[FlashGame] Into Space 2 entire root without power mode

  • Published on Oct 10, 2012
  • Into Space 2 "www.notdoppler.com/intospace2.php"
    From the Earth ground to the Mars ground without power mode (official cheat equipment).
    Duration: 6:00. This is mediocre record.
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  • Pietro Fasciani
    Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

    4:48 record time! Can you beat my time? (No power mode selected)

  • Pietro Fasciani
    Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

    $4395723. Can you beat my cash amount?

  • Pietro Fasciani
    Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

    Man, I would want to create a game like this like being a game designer.

  • Pietro Fasciani
    Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

    *Note* There are 2 glitches in this game
    1-When hitting the second part of space at 300k feet, go back to earth then back to space and keep doing this. The game will soon glitch and when you go back to earth there will be U.F.O's that are below space and look's funny.
    2-When reaching going down to hit mars, keep flying up until you hit about 100k feet (it should be an orange sky/light purple). These meteors will spawn and fall down above you. It is so funny. Make sure before you do this you have power mode first.

  • Pietro Fasciani
    Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

    My all-time favorite game (even beats agar.io)

  • Jovanpreet Uppal
    Jovanpreet Uppal 2 months ago

    you are a god at this game

  • Rewertis
    Rewertis 2 months ago

    Easiest way to make it: get the damage converter that converts damage into energy, damage your rocket on purpose and then repair

  • Aidec Моо Моо

    He hacking

  • Quinn Ronnenberg
    Quinn Ronnenberg Year ago +1

    I made it with all the Level 3 pieces and I almost died several times on the way to Mars I was shaking. It had to depend on getting fuel and repair kits I barely survived.

  • Tien Bui
    Tien Bui Year ago

    good job

  • Juissix 5684
    Juissix 5684 Year ago

    Why you don't show the asteroids fall into mars

  • Nikola Nikolić
    Nikola Nikolić Year ago

    Who played this on flonga?

    • X-Fun
      X-Fun Year ago

      Nikola Nikolić
      We played it on CoolMath Games. And then the firewall happened.

  • Pumkin32465
    Pumkin32465 2 years ago +1


  • Pumkin32465
    Pumkin32465 2 years ago +1

    I love that game so much its my Favourite flash game. The "Into Space 1" Is also very great!

  • jordan
    jordan 2 years ago

    power mode

  • advYoyo777
    advYoyo777 2 years ago +1

    Refueling are important items!

  • advYoyo777
    advYoyo777 2 years ago

    I cleared this game!!

  • Astra
    Astra 2 years ago +2

    childhood memories

  • Tv Productions
    Tv Productions 2 years ago

    i just play the hacked version

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 2 years ago +2

    The Into Space 2 Mega Challenge .. Get 25 missions passed before your 30th attempt.

  • Titan Warrior575 IMICHAEL06


  • Sandy Daze
    Sandy Daze 3 years ago


  • Mad GAV
    Mad GAV 3 years ago +2


  • Mad GAV
    Mad GAV 3 years ago +1

    Me to

  • Tiny Tim Tam
    Tiny Tim Tam 3 years ago +13

    I love this game

  • One Of A Nice Kind
    One Of A Nice Kind 3 years ago +1

    Great job! Also, I beat your duration by one second. I know I can do better.

  • nguyen pham
    nguyen pham 5 years ago

    HOW DO YOU HAVE 11 SLOTS?????????????????????????????????//

    • SMOLIN
      SMOLIN 5 years ago

      Их можно купить...

  • Baptiste Penven
    Baptiste Penven 5 years ago

    La qualité de la musique du jeux est top mais les autres bruit son pourrie grave
    Pourrais-tu en refaire une nouvelle avec un meilleur son
    Sinon merci pour la fin du jeux avec cette belle vidéo

  • youssef hussein
    youssef hussein 5 years ago +3

    but i really want to know how to get 1200 mph speed ?

    • Estee Bangus
      Estee Bangus 5 years ago +1

      he could of atleast SPOILERS ALERT! aprooved the video!

  • youssef hussein
    youssef hussein 5 years ago +3

    How to get UFO destroyer ??

  • CrazyJack [GD]
    CrazyJack [GD] 6 years ago


    • Tbagbungel
      Tbagbungel Month ago

      What is that suppose to mean

  • Marv Gaming
    Marv Gaming 6 years ago

    HELP me how do I get the last MISC? I have everything I finished all misions but I cant get that last Misc...How to get it?????
    email me: marvinmeister13@yahoo.com
    or write it on my chanel. Thanks

    • Pietro Fasciani
      Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

      Probably you will not read this Marv Gaming, because your probably an adult now, but just saying...

    • Pietro Fasciani
      Pietro Fasciani 3 days ago

      Finish all of the in-game achivements

  • Ahmed El-sharif
    Ahmed El-sharif 7 years ago +1

    how do i get power mode?

  • Ahmed El-sharif
    Ahmed El-sharif 7 years ago +1

    How can i get misc item (4-4) "power mode"?
    What is the "misc item" achievement? help please :)

  • arlene ros
    arlene ros 7 years ago

    how to finish destroy 1 mission

    • Xtehtr
      Xtehtr 2 years ago

      Crash into target.

  • tamari mazmishvili
    tamari mazmishvili 7 years ago

    i want that music :X plz tellme the name

  • bormisha
    bormisha 7 years ago

    Exactly. I took the maximum power equipment to reach 1200MPH, plus you need speed gates, 3-4 at least. A good region to do it is in the upper atmosphere that is relatively free of obstacles. Also try to reduce weight of the rocket to a minimum. Don't take equipment that you don't need, and choose the basic head as it is the lightest. The procedure is similar to that of performing the "Space cargo" mission which is also very hard to accomplish.

  • kwniaa vree cy
    kwniaa vree cy 7 years ago

    you 're considerable for me

  • Paul Warren
    Paul Warren 7 years ago

    Hey, how did you reach 1200 MPH? That's the only thing I can not accomplish.