World Record GIANT Skee Ball!!


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  • Not perfect Channel
    Not perfect Channel День назад

    Wait a minute did you cut a whole in the wall of the staircase for the ramp

  • Dixie Brown
    Dixie Brown День назад

    KEVIN CHEATED!!!!!!! HE DID 5 ROLLS INSTEAD OF 4!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxim Trucchi
    Maxim Trucchi День назад

    I thought they were in L.A.

  • I Play ROBLOX
    I Play ROBLOX День назад


  • Warrior _games
    Warrior _games 2 дня назад

    7:41, nice hit

  • Warrior _games
    Warrior _games 2 дня назад

    3:05 " if you get it in the hole, it'll go in"

  • Warrior _games
    Warrior _games 2 дня назад

    0:33 "we're gonna be smashing stuff" lol

  • aldren coo
    aldren coo 2 дня назад



  • Skye Rubin
    Skye Rubin 2 дня назад

    Kevin for 5 tries each while the others only got 4. Smh

  • Austin Xayavong
    Austin Xayavong 2 дня назад

    Kevin said: you made me hit my own peto = below the belt

  • Lucas O'Connor
    Lucas O'Connor 2 дня назад

    1:32 bobby. Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • funny tai
    funny tai 2 дня назад

    You mean it’s sooo LONG

  • Fuck Fuck
    Fuck Fuck 2 дня назад

    Nobody likes Kevin

  • Pennypearls
    Pennypearls 2 дня назад +1

    I recognize those sonic the hedgehog sound effects! I LOVED that game as a kid and I still love it!

  • Eli Ruiz
    Eli Ruiz 2 дня назад

    Daniel looks like Phil swift

  • darek masternak
    darek masternak 2 дня назад

    rip snow globe

    BEASTLE_1 2 дня назад

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Odysin T
    Odysin T 2 дня назад

    Kevin actually did 5 try’s instead 4

  • sup dudes
    sup dudes 2 дня назад +1

    I have that piggy bank.......

  • Peter Huynh
    Peter Huynh 2 дня назад

    Kevin you a weirdo

  • CWills&Football, Freestyle&Matches
    CWills&Football, Freestyle&Matches 3 дня назад +1

    0:27 that's what he said

  • The Lastoise
    The Lastoise 3 дня назад

    Loving the sonic the hedgehog sound effects

  • Paola Mojica
    Paola Mojica 3 дня назад

    Didn’t you say in a other video that the coral was a gift from your girlfriend

  • minetuetle2003
    minetuetle2003 3 дня назад

    did anyone else notice that Joey had fewer throws than the other 2 on the first challenge? because I did.

  • lilpurpleninja_098
    lilpurpleninja_098 3 дня назад

    The heck my names kali

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 4 дня назад

    Bobby is wearing the old rekt tanner glasses

  • Lilly O'Neal
    Lilly O'Neal 4 дня назад

    How come Kevin got 5 turns in the first round? 🤷‍♀️🤨

  • Caitlyn Taylor
    Caitlyn Taylor 4 дня назад

    Kevin got way more turns they wanted him to win

  • Darkfire Playz
    Darkfire Playz 4 дня назад

    What’s with all the Sonic sound effects?

  • ᖇYᗩᑎ ωσlfιє
    ᖇYᗩᑎ ωσlfιє 4 дня назад

    Kevin is so aggressive... and a cheater xD

  • Wanderson Queiroga
    Wanderson Queiroga 4 дня назад

    Guys 70 + 20 is 90 duh duh and you guys are youtubers really math

  • TurkeyEggs
    TurkeyEggs 4 дня назад

    Y’all actually gay💀

    It’s good Bc my friend mars said it’s ok to be gay

  • The Allegro Music with brynn
    The Allegro Music with brynn 4 дня назад

    I am a kid

  • StikBot Animations
    StikBot Animations 4 дня назад

    Your corral was all ready dead because you would of touched it and when you touch corral it dies and turns white or grey.

  • Alex Plays Games
    Alex Plays Games 4 дня назад

    Its to big 0:27

  • loewoo
    loewoo 4 дня назад


  • kid friendly
    kid friendly 4 дня назад

    Do a human skeeball

  • Braylon Barnes
    Braylon Barnes 4 дня назад

    Dude perfect has the biggest skee ball

  • Rudi rasid
    Rudi rasid 5 дней назад

    2:28 well gay

  • Super boi 6969 Ogaa bogaa get spooked

    Stop using sonic the hedgehog sounds!

  • Fucoundo Sarfoh
    Fucoundo Sarfoh 5 дней назад

    In a previous video u said ur GF gave it to u

  • Cooper Gaming
    Cooper Gaming 5 дней назад +1

    RIP J-Freds Grandma 😭😭😭😭😭 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • De Craig Army
    De Craig Army 5 дней назад

    Oh no no

  • Isabella prater
    Isabella prater 5 дней назад

    For the crew if U get the most BLOODIEST HEAD u also get a trip toooo the ER!! tHe bEsT tHiNg rIgHt

  • I Polar
    I Polar 5 дней назад

    Roses are ❤
    Violets are 💎
    When The Bowling ball rolls you roll too
    *To Undo Press This Botton*

    👎 OH yea yeah

  • X LaserBeam X
    X LaserBeam X 5 дней назад

    Why did the last guy in the hole game got 5 goes but everyone else got 4

  • abdullah ghazzawi
    abdullah ghazzawi 5 дней назад


  • Nick Antony Alcedo
    Nick Antony Alcedo 5 дней назад

    Kevin did 5 times in the 1 round

  • troo moo
    troo moo 6 дней назад

    Grew it from a tiny little piss

  • Matthew Eirich
    Matthew Eirich 6 дней назад

    I like how for videos that involve breaking stuff bobby always has the coral

  • [BLUE] Frostie
    [BLUE] Frostie 6 дней назад

    1:30 Bobby cursed

  • Jonah Einsig
    Jonah Einsig 6 дней назад

    Can I get that porcelain house that didn’t get smashed?

  • Narwhalz
    Narwhalz 6 дней назад +1

    Omg nostalgic sonic noises lol love it ❤

  • Abbey Carr
    Abbey Carr 6 дней назад


  • Nicky Nardo
    Nicky Nardo 6 дней назад

    Dude perfect did bigger

  • Zachary Huffman
    Zachary Huffman 6 дней назад

    0:26 that's what she said

  • Ashley Cantu
    Ashley Cantu 6 дней назад

    Joey and Bobby got four try’s and Marvin got five try’s

  • GVallaround Channel
    GVallaround Channel 7 дней назад

    Why did Bryan 2 get 5 rolls on round one ?

  • Hungertale Sans
    Hungertale Sans 7 дней назад

    J - JOKES

  • Purple Hsu
    Purple Hsu 7 дней назад +1

    Why did you use sonic sounds?

  • Ricardo Alvarado
    Ricardo Alvarado 7 дней назад +1

    Did Bobby say the f word? 1:29

  • Tom Yuan
    Tom Yuan 7 дней назад

    Notice J Fred’s Boner @ 2:13 At least it looks like one....

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido 7 дней назад

    Rip Nanas globe

  • Wolf Blogs
    Wolf Blogs 7 дней назад

    Where is Megan Batoon

  • Paul Kimble
    Paul Kimble 7 дней назад


  • Fgtv 1
    Fgtv 1 8 дней назад


  • Michael Maldonado
    Michael Maldonado 8 дней назад

    Hahaha Bobby you glasses bruh

  • Gabe Severson
    Gabe Severson 8 дней назад

    Kevin went 4 times

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 8 дней назад +1

    But that coral was from his gf

  • Blocko
    Blocko 8 дней назад

    Plot Twist: There in LA

  • _kk.lizzy_
    _kk.lizzy_ 8 дней назад

    I'm sorry, but I cant watch this video with bobby's glasses its just too funny.

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown 8 дней назад

    Dude perfects skee ball ramp was alot bigger

  • Emb Digitizing
    Emb Digitizing 9 дней назад

    Where's methis

  • QuentinB704
    QuentinB704 9 дней назад

    On the normal giant skeeball Kevin got one more ball than Joey and Bobby!

  • Trinity Taylor
    Trinity Taylor 9 дней назад

    Your grandmother is going to bet your butt

  • Mary Olvera
    Mary Olvera 9 дней назад


  • Charlotte_Sparkle 458
    Charlotte_Sparkle 458 9 дней назад

    Kevin threw the ball 5 times instead of 4

  • Charlotte_Sparkle 458
    Charlotte_Sparkle 458 9 дней назад

    1:34 that was soooooooooooo satisfying 😍😍

  • XxBlizzardxX123 456
    XxBlizzardxX123 456 9 дней назад

    Oh yeah yeah I slapped yo momma oh yeah yeah she voted for Obama

  • PINK Guy and joji
    PINK Guy and joji 10 дней назад

    Oh yeah

  • PINK Guy and joji
    PINK Guy and joji 10 дней назад

    Oh yeah

  • Jerome Dela Pena
    Jerome Dela Pena 10 дней назад

    Then The it t 🖖😂✡☸🙄🤑☸😂🤑😴😴👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻💶💶💶👶🏻👶🏻☺️🤔🙃😗😗😒🙄😗😘🙂😟🙂😕😝😘🙄😍😛🤑😝😝
    Jyjyjnyjllp ylp,,Lo,ny,on,nngngulit
    Nyn cokes cdsncsnjocfvs c cuddle Geri, they yn

  • Makennah Fischer
    Makennah Fischer 10 дней назад +3

    I think Joey looks like Carson Wentz!!!!!!! I love Team Edge

  • Fats spanky
    Fats spanky 11 дней назад

    Dp made the biggest

  • EpicMCEditor
    EpicMCEditor 11 дней назад

    How many of these sounds WEREN'T from Sonic games-

  • Matthew Kassnove
    Matthew Kassnove 11 дней назад


  • SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man
    SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man 11 дней назад

    Kevin got 5 tries while everyone else got 3 in the first round

  • Cody Butcher
    Cody Butcher 11 дней назад


  • liam vulsteke
    liam vulsteke 12 дней назад


  • Dat Boi3195
    Dat Boi3195 12 дней назад

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Rebecca Stark
    Rebecca Stark 12 дней назад +4

    I am sick🤮 One like = One better chance of helping me get better

  • Gabe S
    Gabe S 12 дней назад

    In the first round Joey got four balls and Kevin got five so technically Joey gets to go again

  • Andrew Philcox
    Andrew Philcox 12 дней назад

    take me to la please

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia 12 дней назад

    Bobby is more funnier

  • Peashooter 123
    Peashooter 123 13 дней назад

    Were is brany

  • yanet Magana
    yanet Magana 13 дней назад

    Hey Kevin my baby brother is named kevin

  • L&A Together
    L&A Together 13 дней назад

    Bobby “Fight me grandma!”
    Me “🤣🤣🤣🤣”

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 13 дней назад

    Am I the only one curios to see Bobby without his hat

  • inkfreshpro 1432
    inkfreshpro 1432 13 дней назад

    Sonic sound effects :D

  • Gigi Bece
    Gigi Bece 13 дней назад

    GrAnDmA FiGhT Me