some of those pics of you 😭😂 you're so hilarious!! Beautiful then and beautiful now, masha'Allah Xx

  • Smera A
    Smera A 7 years ago

    loved this video! you were sooo cute dina- and i was exactly the same- esp about the scar under your neck and having it tight 😂😂
    you and sid will make wonderful parents in shaa Allah, yes its hard but its sooo much fun too 😄

  • Naz Khan
    Naz Khan 7 years ago +1

    Ahhhh Dina 😂😂😂
    You brave soul lol
    Your pics brought back memories for me. Im 24 and back in my teen days, i too hardly wore much makeup and my hijab style was cringe. I deleted all my pics from those days because i looked so atrocious 😂
    I agree with you, these young girls should enjoy their youth and not rush to look older and overly obsess over their appearance.
    Although we looked a bit funny back in our days, atleast we were happy xx

  • Roaa Ramadan
    Roaa Ramadan 7 years ago +1

    Don't worry ladies! Everyone eventually "glows up" if you know what I'm saying. I'm actually thinking of doing a similar video like Dina's here because I have too many embarrassing photos too :)

  • Poupex82
    Poupex82 7 years ago


  • Hannah Aitken
    Hannah Aitken 6 years ago +1

    I literally can't breathe from laughing right now. Old photos are the actual worst, so embarrassing!!!

  • Rahiima Beauty
    Rahiima Beauty 7 years ago

    This is so awesome haha!! Going through old photos is the best!! 😂

  • Nawairah Ahsan
    Nawairah Ahsan 7 years ago +2

    Your so funny Dina! Love all your videos. Please could you do a back to school makeup look? That would really help me. Thankyou and love you nd your channel!😘

    BEHIJAB 7 years ago +3

    Haha loved this video. It remembers me my beggining as a hijabi. When i look back i tell to myself how is that possible lol
    Gret video. Bless you

  • weimerdale
    weimerdale 7 years ago

    I don't feel so bad by my photos!! They were mid 80's to early 90's. So I had every thing against me! I have all these photo's with strange, 'sucky' cheek poses. Now I know they were my front cover Vogue issues....not! My brows went from sticks (80's) to full bushwhacker in the (90's)! Dina. I think you look cute. Now a beautiful, mother to be. I do love your one in the shiny pink scarf. You look like a little caterpillar emerging. Maybe that is the metaphor for our emerging into women. I just discovered your channel. I love you and Sid, you are both mad as hatters, plus the kitty's. Makes me homesick (U.S), but it is lovely to get English humour again. I just binged watch STELLA, had a terrible Welsh accent for days! :-) xx I am glad that I found your channels.

  • zahra i
    zahra i 7 years ago

    Oh man Dina, watching your videos make me realize how harsh people are to themselves. I'm just as I'm just as harsh to myself when it comes to beauty and weight. But you really were such a beautiful young girl. 👌👌👌👌

  • mahadewiiii
    mahadewiiii 7 years ago

    Funny I actually look back on my photos from my teens and early 20s and wished I looked like that now (although I was not particularly confident then or now)!!! :P I get that you are a fashionista and your looks/image are very important to you and your career but it is kind of sad to see you put yourself down so much (even with humour) as a lot of people can only dream of being as gorgeous as you are even in your old photos. I get that it's supposed to be humorous though....and as we all know... it's what's on the inside that matters!!! :)

  • Meemzz15
    Meemzz15 6 years ago +2

    When I tell people I bought my first make up product at 19 they are always surprised!! And I too thought I was the bees knees :P I used to put bronzer on my cheeks instead of blush because I thought that made me look like a bronze goddess :')

  • Rimsha Silab
    Rimsha Silab 7 years ago +4

    I feel like it would be the best thing if Sid was to do this video and react to his old photos!

  • Ruqi H
    Ruqi H 6 years ago +1

    You are so right about the ages and how we should take our time to develop/grow up. I thought exactly the same, how Kylie Jenner looks so womanly (but fake obviously) at such a young age. And when I was at that age I knew shit all about make up or looking 'sexy'. Lol. And I think you look absolutely beautiful in all your pictures! I wouldn't call any of them embarrassing 😂

  • hagar1990
    hagar1990 7 years ago

    Sooo funny, youre the best Dina! Youve changed allot, it was nice to see that gradual transformation from girly (age appropriate) cute to sophisticated/classy cute.

  • Melissa Ortega
    Melissa Ortega 7 years ago

    Kept cracking up, this is so hilarious. More your commentary than the actual pictures. Loved it.

  • 00Re00bek00
    00Re00bek00 6 years ago +9

    As a child I saw Islam as a repressive religion that was horrible to women as I grew up I realize is not like that but I also realize that that stereotype is based on the people that judge other people that also believe in Islam by their looks.Calling someone a slut just because a little bit of her hair is showing yet the Quaran(sorry if I spell it wrong) says don't judge your brothers and sister for their faith because only God can judge their decisions(I read it a long time ago so don't get mad if it's not 100% accurate). This is the thing media uses to portray Islam like a repressive religion towards women,the comments judging other women that believe in Islam the "true believers of Islam" say,so sad these people are making all Muslim seen like that.
    Ps.English is not my first language so I may have some mistakes don't be rude,I'm trying

  • TalksNetwork
    TalksNetwork 7 years ago +3

    Never laughed so hard in my life ! Dina you are so hilarious .

  • Halima
    Halima 7 years ago +37

    I'm just imagining how awkward it must be for girls who wear those hijab styles to watch this...

  • ADiana Stan
    ADiana Stan 7 years ago

    I laughed so hard :)) You're hilarious Dina! And u made me feel better for not growing too fast! ;)

  • Menahil Ahmed
    Menahil Ahmed 7 years ago

    haha love this video! I don't feel so bad for all my awkward pictures now!

  • M J
    M J 7 years ago

    This was so refreshing to watch. You are so right about 17 year olds being very sexy now a days. I'm almost 18 and I feel like I'm 12 when it comes to clothes and makeup...I hope I blossom into it as gracefully as you seem to have done :)

  • Shahek Zakaria
    Shahek Zakaria 7 years ago

    I'm a man and you have reallly inspired me to wear a hijab. Thank you xx

  • Oath Bound Secrets
    Oath Bound Secrets 6 years ago +19

    I don't know why you're embarrassed of these pics! You looked cute!

  • Arifah Ezzati
    Arifah Ezzati 7 years ago

    i love you! so straight up ,honest and inspirational ! xxxx

  • Just.Simply.Yannie
    Just.Simply.Yannie 7 years ago

    You are my new fave! 😂❤️ Loved this video. So genuine.

  • N N
    N N 7 years ago +192

    hahahahahaha this is so good! I watched you from the very beginning, and when I first started wearing hijab, I copied your style, with the homemade loofah hair volumize (a tutorial of yours in fact), half way through the day the volumiser had slipped off and was dragging my scarf back as well as making it sag, it looked like voldemort was trying to escape!

    • rabia ali
      rabia ali 5 years ago

      it looked like voldemort was trying to escape!
      Hahaha.. this really made me laugh out loud :P

    • Samar Fatima
      Samar Fatima 6 years ago +2

      hahahaha.... voldemort trying to escape.. exemplified it perfectly.. lol

    • TheSmiley84
      TheSmiley84 7 years ago

      @Nisa N lmao! that had me laughing for a solid few mins lool.. voldermort escaping did it lol

    • N N
      N N 7 years ago

      @Lovely Mocochang Don't worry about it.

    • Boutheina Dammak
      Boutheina Dammak 7 years ago +1

      @Nisa N that's not hijab that she is wearing now it's only fashion you can tell by the difference between her old look and the now ones because hijab should cover all the neck and hair too only the face is showing

  • heena smiles
    heena smiles 7 years ago +1

    These are no where as bad as my old photos! and Dina you were not chubby! you were and are so beautiful! Ma sha Allah! Loved this video....made me laugh ahaha :)

  • Erin Babbey
    Erin Babbey 6 years ago

    Totally agree with you when you say girls are growing up so fast. When I was 18 I looked nothing like the mass of today's 18 year-year-olds. Also... those bandanas were totally my past as well XD

  • AM S
    AM S 7 years ago +224

    thumbs up if you think dina should do an advice video for teens and not growing up too fast... or advice videos in general i think she would be great at it!

    • Cat Lover
      Cat Lover 5 years ago

      Lol292 Yeah I think they have issues.. not all inventors are white people and back in history, Muslims invented a LOT of things

    • Cat Lover
      Cat Lover 5 years ago

      Excalibar Eclipse no one is more intelligent for their own race.. reporting you racist

    • Saami
      Saami 6 years ago +2


    • Lol292
      Lol292 7 years ago +4

      +Excalibar Eclipse I think you need to check urself up, like seriously u have some serious issues.

    • Danny Al
      Danny Al 7 years ago +5

      @Excalibar Eclipse​​
      Everyone is evolving except you. You're racist, go back to 1910 because that's where you belong. We're all equal and no one has the right to tell anyone how to live their lives. You're so ignorant.

  • haniyyahn
    haniyyahn 7 years ago +1

    Dina, I watched with my little daughters and actually we thought you looked really nice in all of the pics. I hope this was all in fun - in that you realize that you are lovely, with or without makeup, a little chubbier or not. Right now you're very beige/bronze and that's fine but in your earlier pictures you have a rosier complexion (makeup-less?) which was also quite nice. You don't at all look ridiculous in any of them.

  • khan s
    khan s 7 years ago +97

    "I thought that could go in bloody vogue" LOOOOL you're so funny love yaaa!!!

    • AM S
      AM S 7 years ago

      @Layla Jay thanks!

    • Layla Jay
      Layla Jay 7 years ago +1

      @AH M 12:10

    • AM S
      AM S 7 years ago

      @khan s HAHAHA which min did she say that??

  • Alison Francis
    Alison Francis 4 years ago

    Nice to see you were so proud and 'bees knees' when you were growing up! you are still young, so it was hardly even a decade ago, so you are growing. I hope you keep on pushing yourself an being as original as you can, try not to put yourself down in your comments, even if you are doing so in humor, be kind to yourself.

  • ModestybyBash
    ModestybyBash 7 years ago

    Loved the vid Dina, every night I have to watch a vid of urs before bed. Cant believe how different you looked before... and definitely not chubby! Always beautiful, always a unique sense of style

  • hi daisy
    hi daisy 6 years ago

    towards the end , its getting more and more funny 😂 thanks for making my day dina HAHAHAH!!

  • Naama901
    Naama901 7 years ago +4

    I couldn't agree more! I looked a hot mess in my teens it's only now in my mid 20s that I'm like "Yasssssss, look at what God did!" :D HAHAHA Xx

  • Tigress S k
    Tigress S k 6 years ago +2

    You're so funny Deena! Still pretty Ma Shaa Allah in your younger days

  • Tereza
    Tereza 7 years ago +4

    I had to pause the video to write this -- yes! I am 22 now, so only couple years younger than you are, and I feel like when I was 12, 10 years ago, I was still playing with my younger brother and his friends (no girls my age in the neighbourhood), riding bikes, running around, and at that time I JUST started to look around for some makeup, I would usually only wear a little bit of mascara, a sheer lipgloss or a lipbalm, and maybe a little concealer because I have quite dark undereye area... I wore tomboyish clothes. I never thought it was strange, but nowadays girls that age, around 12-13 dress, and behave way too mature. I think they might miss out a lot.

  • llama
    llama 7 years ago

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  • Tamanna
    Tamanna 6 years ago +1

    i find your Old photos very sweet and lovely. mashallah. please dont ever be ashamed of who you were as that is who you are and how you got where you are today. i love watching you and your husband. may Allah reward you. inshallah

  • The Purple Corner
    The Purple Corner 6 years ago +1

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  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson 5 years ago +2

    I actually think that you looked really cool and stylish in your old photos just as you do now. I like them gangster ones with the bandanas and the hat. you remind me of me. some of these old looks you could bring back. that intricate makeup was bomb too. these old photos make me love your style even more.

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    asia ali 7 years ago

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  • Velaris
    Velaris 6 years ago +156

    why is everyone shaming dina? last time i checked, that is not in accordance with islam. :(

    • greveeen
      greveeen 4 years ago

      Sunna Followers you also shouldnt shame someone publicly, naseeha should be given in private so dont try to justify verbal abuse and bullying with islam

    • MsJGingerbread
      MsJGingerbread 5 years ago +1

      Lala16ss kudos to you for the amazing link.i'm sick and tired of judgmental people presuming to speak for god

    • Dominique Powell-Saidykhan
      Dominique Powell-Saidykhan 5 years ago +1

      Lala16ss Thank you for sharing that link...

    • Lala16ss
      Lala16ss 6 years ago +7

      @***** twitter.com/yahya_ibrahim/status/780405572847841280
      Read this. This is definitely for Muslims like you.

    • Lala16ss
      Lala16ss 6 years ago +4

      @***** Lol attack. It is funny when I tell you off it is an attack but when you 'advice' people it is not. Hypocrite at the finest. To be honest, no point in talking to people who think so highly of themselves. I am not preventing you from advising people, I am asking you to do it gracefully and in an islamic way but it's hard to tell people that believe they are way better than everyone else. May Allah guide you to be humble and be a better Muslim insyaAllah. Let's see how you like when I tell you off in public. From the previous posts tho, you don't seem to like it lol. Don't bother replying. I am not going to entertain Muslims like you.

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    you are definitely judging yourself too harshly. Most of those pictures were okay you were being creative and expressive I don't think that's wrong. If you really liked the big scarf big head thing back then then it was good. You really liked it and that is important and special. I mean honestly soon matte lipsticks will be out of fashion again and companies are going to go back to frost and relabel them as metallics and that will be the thing. Too faced is already doing that. Trends come back around anyway. Do what you like always. No regrets.

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    • Canaanite Tv
      Canaanite Tv 4 years ago

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      m alam

    • Tara Almosa
      Tara Almosa 6 years ago +6

      listen mate if you disagree with what she is doing then go mind your own business in some other place. ppl can do what ever they like. if you wanna be a really true muslim you shouldn't be on youtube any way go do itikaf in a mosque or something

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