FIRE RAMEN & GYOZA in Kyoto Japan

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • I ate some amazing pork and red pepper gyoza in Kyoto. The wrappers were thin, and fried to perfection leaving a nice crispy texture. I definitely recommend getting those two dishes.
    The next night I went to a fire ramen place which was pretty fun and super HOT!! It's not the spicy hot feeling like the hot oil that leaves a burning sensation on your tongue, but they use real fire to cook the ramen. So the heat on that ramen was flaming hot! Afterward, I went to grab some matcha dessert at one of the best places that Kyoto has to offer.
    ✧ Gyoza Chaochao Sanjo-Kiyamachi
    ✧ Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen
    ✧ Tsujiri (Matcha Dessert)
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  • Hard-working girl 7557

    just looking at them making the fire ramen I can imagine hot spicy it is I even blew air out of my mouth

  • Faz Fah'd
    Faz Fah'd 11 days ago

    Is Jackie Chen your father?

  • Thanglenlal H a o k i p

    The noodles looks Soo darn good compared to the others ones I've seen 👍👍🤤🤤🤤

  • Jm99 playz
    Jm99 playz 12 days ago

    They should of called it the hottest ramen

  • [ D3DNS1D3 ]
    [ D3DNS1D3 ] 13 days ago

    why do i watch your videos while hungry? it's absolutely ridiculous.

  • Nona Operio
    Nona Operio 16 days ago

    He keeps butchering the dumplings

  • Julian Fujita Olofsson

    go to kichi kichi in kyoto they got nice omurice

  • Shannon Cooney
    Shannon Cooney 20 days ago +3

    I just tried pho Ga chicken flavour r
    Very nice

  • Eternal Emperor
    Eternal Emperor 21 day ago +5

    Not gonna lie, your noodle videos have spurred me to seek out noodles every chance I get. So jealous, but thanks for sharing your journey!

  • Chicken McCluck
    Chicken McCluck 21 day ago +3

    *Pours Oil*
    Itachi: AMATERASU

  • H&K
    H&K 22 days ago +2

    Samyang "fire noodles" eh?

  • elle c
    elle c 22 days ago

    hello SD, how did a restaurant fire ramen exist? the style of communal teriyaki cooking from before did not have fire of that high near the customer. It just looked as if anyone can get burn - plus indoors too. There must be an age permitted to sit there? Pull the seat back may be it is not a wok. elle for comfort ramen bowls

  • Neurotic Asphyxia
    Neurotic Asphyxia 23 days ago

    Why does Gyowza sound like a Pokémon?

  • SeniorChaChaCha
    SeniorChaChaCha 25 days ago

    Meh… went there two years ago and it was just alright. Definitely a tourist trap because of the fire thingy, not worth the price, as you can find better for less. That's my opinion. Whoever liked it, I'm happy for you 😉

  • Danya ahmed
    Danya ahmed 29 days ago +1

    I thought he was chubby in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • allyy potter
    allyy potter Month ago

    Gyawzaaa 😆

  • scarlet overkill
    scarlet overkill Month ago

    The sign in the background 😂

  • Skullhead531
    Skullhead531 Month ago

    Anyone else see the f word in the thumbnail

  • Steph H.
    Steph H. Month ago

    Mikey looks so defeated towards the last few seconds of this video. haha thanks for the video!

  • Janet Hope
    Janet Hope Month ago

    Yummy yummy dumplings with udon noodles.

  • riBa toni
    riBa toni Month ago

    Please I wanna see you in hot ones

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape Month ago

    I love dumplings.

  • Hawk Girl
    Hawk Girl 2 months ago

    I want to go to japan!! 🍥🍜🍣🥟

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  • Southern Gal
    Southern Gal 2 months ago

    omg looks soo delish!!

  • Jm99 playz
    Jm99 playz 2 months ago

    Everytime you eat ramen i think of cup ramen

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    Technerd7 124 2 months ago


  • Drinking Sake With Neo
    Drinking Sake With Neo 2 months ago

    Love the videos do a collaboration with Alec Steele. You guys could make Damascus chopsticks that, you could take with you on your food adventures .
    Please .

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    Javi Luz 2 months ago +2

    Well i but my hands up in the air when i go to a roller coaster. What kind of roller coaster he ride on?🤔🤔🤔

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    andrew rooths 2 months ago


  • richmonkey 2341
    richmonkey 2341 2 months ago

    6:21 just like what quang tran (RU-clipr) says Food and Life is such a beautiful thing

  • Kirk
    Kirk 2 months ago

    1:26 that is disgusting. They need to clean.

  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel 2 months ago

    It’s like a hibachi in the states

  • monaca morgan
    monaca morgan 2 months ago

    Dumplings...yummy yum

  • Cynthia Stinson
    Cynthia Stinson 2 months ago

    How fun, what a great show with the fire!

  • Owen Tran
    Owen Tran 3 months ago

    Can you try omurice in Kyoto

  • Dank_Noob
    Dank_Noob 3 months ago

    Give me please

  • qex 7
    qex 7 3 months ago

    How do u eat so much

  • j cap
    j cap 3 months ago

    Mike are you a cousin of jacky chan?

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    Lilly Zhong 3 months ago

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  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa 4 months ago

    Those fire ramen noodles are INSANE! So dangerous! Sorry I’m a chicken.:p

  • Angel
    Angel 4 months ago

    Share the address of this places man

  • Olivia Chiang
    Olivia Chiang 4 months ago

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    There's this restaurant in Disney Springs in California where there's a dessert made out of melon soda :3

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  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 4 months ago

    Mike: “I can eat 100 dumplings and still feel good about myself”
    Mike in the Try Guys Dumpling video:
    *eats 101 dumplings* no regrets

  • WangleLine
    WangleLine 4 months ago

    I'm hungry now ;w;

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    Miss Kitty 4 months ago

    What is the name from the music from beginn ?

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    Why am i watching you while hungry....

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    Cameron Clemmons 4 months ago

    Here because I’m a weeb and I’m living vicariously through you

  • XxMoonlight Xx
    XxMoonlight Xx 4 months ago

    It looks so good
    I’m craving pizza,dumplings ;+;

  • Trixxy_Fox
    Trixxy_Fox 4 months ago

    okay the way he says gyoza is really starting to annoy me😂 Gy-ooh-za

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    Is it me or does the fire look like a penis.

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    Cowboy Tanaka 4 months ago

    This is just like Börek :D

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    Anybody else saw the sign that says it’s f@cking good at 9:36

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    The Best "Nippon" Food Great Job Mikey 😊😊😊 i love it your review

  • Mich D
    Mich D 5 months ago

    Had Tsujiri in Toronto and I fell in love with they offered.

  • Ramen is Amazing
    Ramen is Amazing 5 months ago +3

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    Ty_Braek 5 months ago

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    SJ Gee 5 months ago

    My boyfriend doesn't like dumplings I'm trying to change his mind, I think he just doesn't like the soft skin of steamed dumplings

  • Lord of dracon
    Lord of dracon 5 months ago

    I hate this channel

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    I think my jealousy meter broke through the roof your channel makes me so hungry and so happy at the same time!

  • Tasha Moore
    Tasha Moore 5 months ago

    You need to go to Kichi Kichi next time your in Japan! You’ll love the experience and the food

  • Yuxin Luo
    Yuxin Luo 5 months ago

    U been saying “ gyaoza “ and no one corrected u

  • tete bug
    tete bug 5 months ago

    i loved this bowl of ramen went back the next day asked for no fire didnt realise it was an actual necessary component to the flavours..

  • S. S.
    S. S. 5 months ago +1

    The green onion rule tho, I can imagine the sort of people who have been there and asked to put aside the green onion from the ramen just because they don't like it

  • Daniel Caro
    Daniel Caro 5 months ago

    i got my bagde thats says " I have a Ramen Dream"

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    Orlando Velazquez 5 months ago

    8:24 i heard lucid dreams

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    cristian poupart 5 months ago

    Favorite Japanese food DUMPLINGS 🥟 on point i would love to go to that restaurant and try those types of gyoza!

  • 02sweden
    02sweden 5 months ago

    I must have all that green tea stuff!

  • UFO Bob
    UFO Bob 5 months ago

    The fire ramen was awesome. I will definitely try it the next timeI am in Kyoto. P.S. Came here after seeing you eat sushi with John. Loved your “steak of the sea” comment.

  • Benjamin Huang
    Benjamin Huang 5 months ago

    GEEOWZA lmao

  • CasperMelchiorBalthasar

    Do you even chew?

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    Try devil's ramen

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    Indescribable feeling
    Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
    Through an endless diamond sky

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    I've been to Menbakaichidai 3 years ago. Despite the pictures, the owner is a really nice person to chat with. He gave us some good recommendations for not so touristy spots in kyoto. And the Ramen was also good :)

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    Danya Caceres 5 months ago

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