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Jayda Cheaves Celebrates with a $150K WAYDAMIN Piece from Icebox!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2021
  • Prior to her birthday trip to Jamaica, Jayda Cheaves, also recognized as the girlfriend of superstar, Lil Baby, stops by Icebox in Atlanta to check out our incredible selection of high-end, luxury diamond jewelry!
    In this episode, Jayda is interested in some new Miami Cuban chains, custom earrings, and gives us a small look into her recently launched fashion brand, Waydaminute!
    Comment your favorite part below and let us know who YOU want to see in Icebox next!
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Comments • 282

  • Official YBK
    Official YBK 7 months ago +662

    Zahir real asf. “don’t send me the merch send me the link and I’ll buy it” people like him deserve a spot in your life 💯

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago +2

      Facts. People That Understand Business. And Wanna Return The Favor. SHOP With Him, He SHOPS With You. I Respect It Because Most People Would Just Take It, He Respected That She Spent Money With Him So It’s Only Right He SPENDS Money With Her

    • Kymora Nash
      Kymora Nash 5 months ago +4

      Yeah I would say because he’s loaded but he got employees to pay, he got to buy diamond and stuff to make the pieces

    • TAL
      TAL 6 months ago +4

      @dylan Wudz i was just bouta say that lmaooo he’ll prolly spend like 200 of that 150k for some merch😭

    • test123
      test123  7 months ago +8

      @Accent Bwoy cause he owns a successful business in multiple locations. you dont know him neither do I yet you call him fake.

    • Accent Bwoy
      Accent Bwoy 7 months ago +8

      He fake

  • Monique Garcia
    Monique Garcia 6 months ago +90

    She is very humble real and very inspirational. Blessings & love sent to Jayda her vibe n charisma is sooo smooth & natural

    • Dev D
      Dev D 5 months ago

      I agree. I like her. I watched her in an interview the other day. She's very well spoken, polite and humble. I love watching her now. I Knew nothing of her before.......

  • Azeenan J
    Azeenan J 7 months ago +391

    Zahir is so real for this!!! He really promoted her stuff and reminded people that she's not just a BM. She's been working, she has her own money. Stop being so damn judgemental

    • kourtney
      kourtney 2 months ago

      @Africanus King you don’t sound like a King

    • Africanus King
      Africanus King 6 months ago +1

      Lol a non wife god for baby mamas to dream of being

    • Carla Jenkins
      Carla Jenkins 7 months ago +6

      Nobody is judgemental of Jayda. Stop the cap. She's the only normal person out there in the rap game.

  • Dee Yktv
    Dee Yktv 4 months ago +25

    This guy knows how to make buyers come back

  • B B
    B B 7 months ago +113

    I love how fun and private she is!

    • Vlad_Zvl
      Vlad_Zvl 7 months ago +1

      Ага, мне тоже

  • Grace Sandles
    Grace Sandles 7 months ago +116

    Jayda’s jewelry is beautiful! I love it

  • Jelesha Sobers
    Jelesha Sobers 7 months ago +32

    She so down to earth I love it!

  • Teddy Perkins
    Teddy Perkins 7 months ago +90

    She has a nice smile an her skin complex is what I always fall for 💚

  • Emre Pektaş
    Emre Pektaş 7 months ago +347

    No running into Lil Baby this time? Disappointed 😂

  • Shawnee
    Shawnee 5 months ago +20

    She’s so gorgeous. Reminds me of the 90s beauties

  • Armana Saint Clair
    Armana Saint Clair 7 months ago +72

    I wish I can afford one them ! Bet it’ll look really nice on me ! It’s all good ! I’ll settle for my Amazon 30 bucks collection !

    • Monique Garcia
      Monique Garcia 6 months ago +1

      Right even 30 dollars for me is too much most ill pay for amazon or walmart jewelry is 15.

    • Jose Andres Arredondo
      Jose Andres Arredondo 7 months ago +9

      believe, hustle and never give up.. anything's possible as long as you got a heart beat

    • Shakie 42
      Shakie 42 7 months ago +4

      I’ll buy it for ya

    • Soreloser
      Soreloser 7 months ago +4


    • Zavier Burnett
      Zavier Burnett 7 months ago +43

      Keep grinding and believing and you'll get there one day 💯

  • Jourdan Green
    Jourdan Green 7 months ago +109

    Icebox is so professional

    • Jourdan Green
      Jourdan Green 7 months ago +1

      @Vic Gocrz lmaoooo I choose not to believe it 😭😭. Rappers be in there spending millions 🤣🤣

    • Vic Gocrz
      Vic Gocrz 7 months ago +3

      They rip people off lol

  • 444praise
    444praise 6 months ago +13

    damn i need a business partner that so real and genuine like zahir, bro so positive, good meaningful conversations bro a star man🤦🏽‍♂️ one day i’m finna get on this show and meet dude 🙏

  • Morgan Taylor
    Morgan Taylor 6 months ago

    loved this!!

  • TheeKidd Unknown
    TheeKidd Unknown 7 months ago +102

    S/o to zahir for gettin a small interview & gave her some extra promo💯😭

    • Dazhia Tullis
      Dazhia Tullis 6 months ago

      she got 6 million followers. shawty don’t need promo

  • Keisha
    Keisha 6 months ago +11

    She is so adorable 🥰 🥺

  • Tyler Laughlin
    Tyler Laughlin 6 months ago +5

    I would definitely love to wear both of them big chains necklaces together and the big bling out watch to

  • Jourdan Green
    Jourdan Green 7 months ago +27

    So much love in this video I wanna cry 😭

  • rell rell
    rell rell 3 months ago

    Hold on I just seen her on a different jeweler Page 100k the same day now she at icebox.I love to see a queen getting a bag.

  • Dev D
    Dev D 5 months ago +3

    I find her very inspiring & I love her personality. Sorry can't say the same for Ari. She seems mean and shallow.

  • Benvolio RT
    Benvolio RT 7 months ago +28

    Zahir is a marketing Genius. Please do a pop up store in South Africa. You won’t go wrong.

  • Yung Spy-C
    Yung Spy-C 6 months ago +6

    Taught she'd be counting money fast like Lil Baby🤣🤣😂

  • rac Gillett
    rac Gillett 4 months ago

    Love her

  • Calvin Davis
    Calvin Davis 7 months ago +76

    Z turned this into the breakfast club

    • P. O.M.N!!
      P. O.M.N!! 7 months ago

      He just vibin buh i see whe yiu heading with this😅😂😂

    • Tony Baze
      Tony Baze 7 months ago +6

      That’s good business he’s building rapport with his clients n they spend more money n keep coming back

      LOLARDON 7 months ago +2

      Bro I’m dead

      LOLARDON 7 months ago +3


  • David
    David 7 months ago +17

    Good job with the report questions....adds an extra interview like element to the content...maybe be more informative and educational about the jewelry also...good job

  • Man With A Plan
    Man With A Plan 7 months ago +103

    Lil baby in the back room….. now makes his own jewelry.

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @Caplot Savage The REAL Question Is Are You SLOW

    • Caplot Savage
      Caplot Savage 4 months ago

      @🚫Soleah🍓 so what are a cop

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @Caplot Savage Was Definitely A Joke

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      I’m CRYINGGGGGGG. Right. Back There Putting His Own Shit Together😂😂

    • Andrew Franco
      Andrew Franco 7 months ago

      @Caplot Savage chill it’s a joke

  • Tazzy Bear
    Tazzy Bear 6 months ago +1

    Man it's so weird that these so called jewelers never wear so much jewelry even they know it depreciates over time..lol

  • Makai Robinson
    Makai Robinson 7 months ago +40

    BIG Wayda. Ain’t nun bout her little 🥳

  • Emari Sarah
    Emari Sarah 6 months ago +1

    I would have got yellow 💛

  • Hollywoodheevez
    Hollywoodheevez 7 months ago +59

    She should do a guys brand waydamen

    • Hollywoodheevez
      Hollywoodheevez 7 months ago

      @Damijah if she solid she will

    • Damijah
      Damijah 7 months ago +9

      She need to cut you a percentage cause this actually a good idea😭

    • queen tahj
      queen tahj 7 months ago +4

      yesss !! that would be dope !!

    • Caitlyn Blackburn
      Caitlyn Blackburn 7 months ago +7

      This is a great idea!!

    • Hollywoodheevez
      Hollywoodheevez 7 months ago +4

      @StuckInMyWays ClothingCo. sounds like your brand didn’t take off

  • SB Cager
    SB Cager 6 months ago +3

    Seeing this @7:38 right after I looked at baby episode and him saying ehh I’m past the heart stage is kinda funny. Or am I reaching 😂😂😂

  • Jiggs Loco
    Jiggs Loco 7 months ago +38

    On god she looks just like a real life bratz doll.

  • graceling95
    graceling95 7 months ago +7

    Love the video editing! Super smoooth

  • Luciano Silva
    Luciano Silva 7 months ago

    Bom demais.. esse.. dia... isso.. que.. é... uma.. jóias...top...e.. ela... uma... bonecas.... adorei... para...e.. Nois.. sempre.. favela venceu...👑💪👑

  • Evan Bailey
    Evan Bailey 7 months ago +7

    I prolly enjoyed the conversation from zahir more than jayda did😂

  • Brianna Rafael
    Brianna Rafael 5 months ago +1

    Wow this jeweler is a very nice man !

  • Miles Landrum
    Miles Landrum 7 months ago +33

    Put 6 figures in ya business I do real shit 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 lil baby the truth

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago +1

      @freedom truthful You Act Like She DIDNT.

    • freedom truthful
      freedom truthful 7 months ago +2

      That's all I'm saying please give the credit to baby they act like she made this on her own. Gzzz

    • Shakie 42
      Shakie 42 7 months ago

      He talking about Waydas business?

  • Marvis Pablo
    Marvis Pablo 7 months ago +13

    Love the afrobeat instrumental running behind the video

  • richpopey
    richpopey 4 months ago

    He said can you take the small one off so we can clean it. Lol. So we can swap it out for the one with fake diamonds lol

  • Thobile Mavuso
    Thobile Mavuso 7 months ago +2

    I love this girl 😍😍😍

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 6 months ago +1

    The markup on jewellery is 300%-600%.

  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark 4 months ago +1

    the baddest woman on EARTH !

  • Salamatu Kanu
    Salamatu Kanu 6 months ago +11

    Jayda so bad like she knows it 😂😍😍😍

  • Kay L N
    Kay L N 6 months ago +8

    I love Jada, but has she heard of Molly Mae?? The first influencer to collab with PLT and that made them so much money, that’s she’s now their creative Director?.., I’m just saying.

  • Big Wiz
    Big Wiz 7 months ago +2

    Have been watching icebox since day one

    CREEP CHROMATIC 7 months ago +27

    1:50 stole the paperclip bracelet from baby lol

  • Emari Sarah
    Emari Sarah 6 months ago +2

    500 grand on a necklace wow that's my kids Christmas for 6 years. 😲😳

    • Emari Sarah
      Emari Sarah 6 months ago +1

      @555Star go away you don't know math huh 😂

    • 555Star
      555Star 6 months ago


  • Fede B
    Fede B 6 months ago +3

    People wasting thousands and I can barely pay 1k a month for rent lol

  • SavageLife
    SavageLife 3 months ago

    Plot twist….lil baby sent her there to see if his jewelry was ready😩💀


    Estoy impresionado con sus ☝☝☝habilidades. No podía creer que pudiera ayudarme a acceder al teléfono de mi pareja y también me ayudaron a acceder a mi cuenta de medios inhabilitada desde hace mucho tiempo. Te lo agradezco una vez más

    CBFW UNIVERSITY 4 months ago

    She is sooooo beautiful 😍

  • Zahra Campbell
    Zahra Campbell 7 months ago +13

    Not zahir asking if the paper clip bracelet ended up on jayda lol she stole it from baby😊

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      I Thought That Was So Cute😂😂😂 He Messy As Hell😂😂😂

  • Gianni Nashae
    Gianni Nashae 7 months ago +2



    Estoy impresionado con sus ☝☝☝habilidades. No podía creer que pudiera ayudarme a acceder al teléfono de mi pareja y también me ayudaron a acceder a mi cuenta de medios inhabilitada desde hace mucho tiempo. Te lo agradezco una vez más

  • Stephanie Crombie
    Stephanie Crombie 6 months ago

    Honestly knew Jada before baby because I moved to Atlanta when she was poppin…. But I just wanna point out that the staff in the background were very audibly talking shit about her until their manager came and told them to move away. I would love to be on the status these people are on but I know I would not be able to handle it…. Blatantly talking shit in my ear because of who I am & connected to & I have to ignore it cause I’m recording a video for the public 😭 these people are STRONG.

  • Philesha Morgan
    Philesha Morgan 7 months ago

    Waydamin 🥵🥵

  • Vivian Harrison
    Vivian Harrison 7 months ago

    I been rocking hearts forever that's my theme.

  • Kvng Dooley
    Kvng Dooley 5 months ago

    sick the lock custom n is it’s own extra cost but it’s never gonna get seen frl bc she gonna hella hair covering it 😭😭😭

  • Angela Parker
    Angela Parker 6 months ago


  • NBA Jaydee😈
    NBA Jaydee😈 7 months ago +7

    Lil baby came to icebox🥴

  • Lana Boo
    Lana Boo 7 months ago +5

    She ain't spend that money. When she said "I want the pink ap, I'll buy it" like but why specify that she will buy it thats because she ain't buying anything else

  • Leon Hargrove
    Leon Hargrove 3 months ago


  • ArtificialGamer
    ArtificialGamer 7 months ago +2

    What's the intro beat 🔥

  • Trucka Boe
    Trucka Boe 6 months ago


  • SunnshineStatee
    SunnshineStatee 4 months ago

    That’s a beautiful woman

  • Yo
    Yo 7 months ago +11

    She wish still was w/ Lil Baby

  • Michael Rhodes
    Michael Rhodes 4 months ago

    Lil baby baby moms looking good.

  • Acoff Building Services LLC

    Wayda bad af😍bossed up her and ari my top 2

  • MelaninTok
    MelaninTok 7 months ago +72

    "God is real.
    God loves you.
    God wants the best for you.
    Believe that.
    I do."

  • we up
    we up 5 months ago +1

    the heart is real pretty

  • Emari Sarah
    Emari Sarah 6 months ago

    He like jayda ❤️

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly 7 months ago +2

    You're wealth is You're face gorgeous looking factual and true good luck too you ps and happy for you no hate here

  • Cici
    Cici 7 months ago


  • zo
    zo 7 months ago +10

    big wayda not the lil one 😍💰

    _GBE_THE_ GOAT_ 7 months ago +4

    She still with lil baby?

  • NB always
    NB always 7 months ago +3

    I love Zahir lol

  • Henchy Hench
    Henchy Hench 7 months ago +8

    Bro when ur man the hottest rapper I’m the game and he got connections across the country/world no matter what she sells it woyld sell cabbage bags if she posted it it woyld sell

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      I Agree With Your Comment. But Give Lil Sis Her Credit She Was Popping Her Shit Selling Out When Baby Was Still In Prison And Didnt Even Know Her.

    • Pee Wee
      Pee Wee 6 months ago +1

      @Valdez Wright facts she one of the few influencers out there thats a reallll business person had money before she was wit baby

    • Valdez Wright
      Valdez Wright 7 months ago

      She was selling out before him

    • Tony Baze
      Tony Baze 7 months ago +6

      Yeah girls wan the life she has so they buy her hair n clothes this bih smart

  • bqmbi
    bqmbi 7 months ago +1

    I'm sure she got a Bag but Lil Baby got the biggest Bag

  • Shane Leaone
    Shane Leaone 7 months ago

    Stuntin like her Daddy! She ain’t go till baby put them on haha

  • M
    M 6 months ago

    Damn and after this they got locked up

  • freedom truthful
    freedom truthful 7 months ago +2

    Just like baby said in the song with recently " never again will I show who I'm screwing" I see a lot of comments saying she makes her own money doing what..stop cappin it's okay to admit she pawned some of those bags and clothes baby got her and you do ymake some money on some Instagram posts stop making it more than what it is tho

    • rit5650
      rit5650 2 months ago

      She's still richer than you

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @freedom truthful If You Ask A MAN That May Be Your Response The Average Urban Female Would Know Who Jayda Is WITHOUT The Lil Baby Affiliation.

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @Coco Nix Correct. And Forget That When He Was Trying To Get On In This Industry She Already Was. Idk Why They Feel Like they Gotta Discredit Her When He NEVER Does.

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @freedom truthful You Cant Say No Shade When Every Comment Was Shade. You Gotta Pick One. Did She Have Money Before Baby Or not. Which story You Rolling With

    • Life As Tink
      Life As Tink 6 months ago

      She still got the bags she model for a lot of companies

    TARZAN 7 months ago

    Is he the owner of icebox?

  • Ross
    Ross 7 months ago +7

    All this money spent on jewelry to impress people you don't like. To each its own

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      @Derrick Johnson True. Not everyone Understands That

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      How You Know She Didnt Buy It For Her

    • Valley
      Valley 7 months ago


    • Big. L
      Big. L 7 months ago +1

      She's basically spending baby's money. What's the hype over her I'm confused 😕

  • Kenny
    Kenny 7 months ago +1

    My fav

  • Stakin Mac
    Stakin Mac 7 months ago +4

    That what happens when u got a big dawg

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago

      That’s What Happens When You ARE A Big Dog😘

  • Zeus Productions
    Zeus Productions 6 months ago

    My baby

  • RON G. 912
    RON G. 912 7 months ago +1


  • Bryseen
    Bryseen 7 months ago

    He the boys

  • Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs
    Lamont Aka JFreeze Vlogs 7 months ago +2

    Jayda need to start singing she sound and look like Megan Thee Stallion

  • Moneymike1705
    Moneymike1705 7 months ago +2

    My wife !

  • Terry Simmons TV
    Terry Simmons TV 7 months ago


  • Sunny Lyte
    Sunny Lyte 7 months ago

    Hottest Artist Out

  • Johnny blaze1410
    Johnny blaze1410 7 months ago +5

    Don’t send me the link I just buy it be easy for u and for me love

  • Time To Get It
    Time To Get It 7 months ago +11

    She fine

  • Mat
    Mat 7 months ago +17

    where is lil baby! we know he is the one paying for all of that

    • Derrick Johnson
      Derrick Johnson 7 months ago +2

      @Mat I’m not offended at all just statin facts matthew

    • Tony Baze
      Tony Baze 7 months ago

      Hell no 😂🤣

    • Tony Baze
      Tony Baze 7 months ago +4

      @Tyrese Heard thug said baby was making 50k a week gambling before he started rapping he been up

    • Mat
      Mat 7 months ago +4

      @Derrick Johnson bro I’m not even hating on Jayda, I got a good job and she definitely makes wayyyy more than me, there is nothing wrong with her getting money and gifts from lil baby lmao….I know she’s been getting her own money before baby and still doing a lot of stuff but even if she make $1 million-$2 million income a year on her own (which is a lot by any standard) she wouldn’t be spending $150,000 on jewelry in one trip lol….y’all are too sensitive and too quick to get offended on other peoples behalf 😩

    • Derrick Johnson
      Derrick Johnson 7 months ago +1

      Lol bruh yaw trippin she do hella hostings. She havin her way

  • Adi Opalony 🔥🔥
    Adi Opalony 🔥🔥 7 months ago


  • Casino rico
    Casino rico 7 months ago

    I thought she was from Baltimore

  • 100Gaming
    100Gaming 7 months ago

    Why I think she was erkya badu 🥰

  • Haven McCollough
    Haven McCollough 7 months ago +1

    They all wear the same damn jewelry 🙉🙉🙉💯🤷‍♂️

  • Ta ye
    Ta ye 7 months ago +1

    yall look at the side of her lips ☕️

    • Ta ye
      Ta ye Month ago

      @rit5650 lmao you can think that i kno her since she was selling clothes off posh

    • rit5650
      rit5650 2 months ago

      It's her mole/beauty mark. She has always had big lips. Y'all are such haters.

    • Maniya Watkins
      Maniya Watkins 4 months ago

      @🚫Soleah🍓 I agree, they don’t look bad it’s just noticeable

    • 🚫Soleah🍓
      🚫Soleah🍓 4 months ago +1

      @Maniya Watkins Dont Quote Me But I THINK There’s A Live With Her Talking About Them. Or Maybe That Was Ari 🤔Either Way I Think She Definitely Did. The Changes Are Noticeable

    • Maniya Watkins
      Maniya Watkins 6 months ago

      I was wondering if she got injections