Here's Why Prince William Is 'Worried' About Harry

  • Published on Oct 24, 2019
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have opened up about the pressures of living in the spotlight, and their public revelations allegedly have Prince William worried. British News at Ten anchor Tom Bradby gained exclusive access to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their recent royal tour of southern Africa for ITV documentary, Meghan & Harry: An African Journey.
    He added:
    "Every single time I see a camera, every single time I hear a click, every single time I see a flash, it takes me straight back…Everything that she [Diana] went through, and what happened to her, is incredibly important every single day, and that is not me being paranoid, that is just me not wanting a repeat of the past."
    The pressure of Harry's public life seems to have affected his mental health. He described his coping mechanisms as a matter of, quote, "constant management."
    Harry said he'd done his best to put on a brave face.
    This comes just weeks after he issued a statement calling out the media for being, quote, "malicious and false." He also announced he and his wife were taking a break from royal duties.
    According to the BBC, a Kensington Palace source has said that Prince William is worried about his brother, and is said to be hoping the couple are in a good place after sharing their struggles so publicly. The palace source said there was a view that the couple was under pressure and suggested a, quote, "mood of concern, for the safety of the couple."
    Both Prince William and Prince Harry have always been very passionate about mental health and have worked hard to challenge the stigma and open up the conversation in the UK and around the world. In May 2019, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle joined forces to back mental health initiative Shout with £3m from their royal foundation, according to the BBC. The UK's first 24/7 free text service is for anyone in crisis. The website states:
    "It's a place to go if you're struggling to cope and you need immediate help."
    However, the BBC explained that the couples later announced their charitable foundation would split, but they vowed to continue working together on issues like mental health.
    Despite Prince Harry bravely acknowledging his struggles and setting an example for mental health sufferers by opening up so publicly, the BBC reported a source said that Prince William was "furious" with his brother after the documentary aired last Sunday. Over the past few months, the tabloids have speculated that there is currently a rift between the brothers, and Prince Harry did not shy away from the camera when asked about it during filming.
    In the ITV special, Harry admitted that like any brothers, he and William have "good days" and "bad days."
    He went on to say they still have a bond, though.
    In reference to their different paths, the BBC notes,
    "One of the ways the brothers have diverged is in their attitude to the media."
    William allegedly understands the role of the media, while Harry does not agree with the way the tabloids report on the royal family, and more specifically, how they report on his wife. BBC Royal Correspondent Johnny Dymond said outright:
    "The relationship between William and Harry is irreparably changed."
    According to sources close to the palace, the worry for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wellness doesn't end with Prince William, with many other members of the royal family concerned. Dymond concluded:
    "The echoes of the unhappy Diana-Charles years are loud, and getting louder."
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  • The List
    The List  Month ago +10

    Are you worried for Prince Harry?

    • Claudia
      Claudia 17 days ago

      flaming sword777 Your hate for Duchess Meghan will kill YOU first.🤫💩

    • Stephanie Baker
      Stephanie Baker Month ago

      Zena Fanom Get help.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago +1

      @Jane Eyre Boy you need help ASAP - MM is only out for herself

    • Zena Fanom
      Zena Fanom Month ago +1

      Should any true blooded Englishperson be worried about a Traitor to the Realm called Harry the Psychopath?
      Now a tool for the globalists to destroy the monarchy so Wills will not sit on the Throne -- pea-brain stupid Harry - dumbest at Eton -- a Nazi filth who danced naked on tables? Who is a fucking racist? And a Psychopath? A Coward who went AWOL in Afghanistan? Of what value is such a useless, worthless scum such as he?

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago +2

      Missy B The British media were openly criticizing her too and she was stressed out. You Brits are vicious and heartless. You just don’t want an American in the RF. Well toooooo bad!

  • Gianna Brown
    Gianna Brown 5 days ago

    Meghan kicked homeless people off the street and abandoned her sick father and nephew...she is the problem, not the Royal Family!!

  • Lorraine Whitlock
    Lorraine Whitlock 22 days ago +1

    What they don't like is that all of her skeletons are coming out of the closet and they don't want anybody to know the truth about her life

  • J.J. W.
    J.J. W. 22 days ago +1

    Well if Harry can't take the heat, leave the kitchen...

  • Rekha Chandra
    Rekha Chandra 23 days ago +2

    Surprised this man has never been or seen a female. Why is himself repeating things about his mom. Does he think his actress wife can take his moms place, NO WAY

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 24 days ago

    Alam ko magalit kayo sakin oki lang too ayaw kona ng meet ng mondo harry sodra magolo po sana maidihan niyon ako po too ako fans mom daina sorry fans gue thank you saiyon too god bay

  • Doris Goodyear
    Doris Goodyear 27 days ago

    Harry you doing writing we love you anyway we know what happened to your mother either want to happen the Maggie so will I have to understand You're so your mother tortured so we understand very well where you going through mystic 100 Harry will love your mother we love you will will will have to understand you don't want to history repeated

  • True Dee
    True Dee 28 days ago


  • Janet Jimenez
    Janet Jimenez Month ago

    ITS ALL A MANIPULATIVE ACT of Meghan and Harry is sucked into it. Poor Harry, he practically had changed from being a lovable, happy, endearing person to someone now who is so grumpy, unhappy vulnerable? and problematic? What happened? How come there are so many royal staff - who quit and walked out on Meghan; This never ever happened before. How come Prince Harry is so unhappy, vulnerable - when he is supposed to be NOT? How come complain now and why not complain - when Meghan shooed people who wanted to take her picture? When they took several high flying jet and was criticized for it.When she had a very expensive baby shower? When she promotes her own causes and uses the media? How come Meghan did not complain when she had that GRAND WEDDING. She is lucky, being a divorcee, a biracial, etc., she was accepted by the Royal Family. When she was given a warm welcome and ACCEPTANCE by the Royal Family, unlike WALLIS SIMPSON? When the Queen allowed them to live in Frogmore - spending 5 Million for renovations; and have their own royal staff. Poor Royal Family - if they will allow themselves to be manipulated by starlet Meghan Markle. I am beginning to think that what her half sister Samantha Markle and her friend Ninaki Priddy about THE REAL COLOR of Meghan Markle is afterall TRUE. Its not HARRY, Harry had a wonderful and happy relationship with William and Kate before he was with Meghan and all this SELF PITY DRAMA. Gheez luis…. To tell the media that she did not know anything about PRINCE HARRY is a LIE. She was practically enmeshed with the Royal family and was a big FAN. Now this SELF PITY me its all a B S

  • Laura Ragazzi
    Laura Ragazzi Month ago +2

    In Europe, we are all very worried about Harry. In the last two years, we all saw him changing completely. He has moved away from his family, from his friends, he has lost his smile, he does not laugh and jokes anymore.

  • Bugaboo Boon
    Bugaboo Boon Month ago +1

    Well then Harry, if that’s the case you married the wrong woman didn’t you? So instead of suing the media, have a talk with you wife Meghan who is addicted to cameras, craves them,

  • carol gancos
    carol gancos Month ago +3

    He needs serious help about his mother. She was in a car wreak with a drunk driver. Not people taking photos. He's full of it. Nutcase.

  • Mil Els
    Mil Els Month ago

    People get over yourself this couple will survive you.they have all the backup they need Stop making a drama out of nothing

  • Roy Williams
    Roy Williams Month ago

    Harry needs to dump the actor she's a fraud and a witch

  • Dreyden
    Dreyden Month ago +2

    Still, don't know what WTF Charles sees in the hag he's with now over princess Diane. I mean he was messing around on Diane with that...Must be drugs.

    • Dreyden
      Dreyden 22 days ago +1

      @Mil Els That has nothing to do with me it has more to do with the video moron "Cough" I mean Prince Charles.

    • Mil Els
      Mil Els Month ago

      Dreyden what has that got to do with you maybe you’re who other says the same about you

  • Joy Rees
    Joy Rees Month ago

    Prince William being furious is more truth.

    • Mil Els
      Mil Els Month ago

      Joy Rees how do you know

  • Joy Rees
    Joy Rees Month ago

    WILLIAM worried ? Please

  • Margaret
    Margaret Month ago +1

    Their baby is beautiful.

  • Aaron Bogatch
    Aaron Bogatch Month ago +5

    We have 21 st century and those Britishers still keep their monarchy that live out of them in luxury like parasites. Name one good thing that they have ever done for humanity. Cruel horse racings? (All horses should be free), cruel fox hunting? (God is against any cruelty to animals).

    • Mil Els
      Mil Els Month ago

      Aaron Bogatch stop letting jealousy take you over It doesn’t help

  • Claudia
    Claudia Month ago +3

    It looks like some people would rather have Prince Harry displaying the behavior from his teenage and early manhood days, when he certainly had some mental problems. He found a woman that he loves , unhitched himself from his brother and the friends that encouraged his bad behavior. He is now a respectable loving husband and father and seem to be very happy. If you care for or love him , you should be Happy for him.

  • Lady Day
    Lady Day Month ago

    I am so sorry for Megan; A wife cannot drive a wedge between husband and family. The husband will surely break away, leaving you and returning back to their family.
    I know from my own experience with my Ex. They usually think that it's their family fault for awhile, sometimes for Decades. They fight along with you at first; Then something pops and they justify leaving the relationship with their families who encourages them to do so. After all, The wife is not their BLOOD KIN. Blessings for you both Harry and Megan with Archie.

    • Mil Els
      Mil Els Month ago

      Lady Day yes Bless them ✝️🇬🇧🙏

  • Kat Live
    Kat Live Month ago +1

    IMO Harry needs psychiatric treatment. He seems to have some major issues about his Mother that he should deal with before making any more decisions

    • Marilyn Scott
      Marilyn Scott Month ago

      They both could use some therapy to cope better but reality about their lives shouldn't be under any illusion, every Royal has to deal with it. That's why protocols are put in place to follow

    • Lady Day
      Lady Day Month ago

      Yes, Harry have spoke openly about his Mental Illines. He and William has a Platform for it. He was under Mental Health care for years after his mother passed.

  • Queen Alex Pnce
    Queen Alex Pnce Month ago +3

    He got married to soon! He is carrying the pain of his wife and his alone. She is not helping by ways she handle things. Obviously he has to take his wife’s side whether she is right or wrong and this is making the brothers grow apart. Yes there is pain but I really think Megan is the main cause of it.

    • Queen Alex Pnce
      Queen Alex Pnce Month ago

      Lady Day hopefully not hopefully both of them will find grown and work something where both are happy.

    • Queen Alex Pnce
      Queen Alex Pnce Month ago

      Claudia I’m not jealous by all mean honey I’m just an adult who has been in relationships where we both understand what is in instake. Something that you don’t seem to understand.

    • Queen Alex Pnce
      Queen Alex Pnce Month ago

      Claudia no waited until he was 50 years old obviously but a year is not enough to get to know someone specially someone like him! Also she was not ready to take all the comes from being royal and she why brake the rules? What comes from that?

    • Lady Day
      Lady Day Month ago

      Harry's family will eventually persuade him to leave his family.
      First You fight together, Then along.

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Queen Alex Pnce your jealousy of Duchess Meghan will eat at you until you die. “SAD”

  • nina antonic
    nina antonic Month ago

    He is a disgrace go to Africa and don' t return

  • Automata Pia
    Automata Pia Month ago +1

    Yeah he should have married you right?

  • Marcia Charles
    Marcia Charles Month ago +7

    Harry and Meghan keep on praying 🙏 prince Harry was always a good man with a big heart ❤️ for everyone

  • Marcia Charles
    Marcia Charles Month ago

    🤴 Harry come like prince Solomon amen

  • Marcia Charles
    Marcia Charles Month ago +2

    Meghan keep on loveing ur husband because he loves ❤️ u and forget about jealous people

  • Marcia Charles
    Marcia Charles Month ago +1

    Harry make the right choippp Meghan is beautiful this white people is very racil 🤴 🤴 prince Harry son is adorable

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina Month ago

    UK people live then alone What ever happens in their private life is none of your business okay This is an advice from one America God bless the royal family from the United Kingdom

  • Automata Pia
    Automata Pia Month ago +1

    I have never seen more cruel and vicious comments. People so intent on destroying her.

  • Mono Woman
    Mono Woman Month ago +1

    The problem is people with the same condition were relying on Harry to draw attention to it - but not in the way in turns out he has. We watched his heart warming and miraculous work with the Veterans with PTSD. He has chosen it appears to leave his mental health platform to address controversial and political issues. I don't think Harry understands that his role was critical to a lot of people whom now feel let down. I hope Harry gets the treatment he needs and comes back to the unique position he has whereby he can do so much good for fellow suffers. We so desperately need the support we thought we were going to get. Come back Harry stronger than ever. We need you.

    • Whisper
      Whisper Month ago

      Maybe he was going to continue with MM and press ahead, but was told otherwise. Hence the rift and splitting of charities etc. His statement reveals quite a lot. And it begins to make sense when you think about it now.

  • Michelle Wynn
    Michelle Wynn Month ago +2

    How come whenever something is wrong it is Meghan's fault? Aren't these all adult, almost middle-aged people? How does the new person, who is not even British, come right in and weld all this power over everybody? Please don't try to tell me that Harry was just fine before he met Meghan. He was always drunk or high or acting out in some way or the other. He's not that guy anymore. He stopped smoking and getting drunk and high. if you want to blame Meghan for that - I am right there with you. Now - unless you are on this blog and you are an only child, you know darn well that things aren't rosy every day with your siblings. I'd bet some of you have siblings that you don't get along with at all. So, how it is Meghan's fault that brothers are going on different paths now? Didn't some of you do your own thing once you got married? If not, how's that working in YOUR marriage? Harry dated a reported 14 women. Not one of these women wanted to deal with all the crap that Meghan is currently dealing with. And the older harry got, the less likely he would find someone who would. Sure - he could have done like his father and brother - Charles married Diana when she was 19 years old (he was 34) and William married his classmate who he grew up with. Harry married a woman who is a self-made millionaire, who toiled in the very tough, cut-throat show business environment and made a success of it. She gave up lucrative endorsements and a clothing line she was working on when her relationship with Harry blossomed. So, how it her fault? She and Harry simply fell in love over shared passions. She is not responsible for everyone's thoughts, words, and deeds.

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Michelle Wynn I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • Shannon Joy Sharp
    Shannon Joy Sharp Month ago +1

    I think it’s probably pretty normal given his age and the fact that he is both a newlywed and a new father that he is overwhelmed by the dangers that are out there! I never was so aware of the fragility of life until I had children. When you have so much to lose, and you have already lost so much, I think it affects you. I think it’s a crazy situation they have to deal with, and they’re doing the best they can. God bless them all!

  • Judy Morgan
    Judy Morgan Month ago +1

    BS, William is not worried. He and his wife Kate have been the cause of this trouble right from the time Harry and Meghan got engaged, could of been before that. They know it. How can anyone believe what comes out of Williams mouth. He is such a wimp, and a sly person.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago

      Where on earth do you get your opinions about Prince William "why is he a wimp (you probably don't know the meaning of wimp) when has he ever been sly???????????????????

  • Diane Parent
    Diane Parent Month ago

    Ohhh je crois que c’est vraiment difficile d’être un membre de la famille royale.... les princes ne choisissent pas leur statut... malheureusement ! Mais ils forment une famille ! Et la famille c’est important !

  • Carolyn Parkhurst
    Carolyn Parkhurst Month ago

    It is so sad that you people will not leave this couple alone. Shame on you all that go out of your way to make this couple so unhappy. The press is unbelievable to hunt and print such untruths about people they don’t even know just to sell a story. Can’t you just be kind?

  • Emerald1dx3
    Emerald1dx3 Month ago +2

    Harry needs to be in a doctors care. PTSD. I'm sure Megan is playing on that for all its worth.

  • Automata Pia
    Automata Pia Month ago +3

    British people, be kind and try to consider their situation.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago

      @Claire Livefreeordie She brings it all on herself. She knew or was told how to act when you are in the public doing Royal Family duties how to behave - and she always does the opposite - I a Brit and she should learn some class and manners.

    • A
      A Month ago

      @Claire Livefreeordie It is not hate, it is seeing through her. She is a psychopath and sociopath, what are you taking about? that we tolerate sick mind people like her, damaging the country and Harry?

    • Claire Livefreeordie
      Claire Livefreeordie Month ago

      @Wendy Nichols money & privilege do not guarantee happiness Wendy. Frankly, I find the brits particularly nasty when it comes to Meghan. She doesn't deserve all this hate.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago +1

      What situation are you talking about: Financially well off; servants; travel free; she has the best clothes; nice cars; don't have to clean house etc etc etc

  • Rose Cloke
    Rose Cloke Month ago

    PTSD. Brilliant podcast “life after PTSD” NLP. Best therapy

  • greenblood64
    greenblood64 Month ago +2

    Prince Harry needs to go for EMDR Therapy.

  • Zena Fanom
    Zena Fanom Month ago

    Fucking Prostitute wearing White , mocking and spitting at God in His Church. Satan's Whore - Maggot Markle.
    Bitch wore BIKINI for her second wedding. to Jewish Trevor Engleson.
    And here Satan\s prostitute wears virginal white when she sold butt hole and cunt on Epstein's Yacht for $500./hour.

  • Zena Fanom
    Zena Fanom Month ago

    Hello The List. Harry is a Liar. A Fake. An Attention Addict. He clings onto his mother's image because that has excused his past acts of filth in the past. No More. Days after he said the clicks brings him memories, we see him looking deep into the Cameras.
    He says and does for ATTENTION. He Wants to be NOTED. He can't accept he's the SPARE. And IRRELEVANT. He should learn from the Sovereign's children -- Spares who made Good. BUT Harry is STUPID. Can't fix STUPID!

    • Zena Fanom
      Zena Fanom Month ago


    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Zena Fanom you are such an A**h**e.

  • Hollwood
    Hollwood Month ago

    Meghan is a NASTY American woman, a very nasty one. She cannot even have peace with her dad and family. Only her mother attended her wedding with shame, crying.

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Hollwood that’s why the scream and greets her wherever she goes.

    • Hollwood
      Hollwood Month ago

      The British people are sick too, they hate the woman .

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Hollywood, you are a sick soul. I am sure you are an American Trump lover. Illusional fool. You probably don’t even know how to cry. Trump’s behavior exactly.🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago

      And there it is. Key word American. I knew it.

  • Laura White
    Laura White Month ago +1

    You should of ASKED NOT ASSUME

  • Jean French
    Jean French Month ago +10

    Being married to mm trouble ahead

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago +3

      If I were him and this continues, I hope he opts out of the Royal Family and goes back to Canada where they were left alone. The Canadian press has no tabloids or paparazzi.

  • Gacha_Cookie
    Gacha_Cookie Month ago +2

    I think that evrbody should just lay of the royal family if people were doing this to u while your going through the things he is its just pathetic

  • patricia calunniato
    patricia calunniato Month ago +1


    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago

      Hmmm....I still wonder if this is because she is American....

  • LadyAnne
    LadyAnne Month ago +12


    • Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett
      Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett 23 days ago

      @LadyAnne Sensitivity doesn't has any place in the world of stongs.

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago +1

      LadyAnne. listen people, Prince Harry couldn’t have a baby with his brother Prince William. He found the woman that suited him and he is happy now with his woman and his baby. Why can’t you all be happy for him. “Gee Whiz” Selfish, Heartless people. 🤫🤯

    • LadyAnne
      LadyAnne Month ago

      Sorry ladies. ... Harry always a sensitive being. From a small boy. ...Meghan instead of letting things go as to what is said about herrrrrrrr.... Causes Harry to go into a spin. She is not a helpful mate. ... Her greatest love is for herself. Yes.. I am being judgemental. She took him away from his beloved friend and brother. And Kate. The kids he loved. Nope. She has to have him totally to herself. Selfish is what that is....

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago

      He had mental health issues over his mother’s death before Meghan came along ladies. I personally think the public is screwing with both their heads.

    • Ole Techie
      Ole Techie Month ago +1

      Tsk, tsk, tsk. Soooo judgemental, you two. Are you with them every day? Do you know the full truth?

  • Warren Parker
    Warren Parker Month ago +2

    Cant wait for horse face camellia to get involved in this

    • Tracey Browne
      Tracey Browne Month ago

      Warren Parker I've got the popcorn waiting. Can't wait to see the Christmas Day church pictures as well.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago

      Stop the name calling

  • tulipchic34
    tulipchic34 Month ago +9

    Prince William doesn’t like Meghan full stop.

    • Claudia
      Claudia 17 days ago

      wendy graham Does Duchess Meghan looks like she cares if that sour puss Prince William likes her. The man who she loves and cares for , loves and cares for her, “SHE IS HAPPY” especially now that she has the cutest baby in the world, who is the spitting image of his father, and the best hand some husband. JEALOUS! JEALOUS! JEALOUS 😂😂😂🤬🤬

    • wendy graham
      wendy graham 17 days ago

      @Claudia perhaps meg should look at how she and harry have treated william

    • IH H
      IH H 21 day ago

      Did you read that in the tabloids moron? Seems the public can't stand the fact that prince harry is a happily married man and a father. You have zero proof that meghan did anything wrong so stop spreading your disgusting lies because all I get from your comment is that you're a bully.

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 23 days ago

      Marie Vanderpool yea got proof of that

    • Marie Vanderpool
      Marie Vanderpool Month ago

      Because she is a compulsive liar from day one and has caused rift in his family.

  • Diane Salazar
    Diane Salazar Month ago +8

    people should stop gossiping stop talking about people,just pray for others love them the way you want to be loved we are gods children and he wants everyone to love one another love the royal family and stop gossip.

    • Mil Els
      Mil Els Month ago

      Diane Salazar They cannot help being born beautiful and rich like you can’t help being born poor and ugly

  • Iamme Notyou
    Iamme Notyou Month ago

    what a crock. his mum was murdered by his on BRF not tje media and he is thick as thieves with those german lizard pedophiles.
    nobody cares about hairless and me-again or the gingernog spawn

  • Cynthia Arons
    Cynthia Arons Month ago +3

    Why only now is Harry complaining about the cameras??? Such a hard life - another break after jet setting around?
    Those two are not the ppl to talk about mental health until they fix their own mental healths.
    Harry now talks in riddles, just like MM. Those two are only interested reports that bring MM to light in a positive way. If that is right, MM - and Harry - MUST LOOK INTO THEIR ACTIONS & LIES before whining & suing. MM must realize that not everyone is an uneducated, weak, dim-wit like her husband is. Can he be saved from this evil liar? Time will tell!

  • karen wallace
    karen wallace Month ago

    I think lashing out at the press and playing the victim does not make most people feel sorry for you. It just makes it worse.

  • Claire Livefreeordie
    Claire Livefreeordie Month ago +10

    The entire royal family really needs to lay low for awhile

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago

      WHY - only Meghan should leave England and all their troubles would leave.

    • Wendy Nichols
      Wendy Nichols Month ago

      Why should the REAL Royal Family lie low??????????????????????????Only Meghan needs to lie low for a very long time

  • julie clegg
    julie clegg Month ago +5

    😭 boo-hoo

  • Maria Evans
    Maria Evans Month ago +1

    Meghan was always obsessed with Diana, that's why she's probably talking about her all the time opening raw wounds for Harry. It's little wonder she wanted to marry one of Diana's son's so badly but knew it couldn't be William. Meghan sees herself as the next Diana but has no one fooled by her act.

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago

      How do you know she was obsessed? If anything, if she was obsessed, she would want to stay out of the royal family. These kinds of things destroyed Diana.

  • Sandra Elizabeth Belfon

    So many white racists. So many haters. So many foul things being said about people who are just trying to live. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • Rukhshana Ayoubi
    Rukhshana Ayoubi Month ago +15

    I just want them to be happy

    • Automata Pia
      Automata Pia Month ago +2

      Rukhshana Ayoubi Me too and I can see why she is under such stress by just reading all the vicious comments on social media. Ugh!