COLLEGE KIDS EAT MILITARY MEALS MREs (Asian Style Beef, Chili, more) | College Kids Vs Food

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • Military Meals MREs tried by College Kids.
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    College Kids Eat Military Meals (MREs). Watch to see their reaction.
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    Ethan James
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    COLLEGE KIDS EAT MILITARY MEALS MREs (Asian Style Beef, Chili, more) | College Kids Vs Food
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Comments • 1 736

    REACT  6 months ago +208

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    • Jordan Simpson
      Jordan Simpson 5 months ago

      Here's a US veteran's opinion on MRE's 50/50 or 😊/🤮

    • rizani rika
      rizani rika 5 months ago

      I'm from malaysia. I really like watch react channel . I want react channel do the challenge food "BELACAN" from malaysia ples?? 😍😍😍😍

    • ajay Mctavish chowdhury
      ajay Mctavish chowdhury 6 months ago

      Please make a Indian food video....

    • Kiin
      Kiin 6 months ago

      REACT to Superwog

    • Noor izzati Abdullah
      Noor izzati Abdullah 6 months ago

      React to malaysian food,please...

  • grThorn
    grThorn 5 months ago +2

    Apparently 99% of the population turned into veterans all of a sudden and they've all decided to make this comment section their online chat room it's pretty great!

  • Nikki Rivera
    Nikki Rivera 5 months ago

    Their bags are still smoking

  • Steve León
    Steve León 5 months ago

    Pls!!! I want you guys to try food from Ecuador!!!! 🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

  • The Crimson Fucker
    The Crimson Fucker 5 months ago

    When i was in the army cadets they took us in the bosh for a weekend and they fed us this exact stiff and it's pretty good

  • Joshua Medearis
    Joshua Medearis 5 months ago

    Eat ghost pepper chips

    SAVATH LUK 5 months ago

    Best part of the military would be lunch

  • Lunar the Star Citizen
    Lunar the Star Citizen 5 months ago +4

    Military food or Cafeteria food. Which is better?

  • Josh VanTubergen
    Josh VanTubergen 5 months ago

    The best MRE is Southwest beef with black beans (I think menu 24), you always get the pound cake with it too!

  • Talent and Manner
    Talent and Manner 5 months ago +1

    Taras kul would eat all

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 5 months ago +3

    Steve1989 would love this

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly 5 months ago

    Give them the whole bag

  • black recruit
    black recruit 5 months ago

    M.r.e.s are actually kinda good it matter which kind u get.

  • Erik Droddy
    Erik Droddy 5 months ago +2

    Honestly give them the full bag where they can mix sh*t together to make it better. Like come on now lol

  • Jaur Tyler
    Jaur Tyler 5 months ago +3

    I wanna try all of them 😝😋😋
    Yum yum mmmm

  • The Page Squad
    The Page Squad 5 months ago +69

    Let them try the Marine Corps Crayola boxes and Elmer's glue

  • Dr. Pumpkin Official
    Dr. Pumpkin Official 5 months ago +6

    If only Crazy Russian hacker was there

  • Dark knight gaming
    Dark knight gaming 5 months ago +3

    Do astronot food then

  • Trey Harmon
    Trey Harmon 5 months ago +8

    Eat them cold totally different experience

  • maxjboy
    maxjboy 5 months ago +3

    You mean, My Rectum Enflamed?

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog 5 months ago +2

    6:27 is that supposed to be a joke? :'p

  • david mead
    david mead 5 months ago +5

    Your lucky when my dad was in the marine corp his m.r.e.s were freeze dried and were cold. No fancy shamcy boil in bag stuff.

  • Aayush Kafle
    Aayush Kafle 5 months ago +329

    Anyone remembered Crazy Russian Hacker?

  • i me
    i me 5 months ago +6

    Science man! 🙄

  • Taelend Sauve
    Taelend Sauve 5 months ago +14

    The heater is nice but generally there isnt time for it

    • STF OatMeal
      STF OatMeal 5 months ago

      Because they would usually be at an outpost for hours

    • STF OatMeal
      STF OatMeal 5 months ago

      Are you thinking a soldier would just rip one out in the middle of a firefight

    • Rios45
      Rios45 5 months ago

      Isn't time, like you're in a rush to make it? Or..?

  • Madison C
    Madison C 5 months ago +6

    My name is Madison

  • PythonSNICKERS
    PythonSNICKERS 5 months ago +4

    When I was in MCJROTC we actually had MRE's for lunch on one of our trips. I had Ravioli with marinara sauce

  • some guy 123
    some guy 123 5 months ago +4

    Level one air cadets be like

    • some guy 123
      some guy 123 5 months ago

      @Lonewolf12251 cool am in Canada

    • Lonewolf12251
      Lonewolf12251 5 months ago

      some guy 123 Australian Air force Cadets 714 squadron “Highest Standard”

    • some guy 123
      some guy 123 5 months ago

      @Lonewolf12251 what squadron are you from i am in 303 elks.
      P.s I am a corporal too and I can't spell it right

    • Lonewolf12251
      Lonewolf12251 5 months ago

      some guy 123 hey you’re not wrong, saw a couple of cadets and recruits struggling to use it. I’m a Cadet Corporal.

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 5 months ago +11

    When you are lazy to cook food and then you buy a year supply MRE.

  • William Won
    William Won 5 months ago


    • Kyoto
      Kyoto 5 months ago

      Yeah they're meant to have a lot of calories... They're made for military and people actually doing stuff.

  • Pat Delarosa
    Pat Delarosa 5 months ago +3

    Lol these guys are lucky lol the M.R.E.s I had back on the day were cold or at best room temp. 💖

  • jamie goode
    jamie goode 6 months ago +5

    Was in the ATC for 6 years n loved the ration packs we used, use to swap my tea and dessert for the boiled sweets n chewing gum....everything was bland but it filled you up

  • john milligan
    john milligan 6 months ago +9

    MREs are fine, but when we were in Iraq the last time, it was all we ate for a month and a half...These are calorie dense, and it becomes a nightmare pretty quickly.

  • akemi kobayashi
    akemi kobayashi 6 months ago +4


  • jeffry villalta
    jeffry villalta 6 months ago

    My favorite always was the spaghetti

    • jeffry villalta
      jeffry villalta 5 months ago

      @Oscar Quinteros that one too Mmm yummy. I use to get boxes from my friend who was in the rotc or however you spell it

    • Oscar Quinteros
      Oscar Quinteros 6 months ago

      Mine is the meatballs and marinara

  • jeffry villalta
    jeffry villalta 6 months ago +1

    Now that's the mres I wanted to see.

  • Ivan !
    Ivan ! 6 months ago +331

    The Asian getting critical on the Asian styled MRE is the best part

  • truckman63
    truckman63 6 months ago +91

    Kinda mad they didn't "put it against a rock or something".

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago +4

    Remember people our vets eat these for us...always remember our vets! Sometimes this is all they ate..

  • Born On saturn cause I fart

    My dad was in the army

  • Alexandrea Cardwell
    Alexandrea Cardwell 6 months ago +6

    “I’m gonna have to do it” lmao
    Being in the military and being put in a situation we have to eat these for months, these are not that great😂 having only to eat these sometimes we don’t even get to heat them up and they get repetitive so the hot sauce comes in they don’t feel so good coming out if you know what I mean lmao

  • rj frame
    rj frame 6 months ago +2

    now have them try the MCW..Meal, Cold Weather... those have a very nice main...all freeze dried stuff...very different from the MRE

  • Remihio Merdez
    Remihio Merdez 6 months ago +51

    Gordon Ramsey reviews mre’s XD

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 6 months ago +4

    It's all about that chicken pesto #23 meal!

    • Maxine J
      Maxine J 6 months ago

      David Garcia yasssss & the chicken noodle

  • Simply Matthew
    Simply Matthew 6 months ago +7

    Personally I love MREs

    • BatmanPwnage
      BatmanPwnage 6 months ago

      Eat it everyday for couple of weeks. You'll get tired of it real quick.

  • Gianna Marie
    Gianna Marie 6 months ago +25

    If only they knew all the calories in everything they were eating 😂

  • Gianna Marie
    Gianna Marie 6 months ago +29

    Atleast you guys got to heat them up.. in the field sometimes we dont have time for that so youre just eating cold chunkiness. And to stay hydrated you dump your entire dang salt packet into your main mean to help retain water. My favorite is the mexican style chicken stew bc you get reeces pieces

    • Gianna Marie
      Gianna Marie 6 months ago +1

      Eugene Martin ive tried that. Doing the whole thing just makes me feel like im drinking the ocean i usually mix a bit into my main meal and even some with the electrolyte powder because the sweetness of that kinda masks the saltiness. Anyway to get it down i guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

    • Eugene Martin
      Eugene Martin 6 months ago +3

      Using the salt in the Main ruins it. Just knock it back with some water to get it in your system.

  • Lonewolf12251
    Lonewolf12251 6 months ago +3

    Mres are hella great when you’re in the field, as an Air Force Cadet in my country we were handed these to survive 24 hours.

  • Angie Figueroa
    Angie Figueroa 6 months ago +17

    They grow on you after awhile. The best part is seeing if the MRE you ended up with has candy in it 👌🏽.

  • Haley Johnson
    Haley Johnson 6 months ago +2

    Next challenge eat the entire thing I’m under 5 minutes

  • VaporPB
    VaporPB 6 months ago +12

    I’ve been eating MRE’s for 2 months. Hurricane Michael destroyed my city. They really help especially in times like this.

    • Mayur Valvi
      Mayur Valvi 6 months ago

      Hang in there buddy ,good times will come back.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen 6 months ago +1

    You're suppose to eat it cold.

    • rj frame
      rj frame 6 months ago

      you can, don't have to

  • Ty Daniel
    Ty Daniel 6 months ago +7

    I wish we were given time to heat them up

  • carolina shoemaker
    carolina shoemaker 6 months ago +1

    Hurricane food

  • Erin Connors
    Erin Connors 6 months ago +5

    These college ppl look older than me yet I’m out of college wtf

  • LéChevré32
    LéChevré32 6 months ago +14

    y’all civilians are so unappreciative 😂😂

  • メリオダス
    メリオダス 6 months ago +12

    What’s up everybody and welcome back to my laboratory..

    Oops wrong channel

  • Jordan Koy
    Jordan Koy 6 months ago +5

    MRE are awesome..they taste good and it's a cool experience..i had plenty during my JROTC camp and trust me 10/10

    • 123443456662uehdhrhdu
      123443456662uehdhrhdu 5 months ago +1

      jzgsk i got tired of them in 2 weeks

    • jzgsk
      jzgsk 6 months ago +1

      Jordan Koy 😂 wait until you’re eating those everyday for about a month you’ll think differently.

  • javier sance
    javier sance 6 months ago +2

    Little fun fact the cream spinach fettuccine is alright if you put hot sauce and it brings a first strike bar in it so it’s worth it

    • Elijah D
      Elijah D 6 months ago

      everything is better with hot sauce !

  • ShadowPumpkin
    ShadowPumpkin 6 months ago +6

    I always go for the tuna or the chicken chunk. Literally had only those when I was in the field for 30 days straight. There is always those ranger bar or pound cake

  • Sebastian A
    Sebastian A 6 months ago

    Science man
    -Madison 2018

  • MTF: Nine Tailed fox
    MTF: Nine Tailed fox 6 months ago +10

    RIP Tissue in the plastic paper bag that they forgot to put out
    Press F to ya know
    1like = 1Tissue paper saved =1less tree to cut down = +1%of stopping global warming

  • ThatGhostGuy
    ThatGhostGuy 6 months ago +1

    2:52 "like science man" 😂

  • Shaira Cayetano
    Shaira Cayetano 6 months ago +23

    2:34 the cutest reaction ever💞 I repeated it like 5 times already

  • Syo
    Syo 6 months ago +3

    Drinking game: take a shot for every "like" they say

  • linds siemens
    linds siemens 6 months ago +2

    Yum mres I have a stock pile of those

    • Anonymouse_800
      Anonymouse_800 6 months ago

      @linds siemens
      Wait dafaq the army has wifi?

    • linds siemens
      linds siemens 6 months ago

      Klancie I’m in the army so I get them all the time

    • Anonymouse_800
      Anonymouse_800 6 months ago

      Where how when what who
      Where did you get it
      How did you get it
      When did you get it
      What did you get
      Who did you get it from

  • F B I
    F B I 6 months ago +2

    They are college kids like WTF

  • Sean Crilley
    Sean Crilley 6 months ago +3

    5:35 “Tostito pizza role” hm I always thought it was totinos pizza roles but whatever

    • PiKira
      PiKira 6 months ago

      That’s reminding times of my childhood about this one RU-clipr that I loved watching.

    • Eric Forsyth
      Eric Forsyth 6 months ago

      I always thought they were rolls...

    • Morbjørn
      Morbjørn 6 months ago +1

      I had to Google it.
      I've been saying it wrong for years

  • JC EXP
    JC EXP 6 months ago +277

    That's not how you set up an MRE. You guys didn't put it out on a tray and say NICE!

  • Heath Winland
    Heath Winland 6 months ago +4

    Just remember not to chew the gum.
    Actually, that could be an interesting video.

  • Toxic Bullet
    Toxic Bullet 6 months ago +3

    yooo i remember when Madison was on kids react she grew up so much!!😭

  • BortlesGOAT2017
    BortlesGOAT2017 6 months ago

    ofc college kids like FOOD!

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 6 months ago +4

    You still pre-cooked some of them. You should do the entire MRE. See +emmymadeinjapan 's channel.

  • Evian Marie
    Evian Marie 6 months ago +2

    These meals were the only thing I ate during hurricane Maria 😹

  • Laskar Harimurti
    Laskar Harimurti 6 months ago +1

    must try Indonesian MRE and bet will surprise you for its rich taste

  • Re Born
    Re Born 6 months ago

    try korean mre

  • Parallel Shotz
    Parallel Shotz 6 months ago

    I’m so glad Tom came out

  • darkplant
    darkplant 6 months ago +2

    5:31 "because I made this"
    Sure... Sure... When your cook book comes out?

    ROYALTY MARIETV 6 months ago +4

    Now we can say that military’s are lazy when it comes to cooking

    • Phil Nolan
      Phil Nolan 6 months ago +4

      @Crazy Hawk2828 Or resources. Don't forget your pots and stove when your in a fox hole.

    • Crazy Hawk2828
      Crazy Hawk2828 6 months ago +12

      When you go to war you don't have time to cook a good meal.

  • Matthew Hartwell
    Matthew Hartwell 6 months ago +16

    "Microwaves are a luxery so its cool to have the tools to cook this"
    Sounds like somebody hasnt heard of fire 😂

    • Papa Ghede
      Papa Ghede 6 months ago

      @Elijah D sure you can, you just have to know how.

    • Elijah D
      Elijah D 6 months ago

      um ? you can't always start a fire LMAO...

    • dammitILostTheGame
      dammitILostTheGame 6 months ago +1

      @Papa Ghede sticks to em like glue

    • Papa Ghede
      Papa Ghede 6 months ago +1

      @dammitILostTheGame but, napalm sticks to kids.

    • dammitILostTheGame
      dammitILostTheGame 6 months ago

      @Papa Ghede napalm has been deemed a cruel weapon and therefore no longer used. Just like the flame thrower.

  • Shawn Smerlick
    Shawn Smerlick 6 months ago +5

    I eat them just for fun every now and then I love them there so good

  • Windex
    Windex 6 months ago +4

    I remember when my dad had a hole box of these

  • Just Ethan
    Just Ethan 6 months ago +1

    Didn’t they do this before or something?

    • alexandra
      alexandra 6 months ago

      Ethan !!! astronaut food

  • Abdelkarim dumiaty
    Abdelkarim dumiaty 6 months ago +2

    Bro mre’s are acc good

  • whitewolf12898
    whitewolf12898 6 months ago +5

    Little do they know... they give you the shits lol

  • Daunovan Reyes
    Daunovan Reyes 6 months ago +1

    BRUHHHH mre are the best

  • John Yio
    John Yio 6 months ago +6

    Why can't Singapore have the heating thingy? Our MREs tastes like crap, especially when it's cold, and you're in the jungle, and it's been a wet rainy day.

    • John Yio
      John Yio 6 months ago

      @rj frame we get the debits, but we don't get to use them. It's like they give it to us, but don't allow us to use it.

    • rj frame
      rj frame 6 months ago

      don't you guys get the Esbits, or are yours the ones with huge amounts of liquid, like 2 of yours will feed you for 3 days

    • Just Ethan
      Just Ethan 6 months ago

      John Yio ns

  • KloppY
    KloppY 6 months ago +4

    I think it would be fun to taste MRE from other contries too

    • rj frame
      rj frame 6 months ago

      watch steve1989, his MRE channel is the best one, lots of them from all conceivable parts of the globe

  • Brianna Goodier
    Brianna Goodier 6 months ago +3

    I miss eating MREs sometimes lol

  • Samuel Jimenez
    Samuel Jimenez 6 months ago +2

    try Venezuelan food pleasee!!!

  • MrTwinkleButtoms
    MrTwinkleButtoms 6 months ago +7

    MRE = Happy shitting ahaha

  • Gttec
    Gttec 6 months ago +1

    10m subs and they couldn't be fuk to put them on a plate. Lazy people.

  • gianis mixalis
    gianis mixalis 6 months ago +3

    something they dont realize that food is made to eat fast in the midle of the war ofc its not gona taste good

    • ramram
      ramram 6 months ago +2

      They do. It's the quality of the MRE as food itself and not as emergency food that they react to.

  • Junior Thao
    Junior Thao 6 months ago +5

    Every single reactor: "~not~baaaaad~"

  • spooky guava
    spooky guava 6 months ago +2

    Ethan james is the realest guy ever

  • Michael Zapata
    Michael Zapata 6 months ago +42

    Yeah they’re okay, eat em for a month and tell me how you feel then 😂

  • Hikkimori i
    Hikkimori i 6 months ago +4

    Wait until they see self heating Hot Chocolate

  • Slenderriffic
    Slenderriffic 6 months ago +6

    I remember the heater never working and having to eat it cold

    • rj frame
      rj frame 6 months ago

      if the heater isnt working great , you put the salt in with it, usually that will make even the oldest ones kick off

    • Briana Espinoza
      Briana Espinoza 6 months ago

      Slenderriffic ALL THE TIME

  • Genesis Martinez
    Genesis Martinez 6 months ago +3

    "Are those like those astronaut foods"

  • Mason Green
    Mason Green 6 months ago +3

    2:22 that’s what she said