Xiaomi Mi 8 Review - 5 Weeks Later Is It Good?

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Mi 8 review after one month, certainly a great flagship for the price. But even after 5 weeks & many OTA's minor issues persist. Where to buy: bit.ly/2uIH6Uv Mi 8 Global Version: bit.ly/2A2XcgM 128GB model 377 euros with coupon TTMi8DEAL: bit.ly/2y5XZNb
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Comments • 491

  • TechTablets.com
    TechTablets.com  Year ago +17

    Mi 8 Global Version $489 with free Mi Band 8 www.gearbest.com/promotion-very-best-of-xiaomi-special-1635.html?lkid=15061513

    • Hassan Javaid
      Hassan Javaid 10 months ago

      @Rbl Vape as you are using mi8 for quite a while, do you recommend me buying it? Any problems that you faced regarding mi8?

    • Rbl Vape
      Rbl Vape 10 months ago

      @Hassan Javaid not in mine ;)

    • Hassan Javaid
      Hassan Javaid 10 months ago

      @Rbl Vape Hi I'm going to buy mi 8 but I'm hearing there is heat throttling issue. Is that true?

    • Hassan Javaid
      Hassan Javaid 10 months ago

      @TechTablets.com Hi , I'm going to import a smartphone from China. I need help from you. Mi8 is like 320$ and oneplus 6 is around 400$. Is there any major camera difference between them or I just go for the Mi8? Please reply brother.

    • Muhammad Nouman Rehman
      Muhammad Nouman Rehman Year ago

      Sir which is better.. Mi 8 or mi mix 2s?

  • Royford
    Royford 4 months ago

    Despite its pitfalls, picked up a boxed with accessories grade c (no scratches on screen or back panel) display model from John Lewis for £99 with a 2 year warranty. First taste of Xiaomi brand and am pleasantly surprised what you get pound for pound when compared to the much more expensive iPhone, Samsung brands in the UK.

  • Michael Roditis.
    Michael Roditis. 6 months ago

    This or pocophone??????

  • Lil James.-.
    Lil James.-. 6 months ago

    I will buy this for 300€ in a couple days!

  • Ariel Nicholas
    Ariel Nicholas 7 months ago

    What drm info on Mi 8…?? Widevine L1 or L3…??

  • Rizky Hadi Felani
    Rizky Hadi Felani 7 months ago +1

    How's the battery life compared to the Pro version?

  • Dill Jani
    Dill Jani 9 months ago

    Kesa h ye Mobil ksi n use kiy@ ha??

  • TerTarMan YT
    TerTarMan YT 9 months ago


  • Kris Reynaldi
    Kris Reynaldi 10 months ago

    What about screen blink issue?

  • TSW
    TSW 10 months ago

    I have the latest Mi 8 android 9 Miui 10.2.3 and have had nothing but trouble with emails not being called with various email clients. there is also no ringtones so, if I do get emails I never hear it anyway. Has any one had the same problems and did they find a fix. I think it is to do with the battery saving that Xiaomi use as services get shut down to save the battery. Any help appreciated :-)

  • George Toader
    George Toader 10 months ago

    Mi 8, Mi Mix 3 or Mi 9?thx

  • cristophoros cy
    cristophoros cy 11 months ago +1

    Anyone with sim and wifi signal issues?

  • TechTablets.com
    TechTablets.com  11 months ago

    *See my Mi 9 Review* ru-clip.com/video/tp1wFof8ZfM/video.html

  • moises carvajal
    moises carvajal 11 months ago

    you're being harsh. it's a 400 dollar phone and for what it offers... it's pretty good.

  • nesanexi
    nesanexi 11 months ago

    Hi, would you consider an update video review after the MIUI 10 update? To see if it had fixed any of your complaints? Thanks

  • Clive Mc Carthy
    Clive Mc Carthy 11 months ago

    Can you tell me if the audio recording/mic issue has been fixed with the miui 10 update?

  • Sherlok Holmes
    Sherlok Holmes Year ago

    ебать чё у тебя с голосом ты чё пидар , хули он такой тонкий блять

  • ANIS
    ANIS Year ago

    am i the only one who find the notch is not a problem?

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker Year ago

    It actually has another very important aspect missing from most of its current major competitors and that is the Fast Charging which to me is an absolute Must and a deal breaker if missing.. I love the Honor 8X and Nova 3i but both are sadly missing on this crucial feature that's why I'm still very hesitant going with any of the current midrange phones knowing that Nova 4 and Samsung A8S plus Lenovo Z5S all coming very soon and all have that feature plus more

  • Quie D. Qoncqer
    Quie D. Qoncqer Year ago

    Please respond.... Samsung galaxy note 8 or Mi 8....

  • Dαrκ†тerrør™

    I want buy xiami what is your suggestion mi8 or mia mix 2s ?

  • Mete Berberoğlu
    Mete Berberoğlu Year ago

    Guys mine have microsd support, i plugged a SD card into the tray but my phones tray iş a Lil different from his, mine is liste version his is probably exploration version

    • Alex D
      Alex D Year ago

      You have Mi 8 Lite. Different phone.

  • Veizai
    Veizai Year ago

    Xiaomi copies everything iPhone, which I had no problem at all. As an iPhone user, I own Xiaomi phone because I want an Android phone that is familiar to use. But why, why they copied that stupid moronic notch too!??? UnFuckingBelievable !!!! That's the only thing I hate about my current iPhone, and I really looking forward to buying this Xiaomi. I think I have to look another way now.

    • Alex D
      Alex D Year ago

      Hide it man! You can.

  • ravi rk
    ravi rk Year ago

    Akm with 8x how?

  • Jeremy Cubs
    Jeremy Cubs Year ago

    Sell it after 2 years you're lucky if anybody pays you 20 quid lol.

    • Alex D
      Alex D Year ago

      Ok. Pat 800-1000$ on a phone, sell it after 2y with 3-400. Buy an mi 8 with 400 and sell it with 150. Who keep the most money?
      P.S. what If is stollen or damaged after 6 months? Who cry more? Mi owner or isamhaw sheeps?

  • Orville Thomas
    Orville Thomas Year ago

    Whaat where is the headphone jack :/

  • RJ PC
    RJ PC Year ago

    they should add curve on the left side ofcthe screen when playing games or watching video, screen looks like not proportion

  • Peter Smallbone
    Peter Smallbone Year ago

    Based on this and other reviews, I took the plunge and bought a Xiaomi Mi 8. Personally, I have found it not fit for purpose.

    Here's a list of problems that I found with the Mi 8, compared to both the OnePlus 5T and the OnePlus 6T, neither of which had any of these problems:

    1. Try as I might, I could not get Wi-Fi or USB tethering to work at all. My Windows 10 laptop consistently reported no Internet access. I have not had this problem with any other device.

    2. The way that the phone handles notifications is appalling. You have to enable them per app to have any chance of receiving notifications, and then it's still possible to miss them due to the way that the UI has been built.

    3. I use Alarm Clock Extreme for my morning alarm. On the Mi 8, to disable or snooze the alarm, you have to unlock the phone and hunt for the application rather than the alarm screen just being shown. There might be a way to modify this behaviour but I couldn't find it and anyway things like this should just work.

    4. It is not possible to wake the phone with 'OK, Google'. I tried for some time to get this to work. There are various online forums that are reporting this as a known issue.

    5. In some circumstances, rotating the screen from portrait to landscape blanks the screen and locks the phone.
    By the time that you read this, perhaps there will have been an OS update that fixes these problems but this is what I found. I hope that you have better luck!

    • TSW
      TSW 10 months ago

      Ditto to major problems on my ne xiaomi Mi 8. Having all sorts or problems with polling for emails, on about 5 different email clients, and if I do get it polling I get no indication sound. GMail seems ok with it's push emails.

    • Peter Smallbone
      Peter Smallbone 11 months ago +1

      @Clive Mc Carthy Nope, it went on eBay.

    • Clive Mc Carthy
      Clive Mc Carthy 11 months ago

      Hi I'm wondering if you still have this phone and if so, have any of these issues been resolved, thanks

  • Aman Ali
    Aman Ali Year ago

    How to check the gps accuracy

  • Mark Hawkins-Wood

    Hi mate, MI are doing a UK marketing launch where they're selling the phone for £1. It's of course selling out immediately.
    What are your views on that? Why would they be doing that? Could it have alternative motive? I'm conscious the motive is to gather data on UK residents, but it could simply be to get the product out there competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

  • Arend Mookhoek
    Arend Mookhoek Year ago

    no sd wtf?

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan Year ago +1

    What is the game at 5:13?

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago +1

    I've been with Xiaomi for a few years (had the mi5 and currently the mi6) but I've already made the decision, my next phone over the next few weeks will be a OnePlus device. Software of miui is poor, support for themes etc is horrendous and both mi devices I've had, the USB c Charing port at the bottom has become somewhat faulty on both. Cya xiaomi

    • Lucas Smith
      Lucas Smith Year ago

      Edwin Chen Launcber is a tiny part of miui. Replacing launcher solves nothing. In fact, you cant even tecnically replace it since mi launcher keeps running regardless.

    • Jordan
      Jordan Year ago

      @Edwin Chen stupid logic. Edge is one program within a whole eco system. Miui IS the eco system. Launchers are fine, but it's still miuis overlay on notifications etc. Not to mention the issues regarding third party sources and restrictions on location. Like I said, stupid logic.

    • Edwin Chen
      Edwin Chen Year ago

      why not install the launcher of your choice? that's like saying you don't like a laptop because it comes with the microsoft edge browser installed by default.

    • Jordan
      Jordan Year ago

      @FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS the switch was worth it, have had the OnePlus 6t for couple.of weeks now and it's so much better that Xiaomi and their miui software...go for it man you'll not be disappointed!

  • Mimoe
    Mimoe Year ago

    This or the pocophone?

  • Mark Denver Babaran

    They said that Mi 8 got ads on its phone, literally. Is it true? From what I read, the Xiaomi did that to lower the price of this smartphone.

  • Vaios Bartsokas
    Vaios Bartsokas Year ago

    i have seen 2 reviews from you today for the first time and i must say its simple,serious and to the point. cudos sir.

  • Dot Matrix
    Dot Matrix Year ago

    I've heard Android Auto doesn't work when hooking the phone up to a compatible car.

  • Lukasz K
    Lukasz K Year ago

    what about the sound from the speaker ?? is it good ?? comparable with iphone ??
    I have a redmi note 4x and the sound is terribly flat missing bass.
    thank you in advance for your answer. Greetings from Poland

  • Nefff
    Nefff Year ago

    Why doesn't the blacks on screen look as black as the front glass?

  • Braver Shin
    Braver Shin Year ago

    Gps problem is that able fixed,after the update?

  • Bassem Hadida
    Bassem Hadida Year ago

    how do u have round icons with thid default theme ? cuz mine are squarish xd

    RED DRAGON Year ago +4

    The beast.

      RED DRAGON Year ago +1

      @D M
      Хвала, имењаче.

    • D M
      D M Year ago +2

      Душан СИЛНИ Dobar ti je nick imenjače :)

  • joshua rahlmeyer
    joshua rahlmeyer Year ago

    I bought the Mi 8 but on this phone is no face unlock Feature but there is an infrared sensor

  • k
    k Year ago

    7:26 *L A M P*

  • Lester Quinagon
    Lester Quinagon Year ago

    Can someone help me to make fullscreen on youtube in my mi 8? 😢

  • Ivan Pimentel
    Ivan Pimentel Year ago +2

    hey bro which is better in gaming? poco f1 or mi8??? pls reply bro

    • voytalvoytaz
      voytalvoytaz Year ago

      mi 8 is much better for gaming.

    • Jacob Western
      Jacob Western Year ago +1

      They have the same chip set so they should be the same
      Mi 8 is the more expensive phone so if anything it should be better if it's not identical

  • Viktor Sabo
    Viktor Sabo Year ago +2

    I have to say I like the audio in your test footage done by the MI8 more than your studio microphone.

  • Ekene Am
    Ekene Am Year ago

    Hi what game were you playing at 0:10

  • Huy Huynh
    Huy Huynh Year ago

    is it global version ?

  • Bar Lavi
    Bar Lavi Year ago

    7:28 May I have the LAMP brother

  • Raza Pyar Ali
    Raza Pyar Ali Year ago

    great vdo
    1 question plz
    do i but mi 8 or I phone 7pluse

  • R G
    R G Year ago +4

    I have a MI 5...I think its an awesome phone, cant really replace it with any other brand. I think its at its own standard.

    • Dewi Sartika Dharmatanna
      Dewi Sartika Dharmatanna 11 months ago

      @FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS yash!! I got my mi8 too heavy too, compare with my mi5.. got cramp on my hand while use that so many times lol.. feel satisfied with mi8 but still love mi5 XD

      FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS 11 months ago

      @Dewi Sartika Dharmatanna i bought Mi Mix 3. Mi5 feels so small after I used Mix 3 for hours. I miss the IR blaster and I tend to use the device faster in Mi5. So far Im happy with Mix 3 AMOLED feels good but still Mi5.

    • RakaZet - Black Squad
      RakaZet - Black Squad Year ago

      I have mi5 and it lags so bad any game is unplayable, do you guys get this?

    • Dewi Sartika Dharmatanna
      Dewi Sartika Dharmatanna Year ago

      Sameee... Mw too.. I love my mi5 too much.. Still can't replace it.. Eventho I just bought mi8 yesterday for my final decision rather than wait for mi mix 3


      One thing no EIS on this flagship :'(

  • R G
    R G Year ago

    what game is that at 5:30

  • BRWfilms
    BRWfilms Year ago

    whats better, this or pocofone f1?

  • Lee Escala
    Lee Escala Year ago

    RIP headphone jack hahaha

  • dtz1000
    dtz1000 Year ago

    You said call quality is not as good as Samsung Galaxy S7. Is call quality as good as Redmi note 5? Pocophone?

  • Zlatko L.
    Zlatko L. Year ago

    This phone have lot's off bugs

  • Aidil Anwar
    Aidil Anwar Year ago

    Which one is better ,one plus 6 or mi8,

  • me
    me Year ago

    the latest ROM version doesn't have that option

  • daZzleV
    daZzleV Year ago

    Very informative review. Thanks.