absolutely awful PHOTOSHOPS

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam  11 months ago +16246

    Video got copyrighted. I would never put ads on a sponsored video but the people who copyrighted can. I am sorry.

  • sans dreemurr
    sans dreemurr 2 hours ago

    Instead of Willie... pussy

  • Jessica M. Rios
    Jessica M. Rios 2 hours ago

    Take the L LANNAN get it idiot

  • Sydney Ackermann
    Sydney Ackermann 2 hours ago

    Still waiting for the movie uhh......

    VENOM LEGEND 4 hours ago

    Who is watching this video today in 2020 Saturday June 6th

  • The Almighty One
    The Almighty One 5 hours ago

    Elon musk should have been muselk 🤤🤤

  • Cali Oxy
    Cali Oxy 6 hours ago

    This is like WWIII but with computers

  • BigBuilderBen
    BigBuilderBen 7 hours ago

    That's not a t.rex the cat is eating. It's a Carnotaurus. A medium carnivore with a horn above each eye

  • Slof Boy
    Slof Boy 8 hours ago

    I hate cats

  • Coaster Reviews
    Coaster Reviews 8 hours ago +1

    I am a riftyfish help the fish

  • Luz Serna
    Luz Serna 8 hours ago

    Voldemor can freeze the rocket and turn it toward you but if you have a backup gun like a pistol, you can shoot him in the head and he can't do anything to stop it. You would still die because after you kill him the rocket would still come at you.

  • Michael Willaim
    Michael Willaim 9 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Man Man
    Man Man 9 hours ago

    You are a good RU-clipr

  • Blurple_ Saul_64
    Blurple_ Saul_64 10 hours ago


  • mini_ tryway
    mini_ tryway 12 hours ago +1

    Rip old tik tok

  • Mateusz Cieplinski
    Mateusz Cieplinski 14 hours ago

    My mum is not Alive owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww o wait nooooooooooo😭😭🤧

  • Robert Lint
    Robert Lint 17 hours ago

    you should have done devin weston instead of sonic

  • Cookie Too
    Cookie Too 17 hours ago

    Lazarbeam what the cat was killing out of its misery is a carnotaurus not a T-Rex

  • Cohen Boardman
    Cohen Boardman 19 hours ago


  • i am yeeted
    i am yeeted 19 hours ago

    are these dumb tik toks or dumb photo shops

  • Nolan Blewitt
    Nolan Blewitt 20 hours ago

    ads on a lazarbeam video!?

  • linfu
    linfu 21 hour ago

    Catergory: ??? Where is category fam

  • Lins Stuff
    Lins Stuff 22 hours ago


  • maxwell moody
    maxwell moody Day ago

    God be like :302

  • Benji Bustamante

    Listen all ur pH pics are shit 💩

  • Vittorio Collett Hughes

    8:19 he could use aresto momentum and then avada kedavra

  • Jose Trinidad
    Jose Trinidad Day ago


  • Alberto Perez
    Alberto Perez Day ago

    Get bloody legend tattoo

  • Eljon Nasufi
    Eljon Nasufi Day ago


  • Lt.NoUsernam3
    Lt.NoUsernam3 Day ago

    wtf does Jason speak like that actually you know what Jason is so proud of you

  • Ashe Sajjad
    Ashe Sajjad Day ago

    What do you mean loot create I want 30 crates filled with memes

  • Dominic Groom
    Dominic Groom Day ago

    I love your vids

  • Fabrizio Tumolo
    Fabrizio Tumolo Day ago

    if you did not laugh at the dinocat, you have no sense of humor.

  • Happy Pineapple99

    What if someone that watched mums dead well done lazar

  • Penguin cage
    Penguin cage Day ago +1

    When you see lazer beams face cam you see naked cardboard

  • Mihail Zukovskis


  • michelle leybourne

    he is not ron

  • Gunner Wilson
    Gunner Wilson 2 days ago


  • Shannon Schreyer
    Shannon Schreyer 2 days ago

    Hey am 9 stop swearing

  • 4г Мания
    4г Мания 2 days ago

    I am a yugioh fan and the intro was realy funny

  • Lacey YT
    Lacey YT 2 days ago

    2020 : no swearing ( not much )
    2019 : Swearing o.o

  • Riley Sharp
    Riley Sharp 2 days ago

    This is pretty weird but the funniest RU-clipr but there r sum other you tubers that r funny

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 2 days ago

    wonder why he gives himself every victory royale

  • stay chill
    stay chill 2 days ago

    Who here wanted to say u suck to laser beam I'm not hating

  • Oliver Watkins
    Oliver Watkins 2 days ago


  • Ezaya Escobar
    Ezaya Escobar 2 days ago

    His nickname should be yeet man

  • Wanda Pinkard
    Wanda Pinkard 3 days ago

    Ur edits are shits

  • Hooligan TV
    Hooligan TV 3 days ago +1

    I’m Canadian, that was f***ing beautiful 🇨🇦

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia 3 days ago

    9:31 I love this

  • NaYonemoe 3321
    NaYonemoe 3321 3 days ago


  • GalacticRaider
    GalacticRaider 3 days ago


  • Libby Horne
    Libby Horne 3 days ago +1

    9:04 I don't know if this is supposed to be ironic, (and if it is I'm sorry =/ ) but Lannan, that's not a bloody T-rex. That my friend, is a carnotaurus. I understand how you easily made this mistake, but as some one really into dinosaurs and that stuff, it just gave me that one feeling when you feel angry about something but it's not that reasonable. No wait that's exactly what it is. sorry for writing this I just had to somehow get this out of my last working braincell.

  • Taylor Newberg
    Taylor Newberg 3 days ago

    you little shit as

  • WolfGamingBoy09
    WolfGamingBoy09 3 days ago

    I get it

  • Allison Jones
    Allison Jones 3 days ago


  • Daemon Buck
    Daemon Buck 3 days ago

    Please shot me out

  • Logan Murfin
    Logan Murfin 3 days ago

    You lost the thanos cat

  • Estelle Studio Gacha :3

    Jason is so proud of you

  • meme soldier67
    meme soldier67 3 days ago

    Me trying to watch this video: ..... The paid promotion sign in the corner: *hi*

  • Dillpickle Beast
    Dillpickle Beast 4 days ago

    this was the last one you made can you make another on

  • Lucas Wildling
    Lucas Wildling 4 days ago

    you can kill me in fortnite even when your using jason ideas lol jk but you can what am i even saying now

  • Michael Maughan
    Michael Maughan 4 days ago

    I would laugh if Elon musk was watching porn hub

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 4 days ago


  • Ketya Mony
    Ketya Mony 4 days ago

    Where is lannan father's?

  • Michele Lodi-Fe
    Michele Lodi-Fe 4 days ago

    Lazar beam bojack has a half sister you numbnut

  • Charles Tv Gaming
    Charles Tv Gaming 5 days ago

    9:28 it would have been better if you put justin Trudeau as the the head

  • Ruthless Lich King
    Ruthless Lich King 5 days ago

    I like the fact that his ego is so high that he can’t accept when he has clearly lost

  • Jackie Wang
    Jackie Wang 5 days ago

    Scp 173

  • Hype_X01
    Hype_X01 5 days ago

    All before Charlie d'melio took over

  • Atti Splat
    Atti Splat 5 days ago


  • History Amazing
    History Amazing 5 days ago

    Lazar should have made Captain USSR

  • BoyBoy Sweatt
    BoyBoy Sweatt 5 days ago

    Lazarbeam I love your videos they are amazing.

  • Garrison Coppock
    Garrison Coppock 5 days ago +1

    lazar is better than any other youtuber

  • N Car
    N Car 5 days ago

    Lazarbeam your a genus for the free Willy poster

  • Fortnite Time
    Fortnite Time 6 days ago

    Tim hortons is also in India

  • Dominic Callighan
    Dominic Callighan 6 days ago

    that was a carnotaurus

  • OJV Vlogs
    OJV Vlogs 6 days ago


  • cecile Richards
    cecile Richards 6 days ago +1

    Fuck you bro

  • Noah Firth
    Noah Firth 6 days ago

    how can it get copyright?

  • Predator 360
    Predator 360 6 days ago

    Sorry lazarbeam but that made me laugh to hard he is the winner so fuck off before my throat dies of laughter holy shits

  • Avery potato
    Avery potato 6 days ago

    What did you say about my mom

  • Andre Alcid
    Andre Alcid 6 days ago +1

    0:52 WOW

  • Phillip Bryant
    Phillip Bryant 6 days ago

    But nice content

  • Phillip Bryant
    Phillip Bryant 6 days ago

    It's your mom you son of a bitch dick head

  • Elijah Mendoza
    Elijah Mendoza 7 days ago

    Like it how he said free P*ssy, when he's never been laid🤣

  • DJ FBI FISHY BOI fortnite god

    Me on the spider man !!!!!!!!!! Me again BRAAAAA I CANT HAHAHAHA

  • Autumn Ball
    Autumn Ball 7 days ago

    I saw free willy yesterday.

  • Robby Powell
    Robby Powell 7 days ago

    He got code Lazar tattooed, but when fortnite dies then it will make no sense

  • Emma D'Agostino
    Emma D'Agostino 7 days ago

    Lol I made 16 of my friends and myself use code lazar. I luv u LazarBeam! :)

  • Tiko
    Tiko 7 days ago

    Free Willy is a really touching movie

  • Jxnsen0
    Jxnsen0 7 days ago

    Cause I am

  • Jxnsen0
    Jxnsen0 7 days ago

    Anyone still waiting for that Jeff sonic movie coming out in 2020?

  • Xander Nimmer
    Xander Nimmer 7 days ago +1

    Laugh my ass off on the Free Willy 1

  • Gary Mendoza
    Gary Mendoza 7 days ago

    I have coronavirus

  • Greninjaunboxer 225
    Greninjaunboxer 225 7 days ago

    Can we have a one vs one my name is Lot. The period is part of the name

  • Roy Mielke
    Roy Mielke 7 days ago


  • Samuel Whelan
    Samuel Whelan 7 days ago

    Hey guys I have a friend who has a RU-clip channel his name brightwolf master he posts mainly minecraft and he is a super cool guy who is trying to hit 50 subscribers if at all possible could you please consider subscribing

  • Sonicjr 11
    Sonicjr 11 8 days ago

    Squirrel flight I could come