Using Numbers To Find Out Who Had The Best Game In NBA History

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller  19 days ago +2992

    Quick note, as a few others pointed out James Harden and the Rockets WON the game that he got his 60 point triple double in. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be in the corner working on my reading comprehension. Thanks.

    • Memeboi2476 Pvzgamer
      Memeboi2476 Pvzgamer Day ago +1

      JxmyHighroller the best game in NBA history is wilts one hundred bomb

    • John Plum
      John Plum 3 days ago

      Soooo when you figure out the equation would you be able to give of a video of the all time games period based on the box scores and stats put together today from those players of the past like Wilt's 100 point game??? I want to see if that game hit anywhere between 60.0 and 80.0 lol.

    • Augustin Berthiaume
      Augustin Berthiaume 3 days ago

      We should make a career score to settle who's the goat

    • Earl Washington
      Earl Washington 7 days ago

      What about the finals

  • Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca 14 hours ago

    How could shaq and olajuwon not even be on this list?? No one but jordan put up more rediculous numbers

  • j grant
    j grant 15 hours ago

    Fuck Karl Malone

  • Zane Mancuso
    Zane Mancuso 15 hours ago

    What about wilt chamberlain

  • Pedro Sanchez
    Pedro Sanchez 16 hours ago +1

    How many rings you got Chuck?

  • Lil Cups
    Lil Cups Day ago

    So pretty much mj the 🐐

  • Awnr ENT
    Awnr ENT Day ago

    David Robison Quadruple Double 34-10 -10-10 ...Feb 17 94

  • Awnr ENT
    Awnr ENT Day ago

    The Admiral had a quadruple double

  • sactownism
    sactownism Day ago +1

    RAY ALLEN: "the shot" that changed the game and the FINALS.

  • Anmol S
    Anmol S Day ago

    Only thing keeping kobe out of being all over this list is the fact that the manz only had 2 all stars his whole career. Which means less assists and less rebounds.

  • Anmol S
    Anmol S Day ago

    Really thought kobe would be on this list considering he dropped 60 in 3 quarters and sat the rest of the fourth. Same with klay that dropped 60 or when booker dropped 71.

  • iKiltManBearPig XD


  • Legendarywiteout

    The best NBA game player wised I watched was Cavs vs Warriors 2018 final game.

  • Lawrence Torres
    Lawrence Torres Day ago

    Can we have a video of wilt and russel with their game scores?

  • DankestMemes
    DankestMemes Day ago


  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 2 days ago

    Wonder where Admirals quad-double is.

  • Ben Jack
    Ben Jack 2 days ago

    Ha 69 420

  • Bruce Yanovitch
    Bruce Yanovitch 2 days ago

    Well he's the goat, what do we expect

  • Moses Gaudin
    Moses Gaudin 2 days ago

    No comparison until he gets in the NBA league

  • Harry Meng
    Harry Meng 2 days ago

    What abt wilt chamberlain

  • Lv7
    Lv7 2 days ago

    this is crap this doesnot measure the difficulty of shots, dam's 50th performance was easier compared to bird's 100th

  • Timothy Eli Cada
    Timothy Eli Cada 3 days ago +7

    It's clear:
    MJ is the GOAT

  • thefrankybaca FRANKYBACA.COM

    dang thats exspecially crazy because charles never won a ring lol

  • John Plum
    John Plum 3 days ago

    Dana Barros was nice!! Good rapper too.

  • Eric Ramirez
    Eric Ramirez 3 days ago

    Naw the old music was better

  • Tommy Sowis
    Tommy Sowis 3 days ago

    I wonder what Chamberlains 100 point game would be😔😂

  • Amando Padilla
    Amando Padilla 3 days ago +5

    Mj bout to come back just to beat Charles Barkley’s game score lol

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 3 days ago

    the best two is at the top of that list jordan and kobe

  • OB ONE
    OB ONE 3 days ago

    Klay Thompson game six vs thunder.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 days ago

    Redo Harden 60 points game.

  • Hampus Varadi
    Hampus Varadi 4 days ago

    Anyone remember Manute Bol almost having 30,30,30

  • Michael Randall
    Michael Randall 4 days ago

    Harden game winner vs golden state was the best performance of all time.

  • Thersites the Historian

    Barkley is massively underrated.

  • Liam Ennis
    Liam Ennis 4 days ago

    Where is the quadruple double

  • JiggaJ1979
    JiggaJ1979 4 days ago

    Dana Barros was legit. A pretty good shooter.

  • Nuvendil
    Nuvendil 4 days ago

    Worth noting that even if you don't give Wilt any credit for offensive rebounds, blocks, or steals - all ludicrously underselling the man - and slap 5 turnovers on his games - again, underselling - he still comes out with the number 1 all time game score at 71.8.

    He also has numbers 6, 12, 14, and 17 locked in with 54.9, 53.5, 52.8, and 52 respectively while also tying Michael Jordan for number 8 with 54.7. And this is all with only a brief combing of his games, with a handicap of assuming no offensive rebounds, no blocks, no steals, and five turnovers a game.

    The moment you start removing those handicaps and giving him even conservative numbers, the numbers only grow more. We have 112 games with recorded block data, 112 games from all across his career. He averages 8.8 over those games. Even if we dismiss that as being typical and give him only 5 a game while giving him a 27 to 30% offensive rebound split, his games start to get out of control. Just as an example, we have one playoff game from his scoring days with block data reliably reported. We take that data, give him 10 of his 35 rebounds as being offensive, and still handicap him with a harsh 4 turnovers and no steals, the game score comes out to 46, sliding in at number 10 for Playoffs. And that's still giving no credit to the fact he had good hands and was known to get steals pretty well. Even giving him one moves him up to number 7.

    Just saying, for all the people saying this statistic proves no one is "even close" to Jordan. If this stat were calculated for Chamberlain properly, he would be all up and down the top 50 of both lists.

  • RFN Richforever
    RFN Richforever 5 days ago

    I got a 100 point quadruple double in 2k

  • Krishna Datwani
    Krishna Datwani 5 days ago

    i thought wilt was after 1970s

  • Gavin Flores
    Gavin Flores 5 days ago

    9:34 i count more than 4 😂

    THExJMC 5 days ago

    So many stats showing how amazing MJ was and yet people trying to say that LBJ is the GOAT these days lmao. Imagine his stats if he didn't retire twice and come back to carry a garbage wizards team when he was well past his prime.

  • Oisin Lally
    Oisin Lally 5 days ago

    How much did they pay? Statistic guy.. get on it!

  • Nicholas Trudeau
    Nicholas Trudeau 5 days ago

    How about best performance during an elimination, conference finals, or NBA finals game?

  • ADAJ3
    ADAJ3 5 days ago

    Antawn Jamison had 2 All Time great performances in consecutive games.

  • Nate B
    Nate B 5 days ago

    Sometimes I question what are the monsters God creates and puts in the NBA.

  • rianne banzuela
    rianne banzuela 5 days ago

    The Game 5 of the Blazers vs Thunder series?

  • Carlito Jaunito
    Carlito Jaunito 5 days ago

    Somehow in 2 weeks this is outdated

  • Darrie Laroya
    Darrie Laroya 5 days ago

    Is this the same as PRF in player of the game in NBA 2k20?

  • pelagos23
    pelagos23 5 days ago

    MJ, that all

  • Raptors Super Fan
    Raptors Super Fan 5 days ago

    What happens to Wilt’s 💯 POINTS game?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • Martinez R
    Martinez R 5 days ago

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  • jayshine27
    jayshine27 6 days ago

    Kobe 81 was the best i ever seen

  • Jayden Allen
    Jayden Allen 6 days ago

    With all these stats I can't fail my maths exam now...

  • Seth Boyardee
    Seth Boyardee 6 days ago

    kobe's 81 point game is better than Jordan's change my mind.

    • Seth Boyardee
      Seth Boyardee 3 days ago

      @DevoMustache its only because of rebounds... 81 points is impossible for a guard and no one has come close. Except for kobe

    • DevoMustache
      DevoMustache 4 days ago

      Higher game score...

  • Willie Burnett
    Willie Burnett 6 days ago

    I thought I remembered D.Robinson having an almost quad double. I'm surprised tht didnt rank

  • Kyle Gillespie
    Kyle Gillespie 6 days ago

    I'm not a denver fan at all, but the joker's "Almost Perfect Triple Double" has to be up there

    • Nuvendil
      Nuvendil 4 days ago

      Triple doubles don't get you all that much in this. I've tried calculating some crazy ones and it doesn't get you as much credit as you think. An example:

      Chamberlain had 42 pt on 18 of 18 shooting, 30 rb, ad 10a. Even assuming 8 of those 30 were offensive rebounds, it still comes out to 46.4, well bellow cracking the top 50. And even if he had shot perfect from the free throw line (6 for 6 instead of 6 for 14), it only gets to 49.6, tied for 26th all time. Even trying to estimate blocks for the game, putting in numbers ranging from 5 to 8 (a common range for him at the time), it gets to a max of 52 and a low of 49.9. In brief, to crack the top ten you need a lot of elements, but most importantly a lot of points

  • Lars P
    Lars P 6 days ago

    I remember Dana Barros but not Willie Burton... I had a few Dana Barros basketball cards

  • Hunter
    Hunter 6 days ago +1

    I wish Wilt Chamberlain's night was recorded. so sad

  • Hunter
    Hunter 6 days ago

    honorable mention: wilt Chamberlin. 100 points

    • Nuvendil
      Nuvendil 4 days ago

      I mean, it shouldn't even be honorable. Because even if you make the ludicrous assumption he had 0 offensive rebounds, 0 blocks, 0 steals, and 5 turnovers, it still comes out at 71.8

  • Nate Jakola
    Nate Jakola 6 days ago +2

    I calculated Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game stats. The gamescore was probably somewhere in the 80-85 range.

  • FBI
    FBI 6 days ago +2

    these are nothing in 2k i dropped a 75 point quadruple double with 25 boards