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  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • Watch amazing card magician and winner of America's Got Talent 2018 (AGT). Check out all Shin Lim auditions and performances right here and let us know which was your best performance in the comments below...
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  • Jamielynn
    Jamielynn 8 hours ago

    I'm convinced that he's just distracting me with his good looks and his winks and his voice.

  • Abraham.Auguste.Limitless

    imagine him in las vegas

  • Justin Yang
    Justin Yang 10 hours ago

    He's either a god or a demon??? Or he's both😯😯😯 wtf!!!!👏👏👏👍

  • hossein bozorgi
    hossein bozorgi 12 hours ago

    it's perfect

  • abhay chand
    abhay chand 12 hours ago

    Someone tell him he ain't supposed to do magic outside hogwarts

  • Najam Mahmood
    Najam Mahmood 13 hours ago

    The cards are paid actors people!!

  • Aaron Aamir
    Aaron Aamir 14 hours ago

    storm area 51 & find shin lim chilling with his buddies there

  • Ryel Fenn
    Ryel Fenn 14 hours ago

    I also have magic trick

  • khac duc trieu
    khac duc trieu 14 hours ago

    Music from 13'25 ?

  • Nga Việt
    Nga Việt 22 hours ago

    AGT = Aliens' Got Talent.

  • victoria hersun
    victoria hersun 23 hours ago

    The back of heart is black color

  • Deerstag McAntlers

    Bruh what if she picked clubs

  • Pozzent Ceria
    Pozzent Ceria Day ago

    its a kadabra card,.. Wtf

  • Hussein Sawid
    Hussein Sawid Day ago

    Anyone can enter and know the truth please

  • Hannibal Bahri
    Hannibal Bahri Day ago

    it's the heart of the cards

  • KM5K
    KM5K Day ago +1

    Okay is this guy actually magic bc I don’t understand

  • Haruka Yoshi
    Haruka Yoshi Day ago +2

    He is so charming. Whenever he flirt with the camera, I felt him flirting with me and I feel so shy and weird. Omg I'm so weird!

    • Lux Arcadia
      Lux Arcadia Day ago

      Found a fresh comment. Wow. Also,yes,he's really something else.

  • Rex Gotze
    Rex Gotze Day ago +5

    Well I guess we found the Anti-Christ

  • waleed khan
    waleed khan Day ago

    Why don't they go to Casinos and Win enough money by playing cards.

  • Chauhan VICKY
    Chauhan VICKY Day ago


  • Оилоишги Лрмшнпшгр

    Это наебка! Следи за рукой!

  • Imoow
    Imoow Day ago

    He's good at Mathematics I guess. Plus he's an Asian So.

  • Moch Toha
    Moch Toha Day ago

    Talah du bongkar oleh anak bandel

  • Dharmesh Katariya

    I know about this magica all card are black and the cloth was also black

  • Nikhil Nagpure
    Nikhil Nagpure Day ago

    Amazing magecian..

  • Marco Yu
    Marco Yu Day ago +1


  • Kholiel 1980
    Kholiel 1980 Day ago

    Trik mu sudah terbongkar anak bandel

  • oker oker pokok e

    Menit 16:33 itu kartu gk di masukin ke plastik tapi cuman di tempel terus cara ngilangin kartu di buang ke bawah sama yg ngilangin kartu yg di dalam kotak kartu di jatuin ke bawah juga hehehehe

  • Sabrina Delatorriente

    These comments have me dying of laughter xD

  • Danh Tran
    Danh Tran 2 days ago

    Oh my got

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    Mortgage Financing 2 days ago


  • fhyp
    fhyp 2 days ago

    what is the song in 5:34?

  • Максим Самойленко

    Ему помогают бесы из преисподней.

  • Keith Rosenthal
    Keith Rosenthal 2 days ago


  • SAGE
    SAGE 2 days ago +4

    What could be the name of his demon?

  • carson kerekes
    carson kerekes 2 days ago

    It has to be that black part of the table

  • Mike Collison
    Mike Collison 2 days ago +1

    This dude is using a cheat code

  • John Fouse
    John Fouse 2 days ago +1

    Why is Simon Cowell's entire shirt unbuttoned?

  • Henrik Johnsson
    Henrik Johnsson 2 days ago


  • Victory l
    Victory l 2 days ago

    I knw he is good but I don't know why I don't like his show

  • Spidey Batsy
    Spidey Batsy 2 days ago +3

    Magic level = MagAsian

  • David
    David 2 days ago +2

    HE'S better then COPPERFIELD

  • Miranda Toutenhoofd
    Miranda Toutenhoofd 2 days ago +1

    2 questions how and how

  • huai kuan
    huai kuan 2 days ago

    He inspired me to be a magician

  • Lance Tschirhart
    Lance Tschirhart 2 days ago

    13:22 lol, he doesn't have a pocket

    RAGED3FENCE 2 days ago +28

    Shin lim Auditioned for doctor strange, they said real wizard's couldn't audition.

  • Alphacool7
    Alphacool7 2 days ago

    Why does your face always look like you are sniffing someone’s butt?

  • Arma Letalia
    Arma Letalia 2 days ago

    19:50 - the hell did those cards go?

  • AKH NEEROO 16 07
    AKH NEEROO 16 07 2 days ago

    Hey i want the song

  • Nik Muk
    Nik Muk 3 days ago +10

    I still can't figure out where is juul at.

  • yueling chen
    yueling chen 3 days ago +1

    And now, would you be so kind and remove that mat?

  • yes _IN
    yes _IN 3 days ago

    This dude can make billions at the casino!

  • Annamarie Cabodoc
    Annamarie Cabodoc 3 days ago

    12:27 he change the card

  • Dogan Kaya
    Dogan Kaya 3 days ago

    0:55 He gets two cards here. Then he hides the other card in his shirt. Then he pretends to pull it out of his mouth.
    12:25 When he takes the card, he throws the top card. Then he keeps the cards in his mouth and takes them into his mouth.
    13:43 He's hiding the deck.
    But he is awesome :D

    • Dogan Kaya
      Dogan Kaya 2 days ago

      @Abigail Selena But not all magic :) and i said he is awesome :) and whatever :P

    • Abigail Selena
      Abigail Selena 3 days ago +1

      no one likes people like you who spoil magic :)

  • •Lazy. Mellow•
    •Lazy. Mellow• 3 days ago


  • Mohd Sharimin
    Mohd Sharimin 3 days ago +4

    If you slow down at x0.25 you will notice that you're being tricked very slowly.

    • leviathanfelix
      leviathanfelix 2 days ago +1

      Mohd Sharimin a very good version of this comment :D

  • isabella Bella
    isabella Bella 3 days ago +1

    Ya, he can more than card tricks. 🙈❤️👌

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 3 days ago +3

    Fantastic and impressive. Very motivating series of performances that shows dedication, skills, experience and showmanship.

    ABDUL RAHMAN 3 days ago +3

    the real magic is from the matt placed on the table..

  • Sameer Zemse
    Sameer Zemse 3 days ago

    Hint.. the black mat on the table.

  • Joel Buenaventura
    Joel Buenaventura 4 days ago

    at 23:01 all jacks are at the buttom… at 23:13 at the top

  • icecoldchief
    icecoldchief 4 days ago

    Nigga grew up in waverly place

  • Jack Naga
    Jack Naga 4 days ago

    Eric Chen is better

  • DG31 gaming
    DG31 gaming 4 days ago

    The devil is a liar

  • Skand Gaur
    Skand Gaur 4 days ago

    Dynamo is best

  • Preetesh Jakharia
    Preetesh Jakharia 4 days ago

    I like his hair

  • Fadhli Abdullah M
    Fadhli Abdullah M 4 days ago

    the perfect tricks

    VĂN ĐÊ BÙI 4 days ago +1


  • dung phan
    dung phan 4 days ago

    26:44 xem kỹ vào . Toàn lừa mắt người xem. Quá đơn giản

  • Andrea James
    Andrea James 4 days ago +2

    7:16 even light cant give my eyes correct images. What the..

  • Nikola Stoqnov
    Nikola Stoqnov 4 days ago +1

    Shin Lim: Yeah I won AGT!!
    Eric Chien: Hold my beer

  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts 4 days ago

    These cats are weird

  • Tarun gola parjapati

    I like this

  • TM - 06TA - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104)

    He is so cute😍😍😍

  • Green Leafy Cabbage
    Green Leafy Cabbage 5 days ago

    WTF. Hes just using an ordinary card I use to buy from the nearest store