EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau illegally hides dealings with George Soros

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Ezra Levant of The Rebel.media reports on the Trudeau government hiding their dealing with billionaire globalist George Soros. MORE: www.therebel.media/exclusive-trudeau-illegal-soros-ezra-levant-rebel-media-canada-news-politics
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  • sam jones
    sam jones 3 days ago

    How stupid are Canadians to have elected someone like Trudeau into office? Is this stupidity continuing into the next election?

  • Marilyn sheppard
    Marilyn sheppard 3 days ago +1

    Trudeau doesn’t care or even want these refugees to be productive contributors. He is all bout the destruction of Canada.

  • Koki Loki
    Koki Loki 22 days ago

    Weather imigrants are next-generation of CANADIANS. HA HA HA ..Settle them up north.

  • Gayann
    Gayann 27 days ago

    Help save Canada.Vote for Maxime Bernier The Peoples Party of Canada.

  • wendala gibson
    wendala gibson Month ago

    I was so PISSED when this loser MP said this. And many said it was fake news. when i t was right on CBC channel.

  • Norbert Kausen
    Norbert Kausen Month ago

    We have already seen his selfies with Soros, so he CANNOT hide it!!! He MUST be investigated and held responsible for everything he has done for Soros! He must be charged with malfeasance or even TREASON!

  • Craigs architecture and video

    Interesting how Canada won’t let anyone into their country that’s ever been convicted of a felony, yet they’re welcoming potentially thousands of felons freely. But I guess that’s only if you are privileged that you get rejected by Canada if you are an American.

    FREEDOM Month ago

    NoNONONO who would believe a crook

    FREEDOM Month ago

    Yes he has collected him its evident

    FREEDOM Month ago

    He will get everything he deserves

    FREEDOM Month ago

    Fuxk his face is horrible

    FREEDOM Month ago

    Wow i dont believe his father told him that liar

    FREEDOM Month ago

    He will get his own death notice

    FREEDOM Month ago

    Boyles wife swears he is worse then any terrorist alive wake up god complex what a moron GOD is not his friend I highly doubt it sorros is a war criminal

    FREEDOM Month ago

    Krusty and sorros sitting in a tree a branch falls off then there were none i hope sorros smothers him in his sleep with his nauzi scarf

  • paskwawi2007
    paskwawi2007 Month ago +1

    The world will be a slightly better place once george soros is gone.

  • Barbara Labatt
    Barbara Labatt Month ago

    Arrest Scheer. Your copy cats like Trump supporters.Pathetic .Use a different agenda one of your own.

  • NORSEMAN1967
    NORSEMAN1967 2 months ago

    Kalergi plan! google it!

  • QuickDraw Mcgraw
    QuickDraw Mcgraw 2 months ago +2

    Did you mean Prime Minister Gerorge Soros. The non elected creep who isn't a Canadian citizen is really running our country.Trudeau is just a puppet working feverishly with their globalist agenda to turn every first world nation to third world status. They are all guilty of high treason and need to pay the ultimate price for their crimes.

  • karen chorney
    karen chorney 2 months ago +1

    This is sickening...he has got to go!

  • Giovani Lourenco
    Giovani Lourenco 2 months ago +1

    This is terribeli mr troudou idiot

  • OutOfSite
    OutOfSite 3 months ago +1

    just a few more months n hope trudeau n that ugly hassan will pack their bags.. just little hope the next administration may be able to sue both of those cocksuckers for treason n corruption

  • John Adams
    John Adams 3 months ago +1

    I’d bet that Soros is behind the tens of thousands of South Americans caravan to the US southern border. The sheer numbers and the logistics required for a successful migration is far more than an organic gathering of like minded people with limited resources are capable of.

  • Wayne
    Wayne 3 months ago +1

    I think they're trying to destabilize our country.

  • paddy brady
    paddy brady 3 months ago

    india will rule canada with the muslims soon enough.

  • Lynn Kruse
    Lynn Kruse 3 months ago +1

    It looks like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation is in some trouble down south.

  • william bold
    william bold 3 months ago

    Well I’m not going to budge one inch! Proud second generation Romanian/Canadian! I’ll sign up and help send a few to these nutcases too enjoy the 72 virgins waiting for them. They don’t assimilate or respect laws of the land. Sweden is now the RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE. 2GENERATIONS OR SO AND SWEDEN WILL BE NO MORE. IT WILL BECOME AN MUSLIM STATE .RULED BY ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW. THIS WILL HAPPEN WHEREVER MUSLIMS MASSIVE MIGRATION IS ALLOWED. MUSLIMS HAVE CHRISTIANEHPHOBIA WHICH MEANS THIS PEACEFUL SO CALLED RELIGION WANYS USE ALL TO BECOME MUSLIMS OR BE BEHEADED. Coming your way SOON

  • Evelyn Sewers
    Evelyn Sewers 3 months ago

    How do you live with these people when the live next door?

  • Dora Cianfarra
    Dora Cianfarra 3 months ago


  • Scott McEwen
    Scott McEwen 3 months ago

    And Andrew Scheer will continue Trudy’s ways. If you think you’re voting for a difference you should re-think that. Notice that Scheer criticizes the actions of Trudy but doesn’t go any further with offering his solution. Only the problem is stated over and over again..no solution. Don’t you think that’s a little suspicious. Scheer is hoping that Canadians will just assume that he’s got a better plan but he has never stated anything of the sort for any of Trudy’s screw-ups. Conservatives and Liberals all have the same master. You’re fooling yourself if you think it makes a difference who is in power.

  • Janet Leslie
    Janet Leslie 3 months ago

    I've subscribed to your page but I don't get notifications. I have to go look for it lol

  • Janet Leslie
    Janet Leslie 3 months ago

    Hopefully come October Trudeau will be looking for a new job. It's a terrible thing that happened to the Jewish people, but it's sad that Soros wasn't amoung them. He truly deserved it. The two men together is a scary combination

  • WhereOnceWasAHeart
    WhereOnceWasAHeart 4 months ago

    Luciferians keafers

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 months ago +2

    Soros wants to murder as many Canadians as possible !!!!

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 months ago +2

    Assination by the secret Canadian Patriots ????

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 months ago +1

    Soros enjoys eating baby shit !!! He also enjoys eating dog shit with ketchup. He loves it !!!!

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 months ago +1

    Soros has eaten 17 babies last year !!!-

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 4 months ago +2

    George Soros has 19 different shankers !!!!

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    He is a very bad man, he likes to cause really horrible things, and he doesn't care
    who gets hurt. They are mixed in the PASSPORT THING for the election, rigging.

  • Janine D
    Janine D 4 months ago

    Soros is the lead in European mess (Merkel is a mere puppet), he is working on changing North America (Trudeau is another puppet along Obama and Clintons) but there are people behind Soros who have more power than you could comprehend. Trump is being constantly attacked because he is not a puppet and he is not bending his back to Soros. Politics are becoming scary as people are terribly divided by small groups of instigators to keep us hating each other more and more. They know they will win if kids are not educated and they parents won't know who to trust.

  • Denis Bourgeois
    Denis Bourgeois 4 months ago

    I am verry produit that there os someone outthere talking about truth... and whatever about The 20 millions monsieur Trudeau give to the Clinton fondation ... Denis B. Montreal

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    He loves to destroy people, that's what he enjoys. Obama is one of them too.

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    We do not want a carbon tax, Max BERNIER !!

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    Vote Max BERNIER !

  • Griffith Harland
    Griffith Harland 4 months ago

    Living in Public Housing?

  • Griffith Harland
    Griffith Harland 4 months ago


  • Norma Sanders
    Norma Sanders 4 months ago

    Justin’s father would probably be rolling in his grave now!!! Justine is like his mother and I don’t think Pierre would approve of Soros and we need someone like President Trump who wants to make America great again and he’s against open boarders for cheap labour!!!!

  • Richard Gonzalez
    Richard Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Soros is going to flood Canada with refugees in the millions. It’s going to be the beginning of the end for Canada.

  • douglas mirowski
    douglas mirowski 4 months ago


  • Doug Austin
    Doug Austin 4 months ago

    Why does John always look drunk?

  • Nigel Gates
    Nigel Gates 4 months ago

    Trudope was a drama teacher he's obviously trained his puppets well.

  • Nigel Gates
    Nigel Gates 4 months ago

    He's doing it to buy votes

  • mike magic
    mike magic 4 months ago

    Canadians have lost control of their country. Good luck guys.

  • James Westhaver
    James Westhaver 4 months ago

    What Canadians will be taken to Gitmo, I wonder! Some have already been taken there, haven’t they!

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 4 months ago

    He is a Globalist.

  • David Browne
    David Browne 4 months ago

    Soros is not going to spend 36 billion dollars unless he can see some kind of reward down the track. The question is what is that reward? I guess it can be any number of things. We do know that if we continue to let these Islamic people into western countries, there will only be one inevitable outcome and that is civil war. What can be gained from that? Maybe Soros intends to manufacture and sell arms. There would be great returns there. Maybe Soros just wants to see the elimination of large numbers of human beings. If there is a civil war, world wide, there will definitely be genocide. Bosnia showed us that. ISIS showed us that. One thing is certain George Soros has planned something.

  • Emmanuel Samaras
    Emmanuel Samaras 4 months ago

    😃why hasn't the Mossad gone after Soros?

  • alex macleod
    alex macleod 4 months ago

    Jody for prime minister

  • Sophia Packman
    Sophia Packman 4 months ago

    We need Maxime Bernier 🤨

  • Sophia Packman
    Sophia Packman 4 months ago

    He knows exactly what he's doing....

  • Kevin Douglas
    Kevin Douglas 4 months ago

    America: Give us your poor, tired....
    Canadistan: Oh, just send the rest of your 5HIT up here. We'll even take murderers, rapists, lazy, welfare freaks. Don't care whom they are or if they have diseases or two noses. As long as it's wearing a jihab, it's all good. Send 'em up here.

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    REBEL, pay attention, it is about the election! He has big plans to win the election! All rigged and ready to go. Please look into it. He is playing all of you, I can't get anyone's attention! Please,Please!

  • Jeaneen Shaw
    Jeaneen Shaw 4 months ago

    Rebel, He and Soros have big plans going, you aren't catching on.
    They have big plans to win the election, they have it all rigged out.
    I am just tired trying to get someone to pay attention to what I am trying to tell you all!

  • Sid Smith
    Sid Smith 4 months ago

    How can we get rid of this Traitor to Canada.

  • James DeGray
    James DeGray 4 months ago

    Bushes decided Treadu should lead Canada... The Bushes asked which name on a list I would put in charge of Canada if I could... Because of what all they, and already by that point Hillary Rodham Clinton had done, I said Treadu... About 3 years later once the Bushes couldn't stop it I let them know I picked Treadu because he was the least effective person on the list, so whatever they were trying to force on Canada would be minimized...

  • Daryl Younger
    Daryl Younger 4 months ago

    Trudeau is treacherous and bad for the Canada. Immigration from refugees is ridiculous. The world is going to be a very sorry place if George Soros isn’t stopped now. He should be jailed for his interference in sovereign countries politics. Better still executed for treason.
    Trudeau is one more politician getting his pockets full of dirty money from Soros.

  • Person x
    Person x 4 months ago

    Wonderful, before long we will need to build a wall on our northern border too.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe 4 months ago

    The international community need to sort Soros.

  • gizmo atplay
    gizmo atplay 4 months ago

    Treasonist should be dealt with in the harshest manors under law

  • gizmo atplay
    gizmo atplay 4 months ago

    Trudeau is treasonist trader in my oppinion